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  1. bmartin3228

    Prayers Needed

    Many prayers to you and your family from mine. The man upstairs can do some pretty incredible stuff!
  2. bmartin3228

    Derrick Brown returning!

    I believe Coe already said he is coming back . Davidson still thinking about it I’m pretty sure.
  3. bmartin3228

    2019 2* LB/HB Kameron Brown

    Just saw that myself . Lanier right up road from me . Have heard a lot about him but hasn’t really taken off in recruiting world . He won same defensive award his brother won back in the day . Either region defensive player of year or classification.(can’t remember) Wonder if this is a move to get Derrick to stick around another year. Or could be one of those diamonds in the rough. Got anything on this ? @ellitor or @WarDamnEagleWDE
  4. I watched highlight and have not seen him live, so may be very true. I’m obsessed with Gatewoods big play factor on the ground , and look forward to seeing how Nix comes in and plays. Was just speaking of Gus specific scenario he is facing . hey.. I got next season to be very successful or I’m getting fired. Even if it may hurt me in the future , all hands on deck for next season for Gus . The more options I got at that position without impacting immediate big factor positions , I’m taking. If Gus had a great year and wasn’t on hot seat. I wouldn’t wast anytime on him.
  5. If I’m Gus , and Jackson really does have us number 1, I’d 💯 offer. That position makes or breaks Gus next year. An athletic QB like that with experience is only thing that will even out our line. Again, this is if I was in Gus situation. Most options as possible to get my job back. Get him for official, offer , don’t do to much leg work .
  6. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Yeah , I feel like every deep ball that was thrown (know not really everytime) Seth Williams he was coming down with it. Wish he would of had more opportunity this past year. Doesn't have the top end deep threat deep Slayton has but I trust him coming down with ball with DB running step by step with him more times than not.
  7. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Again KJ proved me wrong and made up cause of his ability to read blocks. They were not built anything alike physically. Darren McFadden 6’2 223 40: 4.33 KJ 6’0 210 40:4.58 but after rookie year and made right decision, and was a beast. Go look up size , weight , for majority of every down backs in NFL and get back at me . KJ is just one of those special talents !
  8. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Speaking of 06 players . My favorite .... KING DUNLAP hardly gets in lineup until senior year at Auburn. ----------Plays 8 years in the NFL starting most of his career ---------
  9. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I tell you who proved me wrong was KJ. I did not think he would have declared early and thought it was a terrible decision last year based on the backs coming out and Kerryon not looking like your typical NFL back. I was amazed how well he did this year in the NFL and had one of the better rookie RB year. I ate crow on that , and was happy to do so. KJ one of those guys that won't wow you at combine but has incredible vision, and knows how to use body extremely well. Jeff Holland I know had a great year last year, but was surprised him leaving early just based on a lot of the low grades he got. Really thought another year would on benefited him from draft standpoint. Dean was the real head scratcher for this past year, until someone brought up a good point about his past injuries and those guys are on a real tight NFL timeline.
  10. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    What about Career?If you took Fairleys two year stat with Brown's two Year stats they are pretty much the same. In fact Brown Beats Fairley in most Statistical category besides 4 less total sacks. No one is debating how dominant Fairley was in 2010, but a bunch a variables could go in to why Brown didn't produce as much as Fairley did. You could turn around and say Fairley couldn't hold Brown's Jock Strap in there Sophomore year. Browns Measures are through the roof. Either way , hope he stays but I think he is as good as gone. Good thing is the youngsters sure did run pretty well in bowl game!
  11. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I would bet on as well. To go off what you were saying , it would be interesting to compare amount of snaps between the two. 2010 our offense was booming , controlling time of possession a lot better than this year. I know we rotate pretty well , but a tired Dline is not going to be making those huge impact plays. All I can find is time of possession , could not find the actual amount of snap between the 2 to compare.
  12. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I never said Brown was the player NF was in his last year. I was giving reason of why that may have been the case.
  13. bmartin3228

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Think reason for that is Fairley kinda had a breakout year his last year at Auburn.Sophomore year he had a very average year, teams did not Double team him near as much as Brown coming into his Junior year. Derrick Brown was known about and I do not have actual stats about how many times each were double teamed but Brown was double teamed A LOT this entire year. If he was left was one on one more, he would have been having a lot more games like Purdue where they left #60 one on one with him and Brown destroyed him and was in backfield almost every play. I do think Fairley had a little bit more acceleration and pass rushing abilities. Brown's has elite power, and is good at taking on those double teams. It would be interesting to compare combine stats with the two. Brown a believe weighs about 30 pound heavier 330ist(to lazy to look up) Fairley around 295-300 @Tiger Think what has scout drooling is plays like in videoat 2:49 against SEC lineman. Mute Video is has bad language . The comparison got me intrigued , so started looking up some highlights haha
  14. bmartin3228

    Was Chip a bad OC or did he and Gus not gel?

    I know we have heard the quote so many times but proved to be right. WR caught everything , Offensive line really seemed to gel and did not have near as many blown assignments.(Maybe Purdue didn't blitz as much) The players executed great today, and think a lot of that has to do with just being on the same page hearing it from one voice. Just my theory but as a player you are coached to do something , well ,other coach tells you how to do same thing differently or with a little tweak, or has different philosophy on something and confuses the hell out of players. This may be completely wrong in this situation cause I by no means have any inside Info, but use of terminology ect have huge impact. Not saying they clashed or didn't clash but needs to be like it was today with Gus taking bull by the horns or give OC complete control of offense. Today it seemed Gus called the play , play was signaled in , play was run. Throughout this past season, plays were being relayed into players a lot slower. Players looking to sideline with hands in air wondering formation and plays. Almost as though Chip call a play , Gus think about it and run it or change it. Just my theory , not saying this was the case, but look forward in hearing other responses to this topic. ALSO lot easier to call smoother game with how we started haha
  15. bmartin3228

    Gatewood in only

    Yeah but he could be in Bently’s scenario when he was coming into South Carolina . I literally did not get off my sofa towards end of game cause I wanted to see Gatewood. I hadn’t watched him since All American game in which he physically dominated. Really wanted to see if he could run against college skilled players and do the same .... and I believe yes , yes he can! Next question , can he make reads and do enough for teams to respect the pass. Neither Gatewood or Willis has enough game sample size but see higher cieling for Gatewood then Willis. I think I’m just being bias though cause Gatewood is 6’5 230 who can run like he does cause neither has hardly thrown a pass in a game. Now I don’t even know where I was going with this . War Eagle , good to go out on good note.