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  1. Thank you AUEngineer2016! For a novice like me, this is very instructional and helps me immensely gain a little more understanding of the game. I very much appreciate your time and work to diagram and analyze these plays.
  2. I was on the side of vengeance by the powers that be at first, but now I have moved to incompetence on the AU people handling this. I’m having trouble understanding why they would be doing this to these 2 kids, for either reason. Have the backbone to make a decision one way or the other and let these kids get on with their lives, either playing for Auburn or in seeking opportunities elsewhere. What a mess these goobers in power have made of this…
  3. This will be an interesting year and I am cautiously optimistic, but for us to be successful, Gus needs to show he can adapt. He seems to be too stubborn and appears to have become predictable in his play calling. My next door neighbor coached under Lovie Smith and John Chavis and stays in touch with both. He attends and works at John's camps. I asked him about Gus's offense and the zone read, and he said basically, defensive coaches have learned how to defend it. He said they let the play develop since it starts 7 yards behind the line and refrain from aggressively attacking it, letting the play come to them. Since it starts so far back, they hold their position on the line, let the play develop, then still have the speed and skill to stop the play for no gain or loss. He spent about 30 minutes diagramming and discussing how they defend different aspects of the zone read. I don't proclaim to know much about the technical aspects of the game, but he sure seemed to make sense to me. So, to end my long story, the point is, I sure hope Gus is as creative as most tout him to be, otherwise, my cautious optimism may turn sour after the first game.
  4. I live in Knoxville and plan on catching one or more of the games. This will be the first time I get to see the team live, so I hope we run rule the Vols every game, I'm not sure my heart can take the last inning miracles they've pulled off lately! ,
  5. It blew up my freshman year. I was living in the beautiful Magnolia Studio Apartments just before you reach the old fraternity row. The blast woke me up. I'm surprised our apartments didn't collapse considering how poorly their were built!
  6. Every year we hear Gus and Rhett say we will go faster, yet it doesn't seem like we ever move as fast as they claim we will. We seem to move a pace that is just ever so slightly faster than most teams. We seem to come to the line and stand around looking at the sideline and snap the ball with 8 to 10 seconds on the game clock most plays. I wouldn't classify our play the last couple years as fast, more like ramped up. Anybody else believe we play fast? I look at the Oregons and some of the other "fast" teams, and we are way behind their speed of play.
  7. Not sure I can help with watching the games but here are a few things that are a must see. Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Court (Henry VIII's digs), the Roman hot springs bathing pool at Bath. There are lots more sites but that should get you started. Have fun!!! I would second these suggestions. History really comes to life when you visit the Tower of London and consider how long the world was ruled from this location and the historical figures that walked those grounds. Same with Bath. To see the ingenuity and creativity of the Romans is amazing and to see what they accomplished 2,000 years ago is mind boggling. I loved my visit to England, now my next bucket list item is to play the Old course up in St. Andrews.
  8. And now I am impressed. You took the words right out of my mouth. From that angle you can see the west upper deck which gives some perspective. I get the feeling it's going to be way bigger in person. Coming from someone who sees it almost daily; it is extremely big. The pictures I post are from the athletic complex, and it still looks massive. My wife and I were in town this past weekend and for all those who say you have to see it to understand it's enormity, they are correct. I thought I understood how big it was from the pictures, but to see it in person, all I can say is WOW!
  9. I'm not saying all officials are against Auburn, but I talked to Rocky Goode in person, just the two of us, and he made it very clear he does not like Auburn. I'm not saying it leads to bias in calls, but he was adamant in his disdain and I would think that would have some influence in the way games are called. He toned his rhetoric down slightly after I told him I was an Auburn grad, but he was still smug about his attitude.
  10. They've been this way since I was in school. Around '81, 2 of my fraternity brothers went to Athens for a game. They were about the only 2 in the fraternity that didn't drink. After the game, which UGA won, they were jumped and beaten, ended up in the hospital. Also, the only time we had a band refuse to come back out for a set was due to UGA fans at our fraternity house. I was a fraternity officer and they asked for me and said they wouldn't play until they were removed because of the way they were acting. And the UGA fans weren't in our counter part frat at UGA. They also did a bunch of damage to our fraternity house. They were the only school we had physical altercations with and trouble from in my 4 years at Auburn. I honestly dislike UGA fans more than bama fans. Bama fans are just plain stupid. UGA fans are vulgar, crass, and violent.
  11. For the few of us that have TDS TV (I live in Knoxville), I just spoke with them this morning and they confirmed they will carry the SEC Network. The rep said they were just told today TDS will have it and that they will be announcing it soon. My only other option was to switch to Charter, which I would have done, but not been too excited to do. I left them a while back because of their pitiful service.
  12. Of all the cars he had to be driving, why a charger?
  13. I live in Knoxville and the fans are stunned at their coach leaving. I told them what did they expect with the way they treated and talked bad about him. They then think they still have a shot at Pearl saying the rumor is he hasn't signed his contact and he still has his home here. The fans and alumni I've talked with are besides themselves over the timing of everything. They really want Pearl back in a bad way.
  14. Yes, and here is your bill for all of your gym , trainer, food, travel, uniform expenses, use of athletic facilities etc... I would love to see it as Ok, your an employee. Here is your salary of $50,000 and here is your tuition and room and board bill and benefits for $75,000. And by the way, you have to pay union dues so the union leaders can be paid several hundred thousand dollars for all your hard work.