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  1. Yep. I put LSU 2017 in there too because I truly believe we would've gotten to the playoff despite the SECC--unlike the tOSU/PSU situation the prior year we had a much better SoS than UAT. Would we have gotten waxed by Clemson in the Sugar? Probably, but it would've been better than what actually happened. Granted, the one game from the CGM era I would pick to flip if I could is the same one I think everyone would (2013 Free Shoes). But I still wouldn't count that as a hot seat-worthy loss just because, well, we went toe to toe on the highest stage with a team that blew out everyone else.
  2. TAMU ‘14, UG ‘16, LSU ‘17 and UT ‘18 are the four most enraging for me.
  3. He’s to us what J Jonah Jameson is to Spider-Man. Or is that Thayer? The fact that these guys were quoting a site named “Roopstigo” from a journalist who was fired for a proven false story should tell you something.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/100000007352441/us-coronavirus-response-asia.html Fascinating video in NYT Opinion. Puts this administration’s failure in full perspective, while also providing hope in stopping future pandemics.
  5. Only so many VHT guys can just so happen to be busts before you have a fundamental problem. Which is why people should not be blaming Nix for our struggles!
  6. To Gus's defenders here, much of our current frustration is driven by how badly our recruiting currently is. Covid or not, we should not be getting boat raced by our main rivals in recruiting. I don't expect us to actually surpass them, but we should generally be in the neighborhood of the top 10 each year, ESPECIALLY on the lines. If Gus finishes out his contract, well, the mess Norvell is dealing with at FSU might soon be ours.
  7. I would rather have Napier than Clark. Look, it’s great what Clark did for UAB, but the NCAA gave them A LOT of help. 1989 SMU they were not. Im still not quiiiiite as hot on Mario as others but he did get FIU their first winning season. It seems he can recruit well, though isn’t Oregon a pretty easy place to recruit with all that Phil Knight money?
  8. Beat LSU and I'll consider your proposition.
  9. Who? I haven’t followed recruiting (too depressing).
  10. Can we NOT make that comparison? Dyer still hurts.
  11. Sadly I think 5-5 (our likeliest record at this point) would at very least be the bare minimum to stay--actually, the bare minimum might be lower than that. IDK what it is.
  12. Well I hate to tell ya... Please no excuses, people.
  13. True, but I'm talking only paying one salary at a time. (I still want a change soon.)
  14. I will be shocked if we beat Jimbo again. I’m counting SC and TN as OOC games similar to how UNC and Wake (I think) did a couple years ago. So with that logic a 5-3 SEC record is possible?
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