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  1. I agree. Great interview and perspective from Sean. Also super glad that it seems like he’s gotten his ish together.
  2. Yeah, swing and a miss on my part. I was just reading Stat’s breakdown about it. I’ll be honest with you. If that play goes to the booth, I don’t know how confident I feel that the ref gets it right. It seems like such a strange rule. I guess that’s just another reason why I talk to trees all day in the woods alone and don’t officiate college football games.
  3. Me too dude. I made the mistake of posting something critical of an elected official on Facebook several weeks back. Boy was that a mistake. I’m still getting messenger posts about my perceived political leanings.
  4. I’m usually doing that at the 11’th hour on a Saturday night. So props on the self awareness. Or the early start. Either way, cheers.
  5. Exacty. Sheesh. There's nothing wrong in admitting that we benefited from a blown call. Move on already.
  6. So damn good. I can’t remember where I heard the quote, but it was stated “There is no way three dudes should be able to make that much noise.” So I present one of my all time favorite Rush songs...
  7. Yep. You nailed it. A last second victory over a historically bad defense is something to celebrate. Break out the champagne.
  8. I seriously can’t believe that we are having this discussion. So Ole Miss with a first year coach is our barometer now? It’s been said many times before...but damn. To answer the OP, all wins are not created equal. The suggestion that we “win” and everything just magically becomes better is a fallacy. Anything short of absolute domination on both sides of the ball is going to be met with skepticism from a lot of fans. As it should. Gus has shown his true colors and tendencies to us over and over again. Just because some folks refuse to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It’s
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