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  1. I think his ego is so big that he doesn’t want it to look like he made a wrong decision. Come hell or high water he will keep who he chooses to stay in at all cost. MEDIOCRE is all he is.
  2. I was wondering the same thing. This officiating is horrible.
  3. Malzahn is a great coach Gatewood was ready And pumped then Malzahn got an attitude with him pushing him back. If I was Gatewood I would have told him right then I’m good coach. Can we say mediocre edit I rephrased it not to offend people
  4. Crazy already gave it to them. Mmm mmm mmm
  5. Prayers for your son and family. God is great
  6. I am the same way as for 2013 and to this day it still burns my a$$. I thought with the last few games he has done something different and I was good with it ( not like my opinion matters anyway) and then a really big game and he reverts back to the old Gus. I really liked the rotating of players that he has been doing but not this past weekend. I guess what bothers me too is a lot of them kids are from Florida and could have possible been game changers, but never stepped foot on the field. I could not imagine how they felt getting so hyped up for this game and never get a chance.
  7. I tell my wife all the time watching the games if we make a good positive play you will not see it again. Also you can say execution is to blame also but as many seniors as we have now why are they three or four years in and can’t execute. Just my opinion
  8. I’m not a big Gus fan and never have been ( I am not a fan of the smoking mirrors and all the trick plays, but that’s just me) but it goes back to the same thing every year. It’s not the point of losing ( well it is to a point) but it’s more of how we lost. BTW I got Fred Beasley #23 autograph this past weekend.
  9. No problem, thank god I don’t do whiskey anymore especially today while watching that s$/+show. Pissed + whiskey= no good. Lol
  10. I never said he could. I remember every quarterback that came in under him was worse the second year under him.
  11. I probably hate more than any of this is to lose to mullet man. I can stand that idiot.
  12. I like Bo and Joey. Bo is still learning, he did have some bad times but if you act like this has never happened before under a certain coach( not saying any names) with different quarterbacks then some have been under a rock. I am referring to game planning, this happens every year. Again like I have said before we will never be more than mediocre under Malzahn. I have never played college ball but I think that a coach should put his player/players in a position to win regardless of experience, not keep doing the same thing over and over. War Eagle