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  1. Hypothetically Speaking....what IF?

    A better hypothetical would be.......what if we won both the clemson and LSU games and the season played out the rest of the way with everyone else like it did. Clemson would be a two loss ACC champ, and georgia would be 12-1, auburn would be 12-1, alabama would be 11-1.. Who makes the playoff then? That would have been a nightmare for the committee.
  2. Our Time: One win away

    Who needs a pregame speech when you can just play that song....then calmly ask them if they are ready to be heroes.
  3. Mike Leach gives wedding advice!

    THAT is priceless!!!!
  4. Fantasy Football?

    You started chewing me up like a rag doll on Thursday night, and didn't stop shaking until Sunday night.
  5. Fantasy Football?

    daughter is in Rochester NY in the finals of a band competition, we will be watching it live on a streaming video, but will make it work, should only last about 6 minutes, but might start right around draft time
  6. Fantasy Football?

    All suggestions are welcome. In the above, the parts in green will be hatch filled (engraved solid). The logo took several hours, the rest I put together pretty quick just to give you guys some ideas. There literally is nothing that can't be done with it and we have 4 months. I threw this together now for feedback and to get yall fired up before the draft. The plaque we end up with would be a bargain at 100 bucks and you guys get to help design it. I already have a spot picked out on my wall so I'm counting on everyone to give great suggestions.
  7. Fantasy Football?

    Feedback needed on the fantasy site until we all get on the same page somewhere
  8. Fantasy Football?

    Skype or Google Hangouts are the easiest and best I know of, but I'm open for anything. I'd just like to get to know the people playing and chat......makes for alot of work each week against silent faces otherwise.
  9. Fantasy Football?

    welcome aboard, I hope everyone is actively chatting somewhere, wherever that ends up being
  10. Fantasy Football?

    Or a group skype room....just a thought
  11. Fantasy Football?

    Will there be trash-talking on the yahoo site, or are we gonna have to give free entertainment to the peeps here?
  12. Fantasy Football?

    Not when I deny her trade requests
  13. Fantasy Football?

    Since there is no profit, I can finally engrave any auburn logo I want, AUFamily logo as well, a list of the teams, final record, etc. It will be my pleasure..............unless my wife wins
  14. Fantasy Football?

    10 will be perfect, and no worries on cost of plaque.....shipping might be an issue if we have an out of town winner, but we'll figure that out later