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  1. Just like Butch and AU baseball. Maybe not to the same extent as Bruce but he deserves more love as well.
  2. In the same boat, myself. Before the Gus years I had watched every game since around 97 (as far back as I could remember at least). I didn't watch the Arkansas game and I plan on going back to my statement of not watching another game until Gus is gone. I highly doubt I'll stick to that, unfortunately. I'm like a crack addict.
  3. This sums up the game and this season pretty nicely.
  4. Out of likes but this x1000! There aren't many players that can hold their head up high after that embarrassment but Tank is. He's special and if we can get a coach that will use him correctly he could be one of the best backs to ever play for Auburn. How did he and Nix get basically the same amount of carries? Nobody can say it's cause it's a long season and they're worried he'll get hurt if you're QB is running the same amount in a shortened season.
  5. Yep, just went back to look at it. Just looks like more miscommunication between them.
  6. I'll have to go back and look at the play, to me it didn't look like he stopped on the route. It looked like he was about to make his break and Bo had already thrown the pass into the hands of a defender.
  7. I like Bird but just because he says it doesn't mean anything is true. The play that Seth "gave up on" was so far off the mark that even if he didn't he wouldn't made the catch.
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree. I think bailing out of the pocket for no reason, overthrowing WR after WR, not setting your feet when you have time. That's basically the same as a WR quitting.
  9. Nope, I never said what he is doing is okay. I'm saying that I can see why he's acting the way he is. Would I want to put my safety at risk going over the middle with a passer like Nix? Probably not. Nix closes his eyes, hurls a prayer to Williams, and hopes that his WR can bail him out.
  10. I'm not saying he's right but I do understand why he wouldn't want to give 100% effort all the time. He's bailed Nix out more than the other way around and then Nix wants to get in his face on the sidelines after bad passes.
  11. Maybe he doesn't give the effort all the time because his QB can't hit him in stride, throws it up for grabs and prays that he can come down with it?
  12. Seriously! Bench these players who can't keep their damn mouth shut! I'm sick and tired of seeing it. You're getting whooped by a crap team. You don't get the first down, pop up and run your mouth. Edit: Grammar
  13. Seth gives all the effort and his team lets him down and he might have gotten hurt.
  14. The only time Gus will bench a QB is when he's rotating 3 of them and has Cox to run the Cox-Cat
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