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  1. Serious question to the people who have the time to watch more college football every week but is there another coach who doesn't allow their backup QB to throw the ball or run the entire offense in the second half of cupcake games?
  2. Or any other player on the offense that isn't a starter.
  3. With this head coach we'll never know how the backup QB can run an offense until the starter gets hurt.
  4. Yay Gatewood with another rushing TD. We know that he can run. How about we see if he can throw the ball in live game experience?
  5. You lower your helmet you're getting called for targeting. It's been like that for years now and players should know this by now. I think this is the second time Smoke has been ejected for targeting in the last two years.
  6. I hate to bring up uat's offense again but end of the 3rd quarter, up 18 against SCar and they were doing a nice mix of run and passes to get their players game-time experience in the early season. Compare that with ours where we run the ball 9/10 times and then pull out a flea flicker to get a TD against a weak opponent.
  7. Run the HB right up the middle right after a long run.
  8. ...Not sure how I feel about pulling a flea-flicker out against Kent State and being up 21. But, yay for Bo getting to throw the ball and getting a TD.
  9. Malik Miller has the same number of carries as Shivers. Cool
  10. At least we're getting a lot of pressure and sacks ... too bad we can't get them off the field on 3rd down.
  11. How can our defense not be able to sniff out screens way faster? That's all they have done on 3rd down and long.
  12. Glad that Whitlow got another TD but can we please sit him the rest of the game? No need for him to be in the game anymore.
  13. First down, hurry up, run up the middle with Whitlow. SMH