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  1. I hope you can see the structural problem in the rest of the comment. That is the crucial element in perverting capitalism by way of collusion and corruption. Money in politics, big corporate money, is nothing but government for sale. That is inherent corruption. It is bipartisan but, it is not necessarily equal. Any form of government can be successful if,,, the interest of capital and society are balanced. When either dominates the other there will be suffering. Total inequity is self-defeating. You cannot have production without consumption or, consumption without production. Balance is the answer. We need to stop thinking simply about economic growth and, concentrate more on the breadth of that growth. One of the real promises of capitalism is shared prosperity. We are drifting away from that ideal and, that drift is accelerating. Money in politics is why. Relative equality is (maybe was is better) an American ideal. More importantly, it is (maybe, should be again) a Christian ideal. Balance is the answer, not corruption and greed.
  2. Capitalism controlling government rather than government controlling capitalism. Within the private sector, competition is paramount. Unfortunately, within public education, it obscures the real objective, educating the people it set out to educate.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/elon-musk-says-hes-wading-025721876.html
  4. Sadly, the Bible has displaced the love of Jesus as the cornerstone of Christianity. We would rather believe the prophets and apostles than to live as Jesus commanded.
  5. I don't really care who this guy says he is. He is crazy. I only care about how he was motivated and emboldened. There is a reason why the hate groups seem to rally around the Republican party. They are being fed. You cannot deny the rhetoric is there without lying.
  6. The problem is not how the FDA handled the whistleblower complaint. The problem is how the manufactures used the FDA to keep imports out of the market. The market should never been allowed to consolidate to only 3 suppliers. The real problem is not incidental, it is structural. There is no government good, government bad argument. There are two types of regulations. Regulations that protect society. Regulations that restrict competition. The basic problem lies in allowing trade associations, allowing those associations to fund massive lobbying efforts, the lobbyist being allowed to write regulations for the benefit of the major industry players.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/herschel-walkers-ties-to-veterans-program-face-scrutiny/ar-AAXxRBe?li=BBnb7Kz
  8. It clearly was an attempt at a coup. The whole point of the attack was to intimidate Pence. If not for Pence, it may well have gotten bloody,,, much bloodier.
  9. Perhaps he is correct. Christianity has twisted itself in the effort to ignore the direct commandments of Jesus. I no longer consider myself a "Christian". I am nothing but a lowly sinner. A follower of Jesus.
  10. Exactly. A blatantly racist assertion. Sadly, he will not understand, he will not even consider. Again, lost in fear, anger, prejudice. The emotional mind rules the logical mind. Bottom line, hateful, racist.
  11. There are many more that can be added to this list. However, if you cannot discern what kind of people these people are, you will never understand.
  12. This is not a governmental failure, certainly not the failure of a political party. This is a failure of allowing capitalism to be undermined by the capitalists. This is economic power using political power to the detriment of society. If you want capitalism to work well, the capitalists must be regulated by government.
  13. Funny, it is always the tacit racists who deny, defend, equivocate, excuse the racism. I have been observing it since I was a child.
  14. You are only lying to yourself. We know what he said. We know the context. I know, I know,,, it was a "perfect" phone call.
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