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  1. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    If you go and look at my posts from a couple of years ago when I actually posted more often you'll see that I'm normally one who is very optimistic and a sunshine pumper. However, after this last season and a half I can't do it anymore. I would absolutely love to look back on this thread and eat some crow and all that but I just don't see it happening. We have all been burned too many times in the past with this staff. Last year we were supposed to be really good and then after the first game we saw how horribly managed the Clemson game was. Then Lashlee took over the play calling and we all got excited again until injuries crept up (Injuries happen to every team, every year and they still manage to play better than we did). The year before that the excuses were how young we were but you see all over college football redshirt or true freshman quarterbacks leading teams to wins. Face it, this staff isn't ready for a power 5 program and we have arguably more talent than ever before and we can't score more than 6 points against Clemson and 24 points against Mercer. I'm over this staff, I'm sick and tired of our coaches "learning on the job".
  2. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    My issue with Gus this game isn't with the play calling or anything like that. I think that the playcalling was actually pretty good and I agree that it was all about penalties and turnovers that were our issue today. However, the stubbornness to leave Pettway in for every single running play, the lack of fire on the sidelines when there are so many mistakes, and the fact that he didn't bench R.Davis after he fumbled on the punt return and then fumbled out of bounds on the next series is something that really angers me.
  3. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    If I'm a parent of a recruit, why would I want to come to play for Malzhan? Pettway is injured and they're running in ragged right now trying to beat Mercer. We have other running backs on scholarship and they don't even let them get a carry. Just another in a long list of things that should get Malzhan fired.
  4. I really want to see Tuberville or Wallace get to take a few snaps at QB. This game is over! Let the Walk-On's play!
  5. Sean White's night

    I haven't posted on this site in a very long time but there was a moment in the game last night that stood out to me the most. It wasn't a pass or a read or anything game related. I think it was on the 2nd or 3rd possession for the Auburn offense after all of the drops by the receivers, I saw Sean White come out for the first play of the series and there was some music playing in the stadium and Sean White was "dancing" (Or at least it looked like dancing to me). Some people might see that as not caring that we were down or whatever but to me it spoke volumes to White's confidence and calmness in the face of a deficit. It really reminded me of Newton's confidence that he had.
  6. OSU vs. Bama

    This is still shocking to me. I called F$U getting destroyed but I just knew OSU would too! For the first time since Auburn got screwed in 2004 there will be no SEC team in the championship game. And it's all bama's fault. Way to go turds!
  7. Ellis Johnson

    True^^ but the sunshine pumpers are gonna blame the players. Which is very sad, which it's obvious that the coaching Is lacking I don't know if it's the players, the coaches, something going on in the locker room. I have absolutely no clue! But I do know that Amari Cooper wears the #9 and he's the best WR in the country and the best player on their team! I don't care if you have to put 3 men on him, do NOT let him burn you for over 200 yards and 3 TD's. Let it happen once and I can say maybe it was a fluke. BUT 3 TOUCHDOWNS! That's unacceptable and someone needs to pay for it. And that's the coaching staff!
  8. Ellis Johnson

    I'm normally one of the biggest sunshine pumpers in the world and I'm mostly positive but this game. I'm so upset right now. You score 44 points, have over 600 yards of offense, and your QB throws for over 450 yards. I don't care about the trips to the red zone with no scores because at the end of the day you shouldn't HAVE to score 44 points to lose by double digits. If Johnson isn't fired in the next week, I'm going to even more upset. No way our Defense should give up that many points EVERY single week! This is AUBURN! We get 5* recruits! We have tradition and pride! No one should have to settle for this defense!
  9. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M Game Thread***

    you're quite late jumping on that bandwagon Actually I've been saying it for 2 weeks.
  10. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M Game Thread***

    Cam for Heisman!
  11. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss Game Thread***

    Can we start giving Cam some love for Heisman? He's had more rushing yards than Mason had at this point last season!
  12. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss Game Thread***

    Do you realize that a lot of the runs have been for over 4 yards? And Cap has had a few that have been 10+.
  13. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss Game Thread***

    COATES! Jumping for the ball!!!!
  14. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss Game Thread***

    Am I the only one who thinks we should start calling Marshall, "The slippery one"?