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  1. Ready to dine on some wooopig bbq with some War Eagle Rare bourbon! Ihope the team is up early and celebrating often. War Eagle!
  2. So happy we were able to get Dr Sharon Fieldstone to Auburn this week to meet with Bo. She put that Danny Rajos “football is life” sessions on him.
  3. My son (22 yo) and I are making this bucket list trip! Thanks for representing so well the start to an exciting week!
  4. This thread was quite entertaining. I would enjoy the numerous prognosticators to give updated insights to their wisdom.
  5. Kevin Steele can’t be happy producing the product he produces and his boss ?!?!?!?! I have no words
  6. All the pass plays were designed deep balls. Not first down rhythm pass plays. Completion percentage has more to do with play calling than the player tonight.
  7. Have we already lost!?!?!? I agree there is disappointment, but we are a play away from you Dumb.... saying how much heart our guys have despite the coaching and you are all excited like little girls... Maybe Gus did the right thing and took play sheet from CL. IDK but neither do any of you
  8. JS has no time to think,,,,,,and you could see downfield on last 3rd down and no one even close to open
  9. Question may have already been asked and answered. If so, sorry. Is Muschamp happy at AU or is there something that is making him want to look elsewhere?
  10. certain users have been making it that way usually. I apologize....JJ sucks and SW the greatest!!!! We can all be friends again now Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Have fun!
  11. Based on this thread....I am putting 10 points on AU in the College Pick'em!!!! WAR EAGLE!
  12. WOW!! War Eagle!! We will never know the impact and magnitude these 3 days will have on a child's lifetime! To quote a Chicago great Michael Jordan "You have to expect things of yourself before you can achieve them" I believe in Auburn and Love It!
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