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  1. Ole Gary was in on it to . Says it was played perfectly good coverage . Auburn dB barely puts a hand on guy and he says “oh yeah definitely PI.” C990E92E-4867-4D76-BC30-7C20DDB55949.MOV
  2. Just watched entire game from beginning and couldn’t agree more. The holding was bad bad .
  3. bmartin3228

    So what's to come?

    Also the PI over middle , for holding was not smart . If I can remember correctly we had a safety over the top. I could understand him holding LSU receiver getting beat and taking penalty but there no need for it cause he had safety help.Again this is off of what I remember .
  4. bmartin3228

    So what's to come?

    Yeah I was a little frustrated with not changing up some much press coverage on the 3rd and long. Especially since we are having problems with it PI's . Think Steele kept calling to trying to bring more pressure. I'm of course sitting on my couch writing on a forum but wish we we go to more a cover 2 sink with these 3rd and long and keep them in front of the sticks.We may have been and I missed it. I was impressed with Daniel Thomas during Washington game but he killed us yesterday because he is not real fast so if he does not take good angles, hes done.I thought Dean played his really well for most part , just unfortunate bad calls. BIRD is a really good guy on here with secondary to ask Problem is you go to a prevent or cover 4 with average QB and our Dline was not getting at QB like normal is going to pick you apart anyways with time in the pocket. I know I didn't answer your question at all just sharing same frustration
  5. bmartin3228

    So what's to come?

    Guys in all honesty ,We came out flat as a team. Offensive line was not good at all. (we know that already)Got absolutely destroyed at point of contact as far as physicality. Our D line wasn't there normal self. We played sloppy in the secondary, Receivers and RB had some dropped balls. Stidham wasn't his best, had many opportunities to put LSU away.4th and 7 , 1 play 60 yard TD on crossing route should never happen. Blame it on PI's, trust me I was the first one to blame officiating last night but we beat ourselves , its simple as that. We had a very off day AND STILL were beating LSU 21-10 till 4th quarter. We may not get to playoffs, may only win 8 games, maybe I am wearing my orange and navy glasses but just like last year maybe this loss I believe will be good for this team.We always play better as under dog, and I think will gut check the players and coaches. My point Auburn did everything they could to loss this game and we did . If we can clear up some mistakes , and not come out flat we will be fine even with questionable Oline play in my opinion. LSU DLine is good big,athletic as always and Oline (still got dominated) Managed. Auburn has tons of room to improve from play calling, physical play(Oline and not whiffing on blocks) , execution and penalties and still had chances to not only put LSU away but had opportunity to run away with it. So whats to come, GREAT learning experience on how many little mistakes add up at the end of the game.Auburn looked like they could mess up a W$T dream yesterday. Leaders are going to snatch this team up. Its GUT check time boys!!!! With our schedule we can afford this loss. LSU will lose at least 2 conference games ESP with UGA on schedule this year. On positive side , our young skill guys on offense is something to get real excited about. That catch Williams(correction) made that they overturned was a big league catch. Shivers, all 170 pounds has to be taken down by 3 guys twice his size. Whitlow vision seems to be improving but has all the tools. I wanted this game bad cause of last year but hell 2013- loss to LSU (Went to NC game) 2017-loss to LSU(Went to Sec Champ game , Auburn wins Auburns in playoffs) 2018-loss to LSU TBD -Re-watching game now Dinson definitely should of been called for that PI on last drive(well should have been holding), -Slayton no call, definitely pass interference(holding) The one I really do not agree with was Dean PI call. I thought he couldn't of played it any better. Gary Daniels saying he held his arm but he had head turned looking for ball , LSU Wideout tried to get a little push off and looked to me Deans hand just kinda locked with arm for a second . That was pathetic War Eagle guys
  6. bmartin3228

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    Sorry this is lazy , I was at game going to rewatch tonight but when was Shivers run on this video ?
  7. bmartin3228

    My nitpick worries from game 1

    I loved how we played it . In years past corners would still be running down field while ball was in the air. Yesterday we contested every throw besides one. Loved Noah play on that fade route in Endzone. Was tight , got head around .
  8. bmartin3228

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    Yeah I saw them bring ball up to 25. I was not aware of that rule change. Thanks for clarification
  9. bmartin3228

