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  1. AUBourne

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Arkansas)

    Well the tone in my section was pretty negative towards the offensive coaches and Gus. Kind of took some enjoyment out being there. One fellow and his two kids left early in the game out of frustration after a bad offensive play. Couple of guys dropping F bombs and others adding scattered boos all game for play calls and lack of production. I was just trying to enjoy being in the stadium with my kids because we only make a 1 or 2 games a year. I understand why folks are mad though. Our stability ($) and talent level should produce and look more finished at this point in the season. Regardless after finishing the 8 hour drive back home and washing the love bugs off my car in the dark last night I think I'm done for the season. Cost/aggravation not worth the satisfaction received.
  2. I have never been so angry about officiating. With unbiased officials AU wins by 3 scores. A no call on an obvious PI on 3rd down prevented us from closing the door when the score was 21-10. Officials ended the game by killing 2 AU drivers with holding calls and two no calls on 3rd down PI. At the same time they extended LSU drives repeatedly with calls. Yes AU could have won despite the biased officiating but LSU had no chance to win without it.
  3. AUBourne

    Keep season tickets?

    Takes some people a lot longer to think than others. Glad I kept them. The only game I went to this year was a road game. But I made a lot of money on stubhub.
  4. AUBourne

    Are we going to sign anyone this year?

    Coaches have quit recruiting for an entire class? Okay, but recruiting is not a one year thing. Are they recruiting 2019 kids? Because if not then I fear the future.
  5. AUBourne

    failure to communicate

    They attacked because we telegraphed run or pass and then used slow developing plays all day such as delay handoffs, and zone reads. Coaches did not give the players an opportunity to succeed. Our guys didn't just forget how to communicate or play.
  6. AUBourne

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    When you base your offense on the run game and then show up with slow zone reads, draws and delayed hand offs against a team that is based on speed and not power don't dare blame the players. That is horrible coaching.
  7. AUBourne

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    UVA AD Carla Williams
  8. AUBourne

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    No idea if it is true or not, but when her name was first brought up weeks ago on this forum it was mentioned that several people already closely involved with the AD are pushing for her. That seems a bit concerning. Etheridge also sounds like another good ole boy type hire to me but I have no idea what his relationship with BOT or current AD employees are.
  9. AUBourne

    Report: Malzhan staying

    We have the best QB in the SEC, best RB, senior heavy oline, and top 10 defense. We scored zero in second half vs Clemson. Scored zero in second half vs LSU. Scored zero in second half in Georgia loss. Outside of giving coach more money and a bigger buyout what gets better next year? I’m not really feeling that optimistic even though I wish I could. I really want to get excited about about potential but I feel like things didn’t change. I think this contract means at least 3 more seasons for Gus though so we will find out by year 8 what we have.
  10. AUBourne

    Projection: Peach vs. UCF

    Teams ranked below us with way more exciting opponents. I think AU should have won a case that Central Florida vs Miami was a much more appealing game. Same for AU vs OSU or USC in Cotton. I think politicking is a major factor and our leadership failed.
  11. AUBourne

    Projection: Peach vs. UCF

    Auburn AD should apologize for not getting AU into one of the other bowls. Just horrible.
  12. AUBourne

    Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    I can understand your take on last season and it makes sense. Though my point was not to dwell so much on the past but to get a feel for Auburn's chances I do have a gripe in how emphasis on what is important to getting in changes. TCU got left out based on the whole idea that they didn't play in a championship game (in OSU's favor) and then that was not so important (in OSU's favor) last year. See before the season started in 2014 the NCAA published a list of criteria the committee would judge teams on. Winning a conference title game was not on that list (winning a conference title was and TCU did that). Also on their list was results vs common opponents (they both played Minnesota. TCU 30-7 over Gophers and OSU 31-24 so edge clearly to TCU). Another factor was strength of schedule. TCU finished the regular season ranked number 11 sos and OSU number 26 sos. Also the committee was to evaluate significant injuries. OSU was down to a 3rd string QB while TCU had an All-American in Boykin. These are the reason I felt then and still do that the emphasis was changed to get the final results. But if we win out I think I am actually most concerned with how the committee views the loser of the Miami - Clemson game in comparison to Auburn. It could be Miami, Oklahoma, Clemson in the first 3 spots. Will be very interesting to see it all unfold and it is certainly nice that AU is in the conversation this late in the season. And thank you for being civil. I appreciate your thoughts.
  13. AUBourne

    Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    The committee gave out a list of specif criteria that they were going to judge teams by. TCU beat OSU in almost every point. I used to have a picture of the graphic but no longer do. It included SoS, results vs common opponents, etc. They had to ignore their own criteria to get OSU in over TCU.
  14. AUBourne

    Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    Not reading the rest of your post. You come across like a cry baby and hostile because someone does not agree with you. Life must be hard for you. I don't know why typing your either of your responses could not have been done without so much rudeness but I guess some people (like you obviously) are just like that. Bet you are a real joy to be around. Then again hiding behind a keyboard and talking down to people is probably about as brave as you get.
  15. AUBourne

    Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    Seeing the Rose Bowl Stadium was one of the main reason I made the trip. Been to many games at various college stadiums such as Washington, BYU, and appreciate the history. The problem is that the Rose Bowl is a complete safety risk. Those one way tunnels that barely fit 2ppl across at a time are potentially a huge issue. They are also inconvenient because if you must make a bathroom break you have to stand in a 20 minute line to get back through the tunnel.