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  1. Man, I live with the corndogs up on the 1-20 corridor. It has been funny to watch the roller coaster ride this year. Ready to fire him after game 1 to world champs after the Bama game to silence after A&M.
  2. Ah! I totally forgot that the donut print pants man couldn't be @augolf1716. He admittedly "hasn't worn pants for years"...or something to that effect.
  3. I almost forgot, on one thread, there is a picture of a senior citizen wearing donut print pants just waltzing right into a certain chain store. Some claim it looks like a certain AUFamily admin. It’s kinda like that game Where’s Gol….Waldo. Who knows?
  4. I’ll echo @wareagleguy’s sentiments. As much as I have been on this site over the years, I figured it the least I could do. Plus there is a pretty sweet recipe derail thread over there. Somewhere….
  5. Yes it’s a message board. Clearly. The facts are, we will never get to the point of hiring Caddy based on the scenario you presented. It’s just not gonna happen.
  6. Please stop. I love Caddy. He’s not ready. He’s just not.
  7. That seems right. Holy moly, those aluminum bleachers…..it was a noon’ish kick if I remember right. That was the last game I saw at the Vet.
  8. I mean, this is who he is as a coach. Why anyone would be surprised is beyond me.
  9. I hope folks keep overlooking the OF stuff. It’s my favorite and is still super affordable and accessible here. I’d like to keep it that way. The 1910 is my go to. I picked this up today as a local store pick. Very damn tasty. I’m finally figuring out what I like in a bourbon.
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