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    Very fun game to be at!!! Thought for opener we looked good . Had some tough penalties but loved our physical play defensively. If we can just get a little bit more of push and better run game .... watch out! Note : Whitlow is a beast (more playing time he will set blocks up better), our receivers are attacking the ball in the air better then in years past. Defensive line got held a lot last night and still dominated. Question : Whitlow fair caught a kick return one time. Does anybody know the reasoning for that ? Just freshman mistake or what ? had a lot of room to run if I can remember correctly. Caught ball I believe around 10 yard line .
  10. bmartin3228

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    It's ON BABY!!!!!! You got this , no matter what happens stay positive and let the big man do his thing! I know that feeling of getting that news , feeling like a bomb just went off in your stomach and then turning numb. Take a few days, do what you got to do mentally. Day 3 .... Time to destroy it and dominate!!!! My wife just finished her radiation on that spot that came back in her long , so we are in limbo until next scan. Waiting is the worst but as you already know god has got this , nothing is to big for him!!! Seriously, I know we have never met and if you are like me and kinda shut down and don't want to talk about it right after news I understand.Since my wife's diagnosis 2 years ago I feel god has put me in so many situations to share my wife's first miracle and praying for another one. I don't want to be that person pushing but just want you to know IF you EVER need to talk let me know. Prayers to you brotha
  11. bmartin3228

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    Prayers for you , you got this brother. No matter any type of news you got this and god is behind you and he ultimately is the complete healer. I have been coming to this site for about 10 years. My family was hit with it two years ago with my wife. At 27 about 3 month after of first child was born she was diagnosed with Stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer which is rare and very aggressive. I was in a bad bad place, I couldn't understand my wife is one of the sweetest people I have ever met who has never done tobacco,drugs , but occasionally drinks wine. The day after we found out , we received a call from MD Anderson and they got her in two days later. Long story short , she failed first 2 chemo's cancer built up a resistance spread from breast, both lymph node under arm pit, two spots in liver and was spreading like a wild fire on her skin. We tried a 3rd chemo which was more so a smart drug that found cancer cell and dispersed chemo and it cleared cancer up in 3 months with little side effects. My whole reason of posting isn't to take away from you its to give you some confidence. Typically stage 4 since cancer has spread surgery,radiation are out cause it has spread. Well they do some I guess out of the box stuff out here and she did surgery remove lymph node , tumor bed in breast and did 5 week of intensive radiation on skin. We didn't realize this but once she had failed the second chemo typically they are just trying to find something to slow it down. Well it was a miracle the 3rd one completely destroyed all the cancer. Our Dr at MD Anderson told us a few months ago when we were up here that once it had spread while being on first two chemos, she did not think my wife would make it another year. She became NED about a year ago(for about 8 months) and two months ago we scanned and cancer has returned in her lungs while being on that same chemo . We are back out here as I type this hitting is with radiation. I know I said long story short but I wanted you to know there is a ton of Hope out there. A lot of things happen in the medical field that some doctors can't explain. My wife has been on this chemo every 3 weeks for 2 years and Dr said she will never stop. Reason BEING , she has zero stats for my wife's situation of failing two chemo in then it disappearing. We live in GA and fly out here for all scan work, radiation. Prayers for you and your family!!!!!! DM if you need to talk or anything, I know I didn't get diagnosed but the person I love the most did and I know what this can do emotionally. We are season ticket holders and sit in section 106 , somewhere around 8 rows up (haven't received yet and always forgot exact location) I made a motivational video for my wife when we found out the cancer has returned if you want to watch. On facebook just search sage strong or youtube link to get her back going!!!! YOU GOT THIS BROTHA!!!!!! Prayers, Chad Sage (excuse grammer)
  12. bmartin3228

    Igbinoghene’s transition to cornerback

    Would be awesome for him to be transitioning so fast . Could be a thing where coach names him to get others to step game up who may have throught they had a position on lock . Pure speculation on my part .
  13. bmartin3228

    Gus's update on spring practice

    Maybe misprint on roster that I just saw posted
  14. bmartin3228

    Gus's update on spring practice

    May have missed it but why did they move whitlow back to WR? I heard he was killing it at RB and potential starter next year .
  15. bmartin3228

    2018 4* RB Harold Joiner Commits to AU!!!

    Sorry meant record for Auburn not those other schools.