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  1. CullmanTiger

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    41-13 We have Gus
  2. CullmanTiger

    Tip-off at Toomer’s

    Yep, we have a basketball coach.
  3. CullmanTiger

    So what's to come?

    over/under on passes thrown next week, I'll go with 15, Just don't see Gus changing much
  4. CullmanTiger


    AuburnArkansasFloridaGeorgiaKentuckyAlabamaMississippi StateMissouriSouth Carolina Tennessee Texas A&M Notre Dame Oklahoma State 46
  5. CullmanTiger

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    I'll go with AU 31-16
  6. CullmanTiger

    Kirk Herbstreit breaks down Auburn-Washington

    Herbstreit=Clown Show
  7. CullmanTiger

    2018 Auburn vs. Washington Score Prediction

    I just can't get the Clemson games and other early games out of my mind, 21-16 Washington
  8. CullmanTiger

    1st AU Scrimmage Play vs UW...

    I'll go with a run up the middle or a bubble screen, but a slant would go for 6
  9. CullmanTiger

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    A DUI will void a concealed carry permit
  10. CullmanTiger

    Some things I hope Chip/Gus doesn't do this season

    I am Negan
  11. CullmanTiger

    2018 Official Prediction Thread

    Lose to Washington, Ga, and the turds, and then go on to lose the bowl game. 9-4
  12. CullmanTiger

    Finebaum has yet to sign new deal with ESPN.

    Back in the day when he was on local sports I remember it plain as day the night when he claimed the bammies didn’t have 12 NC but only 7. Any body wonder what he’d say now
  13. CullmanTiger

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    Ole Tyler Watts could throw the out pass better than most NFL QB's could back when he was in high school
  14. CullmanTiger

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    Yes we should, but don't be surprised if our left tackle gets the direct snap on 3rd and 1
  15. CullmanTiger

    Bruce Pearl having "ongoing" contract talks.

    Will be very interesting to see how much Auburn values CBP.