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  1. That's the one. Probably won't be available in NO by then. Limited release statewide in early March. I do know they had it at Avenue Pub in one of the past releases. If I can get my hands on it, I gotchoo taken care of.
  2. Great Raft is releasing their barrel aged Old Mad Joy on Friday. They are releasing the standard and a Vietnamese cinnamon/coffee version as well. This is one of my top 3 beers.
  3. Same issue for me @Bigbens42
  4. That sounds fanfreakingtastic!
  5. I picked up some Westbrook Gose for the first time at the beach this past summer...my dang mouth is watering right now.
  6. The weather has been phenomenal. The beer was as well. My my wife and I have started making biannual trips to Natchez,MS as an easy seeking getaway. Great town, tons of history (just celebrated its 300th anniversary) and ton of good food.
  7. Just had one that took me by surprise. Arrogant Bastard. It was good. Just really caught me by surprise. I almost wish I had updated my foggy brain before I drank it.
  8. New one for me. Steamboat Peach Saison from Slowboat Brewing. Very very good. At 8%+, very dangerous.
  9. Alabama Shakes just announced a tour date in Shreveport about an hour from my house....yessssss.
  10. I forgot to mention that I tried like crazy to grow my hair long. Unfortunately for me, when my hair got long it would produce a poof in the back. So I had a big'ole curly rat nest. I was so freaking cool...
  11. I've been to waaaaay too many metal concerts. My first show ever (minus Sha-Na-Na) was David Lee Roth and Poison...yeah, go ahead, let the jealousy flow. I bought my first pack of Marlboro reds before a Motley Crue show. While rocking to AC/DC, I got smashed in the head with an empty pint bottle that had been chucked from the top of the Jackson, MS state fairgrounds coliseum. Saw many interesting events unfold at all of these metal shows, particularly Metallica. Favorite show? Sturgill...shocking I know. Least favorite? Pink Floyd at the Superdome. The sound was so bad that the songs were literally unrecognizable. I learn new stuff every time you guys post. Digging some of this music that 'loosa is posting. For sure.
  12. And this dude. I know I posted this a while back, but...
  13. Well, I had to. You know, since Grammy and all.....
  14. So, apparently beer happened. I shall'n't apologize forthwith. *delete* *delllllllllete*