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  1. What down hill runners did we have on the roster? Brad lester? from what i remember his greatest attribute was getting suspended before big games.
  2. not even close to paying what he was ordered.
  3. His last memory of the iron bowl was of Auburn winning. Its almost like the ending was wrote just to spite him. He wont be missed
  4. There are advantages to that mentality. Unfortunately there are disadvantages. So far its served Americans well
  5. he was on video doing that exact thing. Wonder what technicality he got off on.
  6. he has been charged with inciting a riot
  7. Kinda seems like he just trying to appease all the opposing fans with this move. The type of people that are offended by this type of stuff will never be appeased. They will just move on to the next agenda they deem offensive that week..... Right @McLoofus & @aubiefifty
  8. All the TX players committed are on Offense as of right now maybe the coaches see the same thing in defensive prospects coming out of TX Now lets talk auburn offense. a case has to be made about the type of Offensive football that is played at Auburn. Some have criticized it and said that its a gimmick offense. Does that lend itself to being more finesse (i didnt say just finesse ) than the upper tier SEC teams? i would say so. I attribute it to the inadequacy in OL recruiting needing to go around instead of making holes through the line. The author makes a good point but its a little blunt i think toughness is taught to kids. It usually starts at home or their surroundings. Coaches can make a kid tougher. So being from texas and a finesse school i wouldnt discount the kid.
  9. i can confirm thats true and 1,2,3,5,6 precincts have walked out or refused to leave. ATF and DEA have been put on standby.
  10. new camera angle of the wrestling on the ground has been released. Still believe its justified
  11. See this is what im talking about, why does it matter what i believe? how does it affect you in anyway. Do you want to know so you can lecture me and talk down to me to establish some type of mythical superiority? SAD P.s. you mis-spelled privileged
  12. My post applies to those in and outside of the church. Some of your post are an example of that virus.