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  1. Having to pay a buyout of $3 million for a dude that NO ONE WANTED. Cohen just went full JABA. I'll be supporting every other Auburn program except football.
  2. This x100. There are a lot of people who would hate this hire and have said they will stop watching Auburn football if Freeze is hired. I'm one of them. I have loved Auburn my entire life but I will not watch or support the football team/program if he's hired. I will continue to support and cheer for all of the other Auburn sports, though. We will truly be a basketball school if the Perv gets hired.
  3. Just a small correction, we're 7-0.
  4. Can we all just shout and give love to Derick Hall. He was in Neville Arena almost as much as the basketball team. Don't know if we'll ever find another guy as involved as Hall and Cardwell in other sports.
  5. Broome was very close to a triple-double. 11 points, 8 rebounds, 8 blocks. Flan with 7 points, 10 rebounds. And Wen just steadily being the best player on the team. 21 points, 4 rebounds
  6. This is a good win. Saint Louis is a very good team and they always are. This team doesn't quit and win even when we're not playing great. I do think they're starting to realize they can't shoot 20+ 3s every game.
  7. Another missed 3, Williams rebound. GAME! Auburn wins 65-60!
  8. SLU miss 3, Green rebound and is fouled. Just make your FTs and it's over. 9.2 seconds left. Misses the first. Come on, Green! Makes the 2nd. 65-60 Auburn
  9. SMH Jaylin Williams turns it over on the pass inbound. Just awful, awful, awful.
  10. Inbound to KD and he's trapped. Bruce calls a timeout, though. Bad inbound
  11. Just get the ball in bounds and don't get trapped.
  12. SLU gets a layup but only 16.5 left. SLU takes their last time out. 64-60 Auburn
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