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  1. Stay classy Dan, stay classy. Hard to hide class, Davidson has more in the fingernail of his little finger than Dano has in his whole body. Also nice to see a coach who doesn't know the rules, can't challenge a targeting call Danny. Gus should have lit him up and demanded an apology.
  2. Auburn 27 Florida. 17 game won’t be as close as score. AU D will win the game
  3. The size of the meet has everything to do with how many points you have to score to do well. 50 points in a dual meet will get you blown out, 50 in the SEC championship will get you around 10th, 50 in the NCAA Championship will get you around 5th. My son went to a oneA school, he scored high in 2 events at Homewood's meet and his school was able to outscored Spain Park High School. Homewood's meet had over a 100 schools, doesn't take a lot of points to do well in big meets.
  4. Well you do have to recruit well and then develop, walk-on's can play a roll too, Spry wants guys(sprinters) who can score in 4 events the day 1st practice starts. If a guy can score his 3rd or 4th year after being on the team a couple of years Spry isn't interested. If a walk-on shows potential but can't score in the SEC meet his freshman year. Spry isn't interested. To be fair, I don't know what his budget is, but I suspect he'll be looking for a new job soon.
  5. Need a new coach, not a Spry guy, Spry puts all his eggs into the sprinters basket, and when all the men's sprinters transfer or turn pro in one off-season you don't have much of a team left.
  6. AU men - 17 points dead last. Same as indoor. Not a Spry guy. Don’t know if your angry at me or Spry but here are some numbers to look at 2016. 15 pts. 13th place 2017. 17 pts. 13th place 2018 40pts 10th place 2019 17pts 13th place There are only 13 men’s teams, Vanderbilt doesn’t have a team. I am a track fan.
  7. I know this is way late but being a track fan, Spry needs to meet with Greene and explain why his men’s team could only score 8 points. Dead last. Not a fan of the coach
  8. I know 2013 they didn't show, I think they didn't show twice
  9. Well he would have been 28 IF he had lived
  10. Has the coach casually talked about why the sprinters from last years team transferred. There was world class talent on last years sprint team
  11. Auburn 17 Boilermakers 21 We have Gus
  12. When Willis makes the wrong read on the read-option down on the goal line, other than that - never by an AU coach
  13. There should be no expectations for this Clown Show
  14. I agree 100%, there is no read option
  15. I think we don’t use our talent on the O side of the ball, you can’t just look at touches. We have the fastest guy in football, let’s use him where he doesn’t have to slow down to read blocks.
  16. Auburn ……...0 turds.………...34 Very long day for the offense and Gus, the game announcers openly question Gus' play calling. By Monday Chip has moved on. I did see Lindsey coach at Spain Park and this O is nothing like what I saw. Wish Chip nothing but the best. WDE.
  17. I don't mind looking uneducated but where would the Under Armour money be.