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  1. That sounds pretty fun, man! Seems like it’ll be cool to be out and about. Lots of travel?
  2. Alright, admittedly I’m not a big reader. However, I do enjoy it. So with that in mind, I’m feeling a surge coming on. I asked my wife(a middle school ELA teacher) to give me a list of her top 10 books for me to read. Tonight I started reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time in 25 years. Her list includes: A Gathering of Old Men To Kill a Mockingbird Catcher in the Rye Gone with the Wind Pride and Prejudice Hound of the Baskervilles The Giver Harry Potter #1 The Hobbit A Christmas Carol Short stories... The Tale Tell Heart...Poe A Rose for Emily...Faulkner Play: Our Town Some of these I have read, others I haven’t. I have my work cut out for me, but I asked for it.
  3. Had this one last night. My palate was way off. I got a hint of muddled mint in there somewhere.
  4. Not currently reading anything. This heat kicks my rear end and as a result, I'm too tired at night to focus. However, my most recent finishes are Dispatches From Pluto by Richard Grant and The World’s Largest Man: A Memoir by Harrison Scott Key. Both were really good reads.
  5. Okay. There. You feel better? 😬 In all seriousness, it’s a different year. It’s a different team. I am as frustrated as anyone with the issues. However, I have resolved to not fret about it any longer. It doesn’t do me a damn bit of good. The sun is gonna rise tomorrow, and these young men are going to put in the work for this team. And I will gladly cheer for them.
  6. What the Aquanet is going on in here today! My formative music explorations years were in the late 80’s. I firmly and fiercely attached myself to Metallica because of my older brother and his jean jacket clad gang of metal heads. At one point, almost any other metal was considered unlistenable for about a year. After I realized that my hair type wouldn’t lend itself to growing a “metal mullet”, I had to soften my music tastes a bit. At that point, I reached back a bit and picked up some Zepplin, Floyd, Rush, etc. My music tastes could ignite a heated argument with almost anyone...”Rush!? You mean you like that synthesizer laced crap!?” I was never a huge Crüe fan. I went to their concerts, thought they were a bit much. I liked GnR, but thought they were Never could put my finger on it. So, Metallica it was. I was(still am) a goofy kid hanging on the record store counter(BeBop records in Jackson,MS) waiting to pick up my next tape that I was forced to listen to at home, because my 1982 GMC pickup didn’t have a tape deck in it.
  7. I’m not sure what has happened to me today. I have made two batches of simple syrup...hibiscus and lavender. Then we went to Olive Garden and I totally crushed a couple 16oz Blue Moons. And they were orangy delicious. And I’m not even apologizing.
  8. Five times in a row...