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  1. LSU has a vaccination/covid test requirement to get in Tiger Stadium. I don't see that helping them.
  2. I was in the lower bowl. I agree the speakers were to loud and over used. Thing is PSU doesn't have much variety in band songs or cheers so to cover the dead periods when Auburn wasn't lined up over center they pipe in cover noise. They have their sing alongs during TV time outs, team time outs and quarter changes. PSU views atmosphere as a key recruiting tool because most B1G stadium's don't have a counter. So they constantly use hyperbolic propaganda about the whiteout. Almost all their fans believe it as gospel. In the SEC atmosphere is a competition. Everyone has a good one.
  3. Auburn has a losing record to Alabama. But Auburn is 10-5 vs Bama at Jordan-Hare. That is a home field advantage. We almost never out rank Alabama or have more talent. We have Jordan-Hare though.
  4. They had the same attitude in 2003. But this time they should feel confident. That road victory at Wisconsin is impressive. Plus a night game in the 2nd largest stadium in the country. And from their view Auburn is a 2nd or 3rd tier SEC program that recently got blasted by Northwestern. Auburn has lost something like 9 straight road games against top 10 teams. In reality looking at 247 recruiting rankings Auburn and Penn State rosters are closely matched. I remember Franklin at Vandy and was never impressed with his decision making. I believe AU could win Saturday. But to many questio
  5. Yeah doubt seriously if it is louder than Gainesville. Looking at pictures the stadium design is more typical and not straightup and hoveringover the field. But that was a day game at UF and it was really hot and sunny. The atmosphere was kind of average. I think noise and atmosphere is going to be like a Neyland game in the 80s. I'm with you though. Seeing the team being prepared for the noise at PSU and staying poised is important.
  6. It will be interesting to see how leadership impacts the way Auburn handles the energy and momentum that PSU will have from being at home. That trip to Gainesville scarred me. I can't imagine how it sits in the minds of the team.
  7. Haha you got that before I fixed it. You are fast on the draw.
  8. Huge difference in being an anti vaxer and not 100% trusting the Covid Vacine. I got the Moderna shots as soon as it was available to me even though I'm not obese (78% hospitalized for COVID-19 in US were obese). I may have paid that price when I got a chest infection then a collapsed lung starting two weeks after my 2nd shot. But maybe it was just weird timing. Still I am glad I'm vaccinated and I think all adults should be. Of course my wife and most adults had no complications from the vaccine. But the numbers and science say it would be a greater risk to get the vaccine for my children (s
  9. There is no way to control boosters under these rules. For example Matt Corral (Ole Miss) is charging $10K an hour via Dreamfield. Every high school recruit will be looking for similar. They can sell blocks of time to "hang out" or play video games and any amount of payoff is fair game.
  10. Nah putting their faces on advertising, on the tickets, commercials, etc and getting paid for the use of their likeness to market is what they were given. The University and boosters can't give money directly is the biggest restraint. But bending that rule is so easy. BTW UCF fan support is really good for the competition they are bringing in. With the new playoff coming it sets up nicely for them.
  11. I dont think anyone is defending the NCAA in how they arbitrarily hand out punishment. In fact the criticism is just growing. The intent of the organization is to make sure college sports is fair competition. They can no longer even pretend to do that. When the rules were that players had to be amateur the NCAA had an actual measurement to apply. Any plan that AU can come up with can be copied and doubled by schools like Texas, UCLA. Florida, Penn State, Ohio State or Central Florida that have more alumni, businesses etc. People thinking that a handful of elite boosters are go
  12. Is she on her knees looking for Mayor Brown? If so this gif makes sense.
  13. I dont care if college athletes are amateur or not. But if every player is a bidding war then I don't expect Auburn to have a top 20 program. Maybe that's okay but probably something many current TUF members would no longer want to keep investing time and money in to support.
  14. You seemed to be very confused. The fairness aspect is in regards to competition between teams. Keeping a level playing field. Where teams succeed based on things other than who can pay the most. So yeah that is simple. Making it happen and enforcement of rules has never been clear or equal. The NCAA will still try and control and stop a direct pay to play system. But the way unscrupulous boosters and coaches act won't change. To think otherwise is hilarious. They just made it easier.
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