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  1. I got my second Pfizer shot a week ago. No issues other than a little arm soreness(not as sore as the first shot).
  2. I just look forward to him not tripping on his own feet in wide open field on a scoop and score next year.
  3. Dude. The project leader for Midway was a leadership coach for me a few years ago. He had some “holy-ish” amazing video of Midway. Landing and filming nesting seabirds. Just f’in amazing. Like, land can be isolating and lonely. The sea? Takes it to 10,000x.
  4. So perhaps I was a beer or three in when I posted the above. Seriously Fred, that looks like an absolutely amazing trip. Fly fishing has always tugged at me, but I have never done it properly. Oh, I flicked a few poppers out on a farm pond, but no formal instruction. Every year we go to the Smokies and every year I say I'm gonna do a guided trip. Guess I just need to bite the bullet and do it. On tap from last night, a pastry stout growler that was fridge turding from October(not bad, not good either), a *clearsthroat* white chocolate raspberry cake IPA from Tin Roof
  5. See...there IS a reason I love this particular thread. Dammit @fredstthat trip looks beautiful! I think you and i have discussed Kodiak Is in the past perhaps? Anyway, gotdammit I expect pics galore when you go. One of our most amazing refuges is Midway Atoll. Totally a dream trip for me. It's where Wisdom the oldest bird in the world nests every year. I can only imagine how remote and alone that place is. Just perfect.
  6. June 25, 1988, a young T. Refuge entered the Mississippi State Fairgrounds Coliseum armed with a Metallica shirt, some cash, and a pack of Marlboro reds ready to rock at his first concert. The “Skyscraper” tour featuring one David Lee Roth, and opening for him, Poison. I can still smell the aquanet.
  7. Speaking of those million little things, some random sports talk show a while back was talking about how much the Dolphin’s doctor’s decision to not “clear” Drew Brees affected so many outcomes. If he end up in Miami, potentially no Saints SB, no Saban to Bama, etc. etc. Conjecture? Yes. Fun/painful thought? Of course. /derail
  8. Collab beer from Great Raft and Seventh Tap in Shreveport. “There Goes the Neighborhood “ west coast IPA. Very nicely done beer. I think it needs to be a bit hoppier to be in the wheelhouse of that style, but I may be a little off. Either way, it’s a delicious, clean tasting beer.
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