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  1. Gus is just lost I'm afraid. Just pulls random plays out of a hat.
  2. So they just allowed lsu to start holding..makes a huge difference.
  3. Pffft. Why, when you can run delayed hand offs up the middle on 3rd and short that even if work to perfection lose a yard.
  4. I'll never blame the QB. Especially with a coach that can't get guys like Schwartz, Hastings, Stove and Shivers involved in an offensive game plan.. Basically because he doesn't have one.
  5. I'm just going to say this, right or wrong because I'm extremely frustrated. Gus killed us in the 1st half with the delays up the middle on 3rd and short. This is one of those games he just looks like he is scared to death to run an offense.
  6. Gus needs to be gone at seasons end. While he is not the worst coach ever, he is slowly sucking the life out of this team and from what I gather, this fan base. He needs to be gone. Hes a dead stick.
  7. Refs aside, it really does look like a lot of times we just run plays randomly..as if there is no actual goal or design. Just..you, you you and you go out... That goes for running plays up the middle too.
  8. Yes its obviously not easy and would have been an incredible feat. Again, its just that we look so bad at times. But for tonight IM going to be glad that we were at least in the hunt. Only a few teams can say that. I just want to see us be there consistently.
  9. I dont disagree with you and am proud of what this team has done. But, tonight concerns me. Ive seen this team too many times. I dont understand how we come out some times and look so bad. Losing is one thing; looking completely inept in doing so is something else. Im torn right now. I dont know what to think.
  10. That KJ is not a Heisman candidate proves the award is a damn joke.
  11. we just beat their damn ass. KJ for Heisman.
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