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  1. That plus “well he does beat Alabama every once in a while” like the iron bowl is the national championship.
  2. + wear the out. Once we wear them out it’s over with.
  3. Hey look at it this away if we can stop them from scoring, we only need 6 more.
  4. Thank you!!!! I don’t know how long you have been back, but I am glad to read your work again. War Damn Eagle
  5. Not complaining, love auburn. Just kind of get numb to the same disappointment week in and week out.
  6. I guess everybody expected Malzahn to try something different. Everybody has a good defense against malzahn. Jmo
  7. I think his ego is so big that he doesn’t want it to look like he made a wrong decision. Come hell or high water he will keep who he chooses to stay in at all cost. MEDIOCRE is all he is.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. This officiating is horrible.
  9. Malzahn is a great coach Gatewood was ready And pumped then Malzahn got an attitude with him pushing him back. If I was Gatewood I would have told him right then I’m good coach. Can we say mediocre edit I rephrased it not to offend people
  10. Crazy already gave it to them. Mmm mmm mmm
  11. Prayers for your son and family. God is great
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