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  1. A compromise is needed in our country to pass anything. Just like the gun safety bill that just passed, both sides had to compromise and didn't get everything they wanted. I would be okay with the 15 weeks because then it doesn't leave it in the state's hands where the red states will do everything in their power to ban abortions completely with no exceptions.
  2. People can complain about the comments in this thread but it IS a game thread. Almost everyone, myself included, is guilty of posting split-second gut reactions rather than with the head/heart. Losing like we did is not going to spark a lot of "rah, rah, rah we're so good" comments during the game. After the game, you can see that almost everyone on here (minus one person) was damn proud and happy of this team for making it as far as we did. Just don't come into a game thread and expect sunshine and roses. As for me, I had a blast this season, doing what little I could to show support for this team. I am not in the financial or health position to drive to Auburn to watch games, so if I even helped 1 person then I'm happy to be here providing updates. I loved the drive and effort of the team despite being out talented by a lot of the SEC. The fact that we were one of the last 6 teams standing is a testament to Butch and this staff and the heart of the players. War Eagle, everyone. We will be back in Omaha and get a win here again way sooner than 25 years. P.S Give Butch whatever the hell he wants to build this program into a consistent winner just like Bruce and Basketball.
  3. Just amazing clutch hitting or horrible clutch pitching. I don't know.
  4. Bello was so lost in LF, he had no idea where the ball was. It landed like 20 rows up in the stands.
  5. All year our offense has been streaky and sporadic. The regionals got everyone's hopes up that the bats were finally turning the corner. Just a horrible slump from the entire team outside of Foster.
  6. GG! Arkansas with a no-doubt 2 run homer. Updates are done for me. War Eagle to a great season. 8-0 Arkansas
  7. 1 pitch pop up to DiChiara. Need to get out of this without any damage. Sweet, double off the top of the wall. 2 runs score. Game is pretty much over, guys. 6-0 Arkansas
  8. Double down the line out of the range of the diving Rambusch. Runners on 2nd and 3rd. Don't get how every other team can hit but we can't.
  9. Doubt we'll get no hit but our at bats have been so bad outside of two innings.
  10. Bello with a nice running catch! Not having to stare right in the sun helps! Another base runner for Arkansas on a single.
  11. At this point, I'm just going to be happy for the season we had and hope we don't get no-hit. I have zero faith that the bats will make any adjustments.
  12. 0-2 count to Bello. Ridiculous. Strikes out in 4. I can't describe in words how pathetically awful these at bats are. 4-0 Arkansas T4th
  13. 0-2 count to Larue, at least he's swinging up there unlike Howell. Strikes out swinging on 4 pitches. That's 5 in a row. And then the last 2 outs before that came on a double play.
  14. 1-2 count to Howell ... Just watching strikes right down the middle, again. Strike out on ball 2 in the dirt. Great answer after a horrible top of the inning.
  15. 3-0 count ... love when pitchers can't throw strikes out of the bullpen. Walked him in 5. 2-2 count ... Struck out looking! Howell, LaRue, Bello coming up. Need to get hits this inning or we're in trouble. 4-0 Arkansas B3rd
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