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  1. I admit I have a lot of nostalgia for Tubs (even if he wasn't really that much if any better than Gus), so he's a bit harder for me to hate even politically.
  2. Can't think of a better place to put this. A good rebuttal to industry talking points. Also, a perfect encapsulation of how I feel:
  3. Funny you mention Harry Potter because I actually went to see Goblet of Fire that day (bad fan I know--gimme a break I was young lol). Getting out, turning on the radio at half-time and hearing that score was a shocker in the best of ways. If there's only one bitter thing about this game, it's that we had the opportunity to really blow them out but didn't. I do wonder if Tuberville had Prothro's injury that resulted from Shula trying to run up the score on Florida earlier that year on his mind.
  4. Meanwhile Bezos making billions more during this crisis. Funny how we've been told time and time again that even the slightest redistribution of wealth will turn us into Venezuela. Welp gents, we're already there.
  5. Aaaaaand as a left-winger (by American standards at least), this is what I want the left dropping like a hot potato. I want focus on fixing our horrific healthcare system, on stopping climate change, on guaranteeing a basic income, etc. But when people on the left focus on petty trivial grievances like this and how much clothing video game characters have, it needlessly turns people towards the right. Or, this guy is just bored from quarantine and trolling.
  6. ...will Alabama claim a national championship for being undefeated?
  7. Eh, this is just a harmless old folks meme. I've seen so much worse lol.
  8. Man I love Krystal and Saagar. As a (left leaning) populist I find them to be VASTLY better representatives of my beliefs than Cenk and Ana, especially in terms of converting people. I know Saagar is a Republican--he and Krystal are what I wish the Republican and Democrat parties were like respectively. Going forward I think the left desperately needs to drop pro-illegal immigration ideas--and really, "woke" PC identity politics in general.
  9. I think we all desperately need this right now.
  10. From someone whose two favorite candidates are Sanders, then Gabbard (and hopes that's the ticket): First and foremost is immigration. I'm a firm proponent of a strong welfare state, but you need to be stingy on who you allow in if you do. This video, while very long, sums up how I feel. Next is abortion. My reasons for being for abortion have almost everything to do with a desire for a lower population. But yes, I am ok with some restriction on abortion--I can respect pro-lifers provided they support a social safety net so babies don't die AFTER they're born. Next is guns. I really think you could do nothing about restrictions on guns themselves, and the gun violence rate would drop if you actually made mental healthcare (and healthcare in general) affordable. Lastly, while I support Sanders' college plans, I do think we should focus on and emphasize fields what will produce jobs. I AM for at least one of a jobs guarantee or UBI, but we should still try to give students incentives to pursue careers that will be most prominent, albeit without punishing them with debt.
  11. Hm. If the same punishment applies to a similar amount of alcohol, I guess I can understand.
  12. At least Michigan, while currently better, isn't winning championships.