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  1. Auburn #14 in Initial CFP Rankings

    That's probably the one game that gets me every time I see the polls come out. Plus how much they are being pumped up this week against the tires. But then again they pump up every team when they play the turds..
  2. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    I wonder if the players are getting tired of gus too.
  3. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    Felix Jones I think
  4. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    Probably just like malzahn when he recruits a quarterback he will play him wheather he does good or bad trying to avoid just how stupid he looks with his decisions.
  5. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    Bottom line is thats the really sad thing is these kids buy into his bs to better themselves. I feel sorry for them, what a waste of good talent.
  6. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    I believe he hired chip to be just another fall guy to call all 4 or 5 of his same plays. It is hard for me to believe that two coaches call the exact same plays.
  7. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Maybe we can do what LSU did last year. Fire him
  8. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    20 point lead = clock management mode = get out of rhythm = typical malzahn. SOS different game
  9. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Oh boy, those were the good ole days before this clown
  10. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    It's like ground hog day year after year but keep getting worse..gus has sucked since day one he came to auburn as a offensive coordinator. If we hadn't of had a quarterback like cam he still wouldn't have a nc.
  11. I hope he gets a restraining order against them two through his time he is there. Maybe hire a private coach just for him. Lol
  12. Needs to give it back plus some
  13. We have good receivers sitting on the bench 15 quarterbacks and only one can play. Will probably be the same just a waste of a talented quarterback to hand off up the middle.
  14. No with our new qb coming in next year we should be better and every one will praise the genius and he will get a raise and contract extension. Then the following year will be another clown show again. We will never be more than mediocre with malzahn and damn sure won't be consistent. I love me some AUBURN but can stand the clowns we hire. WAR DAMN EAGLE