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  1. How bad do you hate UGA

    i also listened to that program sunday. What a terrible show. All i heard was Auburn has ATM's outside of their locker room, they are cheaters, the war eagle story is fake. Nothing really football oriented.
  2. Offensive roles

    havent we seen Hastings in the endzone "jump ball" play a time or two? That would be perfect for NCM
  3. Special Teams

    it would be nice if we could get a kick returner (on kickoffs) that when he does return the kick doesnt run into the back of his blockers.
  4. Offensive adjustments

    ive been noticing that too.
  5. A program DEFINING win

    it was something to see. I enjoyed watching the team have fun on the field.
  6. Gus

    if gus can replicate the same coaching ability in the Bama game he has earned it. win or not
  7. Living in Georgia

  8. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    we might have to used mid field passes to get the job done.
  9. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    remember when we did that to clemson's QB and then we stopped attacking.
  10. With 6 Games Left to Go...

    Is this post real life? because last time i checked if they were to play 6 more games we would be playing against the top teams. Not really apples to apples comparison. the competition matters
  11. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    going to burn KJ out
  12. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    you should have been done at the LSU game
  13. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    jamal dean is missing tackles all over the place