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  1. At least two other SEC teams now have a losing streak to Tennessee. But hopefully MSU is back to being doormat. Last year was supposed to be their year and they still lost five games.
  2. AUwent

    LSU vs Florida

    Gotta pull for the Jorts. Make our loss look a lot better. Will Dirty Dan go for it on 4th down?
  3. Yes Wisconsin is flat out scary.
  4. I’d like to point out: Mark Richts first four years at UGA: 8-4, 13-1 (would’ve been in playoff if it had existed at #3 seed), 11-3, 10-2 (upset loss to Tennessee at home and us away) Kirby Smart’s first four years at UGA: 8-5, 13-2, 11-3, 5-1 (upset loss to USCe at home) So, for all the talk that Smart has gotten UGA to the next level when Richt never could, his tenure has roughly followed Richt’s so far. Literally the only difference is that two fewer teams had the opportunity to play for the NC in Richt’s time.
  5. I occasionally find him funny like when he ripped Tennessee lost to GSU. But yeah his channel was the FIRST place I went to when that kick sailed right.
  6. (Besides Updyke) Check in if you’ve won an NC since 1981.
  7. Not counting on it. Dawgs take over at their own 4 with 6:30 left.
  8. I really don’t see any way he survives next year.
  9. Question is, what would have to happen to pull the plug this year? My bet is on next year, of course. Speaking of LSU, the losses to them the last two 8s have been particularly crushing. We should NEVER lose to them at home. Ever.
  10. Exactly. And WHY has QB after QB since Marshall left either fallen flat or regressed?
  11. This. I think 8-4 (and assuming we don't get a bowl we have no business being in like Sugar a few years ago, 9-4 is possible) will be enough to get him another year this year with his buyout, but that year will be basically a lame duck. Gus could've easily avoided this by parting ways with Grimes at the end of last year (or heck, not re-hiring him in the first place and making actual effort to make a big hire at OL). But he didn't. And on December 2, 2020 his poor decisions are probably going to cost him his job. (Four of our last five coaches' last years have been leap years, BTW.)
  12. many wins does Gus need to stay? I don't mean to upset anyone, it just bears asking. His tenure has been dying a slow death since 11/8/14.
  13. Get well soon Brahms, if you're still hurt.