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  1. Allow me to introduce you to the 2023 schedule.
  2. I don't think any of our schedules the next five years sets up as tough as 2019. Oregon was likely a skin of the tooth loss to us away from a playoff birth, we got 11-win Florida from the east, and LSU was at a height they won't even sniff any time again soon. Of course, I'm sure Cal-Berkeley will unearth the next Aaron Rodgers in the next few years.
  3. Glad to see Holden get his fourth star on 247 Composite.
  4. Again, I maintain that not choking in BR would've likely gotten us a playoff bid. We would've gotten murdered by Clemson but it would've been hella better than what actually happened.
  5. Oh, I think enough of our population is super hard right wing enough as is to keep them at float.
  6. Didn't he leave because JJ didn't give him what he wanted? Worst blunder of JJ's tenure. (The two best moves of his tenure were both b-ball related.)
  7. We get Vandy from the east and Cal-Berkeley out of conference. Who knows roster-wise (Tank will likely be in the NFL by then) but schedule-wise it sets up beautifully.
  8. I had no idea Abraham Lincoln was president in 1999. But yes, playing competitively in our losses should be a primary goal. Get to six (regular season) this year, get to eight (regular season) next year, and after that, at least nine (again, regular season) should be the goal.
  9. Three, but yeah it's great to have players drafting high enough to sell crootin' if they do go pro early. We've had eight first round NBA picks in our history and two have come in the last two years. When players leave early when they know they'll be free agent (almost always for financial reasons, so COMPLETELY justifiable on their part!), it really is the worst of both worlds for the team. Are our prospects still pretty good for next year, even without him?
  10. For reasons I’ve discussed previously, I dearly *hope* Biden is an analogue to Nixon/Ford.
  11. 😃😃😃 😃😃 😃😃😃 😃😃
  12. I'm sorry but holy smokes our recruiting (and really entire athletic program) is bad right now. And unless we dramatically beat expectations this year I don't see it getting better.
  13. And now our baseball team is winless in SEC play. Terrible year. WTH is going on?
  14. Maybe, I've had an extremely stressful couple of weeks. But I'm talking about our athletics program as a whole, and that's just what I see out of both our football and basketball programs.
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