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  1. ^Whenever he retires, what I ultimately see happening is they hire some protege of his (after Clemson gives Dabo a huge contract extension and raise) who keeps doing well for a year or two, then experiences a slight dip, then is fired when their fans have unrealistic expectations, and you can probably guess what happens fromthere...
  2. Hopefully a more consistent Sammie Coates. Good contrast to the big yards after catch factor of Stove. "This Stove is RED HOT to start the game!"
  3. Yeah the previous two years had been awful for them but the probation was reason enough for them to give the players rest, esp since the game was over by the time it happened. Even if it is UAT I really hate what happened to TP. BTW, on the subject of this game, anyone remember this gem of a thread? Harris had the "it" factor all right.
  4. *10, but yeah. I think a reason for that might have been that Tubs saw what happened to Prothro when Shula tried to run up the score on FL that year. I wonder how their season would have ended that year if Shula had taken his foot off the gas...I read a post on the CFB subreddit imagining an alternate timeline spawned by that (Saban ends up at Michigan--another rival of a former team of his). The phrase "Auburn only beats us when we're down!" makes me laugh. We've beaten FOUR ten-win teams of theirs since the turn of the century. And for the umpteenth time, I can't read about how talented the '14 offense was without my blood boiling.
  5. Fortunately, like OM, they play UAT the week before. So that somewhat neutralizes the fact that we play @ LSU the week before.
  6. Even the 2016 defense with the 2014 offense would've been great.
  7. I kinda sort of agree here, and I'm a reasonably left-wing person. He is a deplorable human being, but he should be allowed to speak, just as we should be allowed to not take his opinions seriously.
  8. For as critical as we all were (myself included) of him at some point or another, we had one heckuva run with him as OC. Great to have him back!
  9. I don't think I've ever been as angry after a game as I was after that TAM debacle. 2012 was technically worse but at least then I could kind of laugh at how bad we were and take comfort in the fact that changes were coming. I get that we didn't have much film on Allen, but there was ZERO excuse for coming out as flat as we did that day. I still really wish TAM would develop into a rivalry--the DSOR, as important as it is for recruiting, is currently dead to me ( against them and the rotation being changed)--but as it stands, I get the feeling that no one really cares about it that much. As previously mentioned, the real canary in the coal mine with JJ was when our offense stalled out ~2 minutes into the second quarter of that Arky game. I remember how thankful I was that Nick went back out! On a brighter note, NCM looked a lot like Coates last weekend.
  10. ^2014 and 2008 are to me the most enraging seasons of my time following Auburn.
  11. ^As dangerous as Fitz is, I don't really think the Cowbells have a lot else going for them besides that...well, and an as-usual cake OOC schedule.
  12. I expect us to be a lot better than we were in 2011.
  13. Don't forget the temptation to look ahead to what will hopefully be a huge showdown with LSU. Shea is dangerous.
  14. '18 is gonna be a rebuild on the OL. NO EXCUSES for this years unit to suck. Not sure if KD was expected to be #1. In any case, NCM and ED say hi. I'm done with the "let's be realistic guys...". NO DAMN EXCUSES this year. 10 wins AT LEAST. If Herb screws it up with more cutesy mix and match...:banghead:
  15. ^Yeah, our QB situation this year APPEARS to be night and day from last year.