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  1. AUwent

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    😂 Seriously though, do we have something similar? I mean, we've won a NC this decade, after all.
  2. AUwent

    2018 Season Simulation

    At least we beat Georgia?
  3. AUwent

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Is Brahms getting better? Glad Kim’s out there, and hopefully Gus is telling the truth about “precaution.”
  4. We were tied with Oklahoma the week after Georgia that year. Man, we really should've blown out Alabama. I don't care if it's a rivalry game, if we were going to dominate Alabama, that had to be the year. Also, still pisses me off that Tennessee choked to Notre Dame that year. If they hadn't, there would've been three teams whose only losses were to each other and to us (at least, heading into bowl season, which is when it really counts).
  5. I do. CFB has felt so much more corporate since the playoff era began (more like the NFL in short), and Gameday is something that still keeps that more natural/organic collegiate feeling.
  6. AUwent

    UNC suspends multiple players

    What is it with the ACC and shoe scandals? Too bad they don't play FSU this year.
  7. To be absolutely fair, Washington is a helluva good team.
  8. AUwent

    Amway Coach's Poll

    Phil Steele has them as his top surprise team, FWIW. Still reckon Gameday goes to South Bend on 9/1, though. I know a lot of people here want them to stay far away from our games, but damn, CGD still adds a layer of fun to a game.
  9. AUwent

    10 wins this year?

    Look, I’m far from the most positive person on here, but saying 2017 felt like a losing season
  10. AUwent

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    And honestly, I just don’t feel Gus is cut out to compete with those guys. Don’t forget that LSU is very likely making a coaching change soon, and I have a strong feeling they’ll tab Kiffin or Norvell. I’m thinking we also make a change in the next few years. I could very easily be wrong of course. As bad as things seem for us now we’re ranked 15th, much higher than we were this time last year. And we finished many spots higher than we were at that time. And I will give Gus credit. His first two years, defense was a MAJOR complaint. What do you know, he fixed it. Then in 2015-16, we had no serviceable QB. Now, we have three QBs I think we all would’ve killed to have two years ago. So he actually can make adjustments.
  11. AUwent

    Neutral site vs home/home

    I would've honestly preferred a neutral site with Clemson in 2016 (they've done two CFA Kickoffs before) and a home/home with Washington last year (Seattle) and this year (Auburn). Would there be a very good chance we still lose all three? Yep! But at least Seattle is way more interesting than Clemson. It's interesting that we played relatively well in LA in 2002. I was too young to follow football until late in the 2003 season (November-ish), so I have no memory of either of those games. I watched what I could stomach of the infamous 2003 game, and it just seems like we shot ourselves in the foot so many times (Obomanu missing a wide open catch, etc.). Shows how important it is to have a competent OC (Petrino --> Nallsminger --> Borges).
  12. AUwent

    Neutral site vs home/home

    And that's why I think a six-team playoff would be best. Regular season still matters way more than in an eight-team playoff. 1 and 2 play the winners of quarterfinals (hosted by 3 and 4), losers of quarterfinals go to at-large NY6 bowls.
  13. AUwent

    Best teams of the past 20 years

    You kidding? 2008 Florida was a MONSTER.
  14. AUwent

    SEC records since expansion

    While Gus definitely should've done better (2014 TAMU, 2016 Georgia and 2017 LSU are for me the most angering), it is worth noting that 2012 is the reason why the records are identical, and we DID fire CGC then. Funny thing is that twice now has Gus won more SEC games then Sumlin did in his peak at TAMU.
  15. AUwent

    SEC records since expansion

    ^They would've beaten us in 2015. Use only GM's tenure (and therefore no 2012) it looks something like this: Alabama: 36-4 Georgia: 27-13 LSU: 25-15 Auburn: 25-15 Florida: 23-17 Missouri: 21-19 MSU: 20-20 Mississippi: 19-21 Texas A&M: 19-21 South Carolina: 18-22 Tennessee: 14-26 Kentucky: 12-28 Arkansas: 11-29 Vanderbilt: 10-30