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  1. CJ Walker a 5 star recruit in high school recently got clearance by the NCAA. He played last year as a true freshman at Oregon. 6'8" Forward.
  2. His road record vs teams with a pulse is like his bowl record, it's putrid. He is 15-17 in SEC road games. It will be Auburn's second game next year. So Gus will still need one more game to figure out what his players are good at. I would 100% expect Gus to lose that game even if PSU is unranked and 0-2. If they are ranked then Gus is 20-26 vs ranked teams.
  3. Like many others there is no way I'm spending my money or time going to another bowl game while Gus is coach. What really sucks is I really want to go to Penn State next year. But the fun is taken out when you have zero expectations to win.
  4. Whats covid got to do with it? They developed a 3 star qb, surrounded him with talent and run a modern offense. This not Bama best team under Saban. They recruit well. Alabama's current oline class is scary. They are actually getting better. We won't see a UGA team with 4 new starters on the oline, a new OC and a former walk on at QB again. We won't see Kiffen at Ole Miss with less talent. Arkansas is not getting worse. We were lucky to beat either. LSU won't have the massive turn over in players and coaches again. Texas A&M is obviously on the right path and recruiting well. B
  5. There is really just two tiers. Alabama, LSU, UGA, UF. And then everyone else. LOL Vandy has beaten UGA as much as Auburn has over the last 16 years. 3 wins in 16 tries. .
  6. Auburn just wants to do enough to make a bowl and cash in the profits. There is no other reason why Gus Malzahan will get a 9th year. South Carolina demonstrates a greater desire for excellence. They prove it through actions. They actually have a football only facility and didn't hesitate to fire a coach that beat Gus this year. Meanwhile the only consistent thing about Auburn football is 4 losses per year and TUF reminder emails.
  7. I will take a chance on hope and excitement and maybe disappointment over the the certainty of the garbage product Gus produces. It is not about one game. Its about the 7 straight seasons of four losses or more with and downward recruiting trend pointing to a relegation to second tier status that could take a decade to climb out of.
  8. ⁶ What are these disadvantages you speak of? Only two I know of are poor facility planning and current coaching staff. The advantages are huge. Located in a recruiting hot bed close to Georgia and Florida. Weekly national exposure. Crazy fan support. AD pays the staff like kings.
  9. And the point is the image of Auburn is not based on the head football coach. Nobody cares if the Auburn football coach goes to Sunday school. Any Auburn fan that would rather have Gene Chizik over Nick Saban or Kirby Smart as a football coach is a poor supporter and doing the players no favors.
  10. Sports Illustrated gave Auburn a mention a few days ago.This quote stands out: Its motto might as well be Lie and Deny.
  11. The funny thing about how some Auburn fans some care about image over quality is that outside of the AU fan base the nation sees Auburn as a cesspool of cheating and bad conduct anyway. The Alabama and national media always portray Auburn as the bad guy. Lets be honest some fans really need that LBS excuse about how Auburn develops gentlemen and Bama is just a football factory.
  12. Think your just missing the Texas Southern game on 15 Dec @ AU.
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