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  1. Softball vs Kentucky

    watch espn always works for me, but the lag/hiccups tonight are unlike ever before
  2. Softball vs Kentucky

    safe on the steal, but not complaining
  3. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    There are plenty of out of work circus elephants to fill this need
  4. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    it's hard to view it from the side you aren't on, when on such a volatile topic....but your assumption is correct
  5. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    I'm assuming that the vast majority of them would not publicly state otherwise.
  6. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Other topics in the BIBLE BELT usually do not carry the same one-side and such strong stances as the subject of religion does.
  7. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Coercion is a strong word, but unless you are in the small minority of a group, albeit a football team or otherwise, it's hard to understand the "pressure" to not stand out.
  8. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    As an example...If I show up as an atheist at a local church in the south, and talk to others about why I "think" they have been misguided, I will be so unwelcome there that I would not feel comfortable at all. Why is that? because I'm in the minority. Yet people make arguments on this with "why haven't former players or current players made any comments against this type of thing?" BECAUSE those comments would not be welcome or make them feel very all.
  9. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    For the person who brought up agnostic professors.....Thank you! If you grew up in the Alabama school system and shared beliefs that did not fall in line with the majority, you weren't gonna be very popular. Going to a university like Auburn, which I did, allows you to grow, question, and form you own opinions away from the constant pressure that had been there your whole life. I have no problem with religion at all, but I agree with Mikey and Red and some others that it has no place being associated with our football team or our university. JMO
  10. 14-8 final...good guys
  11. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    I agree completely with this.....and if we do only lose 2, then kentucky or florida have to win out for us not to win the conference.
  12. SEC schedule prediction

    If we don't have a letdown game, we COULD be 11-1 when Kentucky comes to town. We'll prolly be favored in all of them. IF we win that game, we should be 14-1 going to Florida with a chance to clinch the conference title. I'll jump on board late and predict we finish 16-2. The loss coming in a letdown game against Arkansas or South Carolina after we beat the gators.
  13. Herb Hand contract

    How quan you forget about him? I say you bray for forgiveness!
  14. Fantasy Football?

    I had a blast! First time I've gotten my wife to join one of my leagues....she kicked my ass in both our head to head matchups! Congrats aubearcat on a very well played season! I will get with you after New Years and see what you want on your plaque. I'm sure we're pretty close to each other (Moody for us) so maybe Laurie and I can meet you for lunch and a beer once I get it made.
  15. Hypothetically Speaking....what IF?

    A better hypothetical would be.......what if we won both the clemson and LSU games and the season played out the rest of the way with everyone else like it did. Clemson would be a two loss ACC champ, and georgia would be 12-1, auburn would be 12-1, alabama would be 11-1.. Who makes the playoff then? That would have been a nightmare for the committee.