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  1. Add the QB struggles (which there aren't a lot of) and OL struggles and it pales in comparison to how bad the DBs are.
  2. We never play GT anymore. I wish we did.
  3. The uga game in '16 was my threshold. That's the last time I remember being sick to my stomach after a loss. Now I am numb to Gus gussing it up.
  4. I’m sure you were saying the same thing after the LSU loss last year.
  5. Two things... I don’t care if you’ve been a high school DB coach for 45 years or if you wrote the book on DBs... OUR DBS ARE AWFUL. And second, we lost to LSU in ‘13, so everyone chill out. Lot of football to play.
  6. Will be interesting to see if we see Hastings next week. The one play that I say him in last night, he limped off the field after.
  7. Yesterday at times our 2nd and 3rd string DBs looked as if they can cover receivers better than our first string DBs.
  8. Wins what discussion? I was saying it wasn't right to say Jimbo is proven and Gus isn't. Never said Gus was more proven than Jimbo... Re-read what I wrote.
  9. And many people go throughout their career without ever playing for an NC.
  10. So, Gus isn't proven but Jimbo is? Only difference is a win versus a loss in an NC game. If we hired Fisher, I'd spend my Saturday's in the fall on the golf course all day.
  11. What also knocked a lot of shine off of it was beating the thUGs for the first time in three years and only getting to enjoy it for 20 days.
  12. I have heard that they are absolutely awful. Up there with the turds and the thUGs.
  13. There was a time when Tenn was incredible and of course bama played them every year. It ebbs and flows.