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  1. StuBob

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    I think that have to keep the halftime festivities what with it being Homecoming. But yeah, this is one long game!
  2. StuBob

    Schwartz time!

    May the Schwartz be with you. ?
  3. StuBob

    Kirk Herbstreit breaks down Auburn-Washington

    I never remember the year, so I will say “about 10 years ago” saw LSU play us around noon or so. About killed me! Give me night games in sept!
  4. StuBob

    Notes and Intel heading into Camp

    What high school did we snag Kenny Notes from? And wasn’t Quindarius Intel a 3 Star?
  5. StuBob

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Okay, bats! Light it up!
  6. Just checking in...score and inning, now? Thanks.
  7. StuBob

    AU/UCF Score Predictions

    I think our Tigers are going to be focused and determined, and it could get ugly for UCF. I like jAUSon’s score prediction: 45-13.
  8. I hope KJ has a great game! It should be fun counting how many of those oh-so-much-faster UCF defenders bounce off of KJ on each of his runs.
  9. StuBob

    a matchup of size vs. finesse

    I will be watching this one from the ESPN club near EPCOT in ORLANDO. Hopefully there will be a few other orange clad tiger fans in attendance! I’m looking for our defense to take away the UCF run game and short pass game, and rely on qb pressure to avoid the long pass. Meanwhile, our punter should get lots of rest. WDE!
  10. StuBob

    UCF Speed Advantage

    Well, we may be too slow for the likes of UCF, but we make up for it by also being undersized! It is a good thing we only played against high school teams this year, or our record would be turrible. Am looking forward to this one. ?
  11. StuBob


    Okay CrazyCameron, I am right there with you on 3 and 5!
  12. we are beat up and embarrassed today. UGA definitely had it today, us not so much. Okay. So heal up and prep for our bowl game!
  13. StuBob

    Gary Danielson

    Yes...he should never be allowed at our practices again.
  14. StuBob

    ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Yep...injuries left and right.