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  1. Dammit.
  2. Headed to this place Monday. I'm out of my element. Any recs? http://churchkeydc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/BBCK-Draft-List-5.26.17.pdf
  3. I'm sorry, but I have reached a point in my fandom that I have zero expectations until I see the team play a game or three. All the pre-season prognostication is "fun", but I've had my foozeball dreams smashed and burned with raging hot fire lava too many times to get excited. And no, this has zero to with Gus and everything to do to with 18-23 year old football players. I just refuse to get too high or too low. Signed, Pre Season Poll Curmudgeon.
  4. Nice read about Parish. http://countryroadsmagazine.com/cuisine/Louisiana-foodways/parish-brewing-andrew-godley-interview/
  5. Yikes! That does go against what I always thought. Our second went much faster, albeit another section. Hope y'all rest well. I'll have a brew for ya.
  6. Awesomeness bud! She's beautiful! Glad mom is okay. My firstborn took 16 hours then ended in a section.
  7. Two beers with lunch while telecommuting is never a bad idea. Mmmm...moving. It seems to be happening to a lot of folks I know. Sorry, I can't comment on the move with any level of confidence. What is the beer scene like in Hilton Head? Is that a bad lead off question?
  8. Popcorn is delicious. I agree.
  9. I'm out of likes. Yes.
  10. Good Lord. ETA. This is general response.
  11. I'm out of likes. My 13 y/o self is standing in the mirror, frantically brushing my Fred Savage fro.
  12. @ShocksMyBrain I was telling one of my friends about how awesome The War on Drugs is. He informed me that his son's band(from Oxford,MS) has performed with them.
  13. Fantastic series. You know, Winnie.
  14. I loved Rudi because of not only what he did, but also for the timing. If I remember, he came to us after a bit of a RB drought(if that's not the case...don't ruin it for me..) I remember sitting in my apartment eating a Wendy's hamburger and spilling fries everywhere when he broke that long run+1831 tackles against Wyoming. I also love me some Ronnie and Carnell. Absolute beasts, both of'em. Do I have to pick only one?