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  1. Glad you're still here. Anyways, feels a bit like 2009 with the low scholly numbers. Dammit I'm starting to believe Chinese Zodiacs, haha (hoping the next year of the tiger is like the last one!)
  2. Alright, so is there a deadline for this sort of thing (transfer portals)? Worm hasn't said anything yet.
  3. And is the CBH regime doing that? Can we start a 2022 recruiting thread already? 2021 is effectively a lost class.
  4. Updated with 2016. We could’ve possibly won 10 games. EDIT: Now 2017.
  5. “Don’t give me hope.” On the subject of Tennessee, it may be officially time to shut that program down.
  6. I really don't know enough (been really busy lately) to form an opinion so I'll just have y'all sort it out, lol. Self-explanatory, what grade would you give each staff hire (including HC) so far? We need a general consensus.
  7. Dammit Gus, why you gotta tempt me into sociopathy? I really want people to have a strong safety net, but I wonder if he stopped caring when he got that buyout. I wasn't optimistic about it.
  8. Really, people? I would’ve loved Tosh but I’m jazzed about this hire! He was such an asset the first two years of Chizik IMO. Him leaving, in hindsight, was a negative turning point in the Chizik era.
  9. CFB has been a sham since the playoff era began. This season in particular means NOTHING.
  10. Needed that. But aren't most of those just the same account? Beamer's track record speaks for itself, of course.
  11. I've never cared less about an NC in my 15 years of paying attention to the sport. An absolutely meaningless end to an absolutely meaningless season.
  12. Why are we having so many guys enter the portal? Is it the coaching change? Is it happening naturally because of NCAA rules due to Covid? If so, wouldn't this be happening to many other teams? What's going on?
  13. I wouldn’t go that far but yeah I’ve decided to discard anything he says. Lol
  14. IDK. What if we had entered the UGA game in 2014 at home and NOT coming off a shocking and crushing upset loss? Conversely, in 2013 could we really have made that play in Sanford? There's a possibility that 2013 and 14 would've just flipped results. (Updated with 2014.) EDIT: Now with 2015 as well...blech.
  15. Man, both times we played in the NC, the weather in the Auburn area was arctic. Hopefully we can bring the 2010 team on the field next year. 2021 has the same calendar as 2010, 2004, and 1993.
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