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  1. the half a season he played was like a bad dream. he got stuck in a rut and never came out of it. as a fan i remember watching it and couldnt believe it was the same person that started the 1/2 opeing game the season before. And every time he was put back in i wanted to see the JJ that i thought he could be but i never saw it.
  2. thats what happens when you listen to everyone who says how great you were in HS but you fail to see how bad you played in college.
  3. That sounds like a made up statistic. LOL
  4. Thats one way to ensure we return some depth for 2020
  5. Remember when seattle in 2013 took one of Gus's plays that Nick marshall threw to Sammy coates during the iron bowl. Almost a fake run that was a pass. What a terrible Offensive coach we have.
  6. I dont think the offense is terrible seems to give saban fits when he plays us more than any other team on his schedule. I dont think its best for evaluating a QB but that doesn't make the offense terrible.
  7. no matter who starts this year the next year will be very telling with replacing almost the whole OL.
  8. Yep i came to this thread to talk specifically about how bad this looks. Then again how many QB's for other coaches havent been drafted
  9. give whitlow a better OL and we all might be surprised
  10. Ill believe it when i see it. Hopefully it translates to success on the field.
  11. Yes, its happened a few times in live games.
  12. Of course im not a qb expert but 1 Nix, 2 JG, 2 Malik Nix would be the one i want if its 3rd and 9 and we need to extend the drive. He looked like he made the best choices based on finding favorable coverage and the location of the ball looked good. he got rid of the ball quickly most of the time or moved out of the pocket to buy more time. Was he the only one that i saw throw the ball away when he found nothing? i didnt see the other qb's do that (maybe im wrong) Malik, and JG while they both had good throws i saw them go for the home run more than try to pick apart a defense. both held on to the ball longer than i though they would realistically be able to do in a real game.