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  1. I said it live that if they wouldn't have spent the entire game not talking about the game, they could spend 10 minutes at the end of a blowout talking about Beth Mowens and her impact on young girls all they wanted. But they unnecessarily spent most of the game not talking about it that I was annoyed by that point.
  2. I hope AU fans continue to @ him every game. He should never live it down.
  3. Nah, with the way their season has been this year, they need the minutes. They've only played 8 games this season. Let them stay in and get some much needed experience.
  4. Stretch doing a lot of pivoting and getting nothing but air. lol
  5. There it is! Walk-ons scoring is the best!
  6. Berman wanted to get the bench on their feet with that ill-advised 3. lol
  7. Still have 4 minutes left in the game as well. Crazy!
  8. Chris Moore with a nice take inside through contact.
  9. Thor and Williams both with 7 rebounds. Lead is probably way too big for either of them to get the double-double. Expecting to see the walk-ons in pretty soon.
  10. Because you still need to give Coop game experience. He's still playing/shooting fine even with the elbow issue so he needs as much time to get even more chemistry with his team. I would assume around the 4 minute mark is when the starters will go out for good.
  11. It's been changing all game. lol Apparently 22 and 23 are too close of numbers and they keep messing it up.
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