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  1. I know Mav has been thinking of changing his but doesn't want to mess with the mojo. Same here. I've never had a picture but have been thinking of adding one because KD has so many good faces.
  2. We'll be fine. Recruiting will really ramp up even more now that we have the #1 team and if we make a big run in the tourney. It's not gonna pay off this season because you still have to build relationships with these guys but more eyes are on us than ever before. Also, I think Bruce has to recruit a certain type of highly rated player. With the rotation and depth he runs you aren't going to be able to take a lot of the super great players because their personalities just won't mesh well with "team" ball and having to share the load with 5-6 other guys. Right now I only think Jabari is leaving. Kessler *might* if he gets a first round grade. Zep is the only senior on the team and could still come back for a covid season. If we lose Jabari then we will still have Kessler and Williams with a more experienced Green, KD, Cardwell, and Moore. All of who will only be juniors next season. Edit: Just want to clarify that I don't think all highly ranked players are egotistical or anything but I don't there are many that would be okay with how Jabari is used. We have so many set plays that don't involve him and he is just such a team player that he's fine with *only* scoring 14 ppg.
  3. Just weird metrics. We're 5-7 in every computer ranking except I think Massey Composite which has us at 4. We're beating teams and covering the spread but other teams are beating teams by more than we are.
  4. They are all congratulating the team on being #1. Fans are in turn giving them their flowers for being the start of this incredible run. Give me some time and I'll edit this post with some tweets. Edit: finally got the twitter links in. It has been incredibly difficult lately to edit links in.
  5. Never said you did but Zep is still not the worst out of the 10 starters. I'd take Zep over 3 of Kentucky's players and over KD. His defense is insane and has won us many games. He doesn't HAVE to be an offensive player because he knows what his role on the team is. I bet he could take over on offense though if he was needed in that role.
  6. Never seen another team melt as hard as Kentucky. From the coaches to the players to the fans. We're 56 hours removed from the W and Kentucky can NOT stop talking about the L. Cal said we rushed the court. Lies. Was surprised that we had standing room only tickets selling for $250. Our A&M game has tickets for $325. He had no words about when his players danced on the court after beating unranked A&M. I hope we play them in the SEC Tourney and beat them by 20+.
  7. Bad take is bad. Zep is probably the most underrated and least appreciated person on this team and it's not even close. What he does doesn't show up in the stats at the end of the game but there's a reason he was a +17 against Kentucky in 17 minutes. Without Jasper playing amazing defense like he does every single game, we lose.
  8. There was a voter that dropped us from 1 to 3 ... after beating his #10 team. There will always be someone to hate. But for now lets just enjoy the freaking #1 spot.
  9. Newell is a Kenpom copy and paster we all knew he would have us at 5. BUT AUBURN BASKETBALL IS #1!!!! EVERYONE GET IN HERE!!!!
  10. Acting just like Saban. He can’t beat us so he wants to change the rules.
  11. Mikey with a bad take on this board? Some things never change.
  12. We probably should just use this thread for memes in future games. It's insane just how much Auburn Twitter has embraced this whole thing. This has probably been the most fun I've seen/had on Twitter. It's not just the memes. Auburn people are following each other, supporting everyone, donating money to help students. It's a huge family vibe that you don't think you would get from Twitter. It's started to go beyond just basketball, as well. Auburn Ice Hockey account had over 500 new followers in the last couple of days.
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