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  1. CullmanTiger

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    Ole Tyler Watts could throw the out pass better than most NFL QB's could back when he was in high school
  2. CullmanTiger

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    Yes we should, but don't be surprised if our left tackle gets the direct snap on 3rd and 1
  3. CullmanTiger

    Bruce Pearl having "ongoing" contract talks.

    Will be very interesting to see how much Auburn values CBP.
  4. CullmanTiger

    Way Too Early Top 25

    Love It
  5. CullmanTiger

    Any Coach Flo news?

    Think Buffalo
  6. CullmanTiger

    AD praises Pearl in probe

    The only thing that could happen that is better than this would be for Auburn to give Pearl a huge raise, I've heard Auburn had a surplus left over from this years budget, if true then give Pearl a raise similar to Gus's.
  7. CullmanTiger

    SEC Tournament

    Session 6 with be the winner's of the Auburn/Kent bracket I think
  8. CullmanTiger

    Basketball Probe

    The uat guy that resigned was the basketball's associate AD if I remember right
  9. Heard the clown from uat didn't sing our fight song, can anybody verify this.
  10. CullmanTiger

    Pettway is a mess

    Wow, who knew, after reading all ten pages I've learned I was injured the 5 years I was at Auburn
  11. CullmanTiger

    Proposal for transfer after coaching change

    If the players should commit to the school (for 4 years), then shouldn't the school also commit to the player(for 4 years).
  12. CullmanTiger

    #11 Auburn vs Vanderbilt

    I went with my son one year and sat in the 2nd deck, the path of each shot, at the apex was screened from our view by the 3rd deck above us
  13. CullmanTiger

    Where the 3 freshmen RB's fit into the offense

    Yes, our run offense would have been better, but my point was that I think Pettway would have never seen the field, and I think his running ability would have been wasted.
  14. CullmanTiger

    Where the 3 freshmen RB's fit into the offense

    the 2-7 team running backs are also a waste. It took (1) Barber going pro (2) Robinson getting booted off the team (3) Thomas transfering (4) and K. Johnson getting hurt before Pettway carried the ball. Any guessto how many never see the field for Auburn
  15. CullmanTiger

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    Nope, Running back is one, quarterback is the 2nd