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  1. Scarbinsky: LSU kept Auburn out

    Yep, a 2 loss Auburn team would have still slide to number 5,even though we would have beaten 2 of the 4 teams and lost to the current number 1 team by 8 points. The turds would have still been picked. College football is broke.
  2. did we just screw Bama........again

    Well, they did finish 3rd in the SEC, and yet somehow are in the discussion for the 4 team playoff. I don't think they get in
  3. Gary Danielson

    ok, why call a play right before its run, If KJ hadn't thrown a jump pass then Gary just told the nation we had been practicing it.
  4. A Bama fan visits Auburn ...

    I find your statement very interesting, you waited till he was leaving. I can't tell you how many times the first thing I've heard out of a bammer's mouth is I went to the wrong school.
  5. Alabama Game Report Card

    I believe it's also lose of down, game was over if play counted or not.
  6. did evans of bama play dirty tonight?

    evans played dirty before the Iron Bowl, looked like to me his attitude this season was we're bammer, we do what we want.
  7. Booger says UGA should still rank higher than AU

    Makes you wonder how he got his nickname
  8. Gus would be wise to look around

    100% correct, Gus will be here next year.
  9. With 6 Games Left to Go...

    just a small thing, but Kerryon's total yardage is based on 7 games not 9, so his yards per game(x) 13 would be about 1600 yards
  10. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    I'll expand on your statement a little more, Gus is a good HC when the other team is having a poor season and not playing well
  11. UAT player indicted for felony assault

    I'm going to guess he didn't have air conditioning in his house at some point in his life.
  12. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    How did nick lose 2 in a row to Ole Miss then? And yes I agree, I've never said our guy could coach, an interesting side note to recruiting, at least for me, Barfield had 5 RBs on the same team that went on to play in the NFL. Joe Cribbs, James Brooks, William Andrews, George Peoples and Chester Willis.
  13. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    Why would you bring that up, I've already said I don't think Gus can coach, Would Dabo, he's already beaten ua with just 3 5-star guys
  14. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    Will UM have 15 first round draft picks over the next three seasons?
  15. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    You've completely missed my point, saben gets a lot of outside help recruiting, do you think he could recruit 23-5 star payers on his own. But I do think one of the biggest stated qualifications of their next coach will be his ability to "recruit"