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  1. Says something nice about Tre when his biggest flaw was that he scored too fast. But yeah, I truly, truly wish he had gone down at the 1 yard line. I knew we were toast the moment he scored. 2013 TAMU was such a high for me. After the 42 point beatdown we endured in 2012, coming back and taking down Manziel in was something out of a Disney movie. Unfortunately, the flip side to that was the 2014 game. Thinking about it makes me feel both angry and physically sick. Still my most hated game ever. Too bad all the Auburn-A&M games since have been fairly forgettable. The way those first three meetings went, it had all the makings of a hot new SEC rivalry. Kick Six...what can I say that hasn't already been said about this game? IMO, the leadup was every bit as fun and exciting as the game itself. Somehow, even after the NC, I don't think I've ever experienced something that felt so HUGE like that game did. Also I know this is the football forum, but I feel basketball deserves a mention--best season in school history. Crazy, crazy decade all around.
  2. Not this decade, lol. 2010 > 2013 > 2017 > 2019 > 2014 and 2016 > 2018 > 2015* > 2011 > 2012 *Yes I know we had a worse record, but 2011 was the luckiest team ever. They were godawful for the most part.
  3. I have no idea what Gus is thinking by keeping JB, although I hope Morris can help. He’s probably better than Dilly.
  4. Yeah, I think he should sit. Gives his replacement some much needed experience. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the IB win was that one of the starters was a non-senior.
  5. Real question is: can he help our OL recruiting?
  6. Yep. Hard to say if he will actually learn that lesson. Although at this point I have no idea how many years he has left here.
  7. Why the Tuscaloosa is Grimes still our OL coach?
  8. (Because there's not a better thread to post this in) The CFP so far has been extremely lucky. If it had existed in the BCS era they would have had to make so many decisions that would have been harder than any they've had to make. Seriously, 1998 would have been an absolute nightmare. Tennessee and FSU would be in, but you had KSU and UCLA undefeated until the final weekend, you had tOSU who was arguably the best team for most of the year but with an atrocious loss to 6-6 Michigan State, and TAMU who was 11-2 and conference champs over KSU, with one of those losses was a pre-season kickoff game (to FSU)--should they have been punished for playing that pre-season game? There would have been mass riots in two of West LA, Manhattan, Columbus and College Station.
  9. Now we REALLY need to hire Stacey Searels at OL. (No one got the joke?)
  10. Ah, this running joke. I hadn’t started following football at the time so I don’t really have the comprehension for how badly that game must’ve hurt.
  11. In a vacuum, hard to say. But considering that we had to watch both our most hated rivals win the semifinals, UCF will definitely be worse.
  12. And none of those things are working against us here. So zero excuses.