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  1. auskip07

    Jarrett Stidham to Manning camp

    what are the results of the manning camp. has anyone evaluated Qb's season before and season after? I do remember Johnny Manziel getting kicked out.
  2. auskip07

    Demographic Curiosity

    34 Male Atlanta Ga 2007 Architecture.
  3. auskip07

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    i just made friends with people that were older than me.
  4. auskip07

    What was your first Auburn game?

    Nov 11 2000, Auburn Vs Georgia Auburn won in Overtime.
  5. auskip07

    Gus fired up about new headset rule

    maybe the analyst that dont need to communicate can just have a personal speaker.
  6. auskip07

    Tre Mason returns to football

    his legs should be fresh. hope he blazes through the league.
  7. auskip07

    2019 5* LB Nakobe Dean

    According the NICHE ranking UGA is #122 Auburn is #54 Maybe she needs to learn how to google.
  8. auskip07

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    maybe someone should have told him that 1 good season in college wasnt enough.
  9. auskip07

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    i was talking about Holland
  10. auskip07

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    is it really worth leaving early to be a 3rd round pick
  11. auskip07

    Our Backup QBs

    agreed, cam might not have been cam if he didnt have a year in JUCO.
  12. auskip07

    Starting running back today per Horton

    with his frame i do wonder if he can make it a full season.
  13. auskip07

    Our Backup QBs

    agreed, but everytime there is a new QB brought in he is hyped up to be something that 80% of the time he isnt. How many "next Cam newton" will we hear about commits. Best bet is really just stay luke warm about them until they show us something.
  14. auskip07

    Our Backup QBs

    to be fair we have had alot more bust/transfers than successful qb's in the past 10 years.
  15. auskip07

    Where are they now - Zeke Pike

    Pretty good trash talker on twitter... thats about it i see