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  1. Spoken like a true model Christian. Jesus would be impressed.
  2. no more stupid than claiming you are a bad Christian and will be damned to hell because they dont believe what you think they should believe and you cant provide any evidence to persuade them of it? Stick to broadcasting ESPN is a good place for you
  3. systematic racisim is a system, governed by a set of rules or laws that disproportionately effects a certain race of people. Common claim of systematic racism is black speeders who get pulled over at a higher % than white speeders. Of course people usually cite a study that claims that that white people speed just as much as black and they use this as concrete proof that systematic racism exists. Well, not so fast. How fast were they speeding (there is obviously a difference and threshold for officers to give tickets over a speed limit) Does your vehicle catch more a
  4. Must have missed the 11th commandment: Thou shall not fail to identify systematic racism
  5. 10 years later they are still mad about Nick fairley
  6. very true forgot about him. maybe colorado was even worse.
  7. I noticed no WR's followed him to UCF
  8. Clearly its because "orange man bad" and erasing trumps legacy. But he is getting rid of a lot of good things so its not surprising.
  9. looks like gus is hiring his friends again. Has he learned anything?
  10. i would be interested to see if that QB performs better or worse next season.
  11. anything that puts Auburn in a good media spotlight im all for.
  12. Has UT had their punishment handed to them or is that still in the works? I cant imagine that it would be an easy sell if there's a Bowl ban/ recruiting number limit already known
  13. After seeing the new business building with the roof top terrace i would have expected that type appeal for the Athletic center.
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