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  1. When you're ready to discuss this without attacking me personally, have at it. - TitanTiger
  2. Do as you wish. I meant what I said. There was no "poo". There was no unintelligent thought. You simply do not like the fact that your morality has been called into serious question. It should be and, rather than a snide, trite remark, I would suggest deep thought and prayer.
  3. Isn't that the truth. I have watched it all my life.
  4. Sorry but in this instance, you do not deserve respect or civility. Your morality is baseless and perverse.
  5. You should keep your morality to yourself and, stop attempting to force it on others, That is truly despicable. You are free to define human life any way you choose. However, you are not free to define it for everyone. Your definition denies the consciousness that makes us who we are. To torture a conscious soul for the sake of your "morality" is evil.
  6. The clump of cells has no consciousness. The raped, traumatized female does. What you propose to force her to do is cruelty upon cruelty. Your religion dictates such inhumane treatment? Your religion allows you to make the choice without regard to her feelings? Now that is an abomination.
  7. No, in this particular case it really isn't.
  8. I like the part about, "rounding to the millions". Doing that over multiple items, over multiple P&Ls,,,,,
  9. Trying to understand your unique position. Hate groups have rights but,,, homosexuals do not? That is very, very interesting. Can you explain?
  10. We must yield to the "will" of God. https://www.yahoo.com/news/gop-lawmaker-calls-rape-and-incest-will-of-god-in-defense-of-anti-abortion-bill-164242228.html
  11. Well,,,If you don't like it, http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/‘nobody’s-got-to-use-the-internet’-a-gop-lawmaker’s-response-to-concerns-about-web-privacy/ar-BBzSt7r?li=BBnbcA1 "Nobody's got to use it" and, you are all nobodies.
  12. It's difficult to believe that this explanation is necessary for an educated adult.
  13. You have to love the irony in,,,the guy who wants free speech for hate, bragging about his ignore list and, asking for someone to be banned for no other reason than being politically left.
  14. Idiotic question. One proclaims racial supremacy, the right to dominate, espouses hate. The other seeks equality and justice. This isn't white versus black. This is good versus evil.
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