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  1. Just for anyone who is curious and wants to hear what Jay said I've linked the video below with time stamp.
  2. I doubt it's gonna happen but I was watching one of Jay G Tate's Brain Drain's and he mentioned that Okoro REALLY wants to do everything he can to play with Cooper. I can't fault the kid for bolting to the NBA but from the way Jay said it was he really thinks there's a small chance Okoro stays.
  3. This is something that I've said in the game thread. I am more comfortable with Okoro running the point than I am with Doughty.
  4. Can't agree more with your second point. You and I have both been high on Jaylin (granted you were high on him earlier than I was). I think Monday, Pearl needs to come in and let the team know that ALL positions are open again. Don't care if you're a senior, don't care if you were highly recruited in high school. Maybe knowing their starting spot isn't secure will light a fire under EVERY one. Wiley needs to be in the gym working tireless on his post game because his touch has gotten worse over the season.
  5. ... Do we even have 4 good shooters on this team?
  6. The best player on our team disappeared again in the second half. Don't think he had a point in the second half ...
  7. Never thought I would see a Bruce Pearl led team not score 50 points in a game ...
  8. Purifoy and Wiley were the top 2 leading scorers in this game. They aren't the problem. Our guards are.
  9. We scored 3 point in the last 6 minutes. The time where SOMEONE needed to step up and stop the bleeding and no one did. I would much rather see the freshman come in and play because the seniors aren't doing it. 2 games in a row where we didn't have a lead at all.
  10. I really hope Pearl looks at this lineup and does something. I get that Doughty and J'von are seniors but at this point they are a liability and it would be nice to get our young guards more playing time to get them prepared for next year.
  11. Wheeeeee! Another airball! Thank you so much, Doughty.
  12. Shouldn't have praised J'von's FT shooting earlier in the game. Another turnover since we can't hit a FT.
  13. And J'von with a horrible take. Sit them on the bench, please. I'm tired of them driving to the basket and take layups falling down just to get blocked.
  14. Are we even going to score 50 at this point? Jesus, the shots are awful.