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  1. Tiger Refuge

    Secondary school

    I graduated from Mississippi State, so there. Living in north LA, I am fond of both UL Monroe and LA Tech.
  2. Tiger Refuge

    Post a picture

    First November snow in my part of Louisiana in almost 70 years. Surprise!
  3. Tiger Refuge

    the defining 4th-down call

    I know I’m probably nitpicking, but using this kind of language doesn’t give me warm fuzzy feelings. Like, he EXPECTED them to get the first down? Again, probably just me being overly sensitive.
  4. Basically everything that loof stated. I guess I like casual direction. I definitely don’t like a hover’er. The bottle shop I go to caters to a higher end clientele, so I really feel like an annoying mosquito when I’m in there. I mean, the owner likes to talk beer, but he is a “name dropper” type of dude...if that makes sense. He will also quickly divert his attention if old money walks in the door...which I understand.
  5. Izjus’ bar fud. Damn that looks/sounds amazing! Jelly.
  6. Tiger Refuge

    Jeopardy and Smoke

    Contestant: What is the University of Auburn? Alex:
  7. Tiger Refuge

    Smart explains how Gus's offense has evolved

    Absolute fail...
  8. Tiger Refuge

    Gus' coaching tree

    A lack of adaptability and no clear direction. Two killers for a leader.
  9. Tiger Refuge

    What a horrible place to be

  10. Dammit. Not sure why this didn’t show up in my feed. Love the brown liquor talk. I need edjumacating.
  11. Turns out, ours is ‘18. They got 4 cases. How in the hell? I have idea.