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  1. Words really can't express what this year meant. Growing up, I was a fan of Auburn football (ever since I was 7) and not much else. Went to Auburn in 2010 before I had to drop out due to health issues with my family and that's when I started to get into more than just football. Went to softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football games and cheered. Bruce Pearl got hired and I got even more into basketball to the point to where I became more excited for basketball than I did football (crazy, I know) . Watching this group of young men do what they did this season was absolutely phenomenal. I don't care if they just lost by 31, the fact that they were even in this game at all is mind-blowing to anyone who has actually been following basketball for the last couple of years. Every last player on this team should be applauded for the grit, determination, heart, and moxy that they played with all season. A few losses doesn't diminish what they accomplished, considering that they short-handed and were one of the smallest teams in basketball. Brown, Harper, Heron, Murray, Spencer, Mclemore, Mitchell, Dunbar, and Okeke. They all stepped up their game and played out of their minds for the entire season, leading the SEC the entire way. I couldn't be more proud of them all. Pearl did a fantastic job of coaching and should have won SEC COTY and I hope that he will be with us for a long time because I've never enjoyed basketball as much as I did this year.
  2. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Clemson

    I would put in anyone who actually wants to play defense, pass the ball, and play team ball. Even if it's the walk-on's. I would rather lose and play our hearts out then lose and not play team ball.
  3. tgrogan21

    Baseball vs Texas A&M Game 3

    Wow! Awful call! Throw pulled the 1st baseman off the bag and they still called the runner out after a review. Followed by a home run that should have cut the lead to 1.
  4. tgrogan21

    Softball vs. uat game 3

    WatchESPN updated the time and is now showing it, just in case you didn't see. I'm glad because I haven't been able to watch much Auburn Softball this year.
  5. tgrogan21

    Official Tournament Thread

    This same UMBC team LOST to Albany 83-39 earlier in January. HOLY CRAP!
  6. tgrogan21

    Official Tournament Thread

    Pretty good time to be watching my first NCAA Tourney!
  7. tgrogan21

    Official Tournament Thread

    Under 12 minutes and now down by 16. Wow! After watching this game, I'm even happier that Auburn survived.
  8. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    I really just want to give some love to Spencer. I know he isn't going to light it up on the offensive end but tonight he played really well on the defensive side of the ball. Affecting shots when was in the game, taking charges, and doing it without fouling a bunch. He continues to improve and if he plays like he did tonight through the tournament, we have a shot to win games.
  9. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    BTW, I'm not allowed to post in the game threads ever again. The last 2 games I decided to break my hiatus from the board by posting in the threads and we blown out by Alabama and then barely survive this game.
  10. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    Wow! A team that normally shoots 77-78% from the line is shooting around 50%. If we hit our season average from the line we would have won this game easily.
  11. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    I'm loving the play by Mitchell so far! Stepping up huge for us, right now.
  12. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    Our defense has been smothering so far. We just need some 3's to fall and we'll be fine. Still hoping for Brown to bust of this long slump he's been in.
  13. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    Well, then, guess it was just having issues. That entire segment was just silence for me. It was really weird.
  14. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    I'm watching via and couldn't hear anything.
  15. tgrogan21

    Men vs. Charleston

    How have no producers told the announcers that we can't hear Barkley's voice? It's just a bunch of dead silence.