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  1. Same can be said about where AU was at this time last year. The game at NC State was so aggravating with our guards playing horrible. I think Bruce has a process to installing offense and developing roles. I have so much faith in Bruce. Team is positioned to win as they develop. We are really athletic but kids are thinking more than playing. It will click eventually. JMHO.
  2. Loved Tre Mason. We never had a kid that played harder. I was sitting behind the team at the 2013 title game. After the team ran out onto the field, before the game, Tre sprinted past the bench, and ran to where I was sitting on the front row. He flexed and yelled. Then gave me a high five before sprinting back to the team.
  3. Another OC calling the same Gus Malzahan plays is not really the improvement we need. I hope we see some of CCM's offense too.
  4. And Pat Nix couldn't pass in the rain. He had a problem gripping the ball. That was a miserable day.
  5. First time I have seen that. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Every team wants to beat AU. That's why they play. AU lost because UCF had a better plan and made better adjustments. Auburn never got away from trying to run draws and RPO against a team built on speed. If anyone took the game off it was the coaches not the players. At the end of the first quarter it was tied 3-3. Then UCF took over. Not because our players quit. Because UCF adjusted.
  7. Not related but it does remind me that there is a restaurant near the Columbia in Ybor City called Shrimp and Company. If you get a chance everyone should try it. By far my favorite place to eat when I go to Tampa. Also dont forget your reservation for Americas best steakhouse, Berns Steakhouse, if your so inclined.
  8. I feel like we owe them. Not sure we could beat them this year. Would be fun to see J Taylor though. Kind of opponent you remember years later.
  9. Afraid of them? I dont think they recruit better than AU.
  10. Probably will considering the product. But I'll do what I want by choice. Are you going?
  11. I retired out of Patrick. It is a nice location.
  12. Patrick to Disney is a long drive if you are going to do it more than once. Disney is on the opposite side of Orlando. Staying at Macdill for the duration might be easier.
  13. 😁I used to blame my kids for being a jinx. I'm a bit more realistic about where the issue is now though. I should start going more to games against lower tier teams to fix my record lol.
  14. I have never missed a bowl game in Florida. Im actually surprised I feel this way. But I think the last 15 football games I have attended AU won about 2 of them and I'm tired of it. At least the start time is decent this year and I might change my mind depending how many family members go. But right now spending money to watch a 3 loss AU play a team with one potential NFL player is not appealing.