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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Interesting article:
  2. Don’t know if this is the right thread, but I firmly believe the moment that cost us the game was when Gus decided to punt on 4th and 1 midfield with 6 minutes remaining. Offense was starting to gain momentum and if you had Stidham sneak it from under center, you would’ve made the first down and given the unit the confidence to get into Daniel’s range and burn a ton of clock. Absolutely convinced we would have won if Gus showed some, well you know. Idiot.
  3. Seems relevant:
  4. ^To be fair, I don’t think Georgia will be as good next year as this year. But they will continue to be a force, no doubt.
  5. To think that we could have used all that money spent on that dumb scoreboard to make upgrades to our training facilities...
  6. Doesn’t look like we’ll have to compete with A&M at this point.
  7. ^When you have this many highly touted players on offense turn out to be busts, who else can you blame it on other than the coaches?
  8. Time to boycott

    Who should we contact to demand a change of AD? And what is the more effective method (email, phone)?
  9. As if we needed any further proof that Gus has lost control.
  10. Auburn's next Head Coach

    ^He lost to South Alabama. Um, no. We'd have to compete with Nebraska (we have more money than they o), but Frost would be AWESOME.
  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I wouldn't mind Campbell, if ISU keeps playing well.
  12. Auburn's next Head Coach

    The thing with Scott Frost, unfortunately, is that Nebraska is going to go after him hard. And he was QB for them.
  13. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Who would you suggest?
  14. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Scott Frost and Lane Kiffin are possibilities.