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  1. From someone whose two favorite candidates are Sanders, then Gabbard (and hopes that's the ticket): First and foremost is immigration. I'm a firm proponent of a strong welfare state, but you need to be stingy on who you allow in if you do. This video, while very long, sums up how I feel. Next is abortion. My reasons for being for abortion have almost everything to do with a desire for a lower population. But yes, I am ok with some restriction on abortion--I can respect pro-lifers provided they support a social safety net so babies don't die AFTER they're born. Next is guns. I really think you could do nothing about restrictions on guns themselves, and the gun violence rate would drop if you actually made mental healthcare (and healthcare in general) affordable. Lastly, while I support Sanders' college plans, I do think we should focus on and emphasize fields what will produce jobs. I AM for at least one of a jobs guarantee or UBI, but we should still try to give students incentives to pursue careers that will be most prominent, albeit without punishing them with debt.
  2. Hm. If the same punishment applies to a similar amount of alcohol, I guess I can understand.
  3. At least Michigan, while currently better, isn't winning championships.
  4. Damn. Crazy that 2-win Vandy took that UF team to the wire. It's also baffling that Texas and Texas A&M, the two wealthiest programs in the country, haven't been able to produce elite teams consistently.
  5. I love whenever someone says we can’t blame Malzahn for QBs being bad. How many consecutive QBs now have turned out to be “not that good?” People, if Nix ain’t the answer, then no one will under Gus. The buyout will be below low enough by the time Nix graduates.
  6. Thanks for choking, Utes. Oh well, can't complain too hard when UAT don't make the playoffs. And for all the Updykes whining about how it was just because of injuries, as bad as I feel for Tua, how many times have we had a key injury to a player that could've made a huge impact (2014)? Let's all hope WDE is right.
  7. SOMEONE NEW PLZ. CFB is not fun if the exact same teams in the championship year after year! Miss the BCS era.
  8. With more than what, three LBs on scholarship, that team wins 10 games.
  9. Before or after the NC? That's news to me (well, rumor, but you know what I mean). And that's part of what was so disheartening about Dyer. When he was being recruited he seemed like a model citizen. I distinctly remember thinking, "it's so nice to have a 5-star whose head is in the right place, unlike so many others." Seriously, if you gave me a list of 5-star recruits (that included him) and I knew nothing of what they had actually done in college, I would've pinpointed him as "least likely to be trouble."
  10. No inside info, but even before 2010 I was actively dreading 2011. I predicted 4-8. Then, when we got a lot of extreme luck (onside kick against USU, goal line stand against MSU, Spurrier not realizing Shaw was better than Garcia, Florida fumbling two punts) and miraculously won 8 games, I thought it meant 8 wins was a guarantee going into 2012, despite all the problems happening. Heath Evans supposedly saw it coming. If you look through PTB's post history in spring/summer 2012 he was definitely critical of the Chizik regime.
  11. We averaged 25 points a game in SEC play. Granted that's including non-offensive points scored (drops to 21.25 if you just count offensive). All in all, it gave us a solid base to build off for 2010--while it's true we wouldn't have won it without Cam, he wouldn't have been able to win it without all the key pieces that were already there.
  12. It just feels weird to think that Nick was a "once-in-a-generational" QB. I think Nix can definitely be good, but his coaching puts that up in the air. It wasn't his fault when we struggled.
  13. God I hope so...I don't see them outright collapsing the way we did though. While Chizik made some VERY bad decisions, Tubs also deserved some blame with how bad the last couple of recruiting classes he worked on (2009) were. LSU's recruiting never dropped off like that. The run we had from 2010-13 was the stuff of an HBO drama.
  14. Hoping he's not another Bissacia.