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  1. Tiger Refuge

    One Real Concern with the Shutdown

    Copy that! Hopefully, once this shutdown ends(I’m currently furloughed) I can plan a trip down.
  2. Tiger Refuge

    One Real Concern with the Shutdown

    I’ve never fished the marsh or Mr Go. I flew over it for a month during the oil spill doing low lever aerial recon of oils marsh and wildlife. Damn the things you can see in the water from the air!
  3. Tiger Refuge

    Which Players are Leaving?

  4. Tiger Refuge

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

  5. Back at Natchez Brewing Co in Natchez,MS. Had their new DIPA offering, Pushup. It was freaking awesome. A hint of orange peel with just a slight vanilla taste and a bit of lactose. Almost like a pushup in a glass. At 9%, sneaky af.
  6. This sh(t right here. I could get used to this! Great caramel on top, fruit, dark cherry, boozy, brown sugar/molasses.
  7. This is their base Baltic porter. First time I’ve had it not BBA, and it’s damn strong! And I’m glad you said that about the NEIPAs. I really think I may have hit my threshold. They are delish, but getting hard to distinguish.
  8. Just cracked my 1910 open. Damn fine!
  9. I’m picking some up today. We have a load of it around here.
  10. Tiger Refuge

    Sum up season with a gif

  11. Big. Toasty and roasty. Great mouthfeel. Nice chocolate taste, but not overly sweet.
  12. Tiger Refuge

    WHO DAT on the way home?

    My sentiments exactly...
  13. Tiger Refuge

    WHO DAT on the way home?

    And snacks!