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  1. Let's Lighten the Mood..Caption This Photo

    "Attention Walmart shoppers...."
  2. Petrino Discussions

    Worried about Petrino not learning his lesson and screwing up again? Easy solution..... Give his wife Tim Jackson's job.... j/k... well mostly
  3. What was the first year

    You've got me by a week. Mine was the Chattanooga game, the first game after fall quarter started my freshman year.
  4. 1894 Beat GA Tech 94-0. Finished season 1-3
  5. LaDarius Owens first page of this thread... hope this works it was discussed here
  6. Anyone else hearing we are talking to

    Since we are the reigning National Champions, I think we should be real cocky and take on some of the best teams in the country. Such as.... oh wait.... we already play the three teams that won the four titles previous to ours... Oh darn.. I guess we'll have to think of some other way to be cocky....