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  1. Dang Greg....
  2. That was not a well thought out plan on his part.
  3. I went and did a little more reading on John Patterson and he doesn't sound like the greatest all around person - cheated on 2 of his wives, segregationist etc.
  4. I found this on Hulu last night and watched it. Very interesting history. Had no idea that area was so corrupt back then. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. That SUV with the protruding tires looks like dookie.
  6. Why is it so hard for us to get players out of that school? It's not that far from Auburn so you wouldn't think it would be that hard. I know nothing of the "politics" down there.
  7. Well Moo State will never lose a press conference!
  8. What about the OL coach we had back when Chiz was here? His name was also grimes. Don’t feel like taking the time to google where on earth he is now.
  9. I graduated with a Bachelor in Business administration but with the amount of music classes I ended up taking I should have also gotten a minor in music lol. I enjoyed my time there. I stopped by the campus this past spring and it is nothing like it was when I graduated from there. It feels like a real university now. I lived in Killibrew hall my whole time there and it has since been torn down and a new fancy dorm complex has been built.
  10. I graduated from APSU in ‘04. It was always my dream to play in the drumline at Auburn but out of state tuition killed those dreams. Had to settle with playing in APSU’s drumline for one year, not near as exciting. Found out afterwards that the president at that time Dr Sheri Hoppe was married to a former Auburn football player. Didn’t know that while I was there.
  11. This summer while in Kauai, HI we were at the Kauai Coffee plantation and I ran into 2 Auburn fans one from ATL and the other from Anniston and one even had the same hat on as me. We stood there and talked a while, pretty cool.
  12. Dang! Lost another to the University of Auburn.
  13. He said he loves the coaching staff but didn't mention anyone on that staff specifically. The article didn't read as Greene was committed to anyone on the staff.
  14. I'm ready for a change no matter if we win or lose against Bama. This is a good time to make a change. The next coach will come in with a good foundation to build upon especially if we are able to retain Steele as DC.