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  1. Sling TV orange with added sports package that includes SEC network on the ROKU. i update my roku every 2 years. I noticed after 2 years they have trouble streaming regardless of my internet speed. Roughly 50 dollars every month and then i cancel the service at the end of the season.
  2. There are plenty of 16 year old drivers that do the right things. If they follow the rules of the road most people are capable of being competent drivers. When you drive faster than your ability to read the road conditions, other traffic, and play with your cell phone then you have problems. He made an adult mistake and he should pay an adult price. The rich kid getting off easy shtick is getting a little old in this country.
  3. I hope we dont see another "teen suffers from affluenza" Yes nothing surprises me anymore.
  4. He was going to fast and wasnt paying attention.
  5. I would imagine they have a reliable way to determine if that is a factor.
  6. Whether you have marijuana or prescribed pain killers in your system you can be held liable for any mistake you make. Ive been told many times you live and die by the decisions you make. its a shame at 16 he has to learn a very tough lesson and one that could change his life for the worse.
  7. I like that idea about as much as rotating 3 qb's in a single game.
  8. Good question, everyone was thinking it.
  9. its easy enough to sneak in liquor but it would be nice to have a beer during the game.
  10. It is the hardest schedule in the SEC. Im usually quiet if we beat the people we are suppose to beat. other teams that arnt "givens" the upper tier of the SEC we play well enough to have a chance to win. Its not Championship or bust there is alot of luck involved winning championship games. I would like to think thats a reasonable stance.
  11. the half a season he played was like a bad dream. he got stuck in a rut and never came out of it. as a fan i remember watching it and couldnt believe it was the same person that started the 1/2 opeing game the season before. And every time he was put back in i wanted to see the JJ that i thought he could be but i never saw it.
  12. thats what happens when you listen to everyone who says how great you were in HS but you fail to see how bad you played in college.
  13. That sounds like a made up statistic. LOL