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  1. Very sorry to hear this, prayers for peace, comfort and strength during this time for your wife, you and your family.
  2. I agree. Let's start fresh and start the "rebuilding" now. We pay Gus the same amount whether we keep him or let him go. There will be no energy in the stadium next year if Gus is still the coach. I'm 100% behind the players.
  3. hope you are right, most schools need that rule to keep from cheating. Only Auburn needs that rule to protect it from itself.
  4. I doubt Gran would come join Gus and only be able to call Gus's 7 plays.
  5. I think he would be a good choice and we would probably get Eddie Gran back at Auburn since he is currently UK's off cord.
  6. I'll probably go eat an early dinner
  7. HAHAHA! One would think that but they badger us constantly about never coming to visit.
  8. I believe you, my in-laws live on Kauai and it is nice to visit but after a week i'm ready to be back home. They picked the worst place to retire to because we can't afford to go visit them.
  9. Maybe with Women's basketball coach Flo brought up ideas to help her improve that proram that were requested to JJ but not getting done and maybe AG saw that. He may not have wanted to cut her lose if she was not given all the resources to help the team be more successful. He mentioned about being visible at games, maybe JJ didn't attend many and the support just wasn't there from the top of the AD. Let her stay work with the new AD on ways to improve and this could be his first real thumbprint on something he came in and "fixed".
  10. You are correct... assuming is correct: "Jacobs was named athletic director emeritus following his departure on Jan. 31, after which he was replaced by Allen Greene, and was in line to earn $540,000 annually in state retirement, Alabama's largest state retirement ever, according to a Retirement Systems of Alabama employee."
  11. Sad story but I don't really feel sorry for him or his parents. One of my sales reps was good friends with his dad and his dad treated him like his issues were just boys being boys. He never held him accountable for anything he did in high school and obviously that carried on into college and beyond.