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  1. "For the last time, they're not going to let us paint the field blue"
  2. "Did I tell you to put that shirt on and for the love of god,,, you left the size sticker on the back."
  3. "They're not going to kill us here"
  4. "Wait here and let the potential transfers come to us."
  5. "You're the reason no one likes us."
  6. Good point. Early in this montage, it is stated that 1/3 of Democrats believe Trump was not a legitimate president. It should tell you something when information directly contradicts itself.
  7. We have people in this country who love the idea of a fascist, authoritarian government. They will call anyone who opposes them communist/socialist. We have our own class of oligarchs, our own overclass. We have never been further away from "socialism" than perhaps the late 19th/early 20th century. Our problem is not the power of the government. Our problem is the ability of the economically powerful to buy and manipulate the government.
  8. That was never the basis for any investigation. Russian interference was the basis. The Trump campaign bears the responsibility for dragging Trump into the mix. Meetings with Russians, lying about meetings with Russians, asking the Russians for help, financial ties with Russians were the reasons for the investigation (as related to Trump). The investigation were in no way demanded by partisanship. The investigations were demanded by national security interests. The Steele dossier is meaningless.
  9. The structures built on the coast are essentially uninsurable. We are all subsidizing the individuals who own these properties.
  10. Simply not true. The Russians and the Trump campaign have no one to blame but themselves for the Mueller investigation. Sadly, some have no concern with the Russians backing their candidate as long as they win. They do not even care to try to understand why the Russians would favor a particular candidate for president, as long as it is their candidate. National security demanded this investigation, not partisanship.
  11. Yes but, the diversion of attacking Iraq, unintentionally creating ISIS was the real mistake. If we had not invaded Iraq, our mission in Afghanistan would have continued to focus on finding Bin Laden, it would likely never become another nation building project. Sadly, we allowed a VP who had dreams of conquering Iran and Iraq to drive a senseless expedition into war. Yet another example of how the people of this country no longer have any power. Those with power have all of the power.
  12. The problems are extreme inequality and, a government that can be bought. When you consider what technology means in terms of the value of human labor and, consider the implications of global warming, we have real problems that need immediate attention. Sadly, we have some who would rather focus on abortion, transgender rights, CRT, and the continued battle against the "communists/socialists". Without the ability to acknowledge truth, the desire to be fair, the practicality of being more equal, we have little chance at a better society. The extremely wealthy in this country have taken too much. They have become an overclass. As long as society is politically divided, this will not change. Think about why inflation is felt most in necessities. Think about what that does relative to class. This inflation is nothing more than the rich imposing a tax on society. We have been taught to look down to see the causes of problems in our society. We should have been educated to look up. The problems are seen at the bottom of society but, the causes come from those who hold the wealth and power. We should have learned this lesson from the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century. Obviously, we didn't study.
  13. What are the odds? Two coaches in a row who: Stop doing what is working. And, Continue to do what is not working.
  14. Absolutely. We still have some talent. I am afraid if we wait much longer,,, that will not be the case.
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