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  1. AUwent

    What was your first Auburn game?

    I think it was sometime around 2000 for me. So my memory's not good enough. What I remember as my first game against an SEC opponent was against Ole Miss in 2005. We had just suffered the heartbreaking five missed field goals loss to LSU. Fairly ho-hum game that we were never in any serious danger of losing. Games I can remember attending: 2004: Louisiana-Monroe, Citadel, Louisiana Tech (lame, I know) 2005: Georgia Tech, Western Kentucky, Ole Miss 2006: Buffalo, Arkansas State (again, lame, I know) 2007: Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee Tech 2008: Louisiana-Monroe 2009: Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Ball State, Furman 2010: Every home game except Arkansas (had a cold) 2011: Florida, Ole Miss, Samford 2013: Every home game 2014: Arkansas, San Jose State, LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M 😑 Haven't been able to attend a game since (scheduling/location conflicts).
  2. AUwent

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    YES! I had heard some concerns he wouldn't make it.
  3. I still miss Tracie. Love that her two final games with SEC on CBS were big Auburn wins.
  4. AUwent

    Dr. Pepper pulls Culpepper campaign

    Banana Tech was overrated.
  5. AUwent

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    I really miss the days of this being a huge rivalry.
  6. AUwent

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    WOW talk about bad luck. I attended the 2010 and 2014 games.
  7. AUwent

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    As I said before, I'd love for Gus to use all his timeouts in the last minute in that scenario.
  8. AUwent

    Clemson QB Hunter Johnson transferring

    I'm kinda hoping Jeff Brohm can do something with Purdue. Make the B1G West actually competitive with the East.
  9. AUwent

    Auburn over the last 25 years, FWIW

    On the other hand, we tend to not go through long (consecutive) stretches of losing seasons like Texas has recently, and Oklahoma did in the '90s.
  10. AUwent

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I never said that he put that level of care into every game. I wish he did.
  11. Of all the years the SEC could be crap, it had to be the year we had maybe our best team of all time and there were two other undefeated teams. Oh and screw you Tennessee for losing to a bad ND. It is worth noting, of course, that we actually beat more teams even in the regular season that finished in the AP top 25 (#7 Georgia, #13 Tennessee x2 and #16 LSU) than USC (#9 Cal, #10 Virginia Tech and #19 Arizona State) and Oklahoma (#5 Texas and #18 Texas Tech) did.
  12. AUwent

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    I hope Gus does to LSU (and has the opportunity to do) what Meyer did to Georgia in the 2008 WLOCP. When Gus truly has a game circled on his calendar, he's unstoppable (see LSU in 2014 and Arkansas in 2016).
  13. We did play a Pac-12 team in 2006 (Wazzu). They weren't very good (6-6 overall) but still. As much as I hate to admit it, in 2004 and 5 we had some pretty forgiving schedules.
  14. Gus actually has the same number of SEC (reg season) wins as Tubs did at this point in his time here. Of course, in his sixth, seventh and eighth years, Tubs lost just three SEC games.