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  1. His wife was Sherri Hoppe who was the president of Austin Peay State University while I was there. At the time I never knew her husband played at Auburn. I wish I did because I would have tried to meet him. I wore my Auburn hat every day I was there. Out of state tuition ruined my dream of going to Auburn and playing in the drumline. looks like she wrote a book about him https://www.amazon.com/Matter-Conscience-Redemption-Hometown-Bobby/dp/1609560019
  2. They should put king at WR just to get him on the field.
  3. We have so much trouble recruiting against that team.
  4. Probably already been discussed but wonder how bowl cut will do against an Auburn team not coach by gus. Kirby knew everything gus was about to do. Of course he knows bobo but he isn’t as predictable.
  5. Dude looks like budnick from salute your shorts
  6. I graduated from Austin Peay... football is a joke there.
  7. I get the feeling he is not going to let anyone tell him how to run his program and who has to be on his staff. Was very impressed with him and think he will have no trouble recruiting the players he wants. War Eagle to that guy!
  8. Can’t blame Napier for pulling his name one bit. Auburn will look back and regret this. Can’t understand how Auburn (ptb) wants to win but won’t be hands off and let a coach win.
  9. I don’t think it would be earth shattering. I just remember his name being floated after chiz because at the time his some was on the team or had just graduated. I threw his name out as more of a curious joke.
  10. Yeah I couldn’t find a car carrier full of chargers. Agreed challengers are better so that’s how we one up the bammers
  11. I would for sure prefer lane over Steele. Lame would put a spark into Auburn for sure and create some excitement.
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