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  1. It's absolutely ridiculous. Our offense shouldn't *have* to score 7-8 runs a game just to have a chance.
  2. Sigh. Hard hit ball. Gets down. Auburn loses by 1. Again.
  3. Back-to-back singles and bama has runners on 1st and 2nd with 0 outs.
  4. Ware strikes out on a ball in the dirt. Williams strikes out. Both balls got away from the catcher and both were out at 1st. Howell strikes out on a ball in the dirt. Out at 1st. Horrible at-bats.
  5. Judd Ward with a sliding catch to save a hit! Swinging strike out for the second. Froze the batter with strike 3! Going to the 10th. Ware, Williams, and Howell up to bat. The latter 2 have been on fire this game.
  6. Quick 1-2-3 inning in the ninth. Pitchers need to shut bama down so we have another shot in the 10th.
  7. After the solo shot, Fitts gets out of the inning. Game tied at 7 going to the 9th. 3 times, in this game alone, Auburn has gotten the lead or tied the game only to lose it the very next half inning.
  8. Every. Single. Time. We get the lead and then proceed to lose the lead the very next inning.
  9. Kason Howell coming up HUGE! Had 3 homers coming into this game and in this game has a inside the park homer and just hit a solo shot to give Auburn the 7-6 lead in the 8th inning!
  10. Thanks for the info. Was going off of the last post in the TyTy thread.
  11. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm pretty sure most people didn't expect Horace Spencer to be playing pro ball and killing it. There are way more leagues to play pro and make money than just the NBA. The only way other organizations will know if he can ball is to actually have minutes. He's not getting that at Auburn going forward.
  12. I won't speak for Gwill, but for me when I said he needed to find another school it was mainly because I honestly don't think he'll get any minutes going forward. Between Kessler, Jaylin, Cardwell, and possibly Thor. There's just nothing left for him. It would be in his best interest of his career to try to find a place where he can get something.
  13. 🤷‍♂️ I still like listening to ellitor more, but that's probably just because I'm more familiar with him.
  14. Don't know who the Tipton person is. I just listen to what @ellitorsays. 😛
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