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  1. Nah, most of it is: "Cam dresses weirdly" "Cam didn't jump on a fumble" "Cam has an ego" "Cam has never been good". I honestly don't see Stidham beating out Newton.
  2. Oh definitely, it's already happening on Twitter and on the Patriots forum. As much as I dislike the Patriots, I'm always a Cam fan before everything so I'm hoping (if the season actually happens) that he shuts up all the haters.
  3. But ... now I have to actually sort of root for the Patriots?
  4. Man, Cole, I don't know really what to say to you and the other members of this board who are of color. I have a very easy life when compared to you and everyone else. I am a straight, white male who has never had to worry about being shot or arrested when walking out of my home just because of the color of my skin. I've also been aware of this situation my entire life with my stepdad who is black and I remember him telling me stories when I was younger about how members of my own family would call him the n-word and worse. But even with me being aware of it all, I don't think that in my life I've really taken it as serious as I am now. This whole situation with George Floyd has me shaken to my core and I'm so pissed off and sad at the same time. So from the bottom of my heart you have my sincere apologies that you have to go through this. I know it's not much and doesn't change a damn thing about our broken system but I wanted to let you know that. I've been back and forth with an Auburn grad on twitter the last couple of days because he commented on an article saying, "do nothing wrong and you won't get in trouble." Unfortunately, not everybody has that luxury of just doing the right thing and being safe. If the past half-week has done it's open my eyes even more clear to that. People shouldn't have to fear that they're gonna die just because they write a bad check, for speeding, for walking alone at night, for walking alone during the day, or for just being born. 😢 Now, I'm going to unplug. I just saw some of your posts and felt the need to share my thoughts with you and the rest of the board who feels like reading it.
  5. Not really sure where to post this but figured this was the best thread. Auburn is #11 over the last 3 years. Absolutely insane.
  6. He hasn't even played a minute for Auburn and is already one of my favorite players just for all the work he's done trying to recruit for Auburn. Can't wait for him to help take us to the top!
  7. After all of this, I freaking love this kid more and more. So much respect for him to stay true to Auburn through everything.
  8. But again, the coaches have to develop them. We've all seen what Bruce can do with less talent, I'm not sure the same can be said for the other coaches. At least not for a very long time.
  9. I know OAD's and having a top prospect sign with Auburn is a huge thing but man, give me 4-5 players like Austin Wiley, Bryce Brown, and Horace Spencer. Players who buy into a program and coach, work their asses off, and improve their game. I'll take those 3 over some of these OAD's any day of the week.
  10. Eh, not really. The top guys might go to that route but you'll still have the players who aren't for sure OAD signing with college teams. Just means the REALLY good coaches and developers will shine even more and the coaches who rely on talent rather than coaching will have more trouble. I'm confident that we have one of the coaches and developers.
  11. I'm a 5 today. My stimulus check just deposited into my account so now I don't have to worry about bills for the next month while I wait for unemployment to come through.
  12. Forgot to mention that, but yeah. I don't know who the guy is or if he has any credible knowledge but he was correct about the announcement change. *shrugs*
  13. He had a caption in the picture that said "if you my 'brother' you pose to support what my decision is even if you not involved in it" Some people online think he's talking about Cooper while others think it's about other people. I just can't wait til Thursday so we'll know something for sure. One of the reasons I hate following 17-18 year old making decisions. Will edit to add that the Ramone guy who was correct about JG changing the time and day of his announcement said "on everything he loves" that it has to do with Boogie and Ja, not Cooper.
  14. We're both doing well. I'm fairly certain I'm fine since I've now been in self-quarantine for 8 days but doesn't mean that I'm gonna risk it by going out to work. I applied for unemployment yesterday but fairly certain I won't qualify since I chose to not go into work rather then my job shutting down. Again, though, massive debt is better than risking my life and the lives of my family. I live and work in Madison so it keeps getting worse and worse here and there are still a lot of people who aren't taking it seriously. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.