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  1. He is not as talented as some of you think. NFL agrees. The "me,me" attitude doesn't go well in a job interview. College was his job interview
  2. After a morning of planting tomatoes, and almost overheating (at my age thats a lot easier to do than I thought) I came in to rest and re-hydrate. I got on utube and watched video of Kessler for probably an hour. I honestly didn't know he was that good. I saw UNC play some last season and when he came in, he looked out of place and frankly, overhyped. The video that I saw this morning says otherwise. There is a pretty long vid of him going against Jabari Smith in high school and its just, hot damn awesome. Those two put on a show in that game. I watched videos of Kessler in his late season games where he got more playing time and he looked a total opposite of the games that I saw him play live. He is much more agile than I thought. J. Smith will only be here one year because he is something special and I am very quickly taking that position with Kessler. 3 days ago I didn't give a s*** where Kessler went because I was of the mind that he was an overhyped attention *****. I stand corrected on at least one of those. He ain't overhyped. He might like all the attention but thats okay by me after watching these videos. The little PG Green? That guy is going to be special,too. I think BP stole one right there. I see a little bit of Cooper and Harper in him. Give us one more SG and we are set up nicely. Hooks has insinuated that Thor is not coming back, so that is a bit of a downer there. Hooks is wrong on occasion, but not often. It would be nice if this is one of those times
  3. I watched a few videos early this morning while trying to adjust to the time change, and the guy from Northeastern that is in the portal,Tyson Walker, looks like he could play in the SEC for about anybody. To me, he looks like a guard that should be the one to make say "no" several times before giving up. Again, nobody puts out bad highlights, but he looks better than the C of C guard
  4. A couple of these bama players will get up in the morning, brush their teeth and shave
  5. The last 7 times that AU has loaded the bases, EXACTLY ONE RUN has scored...No excuses, thats on Mickey Dean and poor situation management.......
  6. I don't think Penta threw an off speed pitch at all, and her fastball was coming in straight and at the belt. That is never good
  7. Probably will not make a difference, but he's trying to help
  8. Its 24/7 stuff. Not sure that I can post it here. Go to their website if you have a subscription
  9. This guy,Wesley Cardet, is listed as a target. Every players highlights are going to look good, but I wondering about this guy. He looks like he has a lot of potential. Look at those arms
  10. According to K. Niebur. Helping out. Interesting
  11. The interview Powell gave makes no sense, unless you read the last paragraph real close. It was conducted by Travis Branham, and it says virtually nothing useful until that last paragraph. Its 24/7 material so I won't post it verbatim, but seems like he might not like the team concept too much. Maybe I'm reaching, but if him and daddy didn't like AU basketball being bigger than them, so be it. I'm now interested in BP offering the 5* RB, Henderson a BB schollie. Is he that good?
  12. M Murphy says that he thinks that this link will allow you to watch J. Smith today at 1:30 . I'll keep check on it https://www.gpb.org/television/live This website shows it but it says its off air.
  13. Hey, I meant to ask about that. I thought it might have been a rule until I saw Penta without one, so obviously its not. It looks like,to me at least, that it would be bothersome as hell to wear it and deliver a pitch. At times, I caught in Little League and the damn thing came off every time I threw on a steal attempt. If I were a pitcher in a fast pitch softball game, I just don't think it would work. Does not seem to bother SL, though
  14. Mikey, please stop, you are embarrassing yourself if you are posting what you actually believe. I, for one and may be only one, think that you are just trolling. If so, stop because you are not good at it. If you are really trying to defend Coach Doublebubble, you're just stupid. I think you are a good guy, but come on,man....WDE and Swartz just busted your mans nuts
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