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  1. Maybe I'm just really old and don't understand but I can't get over UCF trying to bring the house down with the stupid alley-oop. You're trying to advance to the sweet sixteen against Duke and the best player in college basketball, up 4 with only 1:45 seconds to go. I hope every young player watches that fail and remembers it the next time they try to get fancy instead of taking the easy points. SMH
  2. Also, that failed attempt at the alley-oop cost UCF the game. Miss it and then give up a big 3 on the other end.
  3. Two shots that couldn't get closer to falling. Holy crap, both were in and out.
  4. Wow, wow, wow! Just make the easy pass and layup to extend the lead. Stupid alley-oop attempt, imo.
  5. Our bullpen is getting a workout. Hope Owen and Daniels can come back soon to stabilize things a bit.
  6. Wow Schofield taking a shot early in the shot clock could cost TN
  7. That had to be a make up call. Holy mess
  8. This is what I would call a complete meltdown of epic proportions
  9. I'm definitely pulling for the SEC in basketball but only for selfish reasons. The better the other SEC teams look the better Auburn looks for winning the SEC tourney, which gets Auburn more national relevance, which, finally, helps out in recruiting the top basketball players in the country.
  10. Definitely agree. As someone who wanted to get into sports journalism when I was younger, it pisses me off to see so many stupid questions or stupid articles being written.
  11. Some of these journalists need to get better. Asking questions to the players at the press conference and one goes, "Have you met Charles Barkley?" Like come on, you can ask any question to a player after a beat down and that's what you come up with?
  12. 1 away from tying the most wins ever in a season! LETS GO!
  13. The way this team is playing, they have a chance against anyone in the country! War Eagle, get some rest young men, and prepare for the SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!