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  1. This is such a bad take, IMO. I get that it's going to be really difficult to make it to the Final Four because it's the Final Four and it's difficult every year. But to come out and say that there's no way we make the Final Four after last year is seriously underestimating the value of Bruce Pearl, his staff, the players coming back, and the new players coming in. After last season, I will never rule anything out for this team and this coaching staff.
  2. Oh, man! I don't venture into the football forums very often due to not having the time to read everything and trying to stay away from negativity in my life. But the folks that post in the basketball and baseball forums are awesome. @Maverick.AU @cole256 @DAG @Tigerbelle @GwillMac6 @WarTiger @bigbird @ellitor @AU64 I'm probably missing a crap ton of people but when I see those people post, I try to make sure that I read everything they have to say.
  3. This hits home really hard for me and brought me to tears. My father passed away in late 2010 at the age of 40 due to esophageal cancer and was also a LONG time Auburn fan who would watch every game and he passed away RIGHT before we won the National Championship. Just knowing that Bruce Pearl would take the time to reach out to this individual warms my heart. I've said it before but I am so damn proud to have Pearl as the coach of our Auburn Tigers. Not just because he's an amazing coach but because he's a true Auburn man.
  4. I don't watch much MLS, more of a fan of Women's soccer since I got into the game a lot more during the Women's World Cup in 2015.
  5. Holy mess! That was a thing of beauty! I thought the shot from Carli Lloyd during the last Women's World Cup couldn't be topped but damn.
  6. That's exactly how I feel. As long as Vince is still running things, WWE will continue the way it has been. Wasn't it about 6 months ago that Vince came out and said there would be no "authority figures" and how they were going to listen to the "universe"? And what happened? We now have Shane taking up about 50% of the screen time. The only thing that has changed is the fans are sick and tired of WWE and are showing it by not coming to live events.
  7. I like Rollins fairly well in WWE but he came off as a complete douche in that feud. Comparing bank accounts when you're talking about who the best is, is very dumb. If we're comparing money then that means Brock Lesnar is the greatest wrestler to ever wrestle.
  8. 3,500 people at Raw last night ... This is coming 48 hours after Seth Rollins was talking about how WWE has "the best pro wrestling on the planet" and 24 hours removed from a PPV where there were only about 4,500 paying customers in the building. WWE has fallen so far and I, for one, am glad that AEW is giving wrestling fans another opportunity to watch GOOD wrestling.
  9. I know I'll get some people who dislike what I'm about to say but I don't blame Julien for this loss at all. Without him we wouldn't even have the lead in the first place he had 3 of our 4 RBIs. This loss, IMO, is squarely on Thomspon/Smith. They made some REALLY weird decisions concerning the pitching in this game and I still don't get them. Jack Owen struggled for the 4th and 5th inning and barely made it out without giving up the lead and should not have came back in for the 6th the way he was laboring in the 5th. Then he gives up a lead off walk and you still don't take him out. Then after the single, you bring in Anderson to pitch to TWO guys and then yank him for Greenhill in in the SIXTH inning! Why not let Anderson pitch longer? Why bring in Greenhill to pitch to three batters in the sixth inning? And then Fitts who had pitched great so far gives a lead off double and you yank him like he had been getting rocked all over the field to bring in Burns who has never pitched in relief in his college career and we all know has had a sore shoulder to try and get the meat of their line-up out? Julien made an error but Burns was getting hit harder than Fitts was and I don't think should have been making his first relief appearance against some of the best hitters in the NCAA. If you hadn't burnt Greenhill in the 6th inning he could have came in as your CLOSER and tried to close out the game if Fitts had given up another hit or a walk or something in the ninth. Just bad management of the pitching from our coaches.
  10. 1 bad pitch shouldn't result in him being taken out. He's pitched great before then and Burns hasn't come out of the bullpen all year and still has question marks about his shoulder.
  11. Holy crap the speed/quickness of Holland to get back to third on the late hold sign and then to get back to his feet and score a run. Very impressive!!