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  1. Kinda amazing that team beat two Heisman winners. Still, Exhibit GodKnowsWhat of why I think we're all sick of Gus.
  2. The ridiculous contract extension was negotiated between athletics directors. And the "reduced buyout" saga was the product of Josh Moon's head...or rather his behind.
  3. What makes you say that? I normally would find such a claim absurd but given how accurate you were last year, even after we had beaten Washington, I do take your predictions very seriously.
  4. Um. We should NOT “settle.” Expect, maybe. But 6-7 wins fully warrants a coaching change. Still, I’d like to remind people that we’ve beaten every OOC regular season opponent aside from Clemson since Chizik took over. It’s hard for me to be too scared of Oregon when Washington received the exact same accolades last spring and summer.
  5. So, this is a really interesting thread--WDE's kinda-sorta optimism is encouraging, but we DESPERATELY need for Brahms and Troxell to become full-time starters--if not I shudder at thinking about 2020. THAT is why I'm still quite unhappy with Grimes. He's a pretty damn good on the field coach, but his recruiting abilities are so lacking that I fear we could turn into what FSU is now if changes aren't made.
  6. When we slaughtered LSU in 2014, I stayed until the two minutes or so, taking in the joy of blowing out the Corndogs.
  7. So did Virginia actually get away with ANOTHER foul? I didn't bother watching.
  8. Funny enough, we dominated them in the 2011 Peach Bowl, even though the wheels had pretty much come off by that point. When that game happened, combined with Clemson getting shellacked by WV a few days later, I began to feel hopeful for the next year. 🤣
  9. I think Georgia feels the same way. Oregon too.
  10. CBS makes me almost wish for an ESPN monopoly. ALMOST.
  11. I figure, if Virginia hammers Tech or Sparty, makes us look better.
  12. I'll take it over them drooling over Zion.
  13. The last four times Tracey Wolfson reported an Auburn sporting event have gone pretty well.