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  1. I haven't really been keeping up. Is Gus allowing CKD to manage and coach the QBs or is he doing it? I'm thinking Bo has an advantage.
  2. Does YouTube TV have the SEC alternate channels? Seems like our BB games are always starting out on an alt channel.
  3. This whole giving jobs thing has to be Bamas best recruiting tool. Every single parent that moved to Alabama to be close to their kid is really a pay for play purchase. Sicking. But how does the the NCAA justify Sexton only having to sit one game while the AU kids had to miss a season and more for getting a fraction of what he received. I think Bruce is worth protecting. AU should stop at nothing to get fair play.
  4. Alabama football coach gives $500 to Clinton-Dix and he missed 2 games. Probably not even a NCAA suspension just Alabama held him until he could get reinstated. Two Auburn basketball players get $2K combined in cash and get smacked with a full season ban plus some. No penalties for Alabama football. But Auburn expects NCAA Letter. Am I wrong to think these violations were similar in nature?
  5. It has been several hours since I noticed Mountain Brook guard Lior Berman committed to AU. He is classified as a 2019 guy. He is a 6'4" SG. Has impressive resume and stats while playing on same team with a 5 star LSU signee. Also had a lot of success in travel ball. The clips I have seen of him were nice. Not sure his rating or who else recruited him. Also not sure if he scholarship or preferred walkon. Fanfare is small. But I think this kid can play.
  6. All trunks must have been busy. It normally has an auto directory (computer voice) when you first connect.
  7. Curious about what they told you.
  8. Virginia fans on Reddit said their section is in the V1 area. If true then logic would dictate that the AU band will be near section 119. So AU TUF might be 124 to F2. That is my guess because there are no tickets for that section on StubHub. Just guesses based on information I cant verify. Dont hate me if I'm wrong. Please. Edited to change probable donor sections to 124 -F2. Not sure about students.
  9. Wish I. could help. The person I spoke to at TUF said we wont know where our seats our until Thursday at best. but probably Friday. They said all TUF would likely be lowers but that's all I got out of them.
  10. There might be a 1800 number, not sure. I always just call 855-282-2010. They keep banker hours. I'm only guessing about how many tickets they sold. So don't get to excited. But it is worth a try.
  11. I'm set on tickets and will be there. I don't think Auburn is going to sell all the TUF tickets. I would call and ask if there is a general public waiting list. For TUF members tickets are $380 each. No idea where those seats are going to be located yet. And they must be picked up at will call.
  12. 😂😂 I so hope it's true. I woke up this morning with light pouring in my hotel window and sounds of heavy traffic outside. My first thoughts were of the game. I looked at the clock and saw 3:54. I panicked and was disappointed that I somehow slept all day. I started grabbing clothes and looked out the window. Turns out downtown Kansas City is just loud and busy at 4am.
  13. The school did get tickets. In the lower level they are 115 and 116. I don't think they are the full section. We also got tickets in the uppers in levels 219-222. The first email I got from TUF said the University only got 1000 tickets. I think they were able to secure more in addition to those 1k though and those are probably the upper level tickets. I am in section 115 but got my tickets from the secondary market because my options through TUF were limited to the upper. We are staying at the Hotel Indigo, flying in today (Thursday) and leaving Monday. I am hearing lots of rain all weekend.
  14. Well I am definitely negative in my thoughts on the future under Gus as head coach I really thought we had a gem in him that would dominate offensively. I thought we would have a dynamic offense that recruits flocked to. But his failure to evolve, develop QBs, develop a passing game, poor decisions on assist hires has taken away any confidence I had in him. But I also don't post or come here enough to care what people think of me.
  15. I am amazed out how much you got wrong there. I never claimed Purdue was not capable of beating AU. Not sure if you just misread what I wrote or just decided to make stuff up. Not once did I criticize Purdue but your entire first paragraph is a based on this false premise. It was hard to keep reading after that but I soldiered on. The reason why we agreed at the end is because we both agree that Gus has (probably) failed to develop another QB yet again. That was pretty much the summary of my whole post. The fact that next season, the most important thing that Gus faces (not this bowl game) Auburn will be playing an untested QB with no experience for the coaching staff to base any decisions on. Sounds to me that Gus decided short term success is more important than next season because he has not been capable of recruiting and preparing a HS QB. And next season is going to be a disaster and he knows it. It is obvious that how AU practices does not allow for a true evaluation of QB play (see Jeremy Johnson, injured Sean White, Kiehl Frazier, etc). If Willis plays and looks horrible then I think that would and should effect reps in spring practice which in turn impacts next season. That's pretty simple. Practice and experience impacts play and coaching decision. . If 3 or 4 guys are sharing reps then nobody is getting the amount of practice time (especially the true freshman) to develop. Who told you the coaching staff expects a true freshman to win the starting job next year? Please provide a link to a coach saying this. Because I think you are making stuff up. If the rest of the QBs on our roster including Willis are not capable of leading this team to a win against Purdue how are we going to beat Oregon, LSU, UGA, Alabama, MSU, UT, etc? I am saying that after 6 years of recruiting, coaching and preparing Gus should have a QB on roster that he recruited out of HS that can successfully lead the offense. And playing that QB is more beneficial for next season than letting them rot on the bench.