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  1. Nope, I am an Auburn fan an will support the team. I might have severe heartburn and headaches but I love Auburn.
  2. The OP nailed it! The"puppies" are just irritating, and a win would make them more so! As much as a SPUAT win would sicken me it would be the lesser of two evils.
  3. This is so sweet, so many in-laws that are UGA fans. Thanksgiving will be fun this year. Thank you Tigers!
  4. Certainly not the best news. Hope it is short term.
  5. I was as confused as the Ole Miss D, when I finally caught up all I could say was "TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!"
  6. Thanks Stat. The report card was pretty much as expected. pleased with the adjustments at the half. Great win with the offense carrying the load tonight/
  7. Thrilled bythe adjustments made and the attitude of the players. Team made us prod tonight. With three very winnable games and the Ironbowl left I'm as excited as ever.
  8. There have been a few as noted above but last night was a special and history making effort. The 04 UGA game was more satisfying for me individually though as I am in GA.
  9. Great time eating drive. Penalty kept us going and kept the TD off. But the drive should put this to bed.
  10. Tell my kids it is 0-0 at half, it their job to stop you! Go put up another 35. Lets go Tigers!
  11. It is a tie for me : 1982 Iron Bowl breaking the streak 1989 Iron Bowl making history
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