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  1. AUmd14

    Demographic Curiosity

    31 Male Currently: Johnstown, PA Originally: Montgomery, AL 2009 Finishing up surgery residency and will be joining the general surgery group at EAMC. Excited to be moving back home.
  2. AUmd14

    ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    WDE from Pittsburgh!
  3. Not that it's always an indicator but from the pic BMatt just posted the LSU hat looks the newest. Could be bad news, hope I'm wrong
  4. AUmd14

    Jordan Diamond's Surgery

    Tweeted about his knee being sore this morning. No other info than that
  5. AUmd14

    2013 AU Creed Video

    Is this not the same video they shot last year, with Prosch subbing for Mason and Gus in for Gene?
  6. AUmd14

    2014 3* TE Chris Laye commits to AU!

    Tommy Trott 2.0
  7. AUmd14

    Tray Matthews

    I posted this in the Rueben thread. Not sure what to make of it after everything we've heard about Rueben being one of our more solid commits.
  8. AUmd14

    2013 5* LB Reuben Foster (Alabama signee)

    Anybody else see this yet, he posted it this morning: '@Trigga_Tray28: Man me and Reuben tryna figure out where we gonna go. Either Uga or bama.'
  9. AUmd14

    Iron Bowl Roll Call!

    I'm in. WDE!
  10. AUmd14

    Saw a former AU player at work today

    Will do weagle. Long time reader first time poster, auburneagle is my study break. Going to the game this weekend first one I've made this year.
  11. AUmd14

    Saw a former AU player at work today

    I literally live in the apartment complex right behind that chickfila, the villas. I eat there way too much.