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  1. I’d say Brady has played behind some really average lines at times. A lot of Tom’s success is rhythm and timing along with deadly accuracy. If I remember correctly, he still gets his pass off quicker than anybody in the NFL. Also, if Bo is running a little, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. See Young, Brees, and the like.
  2. There’s a tab at the top of the dashboard board “Draft”, click on it. It has several options. Choose the “Pre Draft Rankings”. It’s going to have a list of players. You can click on the right (green tab) arrow which will be your order of preference. If you click on the left (red tab) arrow, that creates a do not draft list for the player you definitely don’t want. Inside the list on the right is a secondary up and down arrow to manipulate the order of the players you want. Be sure to save the list, there’s a tab for that, before you exit. It will save it to that point and the players you haven’t moved will stay in the order you leave them. A personal preference for me, I tend to draft defenses and kickers in the last rounds. Also, this is a PPR (points per reception) league if you decide to do some pre-draft research.
  3. You can set your pre-draft rankings to your preferences and the computer will auto draft for you. Join, it’s fun and makes watching NFL games more interesting.
  4. Perhaps the greatest Twitter account ever is back again
  5. How bout them Cowboys 🤠!!
  6. Thank you. Yes, those of us that do all that we can to represent our profession the right way get angry/disgusted when we see stuff that’s wrong and will also make us look bad just because we’re in the same profession. The South Carolina shooting, Tamir Rice, and even the Parkland HS shooting where the deputy acted cowardly is so disappointing and angering. It’s my honest to goodness opinion that the majority of the shootings that have taken place have been because of inordinate fear and lack of training. Some of course stupidity which I guess could lead back to the hiring process and again training. For example, the officer that shot Philando Castile acted so frightened and scared it was if he were hunting zombies. Again, I don’t believe there was anything nefarious with Garner other than not calling for medical help sooner.
  7. Yes sir. I am currently assigned to patrol division. I have worked in Special Operations Unit, a narcotics task force, raid/SWAT team, Honor Guard, FTO, and use-of-force instructor and I’m sure many others I can’t remember. I am trying to invest and save as much as possible so I can retire the very day I’m eligible.
  8. It’s misinformation/disinformation that foments mistrust of police. Parker didn’t “beat” the man. He was thrown to the ground, violently yes and probably deserved departmental and perhaps civil repercussions, but it wasn’t a beating. Also Parker’s case was tried in US Federal Court three times and the prosecution could never make a compelling case for a criminal civil rights violation. Also, the man wasn’t profiled. Parker was responding to a call from a neighborhood complainant about a “suspicious person” so I suppose it was the complainant who was profiling.
  9. Okay, then. As I am told as a police officer, where’s your proof of this theory?
  10. Huh? Okay, this is getting bizarre. If you and belle think cops sit around and think about all the people they can kill because of their race and shield others because of their race, there’s nothing left to discuss. You haven’t addressed the fact that the police were there because of repeated complaints from local business owners. There were multiple cops there because of Garner’s previous actions. Garner became non-compliant. It became physical and he died as a result. If you really believe that Panteleo would’ve acted differently if Garner was white, that’s unbelievable. Panteleo was going to do what he was going to do regardless. I suppose all the UTCs I received as teenager was because of my privilege. Or maybe all the times my friends and I taken out of the car and searched was also because of privilege. Perhaps the police didn’t realize we were white and forgot to give us our free pass. I also forgot to accuse the state’s first black female trooper who was known as “The Black Widow” (a nickname she loved) of racially profiling me for stopping me and giving me a citation. Or maybe I just deserved a ticket for what I was doing