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  1. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    So if Nebraska hires Frost one week after the regular season ends you think AU could still go after him? I don't see that happening. I only use Frost as an example as there are many coaches and assistants I would be happy with. But timing is crucial in this process.
  2. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    I don't understand how we can wait to replace JJ until Dec. By the time we got an AD in place we would be well behind every other school in the country looking to replace their football staff.
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    We can't limit choices by saying we have to hire only a elite coach from a power 5 team. It almost never happens at any school. There are probably a hundred coaches out there that would have used our talent better in the LSU game than what the current staff did and I feel I am being generous. We need a competent coach that works hard. Our location and commitment ($) will speak for itself. I want to see Auburn stop the nepotism, and give a new coach full power over staff and program.
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Sometimes a highly thought of coordinator is a Smart hire.
  5. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    This is exactly the same spot we were in 2003 with Tommy Tuberville. CTT had just finished his 5th crappy season. Everyone knew that CTT was a mediocre coach and the results were the proof. Our AD tried to get rid of him after an 8-5 season and the enmedia inflamed the dumber part of our fan base into supporting him. So we got stuck with Tubs for 10 seasons which opened the way for Saban to come in and dominate. I do not want to see another year under Gus. LSU had enough competitive spirit to fire Les Miles in the middle of the season. Surely AU cares enough to make the necessary moves before it is to late.
  6. Time frame to replace an AD?

    If this is true then I find it bitter sweet. Sweet because AU desperately needs to fire JJ and obviously replace CGM. But bitter because if they have a new AD selected we are probably about to get saddled with another good ole boy who will be stepping to the same tune as JJ. Another good ole boy = 10 more years of futility. Nepotism is why we hired JJ, Chizik, and Gus. I am sick of it.
  7. How do these situations usually play out when both AD and coach are fired? This has to happen at other schools all the time. Surely the AD has to be fired soon if AU hopes to replace the football staff at the end of the year?
  8. JABA Shirts

    That shirt will only accomplish embarrassing AU and provide a negative image to recruits and the nation when the enmedia get wind of it. Negative recruiting fodder served up on a plate. AU seems to always get in it's own way.
  9. Keep season tickets?

    The main reason I am thinking about getting a refund is because I feel like Coach Pearl will probably get fired and AU will replace him with a Barbee or Eagles caliber hire. That combined with any penalties and negative recruiting during the NCAA investigation is a a death blow. Best case we have little success for at least 7-10 years and maybe longer depending if AU invests in trying to win in basketball again. I guess at this point I am waiting on a response from Leath on JJ and CBP..
  10. Keep season tickets?

    I did notice they were offering refunds. Honestly I don't think I would have thought about asking for one if they didn't say they were available. I have wanted hoops success for so long and now this is very disheartening and I am not sure if there is any point in trying to offer support to AU hoops.
  11. Keep season tickets?

    I live 9 hours from AU and only make a couple of games a year anyway. I contribute to TUF and buy tickets to support the program only because I was so happy AU finally invested in making AU hoops relevant. But now I feel let down and doubt if we see a NCAA tourney bid in the next 10 years. Anyone else thinking about asking for a refund? I guess if AU came out and offered some insight into the future it would help. Anyone else have thoughts?
  12. I went to Starkvegas last season and remember they were not a very talented team. I don't think they upgraded that much since last year. They might be playing better but if coaching is equal there is no way they should threaten AU in Jordan-Hare.
  13. Does Auburn take a step forward tonight?

    I expect to look team loaded with top blue chippers against a really bad team that might have already given up on it's own coaching staff. Not much AU could do tonight to indicate what the rest of the season will look like. Unless AU actually struggles in which case I hope Gus and staff have to walk home.
  14. Who Do You Want?

    There are really great coaches at places like Tulsa that would love a stage like Auburn.Two problems with hiring a coach that I see are the notion that we must hire a top name or someone with AU connections. There are people like Pat Dye working at places like Wyoming that would compete for titles at Auburn.
  15. Worth Replacing Gus?

    Doesn't a home run hire just mean bringing in someone that can recruit, develop talent and win a fair share of titles while keeping up with our rivals in head to head meetings? That does not mean the new coach must have already done those things as a head coach at another school or NFL. It could be anyone that is highly successful as a coordinator or coach at a lower level. Gene Chizik won a national title at Auburn. We just need someone that believes in hard work and has the talent & wisdom to succeed. I didn't see Oklahoma chasing Chip Kelly and they appear to be doing just fine.