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  1. you do know your post does have a time stamp.
  2. I saw that in the video too but i didnt want to really point it out because im not sure what difference it would make. Every other QB i noticed release is much higher . i did have a hard time judging velocity based on the film.
  3. success has a way of reducing baggage in the eyes of people who want to win
  4. we should make it hard for other programs to steal him away. Good coachs should be rewarded for results.
  5. Very Gus like hire. He doesnt take many chances which can hurt in the long run
  6. auskip07


    is the game on ESPN?
  7. I like the idea he comes in with a few years to play. He will be physically more mature when he sets foot on campus. He has the size and the speed to be a good one.
  8. We're getting some help from CC Jonathan Buskey OT
  9. Is it bad that the only thing i remember is that he came to campus out of shape?
  10. says alot when you transfer from a school that is in great need of your position because you cant get more playing time
  11. Also no secret to clemson's success they have 3 OL comitted ranked above Avery on the list already.