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  1. This beer was way better than I wanted it to be. I’m totally grabbing a 12 pack for the pool Sunday.
  2. The beginning guitar riff in this song was triggered in the deep recesses of my brain yesterday. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I listened to it or this album. I love how awesome it still is. Got the music goose bumps when I listened to it.
  3. Band name. Sorry, back to the topic at hand...
  4. It’s all good bud. I have no clue why I read it that way. Internet high fives all around!
  5. I saw this on the shelf just a few days ago. I’m definitely interested...
  6. Definitely wouldn’t be the first time I misinterpreted something on the inter webs. 😬
  7. All I was referring to was the fact that Gus didn’t seem to want to go with any of the options behind JJ. I said nothing at all about his abilities. I said nothing negative about Gus. Good Lord, there is nothing for me to “get over” and “move on” about. ETA- I think I may have a case of reading your response incorrectly. If so, I’ll take the interweb reprimand that I rightly deserve.😬
  8. All of this. Add to it that Gus didn’t like the options behind JJ, and you had a situation that was untenable for him.
  9. This should be very interesting.
  10. Got dat Jucee from Flying Tiger. Good stuff! ETA- I posted in a bit of a hurry yesterday. It’s definitley citrusy. Grapefruit on the nose. Citrus rind/zest bite. Definitely opened up as the temp came up. Needs maybe a week or two.
  11. My son and his best friend since kindergarten . Dammit, I got all the feels right now. They are both great kids. Gonna do huge things...they are both so unbelievably smart it’s unreal. Who knew growing up would be so emotionally draining.