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  1. FTR, I’m not indescriminitly pushing trees down. I’m a forester and am prepping firelanes for a prescribed burn. Just realized I have no food in my truck.
  2. Me too! Lord have mercy, I’m literally on a bulldozer pushing trees over in the woods. If I wasn’t doing that...I’d probably have had a coronary by now.
  3. Got room for one more on that bus?
  4. Admittedly, I am a casual basketball fan. However, I am a rabid AU fan. Big congrats to these young men and CBP!
  5. It does work. This one is tough to count, and there can be some “false rings”. This post is 7.5” square and I counted around 123 rings. I did get some back history on these beams. They are all longleaf pine that came from a tobacco drying shed at RJ Reynolds. The guy bought a truckload of them and had them shipped here. These pieces are the leftover cutoffs. Longleaf is the slowest growing pine in the southeastern US. Now occupy about 5% of their historical range. We’re used as turpentine producers, then clearcut in the early 20th century.
  6. Good Lord, cuteness overload! I like to think McBaby is staring at a piece of boudin being held up behind the camera.
  7. Welcome to the most popular nursing home on the planet... https://www.klfy.com/1849439291?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KLFY_News_10