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  1. Where are those rumors? Can I get a PM as to what they are? When Gus says "they'll be back by x..." I never, ever believe him. Oh, and thank god we have two mobile QBs that sound like they can get the job done.
  2. See, with college football the size afforded to the playoff is greatly reduced because of A--bowls and B--the fact that football is a much more physically taxing sport per game than basketball and baseball, and therefore can play fewer games in the same period of time. My problem with this eight team playoff idea is that it would excacerbate the problem of empty stadiums. Who can afford that many games? A six-team playoff would be better: two quarterfinals, in which #6 and #5 travel to #4 and #3 respectively to decide who plays #1 and #2 in the semifinals.
  3. ^On the (day after the) sixth anniversary of the Trailer Park Four, a very pertinent message.
  4. ^Technically that was the previous year.
  5. I mean, he had those issues, but they technically weren't the product of him having a bad attitude. I remember this board gushing over his "if people are still talking about TJ Yeldon in a few years I haven't done my job" comment. Regardless, as far as players that seem like saints turning into bad apples--particularly inanely talented ones--Dyer still burns me to this day. Damn, that was a really bad stretch of luck with RBs. Tre Mason was quite the phoenix.
  6. Once again, it shows that you (sadly) never know with these guys. Jovon seemed like a great guy until he got here.
  7. Where's Bubba?
  8. The UG and UAT stats are still (sadly) relevant, but with LSU that mainly traces to the Chizik era. We split with them during Tubs's time, and have thus far split during Gus's time. So I feel like that's back to being a fairly even rivalry. I really wish they'd go by this model (except rotating opponents would have to be on a two straight year basis for it to work): Words cannot describe how much I hate the way DSOR rotates now. Honestly, that pisses me off almost as much as our record against them the last decade.
  9. In 2015, they paid ESPN the fee needed to show the IB. They had previously shown their games vs. Georgia, TAMU, Tennessee, LSU and MSU. Verne had his moments but CBS will be a lot better with Nessler. Have they announced who's going to replace Nessler as Blackledge and Rowe's partner? They've been my favorite crew by a wide margin. Preacherman: And 10 years later, the best last play! How poetic.
  10. Yep. First IB I have memory of (aside from 2001, but just when Caddy was carted off the field). I kind of wish more IBs were at night. Obviously CBS gets first pick, and even on years when they have to pay to get more than five games of one team, they'll generally pony up.
  11. The concerning thing is that it doesn't seem like many players on this team meet the magical "20 starts" that Stat has shown that we need. Heck, most of our best returning players (Bubba) don't reach that threshold. And I'm not seeing a year in the distant future where we're going to have a team full of 20+ start players. I'd love to see Stat's input, since that one post he did that summer was a subtle way of telling us that 2015 would suck. Regardless, we can't rely on those rare scenarios of an entire team of multi-year veterans like in 2010. So I heard scuttlebutt in the other thread about how KD is expected to be back by the end of SB, can anyone ITK say how valid that statement is? We need a deep threat receiver.
  12. Luckily, they'll be coming off UAT to neutralize us off LSU. Thanks 'Bama?
  13. Gut feeling?
  14. Then again, Gus probably would've given a much murkier answer if he was actually having issues. I hope.
  15. To those in the know, should we really believe him?