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  1. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    This. If we win the IB, AU will have 3 more quality wins than ua after the SECCG. .
  2. Really? So two schools combined for under 1.0M, but ULM alone is worth 1.4? I think that's asinine...
  3. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    I was at the game yesterday. Right before halftime concluded, Carlson kicked a FG from the center of the AU. It hadn't started its descent when it went through the uprights, and it was about halfway up the uprights... would've been good from 70 yards.
  4. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    I want this to happen SO bad!!
  5. Jay Jacobs dumbazzery.
  6. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    I'm too superstitious to make a prediction, but I just hope we win by one considering how we played today. Gonna be a good game if the AU team that played thUGA shows up.
  7. Ulm injuries

    I was shocked to see Holland go back in, but then I remembered Gus is our coach...
  8. Yes we've been hearing that for years. An absurd statement. If we play like we did today against them we will get beat by two touchdowns. If we play like last week we will have a chance.
  9. No college team could ever beat a professional team. Ever.
  10. Heard CKS was on the sideline instead of the box today? Anyone see this? Wonder why he would do this?
  11. Score Prediction- Georgia

    Doesn't work that way. Unless one team is awful, the IB is a very close game.
  12. What this game reminded me of

    We have Gus. thUGA was in it until the final five minutes...
  13. end the hot seat talk

    Rod and Stan are awful. Can't wait for the next guy up.
  14. What this game reminded me of

    I loved the old white Nikes they used to wear in the '80s...
  15. What this game reminded me of

    Man, I miss the old SEZ scoreboard, being sponsored by Russell, the old endzone lettering, pretty much everything about AU circa 2004.