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  1. I thought we have been running the same offense since 2010. Just my opinion
  2. How much eligibility does he have left? My problem is if he does come then he will leap above everybody else because that’s the style Malzahn is looking for. If he “has been waiting his turn” why did a freshman come in and take his job. What about everybody else who has been waiting? Nobody knows how good anyone else on the team is because they don’t play. If I was a quarterback deciding to come out of high school I would probably have second thoughts because what happens when you get there and some other quarterback transfers. I will say this if he does come and starts(which he probably will) we do good for one or two years and then we spend another 3-4 years trying to find that quarterback again. Why do we have a coach that only wants his offensive philosophy and not willing to change nothing, just keep waiting for that one quarterback to come through. That’s just my opinion
  3. Could you imagine if Malzahn had the heart and courage of this young man.
  4. I Like watching him when he gets the ball. He isn’t scared of $h*+. Fun young man to watch. He has the heart and courage to do what ever he wants. WDE Shivers
  5. Guess I would be one of them because we will be in the same boat next year and every year after that. MEDIOCRE is all he will be. I like how people are ignorant because they don’t have the same views as others. But then again I guess some people like starting at zero every year. I was never a Malzahn fan all the way back to 2009
  6. You would think we just beat the turds!!!!
  7. I just wish they would quit showing doofus on tv period. Every time they show him, he is picking his nose, picking his teeth or some stupid lost look.
  8. I don’t know what thread it was but I would say that’s probably closer to 90+% of active head coaches
  9. Ole Gus getting schooled by another 1st year head coach. Our 7million dollar man
  10. I would love to be a quarterback for Gus because apparently it doesn’t matter how bad you do he will be loyal to his starter, but suck for the other quarterbacks. I think he has real issues with admitting his was wrong.
  11. Probably because it’s not normal for a team to start the following year worse then the previous. Every year we start at ZERO. It’s not the norm.
  12. Looks like you answered your own question!!!! War eagle
  13. The thing I see is that the sec has been down, for the most part. There really has only been a couple of dominate teams the past few years, this year probably the worst. Every year it takes us 4-6 games to figure out who we are and we keep doing the same thing every year. We have constantly been in the top with recruiting every year, but always need time to develop players. If you look back every 3or 4 years we have a really good team and then that class leaves and we start back at zero and it take 3-4 more years to do it again. So with that being said why does it take us that long to develop players when most other teams pick up the next year pretty close to where they was the year before. We have pretty much run the same offense for how many years and everybody has figured it out. I feel sorry for the offensive coordinators because he will always be the fall guy for someone’s failing offensive system that doesn’t work anymore and refuses to change it. It’s like in his head he thinks “come hell or high water this s@&$ is gonna work” or just let the coordinator take the fall and replace him over and over and over.