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  1. Happy Birthday Coach Pearl

    I'd say it's worked out pretty well. Here's to keeping it up (hope we can actually sign players this year).
  2. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    As usual at this point, it's way too early to tell. I can only hope the lackluster finish to this year's class and having only two commits this year doesn't mean we're slipping into the same territory as the 2008-9 classes.
  3. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    Is Kim still the front-runner? Hopefully, Brown never sees playing time at center aside from late when we're up by 5 TDs.
  4. I think you mean 2017. LSU 2013 was completely understandable--in fact, I was feeling very good about our team when that game ended. Best I've ever felt after a loss.
  5. I'm sure. So glad Hand is gone. Now, I'm not sure if Gus is still committed, or if that contract extension made him lazy.
  6. Men vs Alabama

    Absolutely pathetic effort coming out of the half.
  7. Auburn Is A Tough Place To Play

    I’m not sure if Kirby would have worked out here. A coach needs a selling point when he first gets to a place, and Gus—say what you will about him—was able to provide a contrast to Saban when he got here with an exciting offensive scheme. Face it, we are not a flagship school, and that means having to provide an “alternate” approach. I don’t think Kirby would’ve been able to provide that. Maybe I’m wrong, but given what I knew then, I too would have chosen Gus over Kirby in 2012 (though I really wanted Petrino, despite having some concerns about him even at that time).
  8. Tennesssee adds Grad Transfer QB

    It is amazing the laundry list of things that have gone perfectly wrong for them. There has obviously been something wrong with their administration. I think Pruitt can potentially get them back, but hopefully not at our expense. It's just amazing how terrible the east has been the last four seasons.
  9. Tennesssee adds Grad Transfer QB

    They have a losing streak to every SEC team.
  10. Keep season tickets?

    I think it might be a good idea to keep season tickets. Just a hunch.
  11. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Do you mean that in a bad way? I remember you saying he was not SEC ready. Maybe it would free up an OT spot. Staff better bust their butts in OL recruiting this year.
  12. replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    Thinking about the QB merry go round we had makes me appreciate the three guys we have now. We would have killed to have any of them on our roster two years ago! I’ve predicted a losing season twice in my life, and that was one of them.
  13. replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    Slightly skewed when you look at the variation of quality of the DLs. Obviously 2016 was by far the strongest. Unknown as to how strong UDub's is.
  14. If we share the title

    I loved Tubs but those “shared SEC west titles” in 2001, 2002 and 2005 were cringeworthy. If I had it my way, for both basketball and baseball, the top two teams would play in the SEC tournament. Simple as that.
  15. 2017 Foy ODK Trophy Presentation

    It was so great to throw that back in their faces this year. Still think we should’ve said “Georgia too” instead of “Tennessee too.”