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  1. Why dont you ask gus next time you interview him.
  2. 2 of the 3 qbs he listed started the season and couldnt hack it. how is that not ready?
  3. your argument would hold any weight if these eventual starters did anything after Gus
  4. maybe this is why gus doesnt let our backups throw very often... the fans get carried away. I will say i liked how Joey played and that throw to the middle of the field in the redzone must have had gus crapping his pants.
  5. QB: i want to see Nix do all the little things. Look off receivers, stay calm in the pocket, Hit his receivers consistently. I want to see Joey get a chance at a full series that includes throwing. OL: i want to see them get some push which they should against this team and stay healthy. RB: i want to see less of Boobie. he is a known commodity. Lets see the other guys have a chance at running between the tackles, edge and blocking for Nix. WR: i want to see more of Hill, Jackson, DL, i want to see a complete game played. not just the last half when the opposing OL gets tired. KICK COVERAGE. get down the field and get the guy with the ball.
  6. doesn't it usually pan out in the end? most if not all the teams left standing have 0-1 losses and strength of schedule. i just wish the BCS ranking formula was kept in place instead of the committee selecting the best 3 teams. The human factor will always be the flaw.
  7. how does an all senior OL improve? Ive come to terms with what we see is what we got.
  8. hit in the backfield and still gets 3 yards.
  9. does gus always go with the same play as last game in certain situations?
  10. it was, but it bothers me we cant produce reasonable yards against this caliber of team with the regular plays
  11. Thank god this kids long ball is inaccurate