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  1. He recruited the players. That’s on Gus if he is recruiting players who can’t even be close to hanging with Alabama.
  2. Leaving for the NFL doesn’t eliminate KJ’s right to have an opinion.
  3. This is an obvious comment, but we should adjust the offense to build around the player’s strengths instead of trying to shove a square peg in a round hole.
  4. Our offense is just not fun to watch anymore. So stale.
  5. Seems kinda like a blanket statement. Some of the catholic schools he played regularly send players to D-1 schools. NJ even has more players in the NFL than Alabama: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/nfl-high-school-states-2015-10 I’m obviously not saying the competition is better in NJ, but you can find good talent there.
  6. I agree. Both posters can be correct. We heard all off season and saw in the spring game a short and immediate passing game that was not existent in the Clemson game. I don't count screen passes as a developed short passing game. So from that standpoint, it isn't the same offense we thought we would see. But yes, the run game looked just as unimaginative as always and we saw similar formations.
  7. To be fair, I would still bet that Ross runs faster than a 4.87.
  8. I totally agree with this. However, while the perceptions might be inaccurate, we are all aware that there is a belief that Gus and Sumlin should be on the hot seat. I know this is dumb with Gus getting the extension, but maybe that is it.
  9. I think it is possible that people are underestimating his speed because he does have a smooth, effortless-looking stride.
  10. I never heard or saw that. What I heard & saw was that he bulked up too much & needed to get used to the new body or trim down a bit. And I think it's semantics whether you call that bad weight or not. If it wasn't helping him, it was not good weight. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to watching him play.
  11. What is actually very encouraging in that picture is how fit Byron Cowart (#9) is looking. I know he was carrying some bad weight last year.
  12. Thai could be off, but I see some similarities to Mike Tolbert even though Malik is taller
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