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  1. AUBourne

    The State of the program

    I don't think anyone has said that he can not hire one of his yes men. Based on his past it is expected. Just because the school is not willing to throw massive amounts of money for a multi year deal with a buyout to Freeze does not mean Gus can not pick someone else he wants. The school would be stupid to agree to another huge buyout for an OC. Not throwing more money away that will be sorely needed after next year seems like the best plan to me.
  2. AUBourne

    The State of the program

    He has averaged 5 losses a year the past 5 seasons. This is all his fault. Many times he has chosen to hire his buddies over qualified coaches. He gets completely out coached in the 2nd half against teams consistently. I wouldn't want to throw away massive money for another faux coordinator either. Not hard to understand why the administration doesn't want to pay the buyout or waste money for a QB coach with an inflated job title. Gus is a lame duck coach with a proven record of mediocrity that gets another season because of the contract. Investing even more money in long term contracts with large buyouts for his yes men would be silly. Not like he is going to allow a new OC to pick his own assistants and actually improve the offense.
  3. AUBourne

    Auburn is the new Tenn

    The difference between AU and Clemson is competent leadership and a long term plan. Clemson invested in facilities for students and athletics and that is paying off. Clemson's success is proof of AU incompetence. AU has a better recruiting footprint, makes more money, gets more exposure, member of a better conference but has a program lagging behind by every measure in facilites and results. In a horrible year with youth and injuries Auburn should not lose to mediocre teams outside of the Power Seven (Alabama, LSU, UGA, UF, UT, A&M). Those type of losses consistently, as we are seeing now, proves AU is on the wrong path and has a subpar coaching staff. But when comparing programs to Clemson the coaching staffs are not the only issue.
  4. AUBourne

    Tickets to Dayton game on 12/8?

    Tickets belong to season ticket holders. They pay at least $750 per seat for TUF on top of the face value for ticket for those lower seats.
  5. AUBourne

    Chip Lindsey

    Gross. Really? Another friend hire. And another guy that has spent most of his time in high school and with Gus. His last 3 years at USCe was as the RB coach. What experience developing QBs or college passing attacks does he have? I don't think Gus could be that dense?
  6. AUBourne

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    Oklahoma, Georgia, Clemson were all in the playoffs last year. All 3 hired an assistant to be head coach. This path seems much more likely to me considering Gus buyout. I don't think Gus is getting fired though.
  7. AUBourne

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    I get tired of people saying the offensive line is not executing. When the coaches run the most predictable offense with glaring tells based on trends and formations the players don't have a chance to execute because the other team knows what happening before the ball is snapped. The coaches are responsible for self analyzing and giving our players a chance. And it should not take 3 games or 7 games to adjust. The UCF game should have been a wake up call. I remember Gus fought to make Chip his OC. He had a chance to bring in a respected coordinator to help provide guidance and install an actual legit passing game to go with his run game. He chose to bring in a yes man instead. This reoccurring mess of dysfunctional play calling and vanilla play design is a sum of Gus' brand. I don't see any improvement in the trajectory of the program since CCL was brought in. In fact the SEC record since 2013 is not good and I see no reason to think the program is heading in the right direction. And getting beat by MSU again, in year 6, and whipped by a terrible UT team tells me exactly what type of quality our coach is.
  8. AUBourne

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Arkansas)

    Well the tone in my section was pretty negative towards the offensive coaches and Gus. Kind of took some enjoyment out being there. One fellow and his two kids left early in the game out of frustration after a bad offensive play. Couple of guys dropping F bombs and others adding scattered boos all game for play calls and lack of production. I was just trying to enjoy being in the stadium with my kids because we only make a 1 or 2 games a year. I understand why folks are mad though. Our stability ($) and talent level should produce and look more finished at this point in the season. Regardless after finishing the 8 hour drive back home and washing the love bugs off my car in the dark last night I think I'm done for the season. Cost/aggravation not worth the satisfaction received.
  9. I have never been so angry about officiating. With unbiased officials AU wins by 3 scores. A no call on an obvious PI on 3rd down prevented us from closing the door when the score was 21-10. Officials ended the game by killing 2 AU drivers with holding calls and two no calls on 3rd down PI. At the same time they extended LSU drives repeatedly with calls. Yes AU could have won despite the biased officiating but LSU had no chance to win without it.
  10. AUBourne

    Keep season tickets?

    Takes some people a lot longer to think than others. Glad I kept them. The only game I went to this year was a road game. But I made a lot of money on stubhub.
  11. AUBourne

    Are we going to sign anyone this year?

    Coaches have quit recruiting for an entire class? Okay, but recruiting is not a one year thing. Are they recruiting 2019 kids? Because if not then I fear the future.
  12. AUBourne

    failure to communicate

    They attacked because we telegraphed run or pass and then used slow developing plays all day such as delay handoffs, and zone reads. Coaches did not give the players an opportunity to succeed. Our guys didn't just forget how to communicate or play.
  13. AUBourne

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    When you base your offense on the run game and then show up with slow zone reads, draws and delayed hand offs against a team that is based on speed and not power don't dare blame the players. That is horrible coaching.
  14. AUBourne

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    UVA AD Carla Williams
  15. AUBourne

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    No idea if it is true or not, but when her name was first brought up weeks ago on this forum it was mentioned that several people already closely involved with the AD are pushing for her. That seems a bit concerning. Etheridge also sounds like another good ole boy type hire to me but I have no idea what his relationship with BOT or current AD employees are.