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  1. That was the first time i've listened to that guy and I agree the title was a little misleading. I thought he was going to have some scoops but it was just a bunch of guessing. I'm sure Zep is getting something out of it.
  2. Zep is a good interview. Cool hearing what he has to say.
  3. I have a family member that works pretty high up the food chain at Liberty and he was talking with the asst AD Saturday and was told Freeze was 100% talking to Auburn and he was expecting everything to be done by Saturday night/Sunday morning but it’s on hold now because of all the backlash on the Auburn side.
  4. I saw this morning where David Shaw stepped down at Stanford. Would Auburn ever consider him? https://gostanford.com/news/2022/11/27/david-shaw-steps-down-as-stanford-head-football-coach.aspx
  5. All I saw on tv was them flipping the light switch off and on.
  6. I wish this would all wait until Sunday. Let Caddy have his moment instead of being over shadowed by a new hire.
  7. I don't think it matters to Auburn or anyone that Deion is black - we just proved that color don't matter since we promoted up Caddy. We just had a black AD. He wasn't a good AD but that has nothing to do with how he looks. We gotta go with Deion if Deion wants Auburn.
  8. Maybe he was tight with spending because the cowbells gave him a tight budget to work with?
  9. I play drums in church every Sunday! I vote Deion!
  10. Maybe they just figured having the rest of the potato gang around during the transition would be toxic.
  11. Never been more excited to watch and Auburn Football game as I am this Saturday to watch Caddy coach this team!
  12. Big question now - who's leading the team to victory on Saturday?
  13. Man I would love to have him as a coach at Auburn but I’d feel bad about taking him away from those players at that school.
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