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  1. Harris should have been taken out after the bloop single fell, IMO. She was visibly shaken on the mound.
  2. That's a great way to answer. Keep fighting hard, ladies.
  3. Dang that's a tough loss. Pitching was there but clutch hitting failed us again.
  4. We need to talk bad about Fornis more ... holy crap
  5. Auburn Softball's Twitter is doing a good job with those highlights!
  6. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. Auburn wins 5-4 in 11.
  7. Still absolutely no explanation as to why Holland had to come back to 3rd after the CF clearly didn't catch the ball. Auburn still up by 1 going into the bottom of the 11th
  8. Why the hell did they put Holland back at 3rd on that?
  9. Clutch hitting from Bliss and Holland and Auburn has the lead!
  10. Great effort from Greenhill and it sucks that the only decision he might get is the L.
  11. I've heard some really bad announcers in all of sports but these have to rank up there as some of the worst, imo. I get that they are LSU homers but there was absolutely no emotion when Scheffler tied the game.
  13. I love Julien but he really needs to sit for a couple games until he can learn not to swing as hard as he possibly can every single pitch.
  14. Glad that we're showing some life with the bats now. Lets get the lead here