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  1. because Orgeron had not established himself as being better than Gus based on the 3 -1 record against him? New flash Ed is a better head coach. Nothing changed last night besides the SEC winning another National title.
  2. considering the amount of 4 and outs we had this season i wouldnt call the punters position as one of the under utilized on this team.
  3. Add Fromm to that list as of today.
  4. I doubt thats the case with Bama. He finds a way to beat them more than other teams. LSU, UGA yeah i would agree with it but a Bammer saying it is hard to believe.
  5. did he even touch the ball? Also maybe his over confidence played a part in his poor decision.
  6. lived in Cookeville for a year its a nice small town.
  7. anticipate trouble ahead after Jake Leaves?
  8. reminds me of the 2011 signing class, Enrique Florence, Jonathan Rose, Robensen Therezie, Jermaine Whitehead
  9. still need more ready to play OL than we have.
  10. Of the OL signing who is ready to compete immediately? Zierer, only?
  11. Whole picture: workers of that store rely on that bookstore to provide income. maybe we shouldnt punish them for a spoiled brats behavior. I doubt this kid who just killed 2 people and continues driving in that manner cares about a store he might be remotely related.
  12. Reasons for speeding, Girlfriend having an anxiety attack, and my hand slipped on the paddle shifter. Is this kid for real?