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  1. My hope is the rest of the SEC falls to a level of incompetence, combined with youth, that allows Auburn to win the conference.
  2. The basketball team improved after facilities and coaches were upgraded. I think the football program will need the same upgrades to evolve beyond the current mediocre results. I dont care what the going rate for a coach is. I do care who they entrust that position to. A coach that averages 4.4 losses per season over 7 years with a 2-5 bowl record is a failure. But as long as the school is making money I dont think they care.
  3. I don't think an upper tier program should be trying to catch up to Wake Forest and Kentucky. Stewardship of the program reflects on the desire and will of the University to work hard, and be an upper tier program, and if they want to compete for championships. Or just be there for the profits. I also feel hiring decisions for coaches reflect the will of the program. Do you hire a buddy at Arkansas State or Iowa State? Or do you hire the proven up and coming coach at Wyoming? One type wins championships consistently. One does enough to keep making profits.
  4. Best I have seen. Big brother Clemson.
  5. No. These players spend a lot of time at these buildings because they offer things outside of football. And things that help them beyond the practice time with coaches.
  6. These facilities are common now. Places like Wake Forest, and Kentucky have them. Alabama, LSU, Clemson have them. Some schools have had them for 10 years.
  7. Actually just looked. There is a softball complex project listed under the AU facility management page. Not sure at what point they took over the project or if they just manage the QA on contract with the builder.
  8. The athletic department is a self funding organization with requirements outside the scope of normal educational requirements. I don't think you will find any athletic upgrade plans covered by Auburn University's facility management. Last year when AU decided they had a need for a football only facility they had to put together a new committee to manage the project. Auburn is behind most upper tier football programs in what it can offer in quality of life to student athletes. Can't claim to be doing an excellent job in managing funds and facility planning when every program you want to compete with is doing better. Auburn's athletic department is consistently in the top 10 of revenue ($140M) per year. But last year they had to put together a new committee to start exploring the idea of a football facility. Most other schools they compete with have already completed theirs. Where is Auburn athletics putting all that money? I'm saying that there should be a full time organization under the athletic department that already knows every requirement, and every approval step from cradle to grave. Often these people should be identify the requirements before the customer even knows they have it. And they should have been working on the approval and then the funding years ago. They should have already went to AU Facilities Management and secured the space. The fact that a new committee had to be formed speaks to the fact there is no actual cohesive planing taking place.
  9. Game time was just changed to 12 eastern start. That changes everything.
  10. There is barely 200 tickets for sale on StubHub right now. 10 sets of 4. I don't doubt you can get 4 tickets, but 4 together for a fair price is questionable.
  11. Prices have been going down the past couple of days. I sold two on StubHub a few days ago that went a good way to covering my TUF payment.
  12. Was just thinking about the facilities. There should be a 5 year, 10 and 20 year blueprint. A living document to plan and manage funds, facilities & equipment to include real property, IT and finances. There should be no guess work, or last minute approvals. Fund raising should be a constant for a general fund not for one building at a time. A full time staff to manage it to include Civil engineers, financial specialist, IT engineers, & AD rep that's knows each organization's current and future requirements. And a Project management professional to run it all. Does AU have this? Cause from the outside it seems like they just wait until a requirement becomes a dire need and then they start trying to raise money. Everything seems so amateurish.
  13. I think my earliest memory at a game is when Auburn came out in orange jerseys against UGA in 1978. AU had warmed up in their regular jerseys and then switched them before they took the field. Six year old me thought it was amazing. My parents were season ticket holders so I def attended games before that but can't remember them. The oldest memory where I can actually remember the game itself was a road trip at Wake Forest in '79 that we lost.
  14. 2020 will be Gus"s version of 2004. Will out talent UNC and win the home games. Beat the Mississippi schools on the road but will lose to UGA, and Alabama. Go to the Sugar and lose 6th straight January bowl. The fans with LBS will be happy about the Sugar Bowl appearance. Gus will then hang on for another 4 years and never make the playoffs.