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  1. I started going to games when I was to young to remember as my parents took me with them to every home game, and lots of road games since birth. But the first game I can remember though is AU vs UGA in 1978. I was six and the only thing I remember is when Auburn ran back out onto the field wearing orange jerseys after warming up in blue. First road game I remember is Wake Forest in 1979. I was sad I had to sit in the stands instead of the grass.
  2. The whole point of the building is to impress recruits. So I would think a snazzy, awe inspiring design is the goal. I would also think the one advantage to being late to the Football Only Facility party is I can have the better product than the competition.
  3. Do they know they can object and ask for a better product for the money being spent or did they just lazily accept the vendors first proposal? Have they looked at what other schools have in place? The Oregon facility was $68 million. There is no comparison between the two. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/7/31/4574556/oregon-football-building-new
  4. And up to this point just looking at the design plans I thought the Clemson facility was much nicer. Like Disney vs Six Flags.
  5. When people talk about recruiting experience are they referring to evaluation of high school players? I'm not even sure how that is done anymore. I don't think it is like the '80s where coaches have to find the talent and decide if they are a good fit. Now programs have dedicated staff to do that don't they? Coaches just have to build relationships and close?
  6. I think Harsin had a type in mind for DL coach. He was looking for a technician first, recruiter second. Love what I saw in the video. Seems like he has a great personality, solid communicator and high energy. Can't wait to see how he works out.
  7. Very disappointed. I thought Rocker was the best technician on the staff. I hope they go after another fundamentals guy.
  8. I have not. I'm pretty lazy about those things. I went to one in Orlando a few years ago when the Brevard club was not functional. I'm signed up through the Alumni Association via the Space Coast Alumni Club now but since I don't do facebook so I tend to forget about them.
  9. The people that organized the effort to get the bill passed sent out information about the number being changed to 4,000 back in Nov. FLDHSMV released the stats with the updated sales numbers. I think COVID has had a huge impact on the sales. I had to mail a check to my county tax collector. Took them about two weeks to send me a receipt. Every county is different though. Maybe some can be done via walk in or online.
  10. When he left Auburn to go the Titans that was the excuse given on why he would leave AU. I think it stuck in the minds of fans. In truth I think it was probably just an excuse.
  11. If you live in Florida and you want Auburn Vanity plates then you need to order the voucher from your county tax collector. Because of COVID you might have to mail it to them. Each county has their own rules. Google the phone number of your county tax collector to call them and find out what you need to do to purchase a voucher. Over 3000 people pledge to buy AU vanity plates in Florida. They changed the rule so that 4000 plate vouchers must be purchased before they will begin issuing plates. The vouchers went on sale in early Nov 2000. As of 11 Jan 2021 only 508 vouchers have been
  12. I agree that players have accountability too. It's not natural for most people to train the way a person needs to at the SEC or NFL level though. I can barely talk myself into getting on the elliptical sitting in my own house. Coaches usually have to mold these kids and teach them what a great player does to succeed. I know good and well those 2 and 3 starts at Boise and Central Florida don't have the measurables of Seth Williams or Anthony Schwartz. But they are still productive. Some of that is because they have high football IQ passed on from the coaches. I mean I want those rare beas
  13. I can't pretend to be know what a NFL receiver needs to know to be great. But lots of people are fast and can catch. But how many people know what the defense is playing and can then determine where the hole is? Where to put your hands and feet if the DB is playing bump and run. How to counter the DB in bump and run? Where to keep your eyes. Knowing where to put your feet, hips, hands, head to run a crisp route. How many ways to sell a DB out of position. Do you know what route the other WR, RB and TE are running? Do you have the endurance to run the whole game? How to improve endurance? How
  14. True if your talking about KB. But he also has no experience outside that scheme. If you talking about DC then I think what Jimbo does at A&M is very similar to what we will see with CBH and CMB. I dont see the passing game at Texas A&M being the level I want AU to be.
  15. I've seen what Auburn receivers look like with high end talent and mediocre coaching. DC would just be more of that imo. I would now like to see what Auburn looks like with elite coaching that has players NFL ready.
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