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  1. Yeah, let's get back to our bafflingly low recruiting budget. Are we just trying to become a Sun Belt team? Then again, Ole Miss and USCe have even smaller budgets than us and currently have brighter outlooks than we do.
  2. Can we please start spending some actual damn money on recruiting...
  3. If basketball recruiting starts going south, I could possibly see that happening. I hope.
  4. I hate the fact that it’s going to take til 2025 for the SEC to expand simply because our 2024 schedule as planned is especially terrible. Edit: So people like our 2024 schedule?
  5. Florida is a real wild card right now. Obviously I really really wanted Billy and he may very well work out great for them, but right now they're not overly happy. So if we fall to irrelevancy, them going down with us would make it slightly easier to stomach.
  6. Our athletics program if you take out football is doing great right now. So I think if it kills us it kills a little over half the conference too.
  7. And that’s true but end of the day, they still went 9-4–in the eight years before he got there they had the worst record in the league. Again, I understand disagreement, I just think that position coaches are no longer automatically a bad hire. USCe appears to be on a good trajectory as well—basically, the off-season they’ve had is what I wanted us to have. In a lot of ways--I was listening to I think Blake Toppmeyer and he made this point--non-coordinator assistants who are AHC status can be a better fit than coordinators. Basically, Dell is an extremely well-liked figure by all the necessary people--CFB coaches (guarantee you he could assemble a kickbutt staff), HS coaches, recruits, power brokers (who are, y'know, kind of especially important to please right now). Every HC who has come from Bowl Cut's staff has either proven to be good or is looking very good so far. We could (or should be able to) get him for relatively cheap. Out of everyone we could realistically get, he checks off by far the most boxes of what we need. I could be wrong, but I think he’d be a football version of Butch.
  8. So, the ACC has announced its schedule for at least the next four years. While it uses three permanent opponents, it's 8 games. Praying the latter part is more indicative of what the SEC chooses--think how much easier it will be for us to come back without having to play the toughest schedule every single year. Unfortunately it doesn't look like TX and OK are willing to pay the $ (which to be fair is much higher than I thought). So that means in '24 we have to play the 2019 schedule again. 🤮
  9. Can we pin this little blurb lol.
  10. If we were recruiting well (which wasn't the case even before the investigation), I could forgive. If your post earlier about CBH being absent from visits is true, that says a lot.
  11. Respond how you wish, we have seen that position. coaches can legit work.
  12. Elite recruiter + knows Auburn/can please the right people = the reason I want who I want (realistically).
  13. Our basketball team was able to land Trahore, a 5*. So maybe it’s not just a river in Egypt but I don’t believe we would’ve gotten him if we truly were hopeless with NIL.
  14. I had heard that our boosters were beginning to gel (see the link to Rant I posted yesterday). TIFWIW
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