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  1. Every now and then, please toss in how much time is left!
  2. That pic...thought I was looking at Nicholas Cage from Raising Arizona!
  3. Word is he excels on the short routes.
  4. My contact at Navarre HS tells me Brahms would love to come to Auburn.
  5. closer to two tons!
  6. and here I thought Jeremy was going to be our QB!
  7. I did read where the heat from this video board would toast a piece of bread if you held the bread two feet from the screen. You are safe. None of the radiation is at high enough frequencies to break those DNA bonds. The most they can do is generate a little local heat. My thinking is you are in much more danger having a heart attack by something they show on the screen than by any emitted radiation. BTW: cell phones are also safe, unless you use them while you drive of course.
  8. mostly sunk quarters into Joust...early 80s. Before that, Galaxian.
  9. upgraded PA is nice as well Disappointed there is no mention of upgrading the game clock, however... When have you ever seen a scoreboard without a game clock. Do people seriously not understand they are one and the same? wow. I'd be surprised if they were one and the same. My thinking is that we have an electronic game clock and some official in charge of pushing the buttons (start/stop/reset/adding a second!) and that one of the outputs of this clock goes to the scoreboard. Now, I don't know what's wrong with the current system, but it doesn't appear to be very reliable.
  10. nice thread, AUwent! I tend to be optimistic every season whether I should be or not. Same for this season, but I think there are good reasons to think we will do very well. The offense should be very good, depending on how well the OL comes together. The defense will have to be better (it only has one direction it can go, after all). But of course we will have a game where things just don't click for us. I'm guessing that will be Arkansas.
  11. and Muschamp probably has an angry look on his face! Oh wait....
  12. don't we have someone close by with a new NLI that he can sign and fax?
  13. A new scoreboard and amenities would help me deal with with the increased cost of faculty tickets! 😄
  14. Again...stay on topic, please. I couldn't resist Cut the chatter, Red One.
  15. Great exposure! And we know Gus knows how to keep his answers concise.