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  1. Cocodrie DDH IPA by Bayou Teche Brewing and Jucifer by Gnarly Barley brewing. Both really solid offerings. The Jucifer is a little softer with better mouthfeel and citrus than the Cocodrie.
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  3. They were having some consistency issues with the cans. Looks like they got it worked out with this last batch.
  4. I’m watching Parts Unknown. New episode is Cajun Mardi Gras. First party, almost everyone is drinking Parish beers. Still can’t believe Bourdain is dead.
  5. This is such a good damn beer. It also reminds me of how much good beer I have locally. ETA- @AUDub I think you busted my grand likes.
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    I took this surprise pic of my wife on our trip. It ended up being my favorite picture.
  7. I had Deschutes for the first time last year. I can’t remember the name of the IPA I had, but it was fantastic! I thought I saw some Deschutes beer while I was in NC... Currently in fridge: A few fridge turds Burial- Hawkbill IPA Guinness- 200th Great Raft- At Arms Lenth IPL, Creature Comforts Imperial Coffee Brown Ale Flying Tiger- Waves of Grain Belgian Wit, Milk Stout, and Angry Abbott Belgian strong Cigar City-Jai Alai Green Man- IPA Currahee- Lucky Scars IPA one gallon of recently expired Brookshires 2% milk
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    From JKMF, we drove along through the Nantahala NF to reach the Fontana Dam. Tallest dam(480’) east of the Rockies. Impressive structure.
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    That it is. A relatively easy 25-30 minute hike from the parking lot will gain one access to this particular grove of old growth trees. Mostly yellow poplar, some of the trees are estimated at well over 400 years old. Massive, old living things impress me greatly.
  10. Now that’s a good beer! I love almost everything Founders that’s BBA.
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    I love this place.
  13. It’s a smaller selection than maybe a big ole beer store...but dayum!