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  1. If CTR thought this move was an upgrade, then good for him. I’ll never fault someone for bettering their position. Thay said, your history leaves an impression. Not saying that it’s good or bad.
  2. The grace and faithfulness that you have shown through this journey have been nothing short of inspiring. Praying for you brother.
  3. I’ll go ahead and post this here. Loof and I have been chatting about food and I was telling him about this soy sauce I had ordered, totally based on a Facebook review. Well, it is AFREAKINGMAZING. If you are any kind of fan of Asian food, order it. It’s aged for 4 years in sake barrels. Gah. https://www.oishisojapan.com/home/2018/6/28/yamaroku-soy-sauce
  4. I see folks getting growlers of 11% imperials and I’m like damn, they are planning on not remembering ‘ish.
  5. I have zero interest in how they ranked nationally. How did they do against their competitors?
  6. Really interesting to hear Cole C. talk about Nix on @The Jboy Showyesterday. Cubelic interviewed Morris earlier this year and Morris stated that they had been working with Nix on all of the issues that have been discussed here. It comes down to whether he will actually take the coaching or not.
  7. My brain wants to attempt to comprehend what it looks like, but I know it’s wrong. Oh so wrong. I have a really good friend that lives on Kodiak Is. All I gotta do is get there. He has cabins, gear, boat, etc. I am determined to make the time to go in the next two years. I really want to take my pops with me and spend a couple weeks up there. Cheers to your great trip!
  8. Since CBH is building a monster, might I suggest...
  9. See. Y’all see TP, I see food. Guess that shows where my head is
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