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  1. I know this is way late but being a track fan, Spry needs to meet with Greene and explain why his men’s team could only score 8 points. Dead last. Not a fan of the coach
  2. I know 2013 they didn't show, I think they didn't show twice
  3. Well he would have been 28 IF he had lived
  4. Has the coach casually talked about why the sprinters from last years team transferred. There was world class talent on last years sprint team
  5. Auburn 17 Boilermakers 21 We have Gus
  6. When Willis makes the wrong read on the read-option down on the goal line, other than that - never by an AU coach
  7. There should be no expectations for this Clown Show
  8. I agree 100%, there is no read option
  9. I think we don’t use our talent on the O side of the ball, you can’t just look at touches. We have the fastest guy in football, let’s use him where he doesn’t have to slow down to read blocks.
  10. Auburn ……...0 turds.………...34 Very long day for the offense and Gus, the game announcers openly question Gus' play calling. By Monday Chip has moved on. I did see Lindsey coach at Spain Park and this O is nothing like what I saw. Wish Chip nothing but the best. WDE.