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  1. Then there is no excuse. The problems are deeper than coaching.
  2. were there flights available? I only ask because when traveling for work now i dont have near the selection of flights out of atlanta that i did before the pandemic. Is it possible that there wasnt a flight back after the game?
  3. Gus has been known to get the best coaches available. He did "steal" Kodi Burns from Arizona state
  4. and if they had an ounce of defense they might have pulled it out.
  5. still not even close talent wise. We are being undercoached
  6. im aware, thats why i said he was better. he was always in position i dont remember him being flat out beat.
  7. agreed extremely inconsistent compared to kickers of the past
  8. Ive never wanted auburn to lose and will never root for them to but lets be honest ill take a loss inorder to win more in the future.
  9. because of all those touchdowns and and long drives we put together?
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