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  1. Why isn't the Auburn website reporting any of these hires (Thornton, Heard, etc.)?
  2. I will say, it's surprising that there haven't been any two-loss teams in the playoff yet. It would have happened multiple times by this point during the BCS era (2006).
  3. I'm also talking about the OL coach. I see no official press release.
  4. Is any hire besides Freeze himself, and I guess retaining Caddy, actually official?
  5. If he's going to be at a P5 program not named Auburn, I want him at one not in the south! Wisconsin and Colorado were the big winners in this coaching cycle, though I think both us and Nebraska got solid hires.
  6. Ok, so can we please get some idea of what’s official and what isn’t? Someone in another thread said OM threw the sink at him to keep him.
  7. So anyway is Heard coming or no? It’s increasingly obvious people are being “encouraged” to join the donor board.
  8. I’d much rather have TWill than Todd Grantham, which AuburnLive is floating around.
  9. Wanted Matt Luke, but since that was likely never realistic, SEEMS like a pretty good hire.
  10. Can we please make a single thread for assistant/coordinator hires?
  11. Nothing official yet, though. Not counting my chickens, especially if they're ones I want! lol
  12. Yeah. To continue my '01 metaphor above, Florida that year would've been favored over anyone not named Miami. They would not have deserved a spot in the four-team playoff. Why the hell do we even play the games if UAT gets in...
  13. This season reminds me of 2001--one/two (respectively) teams head and shoulders above the rest, the other half of the available spots a debate between "the best" (Florida, Texas, Tennessee) and "most deserving" (Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska).
  14. I thought that Austin and Aigamaua were also going to be on the field? I know four of the eight were slated for off the field, but that would still mean three on the field slots remaining after Caddy, Zac, CRob and the Liberty guys.
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