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  1. Copy that. My fear is that with my slow market here, these may have a bit of age on them. Just reread GR site, it's a foeder fermented sour aged in pluot (hybridized plum and apricot) fruit. Beautiful colored beer.
  2. No Wicked Weed here. Cascade and Parish are about the only sours here right now. Great Raft did one called Come What Mayhaw that has gotten good reviews. Plus they are doing foeder aged sours...releasing this weekend. How well do sours age?
  3. Will do, 'loof. Rouses on Baronne had it. Okay, I'm ready for a real foray into sours. I figured out that the Destihl Wild series was a horrible representation. Suggestions? There are several from Cascade at my local bottle shop.
  4. Surprisingly, I've been to a few of the establishments on that list. Most recently, WOB. They had a really nice local selection, plus they weren't too crowded. Really nice bottle selection too. The atmosphere was a bit, uh, meh. I'll vouch for Urban South. I had their IPA and it was quiet tasty. I did pick up a 6 pack of Dirty Bastard and a new one from Mudbug Brewing, their Cafe Au Lait Milk Stout. Sounded really tasty. I have a list of bottle shops down their if anyone needs it.
  5. Sounds like you are in a good spot, AuT...new beer is fun. I had three new ones today in NOLA. Founders Azacca, Bells Third Coast, and Urban South Holy Roller IPA. All were really tasty. I love this town. Good food and good beer.
  6. Man, after two weeks with negative contact, beer got me tonight. All day. Ish. Im on tomorrow. Woohoo. NO.
  7. Picked up a new one for me. A kolsch brewed in collaboration between my local Great Raft and Burial out of Asheville. Chilling it now.
  8. I was born and raised in Jackson. Small world. That sausage rarely makes it to the kitchen if it's being grilled. Or I have to double the amount being cooked. And you NAILED it on adding it to a crawfish boil....along with some onions, garlic, etc. You know my favorite thing to do when the crawfish are done cooking? I'll throw a couple of whole chickens to the pot of crawfish boil and cook those badboys in that awesomely seasoned water. Best chicken salad evar. Geeze I'm ready for a beer.
  9. My God, that's some fine sausage.
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks @Bigbens42
  11. It also had just a little bit of dankness...an ever so slight bit.
  12. It was very very good. Had a hint of pineapple/sweet. Nice orange peel, no hop bite. Mild malt backbone. Had it before a DDH. I almost have to have another beer before or after so I can contrast.
  13. From last night.
  14. This just in..Bloom is friggin' legit.
  15. I'm really interested in the reviews on this one. I have a few folks on the trail of this...should be very interesting.