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  1. I think this explains what is at stake and, the direction in which we are currently heading.
  2. Is it orchestrated in order to divide the American people against themselves? Would it be necessary in order to institute fascism? Are we already there?
  3. One more point to consider. These states are also the states with the lowest wages levels and worker protections. These states have a proven track record of focusing on the interests of capital at the expense of society, humanity. Our blind, unqualified devotion to capitalism will be the path to fascism. IMHO, the Christian Nationalist are nothing more than useful idiots. Think about how they have been played throughout history.
  4. But those are those social programs? People have paid the labor tax. The tax was specifically created for those important programs. Unfortunately, the funds have never been forced into the specific programs. No "lock box". I think it could be argued that these are the exact opposite of social programs.
  5. That has to be the agenda. It was always a crafted message to coalesce the religious right. If there were any compromise, there could be no manipulation.
  6. I never proposed the idea that this is just beginning. In fact, just the opposite. This is hardly our first brush with fascism. IMHO, we are simply too capitalistic and, have forgotten all of the societal implications. We are a survival of the fittest society. Not very humane.
  7. Not so sure about this. The states with the most restrictive abortion laws also tend to be the states with the worst rates of infant mortality, maternal mortality, highest rates of poverty, lowest rated educational systems, highest rates of incarceration. I still contend that social support for those in need would be much less costly than the costs of policing, incarcerating and ultimately, would even decrease the numbers of those who need social assistance, not to mention the benefits of a more peaceful, safe, happy, prosperous society. I'm not sure a social conscience exists for those making the pro-life argument. A very big factor as to why I cannot support.
  8. On this issue, it is difficult for me to apply how Jesus would think. We tend to look at life as it is known in this world physically. Jesus knows eternity, the eternal spiritual life of the soul. I think Jesus would want us to do everything possible to save lives but,,, His policy of freewill would not endorse the political prohibition. All of that said, I don't know. Life and death are far beyond my ability to truly comprehend.
  9. Not really. I trust individuals to make sound decisions more than I trust politicians to make blanket decisions for all.
  10. I am a life long registered Republican. Perhaps you can quote the democratic playbook for me.
  11. Good question. I am not sure I am adequately prepared or, qualified to answer. I do know that viability outside the womb is highly significant to me personally. For me, a human being is much more than a biological qualification. It involves conscious thinking, feeling. I do not believe in prohibition that has no social conscience. Without necessary reforms in our welfare policies and adoption systems I find it cruel and, ignorant. I believe it would be much more cost effective to support families and adoptions than, to have millions of unwanted, unloved children. I believe it is a pay a little now or, pay a lot later situation.
  12. I don't think so. I think it simply relies on medical professionals rather than politicians. It allows for individual situations/factors rather than blanket legislation.
  13. Clearly the founders intentions. States rights over the rights of the individual. Maybe the founders should have been more concerned with county rights. Hard to believe they could not foresee the world we live in. Point being, where/how do you draw the lines of democracy have everything to do with whether or not people are living in "democracy". Now, the larger point being, freedom and democracy aren't the same thing. Should a state have a right over it's female population or, should a woman have a basic protected right? Moreover, if a bunch of predominately male politicians are deciding, is it even freedom or democracy we are discussing. Aren't we just back to the concepts of power, ideology, theology?
  14. We are no longer content with democracy. We want to fight it out. We will destroy this country.
  15. Abortions are not done in this country at 9 months unless there is no other medical remedy to save the mother's life. The only other possible reason would be a baby so deformed that it would only suffer and die. Even then, the mother's health would be a consideration.
  16. Difficult to say because first, we have to define who "they" are. IMHO, "they" are a diverse group. Some are driven by theology. Some by ideology. Some by racism. Some by fascism. All by money and power. And of course, there is overlap in some/all of these. Even then, you have to identify those who are manipulating and, those who are being manipulated. I do not believe the ultimate goal is to remake America as a "Christian" nation by force. I believe the ultimate goal is authoritarian. I believe the ultimate goal is to destroy our institutions.
  17. Now they want more. https://www.yahoo.com/news/christian-took-over-judiciary-changed-070008675.html Our future may be "Christian" fascism. They are not content with following Jesus. They want to lead. I pray this "civil war" will not get any more uncivil.
  18. If/when, you have the time. I would appreciate you explaining the textualist/originalist position. I find it absolutely absurd to believe we should ignore over 200 years of history (and hopefully evolving as human beings) to consider the interpretation of the intent of our founders. I just cannot fathom the rationale.
  19. Should the court, the government, the law not reflect the majority of the population? Is the sanctity of the system the law itself or, equal justice for all?
  20. Killing people because of the "genes" is called genocide. It is a crime against humanity. That is nothing to be proud of.
  21. Then you would be wrong. Go back and look at the inexplicable drop in crime in the 90s. It was ultimately explained by Roe v. Wade. Unwanted, unloved, neglected children growing up in an environment without sufficient social safety nets, AND flooded with guns will produce a violent society. Why is your solution always more prisons, more guns? Have you no compassion or empathy? No need to answer. That was rhetorical. Anyone who would be proud of "US Army Rangers - Chlorine for the world's gene pool" obviously lacks a sense of humanity.
  22. Not his fault. We do not teach real history. We only teach the patriot, varnished, feel good version.
  23. That is actually where this began. Christian segregation schools were the issue. When that failed to concentrate support, abortion became the new issue used to herd Christians into a voting bloc.
  24. I think you are pretending. This was orchestrated by political professionals with intent of coalescing Christians more for their votes than for the cause itself.
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