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  1. That “rumors” thing appears to have flown the coop this year. At least, if it applies to everyone on the board….
  2. I’m gonna walk out on a really short limb and assume not Bob. I understand folks being enamored with Kiffin and Freeze. I’m just not there yet.
  3. I don’t disagree with you on a coach’s ability to succeed here, and do it quickly. Personally, I don’t think Harsin has been given enough time. Has he made mistakes? Big mistakes? Absolutely. From all indications, he has been working feverishly to fix those. Will he be given time to fully right the ship? Eliphino.
  4. By the way, Steve the line cook can make a hellova scattered/smothered/covered on 4th and 11.
  5. Nobody here wants to recognize this. They expect it to just, go away. And therefor Harsin should just have to deal with it and succeed. Some of the “leaking” seemed to be strangely close to some here….
  6. If Harsin is fired at year two after everything that’s happened, who do you think is a realistic homerun hire?
  7. Welp. I know what @augolf1716 is doing to celebrate the 4th.
  8. Like the coach is gonna spend weeks and weeks with him and staff absolutely blanketing high schools in a freaking blitzkrieg, but then isn't going to show up at the university when the recruits are actually on campus? Okay.
  9. Don’t you go putting anything into context dammit.
  10. The only reason I’m responding to this is because you quoted someone’s response to one of my posts. My earlier post had absolutely ZERO to do with me worrying about ruining his life. It had everything to do with praying that one day, he will be able to grasp the magnitude of just how badly he has hurt people and ruined lives. I clarified that in subsequent posts, since I did not do a good job of conveying that in my initial post. That’s it.
  11. I think the extremely hard angle that some well respected folks have taken in regards to our coach had been really eye opening. It has been a reminder for me personally to not put so much stock in “insiders” because they have emotions just like me.
  12. People that hold up a checkout line at the store arguing over a price.(Amazon has no lines…) Followed closely by people that tailgate (not the football kind).
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