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  1. I think Worm will have a big day receiving in the flats. Just a feeling... We need to hang on to the ball and defense needs to get stops on 3rd down. Keep Jefferson contained. 1 - 0
  2. Don't play like we're afraid to lose. Be disciplined; be tougher than they are. No injuries; no disqualifications. Win the recruits!!
  3. Whatever happened to Greg Smith? Did this guy eat him?
  4. Holy cow! One of the worst displays of offensive coaching ineptitude I've ever seen, and I'm not even a coach. USC kept slanting every play, we couldn't block it, and not once did our brilliant staff try any misdirection. We could see from the upper deck how well one of those misdirection pitches with Caddy would have worked, kept waiting to see it, never did.
  5. 17-16 AU. It's time to bring back a classic!
  6. "he wears Auburn and she wears Gucci". I think I heard that one on the radio the other day.
  7. copy it and save it before it disappears.
  8. Mark My Words: Texas A&M will fall on their faces this year Bo will catch a TD from DD Ole Miss will upset both LSU and A&M but will not win the west Anders Carlson will win the Lou Groza award that Daniel should have won
  9. The MMW Rules, copied from last year's thread: The rules are simple: Make a bold prediction about the season that you have a gut feeling about, but most people might disagree - and/or think you are crazy for believing. And start those predictions with "Mark My Word" because you are sure about it, no apologies. And don't debate or flame other posters' predictions on this thread, it is just for the predictions. Another rule: Don't make a wimpy prediction that everyone either knows or agrees with because, well, that would suck (and it's the only time flaming is allowed). Predict anythi
  10. We're keeping him secret until PSU. Shhhh!
  11. I haven't done this before, and I don't know if he's still available, but I think Marquis Burks is a name we will hear a lot this year.
  12. Thanks for sharing! Is the press conference still on Tuesdays at 12:30? I looked for it on JOX yesterday but didn't find it. I thought that was where I was able to listen in the past.
  13. I thought that the problem with their uniforms was that the number color didn't contrast enough with the jersey color. I'll have to go back and watch again. Found the video. Watch at just before kickoff, around the 4:50 mark of the video.
  14. That would seem to make the most sense, both geographically (if Mizzou goes to west) and in keeping rivalries intact.
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