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  1. *shrugs* Apparently he's been struggling either learning the playbook or the buying into the culture or something. A lot has been said but nothing definite. Weird to me considering in the offseason there was an article posted with quotes from Coach Corn saying Canion was constantly in his office asking him questions and trying to learn as much as he could.
  2. My man still has no drops. I still love you, Canion even if the coaches don't seem to.
  3. Doh! I'm stupid. Forgive me. I could have sworn it was an 11 am kick off. *slinks away in embarrassment*
  4. I don't think it's just about the W/L it's also about how we looked in those games. You only have to go as far back as the GSU game to see that we just didn't come out playing good football.
  5. David-Price just set the LSU single-game rushing record with 287. Huge win for LSU and makes the Auburn win look even better.
  6. Firing Etheridge, IMO, would be the second worst coach to fire behind Caddy. Zac is going to be a very, very good coach and just needs a bit of time.
  7. Nice play from McCreary! First ranked win for Coach Harsin! War Eagle, everyone.
  8. Bo Nix!!! Played a hell of a game. Definition of Jekyll and Hyde.
  9. Always shooting themselves in the foot. It did happen before I posted though, so I didn't jinx them.
  10. What a nice play call!! Huge pickup that almost guarantees the W.
  11. We've had 10 players catch a pass today. Talk about spreading it around!
  12. McClain with 14 tackles today! Defense gets a bit of a rest and gets a huge 3 and out!
  13. I'd rather not give up a TD because our defense is gassed. Could have called a timeout, gotten a break maybe stop them on 2nd down and then get another breather as the quarter ends.
  14. Auburn's offense ran 7 plays that quarter. Defense was gassed and I would have liked if Harsin would have called a timeout there.
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