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  1. Feels like 2006 again doesn't it?
  2. Don't know if this is OT, but I wonder if Stat can tell us how this team stacks up to the traditional "anatomy of a championship team." Two years ago that was his subtle way of warning us what was coming.
  3. ^Mrs. Lincoln had a fairly decent time at the play with the exception of...well, you know. It sucks that we're virtually guaranteed to not get Gameday visits on even years--unless us and LSU ever both come in highly ranked again. They may have screwed us out of a visit in 2014 by losing to MSU.
  4. I expect it will be a Frank Solich-like scenario. Guy will have success for a few years, will slip to 3 loss seasons, their fans will get pissed and fire him.
  5. True, it does depend on how much Bama is willing to pay. If they're going to put everything they have into one guy, then yeah. On the other hand, if enough time goes by, Dabo may become even further entrenched into the Clemson community. Basically, while it's possible, I don't see it as the given that most see it as. Updyke will still be good, but it ain't sustaining its current level once Saban hangs it up.
  6. I'm pretty sure Spirit is female and Nova is male.
  7. ^Yes it will. Clemson isn't some shoestring program. Being CNS's replacement is an unenviable position. Coaches that follow "the guy" are never high-profile.
  8. I for one do not see Dabo jumping like many think. Clemson will pony up whatever it takes to keep him. I'll bet my left arm that his replacement is going to be Pruitt. See, ranking the SEC's coaching jobs (like an article that came out this week) is a difficult thing to do--I don't think being Saban's replacement is going to be very desirable.
  9. ^What is that gif saying?
  10. They're going to need some muscle over there.
  11. Isn't it funny that the Dems who have over-performed HRC were Sanders Dems and the candidates under-performing were corporate Dems? If Perez had actually put a little money ($30K) into the Kansas and Montana elections, then MAYBE they would have won. Seriously, Perez is USELESS. And Dems HAVE to get rid of Pelosi. I remember one GOP staffer saying something to the effect of "it will make it harder if the Dems get rid of her." /rant. So angry with (most) Dems right now.
  12. See, the term "fair weathered fan" can apply, but like certain other terms, it has lost pretty much all meaning. If I have better things to do than watch a terrible football team, then I'm sorry, but I ain't investing my time. (Obviously, I didn't.) Though, by the second half of that season (Vandy-ish) I really stopped caring and was more numb/laughing at it all/screaming for...changes (ones that still haven't been made). 2008, 2011, 2014 and 15 were honestly way more painful.
  13. ^Don't forget about the OL shuffling we did early on. Moving Golson and starting a non-SEC caliber center was absolutely moronic.
  14. Also, how is it calculated that we have 100+ combined OL starts? Is that including the grad transfers? Smith: 27 starts Golson: 24 starts James: 9 starts
  15. Gotta be honest, I would rather him be needing to lose weight than be needing to gain it. Also, I'm thankful he's here and not in those god awful Maryland flag unis.