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  1. It’s a nice departure from all the haze. Definitely not their best variant, but still solid af.
  2. Yeah, I just watched the video on YouTube. 42 million views in 3 weeks. I’m old.
  3. I know nothing about her or this song, but I like it. *edit- That’s not entirely truthful. I know who she is, just not much beyond that. I saw her perform this on an awards show recently.
  4. Jeesbus....this is freaking hilarious man. Like, the way you described it. And just the fact that you said this....I’m freaking dying man. Sounds like something a caveman would say to their kid after a long day at work. But seriously, sounds like a kickass venue.
  5. Ahahahahahaha hahahahaha....*deepinhale*hahahahahahahahahajajajaja What a hashtag.....youwantthatcat
  6. Man, I love the Nooga. Great location! I freaking love east TN.
  7. 'ers have a lot of confidence. And zero interest in what I got going on. Thank God. I can't imagine how I could possibly make such a situation even more uncomfortable, but I know I would, cause that's what I do.
  8. I want you to know I really, really struggled with the proper reaction to this post. Just.. Also, I like to imagine that dude is laughing at that couple’s proposition.
  9. Sounds like fun! We are starting to plan our fambly vacation for the summer. Looking like the Smokies again. Interesting you brought up Umphrey’s McGee. I had downloaded a couple of their songs after hearing them on the local college station. I guess I should trust my ear a bit more because after reading your post, I went and spent some time on their YouTube channel. I’m liking what I’ve heard so far! Especially “Strings”. This was my first introduction to them.
  10. I freaking love the Reasonably Corrupt. Their description is spot on. Super nice, roasty flavor.