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  1. Son of a ...gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 in a row and lost the PG with 2 out in the 7th...dad dangit!! ...Shelby was outstanding, but in fairness, the left fielder,center fielder and 2nd baseman made 3 great plays for the PG to go that far. I had not gotten excited in AU sports since the F4, and had given up on the football program, but I was yelling at the tv today
  2. Well, I guess, I'm a softball fan now. My vets daughter is a starting pitcher so I pay attention to them and maybe it will ease the pain of this basketball season
  3. yeah, its bad but the lack of effort to defend UF is just infuriating to me. No offense was expected without Coop, but no excuse for not trying to defend
  4. If he told them to do that, Flanagan would be fouled out in the next four trips down the court
  5. Its just the lackadaisical effort that gets me. I see some out there that don't need to be here next year
  6. This bunch can't even spell defense" and they are embarrassing AU, us and themselves with this lack of effort
  7. I am hanging for a while longer, but "Red Lights" was a really good movie and its getting better with each stupidass turnover I see
  8. On the bright side, we did get a real football coach, finally!!!!
  9. Without Powell and Coop, this team has a basketball IQ equal to or less than a tree frog
  10. this is pitiful. I hate to give up and not finish the game, but I was watching a pretty good movie that I had to cut off for tipoff
  11. If s*** was $5000 an ounce, this team couldn't even get a smell this season
  12. I did not expect the Lowe girl to pitch much this season since she is a freshman, but I carried my dog to the vet (her daddy) today and he was telling me that she was the starting pitcher this past weekend and did really well. How can I find out when she is scheduled to pitch? Thanks
  13. Yesterday was discouraging for the players because LSU hit some ridiculous shots. It had to play in their minds that no matter how they defended, LSU hit 25 footers one after another. Lack of rebounding,positioning to rebound,etc is my issue. They'll be okay when a couple of pieces get plugged in, and an off season in the weight room. Its not like this team is full of bums but those pieces that are plugged in have to be shooters
  14. Yep. Go watch your pizza so it don't burn. See you Tuesday
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