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  1. If he truly left his LOI for his HS coach to send and he hasn't sent it in yet to AU, like he asked his coach to do, then he needs to go in to his coach's office take the LOI and go to the fax machine himself and send it.....this isn't rocket science.
  2. T-Rob makes it offical......DB coach at AU!!! Welcome home!!
  3. Just a quick comment......Our D hasn't given up a TD in 5+ qtrs!!! THAT'S improvement!!
  4. I guess since the ASU D isn't faking injuries, the refs have to slow down the pace by throwing flags
  5. Which means Wallace and Johnson are worse?!?!?! 2ndly that means we don't have a scholly QB who can throw....
  6. CKB must be doing some WR coaching....esp in the blocking area
  7. Big O's family is still in the B'ham area. When my dad was receiving cancer treatment, one of his oncology nurses was closely related to James. She got James to sign a poster and gave it to me (it's still hanging on my wall). You can tell this great man has a major influence in his family and I'm proud he was our first integrated player.
  8. Hence why I dub CBS, the Commercial Broadcasting Station.
  9. Since he is my fantasy QB, I'll second that with a 4.3 pt performance!!! Sarcasm aside, we haven't played well at Arky in as many year as I can remember. They have our number, especially at home. The D played as well as expected, once Arky stopped passing. There are a couple of problems I have with the O. 1)almost 90% of the time, we run the ball on 1st down. That's TOO predictable! We've got to mix it up. IMHO, if the opposing team lined up 11 in the box on first down, we might still run the ball. 2)With all the great WR's we've recruited in the last 2 years, WHY can't they get open, and why can't they catch a ball!!! Hello Jugs machine!! Anyway, enough of the rant. We fought till the end on D, of which I'm proud. I know expectations heading into this year were on the low end, and it's starting to be evident why. Our DL needs some time in the weight room and to grow into their bodies. I'll end with, our coaches have their work cut out for them over the next 2-3 years.