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  1. And now you just called me Nancy and insinuated I am effeminate. Obviously you can do whatever you want since you are the king.
  2. Calling me crazy is still an insult in my book and hypocritical of all that you preach.
  3. Really? An admin just called me nuts for my opinion on a coach? Aren't you the one always telling to keep things civil?
  4. The poster said he was the best coach we could get no question, and I said I didn't think he was that great. He is a good coach, but not great, and not worth the baggage he is carrying. We would have to show cause to hire him right now or get penalized. That alone makes him not great in my opinion. I think some of you have gotten it in your minds that we hire BP or you will be mad. It's just like the arguments last year for another BP that lots of people wanted to hire to coach our football team. People were saying he was the absolute best coach we could hire then too but we know how that turned out.
  5. You can't expect your players to take school seriously when their own coach never finished his degree. Chuck could be a candidate for the job but he needs to finish his degree and maybe work as a college assistant too. He should have done these things after the last time the job was open.
  6. No one in the NFL pays any attention to failed former NFL coach Nick Saban's opinion on rules.
  7. Memphis is 10x the basketball school AU is. Why would he take a major step down to coach us? You must know much about Memphis basketball, how much they pay, how big their arena is, how many fans they draw, etc.
  8. I'm really shocked at how many people think this. I don't think BP is that great a coach at all.
  9. Keep in mind there is a lot more money to be made from these companies selling basketball shoes than any other shoe. People don't wear football or baseball cleats everyday while walking around. Basketball shoes is where the big money is made in their business and those companies fight hard for their market share starting with young kids. As meta just pointed out, we are going to get more money from UA. I don't think switching to Nike is going to reap huge recruiting rewards. We are a long ways from being able to reel in the big recruits.
  10. I have heard that the UA shoes are not good and disliked by the players. I have also heard that some players wore Nikes to practice and put tape over the logo. There seems to be a lot to the hurt our contract puts on our recruiting. It is not easy to recruit to AU basketball in the first place and then add in being locked out of AAU because of our shoe contract and that makes it worse.
  11. Why? You still have a maximum of 85. If you change it to 30 then coaches like Saban will process out even more players every year to make way for the rookies freshmen.
  12. First, their possible future occupation is most likely not in the NFL. Most college players don't get that far. Their future probably is something else and hopefully they are putting their scholarship to use in getting there. Second, if you can really ball the NFL will find you and put you on the field, especially at the WR position. I think that position probably has more players from small schools than any other position in the league. It's not like they would not get a pro-day to show off for the scouts. If they really can't stand the new coaches system they can always transfer but they should consider trying to fit in. Coaches change in the NFL all the time too and you might have to find a way to fit in for the new staff there too.
  13. I went back and found the article and time when Charles said he wanted Barbee back. It was before Barbee was fired and I can't blame Chuck for saying that at all. I think Chuck was just trying to be as supportive as he can to the team. That is why he sat behind their bench last night and that is why he went back with them to the hotel after the game. I believe he was just trying to stay positive when the reporter asked him the question about Barbee. I wouldn't use that statement to condemn his opinion on a future coach.
  14. Chuck is a member of the Talons Club, does that answer your question? Do you have any idea how much money an individual gives to AU to be a Talon? Yep...a half million ...but he is not the only one that has done so....and thus far I've not seen any clamor for the rest of that group to help select the coach. I notice ole Milton McGregor is in club too....wonder who he would like to see as our next basketball coach? I don't know is Milton McGregor considered an authority on basketball and does he make his living giving his opinion on basketball matters? Does McGregor have 30+ years of experience in and around the top levels of basketball for connections to the sport?