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  1. The Shivers skirmish happened around the 40 yard line. There was another skirmish with more players involved in the North endzone. I am pretty sure the skirmish in the endzone was first. But i think the Gainesville sun dried up most of my brain cells and I can't recall.
  2. Considering how bad development of QBs have been under Gus and his inability to fix it I am starting to think the issue is greater than the position. I dont know enough to watch a game and say if it is mechanics on throws, lack of practice and muscle memory to make the connection, the lack of understanding the offense and check downs or something else. Bo didn't have these accuracy issues in HS. He could also check down and improvise and throw to open spots. So could Kiehl Frazier, Jeremy Johnson etc. So I dont think it's the player so much as a lack of preparedness and the system they are using. I agree with the thought that with average QB play AU beats UF by 7. And if Dan Mullen was our Offensive coach and Gus was UF"s O coach, AU wins by 24. I also think when Mullen said that Gus knows how to scratch where it itches he was being condescending on the down low. I'm being harsh on Gus and I have always thought he had potential to be a legendary coach. But here in year 7 this ineptitude we witnessed is starting to be intolerable. BTW there was another confrontation pregame down in the North endzone. I have not seen any videos and not sure what happened. I didn't notice until several players were massed up already.
  3. Yeah I still dont understand what Clemson gained by firing Tommy Bowden. Or what Bama was thinking when they ran off Bill Curry. And UGA is def going to become the next UT after firing Mark Richt. And I still think the low point of Auburn sports was when they fired Barfield to hire Pat Dye. So silly for an organization to try and improve when they can stay the same.
  4. As bad as AU played we were one play away from taking the lead until late in the 4th. I agree that Joey should have taken a few snaps or a series. I also think top to bottom AU had more talent on the field. Our Oline got exposed on several 3rd and shorts though. Our inability to adjust to what they were giving us was frustrating. Bo is not an accurate passer. I dont know if it is mechanics or ability but it is costly. If Mullen is the QB whisperer then Gus is.... Most of all I'm embarrassed that I thought JH was a great home field advantage. The people that designed JH should be ashamed. Ben Hill Griffen Stadium is so incredibly loud. I haven't watched a replay of the game so I don't know if it really comes across on tv. But in person it is bone jarringly loud and an advantage that AU fans cant not duplicate in JH.
  5. 1:30 Eastern, Gates 15 - 16.
  6. I usually try to wear what AU asks. But sitting in the sun at Gainesville means I'm wearing white.
  7. They say which parking deck? On google there appears to be several scattered about.
  8. I'm going and I'm worried about parking. We went to the last AU vs UF basketball game in Gainesville and parking was terrible. I hate the idea of being on campus 6 hours before kick but it might be needed in this case.
  9. I'm full pessimist but hoping for the best. We have seen this in football many times. A kid we expect to get but doesn't commit and then "shocks the world" by going with a "business" decision. As a child of the 80's I have zero faith in the NCAA being fair and treating AU equal to the protected programs that will get quick and merciful reviews. The impact on recruiting will undermine the tourney success. The NCAA is going to string along an investigation at AU and then bend us over. Proof and intent be damned. I fully expect AU to finish behind UK, UT, UF, LSU, UGA and maybe UAT in class rankings. If we do better then great and that will just demonstrate how amazing our coaches are. The good news is we know Bruce can take lesser talent and win big. The bad news is AU did so well last year that Bama is going to acquire a top recruiting class. So yeah I know I'm being a pessimist but I'm also a product of the experiences of the past.
  10. Yeah that was a great send off. I'm going to this UF game but my seat location guarantees sunburn. I'm having second thoughts lol.
  11. I think 89 uat and 90 FSU were the two best games by an AU crowd that I have attended. Magical environments.
  12. This article has a lot of info on the staffs at home visits, player visits and targets. Not copying and posting article because it is a free read on a site dedicated to Auburn. Power of Dixieland Basketball Recruiting Notebook
  13. Don't know why I'm here because I still have faith Gus is going to get it done. BUT I'm thinking AU is not struggling with payments and they have deep enough pockets to trade whenever they want or need. I understand why the amounts of money being talked about sounds like this incredible, staggering and insurmountable, program changing loss of cash. And for mere mortals it would be. But I dont think AU would have to even blink at spending money to stay out of the SEC cellar. The money would come from numerous sources too. Big Money
  14. Is Myles Parker admin on that page? LOL. He is the only player with a picture.
  15. Tickets for The Legends Classic in Brooklyn are pretty cheap for great seats. Also the AU NY club has group seating tickets through facebook in lowers. A few days in NYC and AU hoops? To good to pass up IMO.