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  1. We're both doing well. I'm fairly certain I'm fine since I've now been in self-quarantine for 8 days but doesn't mean that I'm gonna risk it by going out to work. I applied for unemployment yesterday but fairly certain I won't qualify since I chose to not go into work rather then my job shutting down. Again, though, massive debt is better than risking my life and the lives of my family. I live and work in Madison so it keeps getting worse and worse here and there are still a lot of people who aren't taking it seriously. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.
  2. FDA just approved a test that can get results in 5 minutes. Abbott Laboratories are supposed to start creating 50k tests per day.
  3. "Five people who tested positive for COVID-19 have died at an Opelika hospital since Friday morning, the East Alabama Medical Center announced Saturday evening. Three patients were from Chambers County and two were from Lee County. The deaths more than double Alabama's previous coronavirus fatality count. Three deaths were reported this week by the Alabama Department of Public Health. A fourth was reported by the Mobile County Department of Public Health, though it is not yet included in ADPH's official count. EAMC said its recent fatalities are also not reflected in the statewide count, but hospital leaders felt it was important information to publicize to underscore the severity of the coronavirus situation."
  4. To anyone who just needs a little hope and love. Didn't expect to tear up as much as I did watching this. To any health care workers on here, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Same goes to grocery store and restaurant employees. ❤️
  5. Alabama just went from 242 cases to 386 in 24 hours. I'm in self-quarantine due to living with my mother who had a heart attack. I can't afford to take off of work but I also can't afford to continue to make deliveries and risk getting sick and getting her sick. Now I'm having to rely on the government to actually do the right thing and put the working people in America over large corporations and I have no hope that that's going to happen.
  6. You and your family are in my thoughts. Hope that your mother can pull through.
  7. Rest of the state needs to follow Birmingham and pass a "Shelter in Place" law. Get ahead of it before it spreads more and more. It won't be long before Lee,, Madison, and Shelby have the same amount of numbers or more. Governor Ivey sure as hell isn't going to do it before it's out of hand so it's on the mayor's and city councils to do it.
  8. Having information is not useless. Sorry you might disagree with the opinion of the tweet but that doesn't mean people should not have said info. People who formulate opinions should have the pros and cons of multiple sources. I literally have no idea who your "source" is so I like to look for multiple places to formulate my opinion. I also never said that I agree or disagree with anything that was being said in the OP. Just giving another source for people to check out before putting all of their eggs in this one basket. Have a good day.
  9. You're entire post could be directed back at you. I wasn't dissuading anyone from helping, just trying to get more info out there. I get that having something is better than nothing but at this point there's no way to know if the homemade masks are actually effective. Better to have too much info rather than not enough.
  10. In the video he did say that the flu was 1.3-1.4, his math was based on the 1.3. Still, though, the big takeaway is the number infected from Covid. The last sentence in that video is so true.
  11. Not sure if they're the same ones mentioned here but doesn't seem like they're gonna be too effective.
  12. To anyone who cares ... Auburn beat Cincy in the first round. We were down 10 at the 12 minute mark only to come back and win off of a 22-6 run to end the game. If that's not realistic, I don't know what is. lol
  13. It's sad and troubling. It's going to be the reason why this thing doesn't get under control. Seeing all of the college kids at the beaches in Florida and Alabama is infuriating to me. They might not get sick enough to die but they'll go back home, spend time with their families, and possibly infect their mother, their grandmother, or someone else that could die from this.
  14. I don't even watch CNN but good try, bruh! I do however listen to the CDC, WHO, actual doctors that are in the fight, and other MEDICAL EXPERTS! Not n guy on a forum who refuses to see that this is not the same as the flu. The numbers of cases are doubling every day and this is with very limited testing being done. Hospitals in NY are running out of supplies and people are dying. Disease experts estimate that each COVID-19 sufferer infects between two to 3 others. That's a reproduction rate up to twice as high as seasonal flu, which typically infects 1.3 new people for each patient. Not to mention the fact that most people don't even know they have the virus until they've already infected other people. Before we get into the death rate, most people are mostly worried about limiting the spread of it because if we don't we will NOT have the supplies to treat everyone. Flatten the curve is so that hospitals will have less people flocking to them and overloading the staff, taking all of the beds, and then risking more people contracting the virus while being in the hospital. The flu and the Coronavirus are NOT THE SAME THING! Even if you THINK you're fine and healthy, you can still get other people sick. If you can, stay at home, and hope that people take this seriously because if not it's only going to get way worse. Experts have already said this over and over again that our hospital system is not built for the number of people who may already be sick but haven't been tested because we don't have enough tests for everyone showing symptoms. Edit: Forgot to add a tweet that I saw the other day.