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  1. War Eagle! Go get the series W Tigers!
  2. One of my favorite songs to sing-a-long with.
  3. War Eagle! Awesome to get a big victory for a televised game.
  4. I'm sorry, I admit I didn't read the link
  5. @GiveEmElle I should have added that Vertical Gaze Nystagmus is the indicator used for controllled substance intoxication. I haven't worked a uniform assignment in almost 3 three years so I haven't administered an SFST in quite a while.
  6. Not at all. I drink occasionally but I'd also recommend never starting.
  7. Also, as a side note, THC levels are supposed to be much higher in today's lab produced strains of marihuana. I'm not sure if that would have different long lasting effects compared to the marihuana of yesteryear.
  8. The HGN is used as a part of the Standardized Field Sobriety and if I remember the percentage correctly, it's an 85% predictor of intoxication. Even when a person completes the other two tasks of the SFST, HGN is still reliable. Only thing is, natural nystagmus. I have natural nystagmus and was asked at the academy if I had actually been drinking while we were being trained to administer the SFST. Natural nystagmus can come from as early as birth or be a result of a head injury or a host of other causations.
  9. I've never ate duck. I've heard it was good but greasy. Is that true of wild duck as well or is it less fatty and drier?
  10. Okay, last one in the string. I think this is a good cover of this gem. I heard it said that if this song plays and the person with you doesn't sing along, there's something seriously wrong with that person. I agree.