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  1. what was this thread about again? I'm too lazy to go look.
  2. Keegan will be on 69 hours of rest, so "technically" I guess you could say 2.875 days
  3. My guess... 3 game sweep by us, on the road, we swap places with Florida. We move to 2nd (1st in some polls) and they drop to 4th....5th at worst. We win 2, we move to 3nd and they drop to 4th Take only one, FL stays put, we drop to 5th or 6th Get swept, we end up 8th, 9th or 10th, and FL takes over #1 All this assuming other top ten teams don't lose any games.
  4. looks like there are pockets for thigh pads
  5. I think you meant "replacement" instead of "transplant". Otherwise, I want Emmitt Smith's knees, if he'll part with them.
  6. And I think his girlfriend plays middle infield. Clint has a couple spots to shore up.
  7. not seeing it on watchESPN either, out of luck for another 15 minutes or so I guess
  8. You got your toilet paper ready?
  9. Won't matter. After watching just a little of this garbage, there is no way in hades the refs let auburn beat bama.
  10. of course there was a flag thrown.....duh
  11. not when it's alabama..........apparently
  12. Since it isn't against the creed, I'd smoke another joint if I were you.
  13. That was a very impressive breakdown. I'm gonna assume that most people accept that Cole knows what the hell he is talking about.
  14. Will "Catch-it" Hastings..... With the WC first two initials having nothing whatsoever to do with Wade Christopher
  15. 34-24 good guys