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  1. The single from Bliss takes out Godman from the game as well!
  2. Wow! Barnett came back huge to get that last out with the bases loaded! Gotta get some hits with the 2-3-4 hitters up!
  3. So a mound visit followed by a 4 pitch walk? Need to buy enough time for another reliever to get ready.
  4. If this game can go into extra innings I hope Godman is done for the day. He came in and absolutely shut the door on us. 6 IP, 3 hits and only 71 pitches thrown.
  5. Godman came in for OU and just shut us down. Those 0 runs on the bases loaded, no out situation might come back to bite us in the butt.
  6. Man, double plays all over the place in the game. I think that was the 4th so far. 2 for each team.
  7. Very, very, very happy that he's back in the lineup this weekend and his injury was very minor. Favorite guy on this team.
  8. I really don't understand how ESPN didn't pick this game up. Thanks for the updates since I have no way to watch.
  9. Yeah, I went against my initial instincts to just ignore him and responded. Should be smarter.
  10. We're gonna harp on a guys name? Maybe his parents called him Jakieboy growing up and he wants to pay a bit of homage to them? Maybe he just likes the way Jboy rolls of the tongue instead of J Man? I'm not gonna go back and forth on this because I don't want to derail the thread but seems like there's a lot of other things people can be worried about other than the name of a podcast. War eagle and congrats to Powell! I feel like he's only going to get rated higher the closer we get to him signing.
  11. If this holds true and from what others have said about Cooper only leaving if he's a lottery pick, seems likely he'll be coming back for another year?
  12. Haven't been keeping up with it that much, have we expected that for awhile? I'll take it as long as we don't get another postseason ban.
  13. Definitely not a fanboy. I've been around this site since 2010 and am not afraid to point out the negatives as well as the positives. You, on the other hand, can't do anything but post negatively. I've never seen a positive word from you. All you do is spout your BS and think it's true. Maybe in your own disillusioned world it is. I still think you would be better served just going to the turds forum and spending your time their, since you like to talk so much s*** about Auburn. I literally said in my first post barring injuries, though. Next year's team with everyone healthy (which is w
  14. Not sure it's quite equal. I've been around since 2010 but if there's a chance we can get rid of him, then that's fine. Less than 25 wins next year barring injuries and I leave, more than 24 wins and he leaves. I'm doing everyone a service, here! lol
  15. I'm so confident in Bruce and the team next year that if we don't win 25+ games (barring a crazy injury) I'll delete my account on this site.
  16. Can't imagine coming onto an Auburn Basketball message board as a "fan" and do nothing but talk s***. Must be a real loser.
  17. Double digit turnovers! Good night, guys.
  18. Looks like Florida got away with fouling Berman on that 3.
  19. I'm about to turn it off myself. Gonna see if this media timeout wakes us up a bit but if not, I'm out. Definitely don't need to watch a crap game to make my mood even worse.
  20. My god, this team. Obviously the 3 isn't falling. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!
  21. This might be the quickest I turn off the game. If we don't stop firing up 3's that aren't falling we're gonna go down 20 pretty soon.
  22. Think that pass was to Williams or Cambridge. Flan isn't on the floor currently.
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