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  1. This is a perfect example of needing to be able to use multiple "reactions" for a post. Bird, y'all hang in there. I'm so sorry that this burden has been placed on your son. Praying for comfort and healing for all of y'all.
  2. I like to cook them like this because it’s no fuss.
  3. Place eggs in a muffin pan. 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Ice bath for good measure. Perfect hard cooked eggs.
  4. A hidden friend. A nice bear track.
  5. Since we started baking our eggs, I haven’t gone back. The only problem is that it can leave little brown spots on the outside of the whites.
  6. You keep fighting and we will keep praying brother.
  7. Drank several of these last night. Damn tasty and sneaky at 8%. I’ve been tired today.
  8. Prayers up for y’all, brother. You know the home team is behind y’all all the way.
  9. True. When I was there, I was actually working as a security guard(think Blart minus the enthusiasm). They(NASCAR) were very serious about keeping people out at certain times. We would have to run to the haulers for some of the teams after hours because they forgot a bag. During the day, it was unreal how many people they let in there. Fans walking around with cars shooting in and out of the garage area. I can't believe no one has been killed or seriously injured.