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  1. At least with USCw, 17 of their points came off TOs. And Obomanu dropped a wide open TD pass.
  2. Mason wasn't prone to fumbling the way CAP was. Would've been a chip shot field goal to tie if need be. So yeah, Tre rolling down at the 1 is my pick. Followed by Samir (I think) being just a foot further away from Virginia's shooter. I mean, don't those pretty much have to be my top two? My number three is easily LSU 2017--the punt return. We win that game 23-20 and the SECC really doesn't matter--we have a more impressive resume than both tOSU and UAT, and would've likely gotten that fourth spot. Yeah we would've probably gotten smoked by Clemson in the Sugar but a playoff berth would still have been better than playing in the Peach vs. UCF on NY morning, plus it would've kept UAT out. For somewhat less important games, 2014 A&M is near the top--what a waste of talent that team was. 2007, 8 and 18 LSU come to mind as well.
  3. Plant trees in his honor. Lots and lots of trees.
  4. Nope that was 2011. In which we got destroyed 45-10 in BR.
  5. Yeah. But it is fascinating that we would’ve beaten LSU (in 2012) if Bray had let that punt bounce.
  6. Think this was partially directed at Thayer?
  7. It’s always been ironic to me that in one of our very best seasons ever, the game against our biggest rival was completely forgettable. That one has always frustrated me as well, because I’m pretty sure the pollsters were considering us after what we did to the Dawgs.
  8. Pruitt looks like (s)he wants to speak with the manager. Mason looks like Sister Night from HBO's Watchmen. Fisher is...oddly attractive? For OOC, Diaz and Frost are fiiiiiine ❤️
  9. The three most obvious ones for our program as a whole are Texas '83, LSU '88 and FSU '13.
  10. Obviously we would've played Oklahoma in the semifinals if there had been a playoff. USCw would've probably had a rematch with UC Berkeley. Ah what could've been...
  11. Disagree. I hate to admit it but our schedule in 2004 was fairly weak. But yeah the 2006 offense suffered greatly from the loss of Aromashadu, Obomanu and Mix. Still technically a very good season.
  12. Fair. I feel like the Arky game was understandable, given their all-world backfield making some OC from the high school ranks (whatever happened to him?) look like a genius--also they were coming off a bye. Georgia that year was a complete travesty.
  13. Is it because you feel like 2006 was a missed opportunity? I guess I can see your point--it's how I feel about 2014 LSU and Ole Miss. In the end though, that game was just an absolute blast. One thing I remember in particular is the weather--oh my god, it was absolutely perfect. That was also my introduction to Gameday; I'll never forget seeing Corso put on that gator head pre-game and hearing the crowd boo. Even though I wasn't there (like most games), I could just feel the atmosphere.
  14. 2006 in particular. We went undefeated after noon. Seriously, I think I remember hearing (from the sideline reporter I think) that Tubs was pushing hard for Georgia to be a night game. Still have great memories of Tubs though. The two victories over Urban are probably in my all time top five favorite games.
  15. The previous version of this joke I made up was that at amusement parks, he could ride roller coasters and be just fine but get sick on the carousel. No one got it sadly.