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  1. Seattle no longer sounds fun.
  2. I probably missed it but I just now learned that his older brother plays for Texas Tech. This linked article from a Duke site speculates he will get offered Jalen Green type money from the G League. I'm feeling no warm fuzzies. I think a solid player like Both Gach from Utah that can share minutes and add size is where we end up.
  3. Watching Bruce magically pull a team together over a season and find a style for them is so much fun though.
  4. I'm super hyped for the Orlando Invitational. I'm kinda feeling that game at Washington too. Prettiest campus I have been to and a return trip would be fun.
  5. There is a link for a tab titled scoring on the page linked. Summary is 3.8 points per game.
  6. He must have been a beast in AAU. 3 points a game at Oak Hill.
  7. Link Jonathan Kuminga, the highly promising young big man currently in the class of 2021, has cut his list to 10 so here it is: Duke Kentucky Washington Florida State Memphis Texas Tech Michigan Georgia Maryland Auburn
  8. Josh Gray, 2020, Center. @NWNBJosh Final 5
  9. Is my way of thinking on Chris Moore and JT Thor + Jaylin Williams wrong? I feel like if Brown wants to play SF he now knows AU has the talent and bodies at PF to allow him to do that. Much lower risk of AU being the team that tells him he can play where he wants and then forces him to play 4 when practice starts.
  10. I'm going to put on my AUFamily shirt and demand entrance. Rules are rules
  11. If anyone saw me watching that they would think I was insane. Huge smile and teary eyes. I still dont think my son appreciates the experience of that game. I have watched so much bad AU basketball over the years. But we will always that week in KC.
  12. Is there full versions of the UNC, and Kentucky tournament games out there? I never got to watch the broadcasts of the games.
  13. I dont understand how a team can miss so many layups.