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  1. Wiley's FT shooting is so much better this season. Very happy about that
  2. I love Pearl still getting in the ear of the players despite having a huge lead
  3. This guy is REALLY trying to get Pearlini over ...
  4. Needed that slam from Mac. Stops an 11 - 0 run from Colgate
  5. I've been thinking that to myself all game. They're definitely miles ahead of where the team was last year at this point in the season.
  6. Not a fan of that. He wore those neon green shoes last game too. Keep with what's working, fellas
  7. If J'von keeps playing like he has the last game and a half I might have to eat crow on him costing us a win or two down the line. I couldn't be more impressed with him and Doughty's play as of late.
  8. This is crazy. I truly didn't expect this team to gel so quickly. I expected us to lose one of these early games ... not to play this cohesive. Every night there's a different player stepping up and playing huge or in the case of the last game and a half ... everyone is stepping into their roles perfectly.