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  1. No. You made the claim. You must prove it. Now, you can add journalists to that as well.
  2. Sure but, most of the cost increases in healthcare costs have not originated at that level.
  3. To some degree, I believe this reveals an informal mandate from the insurers and largest providers. If you do not have health insurance, you will not be able to afford healthcare. It is a means to ensure a consistent revenue stream. Why would hospitals not give the same discounts to cash customers that they extend to the insurance providers?
  4. Sure. How many would you care for? What do we believe about the invasion of Iraq? Why? What do we believe about the financial crisis? Why? What do we believe about Benghazi? Why? What do we believe about Russian involvement in our presidential election? Why? What do we believe about globalism versus nationalism? Why? What do we believe about voter fraud? Why? We are invested in political narratives and ideology. We typically do not seek the truth. We seek information that fits. Fake news for everyone. Little bits of truth mixed in to cover the lies, bias, opinions. Opinions and perceptions are more important than an honest evaluation of information. We are being given two choices in regard to what we should think rather than, being given information and, being encouraged to think independently. What more do you need?
  5. I think this person reveals a fundamental problem with bureaucrats. He refers to serving an "administration". Too many bureaucrats have lost touch with the concept of serving the country, the people.
  6. This thread should be moved. Partisan drivel.
  7. She is not.
  8. That should be true. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be. The political division is too well orchestrated. There is a fundamental lack of independent, critical thinking. Truth is compromised. Logic is lost. Bias is accepted. Opinion becomes fact. Our minds would rather be entertained and cajoled than, be informed. We believe what we want to believe. We believe we know. So, there is no need to question or, seek new information.
  9. Nothing to do with "blood". Everything to do with protecting brand, image. He was thinking the "right" way. Now he is not thinking the right way? Who cares? Think for yourself.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/house-committee-begins-probe-of-payments-to-flynn-210144266.html
  11. Perhaps, like the rest of us, Obama was not aware that the Trump campaign was in contact with the Russians during the election?
  12. That has been done repeatedly. Your refusal to acknowledge is meaningless. Deception and deflection are, for the most part, all you bring to the forum. You are a poor contributor.
  13. I thought that is what I have been saying??? Let's not pretend to know one way or the other for now, though. That part of what we think doesn't matter. It only serves to feed our own bias.
  14. So. You liberals want to silence Milo Yiannopoulos.