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  1. Beautiful shot!!! I think the bright lights in the center behind the stadium might be the construction site and new practice fields.
  2. Looks like the south-facing camera went out during the storm this morning around 2:30.
  3. What a great memory!! I still think Fullwood would have won the Heisman if Bo hadn't just won it the year before. Man, it seemed that UT was always loaded with speedy guys. Who was it that chased down Fullwood from behind? He looked to be bigger than a safety, but who could tell with the pads they were wearing then. Their punt returner too. To quote Jim Fyffe, "He looked like he was shot out of a cannon".
  4. bama would love this one. They get Arkansas, while all of their most likely challengers are beating each other.😆
  5. A positive: For the first time in about 30 years I will actually get some real work done on signing day.
  6. And that the officials don't decide to prove they can foul out the team playing at home also.
  7. There is a structure on top of the weight room area that is not in the rendering. Anyone know what that is?
  8. I watched the Austin Davis mic'd up video before he was hired. Now I've watched the Brenston Buckner video. I've done my part.
  9. Might as well. It feels like March already.
  10. Snow College. Must have been our Jack Schweiger connection that sold him.
  11. Well, he did hold Auburn to only 10 points this season.
  12. Well, at least that would mean we had a good season. And other programs seem to be able to replace talented coordinators every year without missing a beat. Maybe we should try it. 😝
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