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  1. All the pass plays were designed deep balls. Not first down rhythm pass plays. Completion percentage has more to do with play calling than the player tonight.
  2. Have we already lost!?!?!? I agree there is disappointment, but we are a play away from you Dumb.... saying how much heart our guys have despite the coaching and you are all excited like little girls... Maybe Gus did the right thing and took play sheet from CL. IDK but neither do any of you
  3. JS has no time to think,,,,,,and you could see downfield on last 3rd down and no one even close to open
  4. Question may have already been asked and answered. If so, sorry. Is Muschamp happy at AU or is there something that is making him want to look elsewhere?
  5. certain users have been making it that way usually. I apologize....JJ sucks and SW the greatest!!!! We can all be friends again now Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Have fun!
  6. Based on this thread....I am putting 10 points on AU in the College Pick'em!!!! WAR EAGLE!
  7. WOW!! War Eagle!! We will never know the impact and magnitude these 3 days will have on a child's lifetime! To quote a Chicago great Michael Jordan "You have to expect things of yourself before you can achieve them" I believe in Auburn and Love It!
  8. There was a scheduled practice this morning............does anyone know if Duke was present?
  9. Freeze was very upset with refs at the end. Anyone know why? I thought it was he thought horse collar on Treadwell fumble, but seemed like more. Prayers for Treadwell........great player.......great game Penalties and open field tackles need to improve
  10. Can someone get Stat Tiger to do an analysis on the Aubie/Carrot/Rabbit play? Also, can someone get War Blogle to do an interview w/ Aubie and Rabbit? This is exciting stuff!! We need to keep it going if it has correlation to our blow out dominating win
  11. Missed game last night with Dad responsibilities. Me and the fam are watching the recording and a rabbit w an AU tshirt on walks behind Bo. Inquiring minds want to know what's up with that?!?!?
  12. "It just made me feel like they love me,” Williams told reporters after the game. “I never thought I'd have a chant like that. “When they chanted that, I caught the chills. My heart just started beating faster. I'm just like, there's no way 90,000 just chanted my name. I ran to the sidelines and just had to take a seat, put a towel on my head and start thinking, 'It's really here. Everything I worked for.'” Great to see hard work and sacrifice pay off for Duke. JUCO route can be tough pill for talented players to swallow, but he made the most of it and so far soooooo good!! On another note CBS Power Poll has GA #1 and us #2..... Our pals at ESPN have us DROPPING 2 spots to #7 in their Power Poll. Go figure.
  13. My wife tried to get one from UnderArmour (not this one) but any of the ones worn earlier. FYI they are not available anywhere. I am big on vest wearing and have been envious. They even wrote an article about the vest craze started by Gus!