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  1. Yeah, can we leave potatoes out of this please? They make fries, tots, vodka, hashbrowns… Its like other veggies aren’t even trying. In fact, I find being called a potato quite the compliment. Like being the Swiss army veggie.
  2. Thanks y’all. Now I’m arguing with myself. I’m sending myself to my room for some reflection time.
  3. Wait, shrimp and lima beans? Literally, two of my favorite food groups. I’ll do some digging. Naan. Yeah, super easy. Who knew? I recommend full fat Greek yogurt. https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2019/02/garlic-naan-now-100-tandoor-free.html?m=1
  4. Homemade naan, Greek chicken, seasoned chickpeas for supper. Sharing is caring?
  5. Man, it just don’t matter. It just…doesn’t matter. IT JUST DOESNT MATTER….. Sorry for going all Meatballs on ya. I decided to Triple Dog Dare myself…
  6. I always knew this was the calmest, most level headed room on the whole damn board.
  7. Yes. But careful, lest we munch a hole in the boat. Hell yes. You both are invited to my potato party.
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