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  1. Loved Peyton Barbar , but comparing the two they were both big physical backs. Jovan in my opinion had a bit more burst and had big play capabilities. Jovan couldn’t get out of his own way off the field and that’s on him. Loved some Peyton Babar though !
  2. bmartin3228

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    It was Bush , but if roles were reversed I would have loved it . I hate UGA more then any team. Living in Georgia an hour away from Athens , they have the same hate for Auburn. This game has always been like this . If there is a chance to embarrass, the chance will be taken in this game by either team. From hate and recruiting because we recruit so many of the same players. Davis is right , but should have been expected, especially in this game.
  3. bmartin3228

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Its only about 4 plays with different dressing. Especially gone line, he would have perfect. Think he may have got hurt early on didn't want to waste for just goal line situations
  4. In my opinion, Gus failed when he went away from an athletic QB is as simple as that. Because he refuses to change philosophy, he has to go this route. Last year , we had some bulldozers on the line and Kerryon Johnson who was beautiful as knowing when to delay for blocks or go when taking the hand off and not getting negative plays. Gus maybe put to much stock into Stidham being able to see the field. Oline has been a problem but so has finding easy check down passes, crossing routes ect. They are there Stidham just sometimes fails to find them quick. My opinion Gus is trying to open up run with the WR screen and Jet sweeps which is not a bad idea but like I saw someone say early , everybody knows when these are coming due to personnel on field and same guys being in motion. Other option is to go deep which we did not do at all last night to stretch the field to open up the run.(One time and got a PI)I have been bothered a lot by the lack of deep balls we have thrown man to man against Slayton and especially Seth Williams. Those to guys will likely win jump ball , or at least break it up Gus has been MOST successful when he can open run up with a legit dual threat QB. Nick Marshal has an absolute cannon but was not a good throwing QB . He was a freak of athlete who could do enough to hit open guys and throw a good 50/50 ball. I have not understood why in games we have been up and out of reach that Gus has not put in Willis just to see how things look. Go back to last week against Texas AM when he came in for one play in the red zone , simple hand off but like how UGA has used fields it forces those DE to respect and not crash on RB for a 2 yard loss. Gus stubbornness to change for the players he has is what dug his grave. I believe (no insider) that he will be back next year no matter what I hear. Allen said it so its going to happen cause if is doesn't now it looks like (to me) he is being undermined and is not really making the calls. Gus needs to get Bryant , or find another JUCO athletic QB for next year to get Auburn back to where is needs to be. Joey Gatewood, I haven't watched him since All American game but he looked to have the IT factor as far as being a freak athlete. Those all american games are almost just like backyard football but its against the top guys in the nation and he was making them look like little boys when he was running the ball. Not a great thrower but again just need someone to distribute well enough to keep defense off balance like Nick Marshall did. Just my opinion
  5. bmartin3228

    Big Plays Given Up By Our Defense

    umm, I with you on no one get a pass especially for last night debacle. More so because our secondary looked to have no clue what coverage we were in. Tutt last night was all over the place, sometimes on replay you would see most secondary playing zone then one bone head playing man leaving wide open throws to the zone he was suppose to be in.(On replay did not look like a combo coverage, looked completely busted)I could be wrong Having said that, time of possession IS the reason for defensive struggles. I thought Steele called his worst game of the year last night on important downs so again no pass given. But as a season yes, I would give them a pass. Especially this late in the season offense has completely ripped the heart out of our defense. Our Dline is one of the best , they are not going to be one of the best playing at 70% cause they are constantly on the field. As a team is had gotten sloppier as the season has progressed. I mean hell we had a player on punt coverage try and catch a fair catch hahahahaha
  6. bmartin3228

    Another loss to a rival

    War Eagle guys . Players looked as confused as ever now on both sides of the ball on the 10 game of the year. Can’t run the ball and yet only stretch the field one time early in game in which we get a PI. Don’t say Stidham doesn’t have time cause he did many times in the pocket and with SEC receiver your talking a slow 3 step drop and let it fly. Defense Wow , secondary has been a problem but have never seen them looked this bad as far as busted coaverage and communication. Done venting , I want to be positive , but this is just the beginning. All who are draft eligible are going to get the hell out and recruting is right around the corner. Go ahead and get mentally prepared, since Allen says Gus is going to be the guy.
  7. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    The one deep ball we throw we get a PI. Don’t stretch the field at all and we cannot run the ball . How !,$:&3!: eidndheje stupid are the coaches running this crap
  8. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    What the hell our our coaches coaching? It sure as hell isn’t football. All year players look confused, terrible technique, terrible game plan.
  9. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    So on own 2 yard line . Waste timeout, when you could just take delay and lose a yard ?!?!??!???
  10. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Tutt is completely lost every play
  11. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Why the hell are we man to man with 26 second left . Stupid as crap !!!! Give them the first down and let them try and field goal . Pathetic!!!
  12. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Noah having a bad bad game
  13. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Should have takin a timeout right there . Dline was tired and secondary confused
  14. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Secondary confusion is killing us
  15. bmartin3228

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I really just hoping for no turnover or 3 and out first drive