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  1. Gus: Football Research Scientist

    Easy.....Gus can't coach
  2. New Gus Theory

    Don't make the Gus theory more difficult than it is....Gus can't coach
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Yes, you got my point but I failed to show the degree of sarcasm I was using to make it
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I would settle for anybody that would line up their best receiver in the slot instead of their best H back
  5. Arkansas score predictions.

    3-2 Auburn Wins!!!
  6. Embarrassed or Mad?

    I'm neither, I lost all confidence in Gus after he had a full off season to come up with a game plan for the '16 Clemson game. I do feel bad for the players who were sold a false bill of goods.
  7. Stidham not allowed to audible

    Way back in 1975 our QB even called fake audibles
  8. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Dye played Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, the turds every year, and yes those were the good ol days where Auburn would play anybody
  9. Ole Miss Game Report Card

    82% runs on first down, words can not describe how sick of this I am. Has "Chip Lindsey's offense" changed anything. Or, do we still have the "Full Gus" offensive
  10. Replacing Person

    I agree, Prewett is an excellent coach and person too.
  11. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

  12. Eligibility

    I also have remembered this and have wondered how schools like the turds can have a coach give money to a player like ha-ha and have him reinstated.
  13. He can chunk it, no doubt about it.
  14. Corey wasn't fired either, but just so you know, when you resign/retire you pretty much give up any legal recourse
  15. Way back in the 80's my mom worked for the Athletic department, back when Jay was a GA or whatever he was when he first went to work at Auburn, anyway way back then my mom told me he was a buffoon.