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  1. I wouldnt be surprised by Steele being hired. I would be surprised if they got a splash hire which they never do. i would feel better about our chances as an offensive team if steele took over which says alot about my confidence in gus
  2. possible relation to phillip marshall?
  3. its nice to see a team play fast and score. Ive been missing that in other sports
  4. yeah basically he doesnt have an answer to the offense.
  5. sounds good but i dont think that motivates gus.... and its not like gus will change his tune.
  6. have contract extensions replaced the AD's public statment of confidence in the head coach at Auburn? I can see how they would make that mistake since Jay Jacobs was good about throwing money at coaches right before a big loss.
  7. Lets see what happens after the bama game. a Tua less bama team is beatable. Of all years this bama team should be beat.... if we had a decent offense.
  8. do you realize they attend the games and see what product is on the field.... did you not see the first 3 quarters?
  9. its not like they are unoccupied at the current moment.
  10. i think we have missed a PAT this year so no guarantees
  11. now we pull together a long drive.... when we dont have time to.
  12. Those championship rings are ugly anyways
  13. waffle house must be upset with all the lost revenue
  14. a good pass wouldnt have mattered they knew it was coming
  15. these screen passes arnt getting much yardage