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  1. Effective rhetoric. They are bad. We are good. Their plan is a disaster. Our plan is torpedoing their plan. It's all politics. It's theater. Governing? Irrelevant to political goals.
  2. I disagree. I believe he is a phony ideologue. I believe he is really a typical self-serving career politician.
  3. Good, a man with situational ethics. Ethics are just an excuse for the losers.
  4. I hate the idea of playing teams like Samford. However, when you look at it in the context of the actual date of the game, it makes perfect sense.
  5. I agree. The discussion never even gets to even any generalized, specifics. IMO, we have three basic types of regulations/motivations for regulations: Those designed to actually serve/protect the public. Those designed to thwart competition. Those designed to create work for attorneys. And of course, there are convenient combinations of all three.
  6. You obviously have not seen the advertisement for the book, Big Agenda. You don't realize that Obama and the media are plotting against Trump. There is a giant conspiracy going on. Most people are blind. Trump is not the liar. Liberals want to destroy Trump and our country.
  7. Well maybe "people" need to get with the program and, employ a few hundred lobbyists, start a PAC, buy a few politicians. Corporations are "people" too; bigger, smarter, richer people. You know, the "people" who matter.
  8. Did you read the article? You were prescribed a toenail fungus?
  9. Sorry, I just can not seem to get into the spirit of amassing huge sums of money, as being the meaning of life. I am trying. BTW, why did you move this?
  10. 25 Dead, 700 Sick https://www.yahoo.com/news/verdict-reached-trial-over-deadly-140022438.html
  11. Spare me.
  12. So the Russian attempt to influence our election is meaningless? Stop chasing rabbits. It's not about Trump, Obama, Flynn. It's damn sure not about the partisan political game.
  13. He is not. He demands/commands respect. He is on top of key issues. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-sends-lawyers-teen-where-211954555.html
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/news/sen-durbin-gorsuch-frozen-trucker-212143123.html#mycomments Gorsuch seems to be a good man. Still, I fundamentally disagree with his view of the law. If we want a legal system, we do not need human judges. Computers would be more capable. I believe we need a justice system, a system that serves humanity, recognizes circumstances and, seeks something more than a mere recognition of the limits of language in a legal context. I think the case in this story is a perfect example and, speaks directly to the misguided, too often abused, "legal" system. Justice is a higher standard, a more humane goal. It is why the position Gorsuch has been nominated for called a "Justice", not a "Legalist".
  15. The President is either: Delusional A chronic liar Understands that many people will believe anything he says, simply because they want to believe All of the above