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  1. Dang! Lost another to the University of Auburn.
  2. He said he loves the coaching staff but didn't mention anyone on that staff specifically. The article didn't read as Greene was committed to anyone on the staff.
  3. I'm ready for a change no matter if we win or lose against Bama. This is a good time to make a change. The next coach will come in with a good foundation to build upon especially if we are able to retain Steele as DC.
  4. But if there's a new HC he might not get to stay either.
  5. But did we have a great week of practice?
  6. Gus's job should be contingent on winning so it shouldn't matter who plays QB
  7. Let's GO PEAY!! I graduated from there in '04. Always wore my Auburn shirt though under my marching band uniform the one year I was in the band. I can count on one hand how many times we played the fight song because we never scored. Out of state tuition killed my dreams of being in the Auburn Marching Band. Also while i was there they sued the off campus book store for selling the shirt that said "Show your Peayness"
  8. wonder what kind of strict internal punishment he will get. I don't care who it is, I would hope Gus would kick a player off the team for a statement like that "where i come from we shoot at cops"
  9. dang we prob learned more about Auburn hearing it from Jimbo than Gus talking about Auburn.
  10. The sound of the local HS marching band practicing off in the distance. The most glorious sound ever. War Eagle Strike up the BAND!!
  11. The sling package with espn just has all the regular espn channels. Currently I have the plan with fox sports so I can watch the braves but will switch back to the espn plan when football starts.
  12. I've had good luck with slingTv the past 2 football seasons. I get the package that has ESPN and then pay the extra $5-10/month for the additional sports package that includes the SEC Network. Total is about $30/month. I've had no streaming/buffering issues. Like others have mentioned it is about a min behind so the bummer is I can't sync it with the radio broadcast like I used to do with cable. I Really regret now listening to Rod the past 2 seasons.
  13. I was at that UK game in 2010 and he single Handedly saved us the win with his catches in that game. He was by far my favorite player in 2009 and 2010.
  14. Pretty dumb that he doesn't tip seeing as to how he is a part owner of a restaurant (Nino's in Pelham)
  15. are these stickers for sell anywhere?
  16. Very sorry to hear this, prayers for peace, comfort and strength during this time for your wife, you and your family.
  17. I agree. Let's start fresh and start the "rebuilding" now. We pay Gus the same amount whether we keep him or let him go. There will be no energy in the stadium next year if Gus is still the coach. I'm 100% behind the players.
  18. hope you are right, most schools need that rule to keep from cheating. Only Auburn needs that rule to protect it from itself.