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  1. TucsonTiger

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

     No if they are your beloved tigers, no way you pull against them. ..................... ok, you have a point, but what do we do, sit on our hands. The only way for Gus to be fired is to lose games. How long are you willing to put up with a team that plays the way they have played since the SEC Championship??? You know it will continue, so the only way Gus is fired is to continue losing. We need to stop the bleeding. So you can call it whatever you want. AU has to lose to get this guy out of Auburn! We all know he can’t do it at Auburn, so I want them to lose before this drags on for years!!! Nothing wrong with what I said and I stand by it. And yes, I love Auburn and want this lousy arrogant coach to leave and not hurt or embarrass our university any longer!!!
  2. TucsonTiger

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Gus has forced me to pull against my beloved Auburn and hope they lose each and every game until he is removed. Nothing else will get him fired! The only duffus bigger than Gus is Jay Jacobs, who I believe intentionally screwed AU players and it’s fans. I was at Lake Martin last week and saw the lake house Gus is building. It was disgusting to see his palace being built at the expense of all Auburn fans.
  3. TucsonTiger

    What was the “tell”

    Look guys it is not their fault. They are doing the best with what they know. Gus was a hot number for 2-3 years. Now everyone knows his schemes! He surprises no one now. The ones that should be held accountable are the AU administratirs that has made this high school coach very rich. We beat Georgia and Bama one time and they pee all over them self, give Gus a huge contract. Georgia beat us soundly the second time and Saban will punish us next year! It is what it is. We are stuck with him for a few years. I will complain no more. It is a futile battle. Auburn fans deserve better!!!
  4. TucsonTiger

    Positive Spin on the Peach Bowl loss

    You wise butts...Georgia is in the National Championship playoffs. Grow up!
  5. TucsonTiger

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    The question is why is Gus bad 95% of the time???
  6. TucsonTiger

    Auburn just broke a huge mirror

    What can I say...Stupid, stupid, stupid administration! Gus gets an extension and a huge contract. He is fine. He gets his money! We Auburn fans are totally screwed again. I am so disgusted!!! What a frigging embarrassment!!!
  7. TucsonTiger

    On to UCF

    No way any of us get excited about this game, much less the players! No amount of cheerleading will help. It is what it is!
  8. TucsonTiger


    I think Gus goes to Arky. AU will not give him what Sexton wants. They’ll be more security at Arky for the next few years with less expectations there. If he goes I hope we go after Lane Kiffin. I know. Hopefully he has matured !!! He can call an offense! I want Lane Kiffin!!! Gus will never win the big one. Cut the ties right now!!! But I am afraid the rich AU boosters will screw AU up again!
  9. TucsonTiger

    New Gus Theory

    Why are we even talking about Gus? I have wanted a new Athletic Director for over 4 years. Get a first class guy, not tied to AU politics and he will get rid of Gus. Solve our biggest problem first!
  10. TucsonTiger

    Who Do You Want?

    First things first. AU needs to hire a top notch AD that can lead a successful search for a new HC. JJ needs to go. I wanted him gone years ago. I also wanted Petrino over Gus. He could have done wonders in the time that Gus has been t AU. Lane Kiffin, interesting!
  11. Basically it boils down to Auburn having a glorified high school coach and his high school QB calling plays for our football team. Gus came in with his new magic that took the college world by surprise. BUT, the defensive minds caught on quickly and now Gus has no clue. His system has been discovered! First, we need a new AD like we should have gotten before Gus was hired. We don't need for our hero players to find us a coach like Pat and Bo did in recommending Gus. We need a smart AD that can take total control. Maybe that is a man has NO ties to Auburn. We don't need a family member making our decisions any longer. Who to get to fight off Saban??? Your guess is as good as mine, but we need no more of Gus's high school coaching!
  12. TucsonTiger

    If not Gus then whom?

    My gut feeling is a AU Petrino deal will never work out. Too much Thoroughbred money in Louisville, plus AU snubbed it's nose at BP. He will just laugh at us now. BUT, I would at least try!
  13. TucsonTiger

    If not Gus then whom?

    The only one out there I want is Bobby Petrino. He is the only one that can put AU close to the top, if not, on top. We missed our chance. After Chiz he wanted the AU head coaching job BADLY, but too many goody goodies turned their back. He was only given a courtesy interview and he knew it. There has been too much between Petrino and AU over the years. I don't think it will ever happen. But if he was offered the bank, total control and a lot of butt kissing he might consider. It is up to AU fans. Do we keep on hiring and firing coaches, paying them large sums of money and feeling more and more frustrated or do we get the coach that is a proven winner at AU, Arkansas and now Louisville. I am telling you - he is our only chance to compete with Saban.
  14. TucsonTiger

    Time to fire Gus.

    It sure seems like every DC knows what Gus's every move is going to be. The trickery, misdirection, Stature of Liberty is no longer working. I wanted Bobbie Petrino very badly but Gus was hired and I fell in line with total support. I hate if for him and all AU fans. The raise JJ gave him this past Spring was CRAZY!!! I think it is over. I hope I am dead wrong! But I believe JJ can not hired a coach to win big at AU!
  15. TucsonTiger

    Time to fire Gus.

    Replying to my comment - I don't think there is anyway AU can ever get Petrino now. We missed the boat again JJ!