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  1. Can't believe I got downvoted for wishing we could pull Luke to be our OC, it'd be a promotion for him after all.
  2. I wish we could get Matt Luke to replace Bobo. I thought he was their OC but since he's "just" their OL coach...
  3. The question is if yesterday is indicative of what we're going to see this year and next, how long should we commit to Harsin to try to help recruiting? Should we promise him four years to ensure we meet our recruiting goals?
  4. Top 15 is what we can hope for at very best, top 20 is where our goals should be this year. Next year going to need a big haul.
  5. Two years is all we should accept for it to be "tough," especially after seeing what Pittman has done.
  6. I hope that if we need to make a change in a couple years that we're capable of luring someone as good as Kiffin.
  7. And is there any reason for us to be better next year when Zakoby and likely Owen leave?
  8. You and I are probably thinking the same game is the most likely. But yes top 20 and we're good for this year. 😎
  9. Close in most losses (after 2011 have to use that qualifier) and a top 20 recruiting class, oh yes!
  10. AHS has like three home games left.
  11. He lasted just two years (less actually) so you're forgiven. This video shows how incredible of a job the Pit Boss (I'm stealing that nickname) has done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3ioaObAf_A
  12. Jeff Grimes recruited one of the best O-lines in AU history. He *was* fired by Gus so IDK if he'd come back. But gawd I'd love to offer him back. @GwillMac6: Exactly. If they can do it, why can't we...
  13. A freaking men. But who would be good realistic candidates? Libby?
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