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  1. So by your logic was Gus a better hire than Kirby? Because this is the same argument used against hiring him in 2012. You're completely right, however, that Aranda is not coming here. Wish people would get that out of their heads.
  2. Seriously though, some of you people are a Buzzfeed/TMZ “writer’s” dream.
  3. (Non-interim) coaches since end of WW2 (1946) by SEC team: Alabama--12 Arkansas--15 Auburn--10 (will be 11) Florida--13 Georgia--7 Kentucky--12 LSU--13 (not counting a coach who died in a plane crash a couple months onto the job) Mississippi--14 MSU--15 Missouri--11 Oklahoma--12 (not counting a coach who died of a heart attack after a year on the job) USC--13 Tennessee--13 Texas--11 Texas A&M--15 Vanderbilt--16 *** Woah, second fewest coaches since WW2 in the league even counting the new guys (maybe tied for second with Texas after this year if Mizzou cans Drink)! How can this be? Someone on SDS told me that Auburn changes coaches every two years!
  4. I was pulling for SMU to run the table and be the NY6 rep but that's probably out the window now. Then again, no one seems to want to be that this year so it's theoretically still possible.
  5. I hope we're not relying on Dinky to retire. Though if we could get Prime, maybe we can scare him into it lol. But his presence + Bowl Cut's is why I've been so pessimistic on us getting a splash hire, which I feel Prime would be.
  6. Yeah, I’m just not expecting it to be Sanders, Grimes or Deion. Which is part of why I’m pushing who I am, I just think it’d be the best we’ll realistically get. Sorry GWill lol.
  7. As opposed to? Pros are he’s supposedly a huge advocate of NIL. Also this: Cons are he’s at least associated with Blake Anderson and Neal Brown.
  8. So is there any consensus on who the board wants? I assume 🧊 ? Also, if we are unique in booster infighting like our fans and the media make us out to be, why? Just doesn’t make sense.
  9. Refer to my previous statements on that matter. *** FWIW, here is what the 12 team playoff would've been that year (we would've beaten Miami as it was at home and they played far worse in their title game and bowl game versus equal or even lesser competition--but then the Cotton Bowl...no comment): First Round Game 1: #12 Central Florida @ #5 Alabama Game 2: #11 Washington @ #6 Wisconsin Game 3: #10 Miami FL @ #7 Auburn Game 4: #9 Pennsylvania State @ #8 Southern California Quarterfinals Peach: #1 Clemson vs. Game 4 winner Fiesta: #4 Ohio State vs. Game 1 winner Orange: #3 Georgia vs. Game 2 winner Cotton: #2 Oklahoma vs. Game 3 winner Semifinals Rose: Orange winner vs. Cotton winner Sugar: Peach winner vs. Fiesta winner Final CFC: Rose winner vs. Sugar winner
  10. Fair. I'm just confident he'd bring McGee and Muschamp as coordinators. If he wouldn't then ok. Top 3 of Kiffin, Grimes and Sanders, in ascending order of how easy I think they'd be to get. All I'm saying is that we'd better have backup options given our history of hires.
  11. That's exactly how I feel about both as well, plus Grimes and Monken. But--especially after paying two massive buyouts (screw you Leath)--I'm just not sure how realistic they are.
  12. Nope. My top four wishes are Grimes, Kiffin, Monken and Sanders. I have no idea which order though, it would most definitely be Kiffin if OM's recruiting rankings weren't a bit sus, although he's done a great job with the TP. I'm just trying to prepare for all four of them saying no. If that happens, then McGee, then Freeze, then T-Will (break glass). *** Also, what can I say:
  13. I would put Freeze behind McGee on the want list.
  14. I completely agree with your last sentence but winning 9 games at Auburn is much more impressive than winning 9 games at Wisky.
  15. Sigh. Well, we could do worse. Much much worse.
  16. So, it didn't look like it preseason but there's going to be a LOT of teams looking for coaches. Nebraska, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Arizona State, Wisconsin, Colorado, probably West Virginia. I would fully expect Colorado to go after Grimes, but again, if Aranda takes the Nebraska job I am almost certain he'll accept the promotion at Baylor. TIFWIW, but...
  17. Yeah I would have those two ahead of Kiffin JUST because I'm unsure of Kiff's recruiting abilities.
  18. So our first hopes should be Kiffin, Prime and Grimes. If they say no, who should our backups be, if we feel Freeze is a nonstarter? If we get the AD it looks like we will, hopefully he doesn’t rely on his personal connections.
  19. My only hesitation about Hartwell is fear that he’d hire Blake Anderson or Neal Brown when WVU cans him.
  20. How confident would you be in each of those five coming? Freeze is the only one of those I’m very confident would come and it’s not even close. Although, why didn't us or TN hire him two years ago? So who knows.
  21. Until Farquad retires (which I don't expect for another decade), I'll happily take just making it every few years, thanks! For now, our ceiling for what coach we can get is lower than it otherwise would be because of our schedule. I will happily admit I'm wrong if we go out and land Deion, though!
  22. Seems like a mighty fine argument for trying to get ourselves an easier schedule (entirely hypothetical, I know).
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