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  1. WDE427

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Agree 10000000000000000000% Seem to be every game and never gonna change. We ALWAYS go away form anything that works.
  2. WDE427

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    42-10 WDE. I think ole Gus and company are probably still pretty pissed about all the crap they caught last year when Lsu come back and won.
  3. WDE427

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    ~~~NOT COMPLAINING ~~~ I just wanted to say I don’t think I have ever seen since Gus has had anything to do with football that I have ever seen so many people get playing time even against a smaller team. I am glad for that, maybe it is a new day for Auburn football and Gus. WDE
  4. WDE427


    War Eagle from Dothan Al.
  5. @JMRThank you for your time to put this together. +1 agree. NOT complaining just wondering why. It’s the same with playmakers. Don’t know if I’m missing something.
  6. WDE427

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Didn’t mean to upset anyone was just referring to the runs up the middle. I like the passing.
  7. WDE427

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    I though someone said since that BIG raise he has changed and had something different about him. Looks like typical Gus to me.
  8. WDE427

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Never really seen only one team getting all the penalties when it’s blankly obvious.
  9. WDE427

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Hell they could have used the crappy sec refs for the same thing these crappy big10 refs are doing. Obvious holding and PI
  10. It’s never too early for some AUBURN football. Warrrrrrr Damn Eagle
  11. If you can step on your “doololly” I’m pretty sure you can post anywhere in the world. 🤣
  12. WDE427

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    Man that would be EPIC....
  13. WDE427

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    True!!! I didn’t really think about the ACC teams when I wrote that but Alabama has some deep pockets and Dabo has already said he wants to coach at the turds. I would like to see Jimbo fall flat on his face for some of the comments he has made about the sec while at flea state
  14. WDE427

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    I’m thinking Dabo and what record does Gus have against him. I personally think when Dabo goes to the turds it won’t be any different than it is now. Dabo is doing good at Clemson, so could you imagine what he will do at Alabama with the talent there for the picking. Just my 2cents.