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  1. Bumping back to top: MMW: Grant Loy will have a much bigger role than expected this year. This will be Saban's last year coaching uat. One of our true freshmen receivers will show out this year, winning all SEC honors. I, once again, will not predict uat to lose any games, because every time I do they don't.
  2. Should be interesting this year!! What about a MMW? Have I missed that?
  3. I think No. 81 might be a dyn-o-mite receiver!!
  4. Mark my word: Anders Carlson will kick a 60+ yarder this season. Mark my word: One of our games this season will rival the 2009 WVU game for nasty weather conditions. Mark my word: I will not predict bammer to lose any games this season because every time I do they don't.
  5. I thought as long as I was going out on a limb I might as well be specific. It was a tossup between Gordon and Florence.
  6. MMW: The criminal tide will lose three games this season, blamed on discord within the team. Saban, who can't tolerate having his decisions questioned, will leave for another job after this season. MMW: At least one SEC game will be rescheduled because of hurricane Gordon. MMW: This season's leading receiver and running back will be in their first year playing for AU.
  7. It's those dang orange roller skates we are wearing!!
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and looked forward to them each week! Please don't wait until next year to offer your insight!
  9. Hopefully it will affect us the same way if affected USC when they came here.
  10. It looked like if he had hit Duke on a quick out he would have walked into the endzone, since the corner had his back turned. Very nice gifs, by the way!
  11. I would assume that all of the computers controlling the individual panels would be in the shell itself, most likely near the middle. Any time that you add any length of cable (fiber optic, whatever), you are adding some lag to the system, because the energy passing through the wire is not instantaneous. Obviously, this is more minimal in fiber optic cable, because the data travels using light, and can therefore travel at the speed of light, but when using conventional cables (such as an HDMI chord), the energy takes more time to travel. Now, this probably won't make a difference, and I'd be s
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