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  1. Uh, there will be no ignoring of sound beer advice around these parts.
  2. That is one of Great Raft's one off series. I really think it may be my favorite beer. It's hard to pick just one, but dammit. I will be coming to Atlanta in about a month for a few days on business. I will definitely be hitting the local beer scene. I'll be on the lookout for Scofflaw.
  3. It's been a little over 1 year since I could get my hands on this beer. Since my first foray, I've had a couple of new beers. This one stands alone. Absolutely perfect. Porter aged in Pappy barrels. Malty, bourbon and maple. Just freaking perfect. Reminds me of Dirty Bastard, but better. Delicious. *edit* The Pappy barrel aged was last year. This one was aged in Heaven Hill barrels.
  4. I hope it's Helfrich, if for no other reason than getting to see the spelling of his name absolutely murdered on this forum for at least a season.
  5. Sounds painful. Remind me to avoid those types of agreements.
  6. Good.Lord. That sounds fantastic. I've been dreaming about Backwoods Bastard since last month. I can't imagine how good that Frootwood would taste. Or that maple bourbon...
  7. I don't know why, but this totally sounded like something @McLoofus would write. Very well written and made way too much sense.
  8. I don't care about Bama. I just don't...at all. Its always great to be an Auburn fan.(edit...Johnny beat me to the punch)
  9. I hate to even respond...but Muschamp says hi.
  10. Oh yes. Good food was had by all in that were in my party. We had a good time despite the loss. I don't get nearly as bent out of shape about football as I used to. I go, I watch, I eat, I drink, I drink, I eat...well you get the picture. No sense getting upset about something I know little about and have no control over. Remind me that I said this next year. On the beer front, Parish just released another batch of DDH Envie....I'm begging them to send some to the yankee part of LA. Fingers crossed! Also, we had our first full fledged brewery open up in town. Pretty good beer so far. I'm sure they will be tweaking things a bit. They did just release a nitro milk stout. I gotta go check out their facility....pretty dang cool. Flying Tiger Brewing I love the artwork for the Nitro Stout.
  11. We bailed at that point too. Beer is too damn expensive in the dome to watch that shizzle show.
  12. @ShocksMyBrain All of those look freaking fantastic! i wanted to post here so it didn't get lost...despite the result tonight, it was great seeing us play live and getting to cheer with fellow Auburn fans. We led a rousing cheer of "It's great...to be..an Auburn Tiger..."as we walked down Poydras...War Damn Eagle y'all.
  13. Lots of orange and blue in my hotel lobby.
  14. My like put you at a grand, your like put me at a hundo...there should be some kind of prize from AUFamily for that.
  15. Dude calls himself a "wrassler"? I like him already.