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  1. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I agree
  2. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I would be scared if I saw all these Orange jerseys coming at me while my receivers all had their backs to me running down field!
  3. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I thought this was funny Dual-Threat
  4. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I wonder what our Offense does during practice...
  5. Tempo, balance are Auburn's focus

    Tempo and balance....hmmm...I would so love to hear our coaches say they want to focus on execution...instead of tricking the opponent.
  6. Malzahn Signs Contract Extension Through 2020

    I would love to have JJ as a boss. Production is not required for a raise...
  7. 2016 Spring Practice - Day 13

    "What does Rhett Lashlee want to see from offense Saturday? Toughness. Tempo. Play-making." I would really like to hear him include "execution". Seems I have heard tempo and rhythm being used much more than execution over the past couple of years. Great to have the tempo and rhythm...but, without execution, it just doesn't amount to much. My $0.02
  8. Position ? for any Defensive coaches on the board

    The money position is the position that is typically the highest paid position in the NFL. For offenses, it is the QB. For the defense, it is the designated pass rusher, most commonly the rushing DE; but, could be a rushing LB, or "buck" type LB. http://www.businessi...ositions-2014-9
  9. Obtaining the most from the running game

    Just having fun with you guys...
  10. Obtaining the most from the running game

    Since the 1995 season, the team with the most points wins the game. Hasn't this been true since the creation of football? LOL...I was thinking that as I was reading the posts and had to laugh when I read your post. Yes, lion...the one with the most points wins and that has always been the case. A tie would mean both have the same number of points.
  11. Statistical Difference between wins and losses

    Ummm, the scores for the last few years don't show AU as that big of a force imho.
  12. Statistical Difference between wins and losses

    That is my point keesler. There are some colleges that are able to perform well enough with a mediocre QB. Unfortunately, AU needs a dynamic dual threat in order to make our offense run. CGM performed okay with Chris Todd and the Arky State QB...dunno what has happened since.
  13. Statistical Difference between wins and losses

    That's what I got out of those stats. I would wager that any football team matching those stats would statistically tend to win, or lose. That is actually one of my problems with needing a dynamic QB to make CGM's offense potent. Wouldn't the chances of any offense being successful increase with a dynamic QB? In short, if you outperform others, then you win...
  14. Early Notes on Auburn Run Offense

    1. Looked up the QB playing height/weights for 2010, 2013 and 2014 and JFIII: Cam - 6' 5", 250 lbs; Nick - 6'1", 210; JFIII - 6'0", 180. JFIII is 30 pounds lighter than Nick was! Remember how Onterio McCalebb, at 5'11" and 173lbs used to avoid contact and how we thought he might get killed turning it up the field? JFIII has 1 inch in height and only 7 lbs over Onterio. Based on the above, I am a bit skeptical about JFIII being an every down QB, much less being able to finish an entire season being an every down QB. I just don't see how he could survive the hits. Therefore, it might be a stretch to throw JFIII into the mix with Cam and Nick right now. 2. Personally, I think speeding up CGM's offense by dropping the meerkat imitation every play and NOT substituting the run/pass/read option/sweep packages would generate substantial increases in running production based on the fact that CGM's offense runs best when it runs fast and confuses the defenses. My $0.02
  15. how vegas views our recruiting class

    E, couldn't that be said for every collegiate team?