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  1. auskip07

    No Matter What

    I remember that game (and was in attendance with my father) and we were very proud of how they played
  2. auskip07

    Heath Evans fired from NFL Network

    well ya know the ACT / SAT doesn't test character.
  3. auskip07

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    since i live in Georgia. ill put UGA as #1 hearing their sports radio accuse us of cheating after we shellacked them in the first game showed me all i needed to know
  4. auskip07

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    Ticket prices to pay for that 7 mill dollar coach.
  5. auskip07

    So what's to come?

    run up the middle 3 times. Damn didnt work again. Is that overthinking or under thinking?
  6. auskip07

    So what's to come?

    If AT is stronger at center than Kaleb absolutely.
  7. auskip07

    Sexton dominating our sports administration

    I cant like this post more than once but this should have happened.
  8. auskip07

    Gus’ Ceiling

    I wouldnt necessarily count 2013. That year had alot of last minute drives and miracles packed into it. Miss st, UGA, Alabama for example, and then few other games that were decided by a TD or less - Wash ST, T A&M. If you cant replicate it then i dont think it counts. Auburn should have been better than an 8-5 team the following year with who they had coming back or 2013 should have been a 9 win team and we just caught a lot of lucky breaks. Guessin its the latter. All in all he is a 8-9 win coach who might get lucky from year to year.
  9. auskip07

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    and yet his coach kept the team in a position to win. SMH
  10. auskip07

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    clearly we have as much respect as we deserve. Sometimes we think we need more but we dont deserve it
  11. ide rather he keep his money and coach better
  12. auskip07

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    at one time i thought LSU had the worst coach in the league.... but after losing 2 times in a row to them it appears we have the worst coach.
  13. auskip07

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    with this OL we need whitlow to have most of the carries.
  14. auskip07

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Which one?
  15. auskip07

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    5'-7" 172 lbs at the age of 17-18 he will get bigger and stronger at auburn. Thats what i meant.