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  1. Okay, it isn’t my “accolades” but carry on. If you read the whole conversation, some of the “accolades” are being a top 3 micropolitan city in the nation. Also, why would you want to have anything to do with Auburn since you obviously hate Alabama so bad. I suppose Auburn also being in the top 10 places to raise a family is nothing for the town to note because it’s just east of a decaying Montgomery. It’s okay if you hate Alabama and never want to move back but that’s not going to make me feel any less about my community.
  2. Okay…So I guess it’d be better to not be a top place to live? I mean I suppose you’re after the fact insulting Cullman because you’re insulting Alabama as whole. Again, okay.
  3. https://www.cullmantimes.com/news/cullman-named-among-top-10-places-to-raise-a-family/article_8b6b1b34-5e97-11e5-a06f-7fbbaf52254f.html again for reference
  4. Agree to disagree. Of course, as most places in Alabama, there’s more whites than other races. My neighborhood is filled with Hispanics and Asians. However, Cullman is one of few places outside of Huntsville and the beach in Alabama that is a jewel. Again, growing instead of shrinking. Plenty of decent jobs, good schools, nice neighborhoods at affordable prices, …etc. People can go on whatever they have “heard” about Cullman but I experience it. It seems some people want to paint this community with a broad brush that simply doesn’t exist anymore. I work in Jefferson County with predominantly African Americans. Many of them visit Cullman and remark how nice it is and would like to move here to raise their children. The articles I’ve referenced are just a few. Cullman may have once been a “Sundown Community” in Alabama but so was the whole state. Again, come here and see for yourself and I’ll be glad to meet you and introduce you to our community. Decatur could learn from Cullman because goodness knows, the Beltlne is dead and decaying.
  5. It’s managed by Nationwide and most of their products are lumped together. I’ve been kind of managing it myself and looking into what has grown the most and has the highest potential. Most of those funds are heavily tech stock based. I probably need to get an advisor to help me out.
  6. I have most of my investment account tied up in tech stocks and of course the NASDAQ is 📈. It’s on auto draft each paycheck so I’m hoping when the economy rebounds, I’ll make bank. I still have just about 9 years before I reach full pension potential so I have a little more tolerance than someone closer to retirement.
  7. As a starting point, I’m a conservative libertarian. I don’t usually post in the political forum because it’s difficult to communicate thoughts and beliefs over the internet. However, if I wanted to have an event to celebrate my Catholic Beliefs or my beliefs on marriage, politics,…etc I should have the freedom to do so. The people that are gathering in Cullman to express their beliefs should also have the right to do so without discrimination. The instructor is obviously spewing some hateful and ignorant rhetoric and I don’t think that represents this community at all. I may not agree with the views expressed but I’d want those that are at the rally to know they are loved and appreciated and are a part of community.
  8. For reference. This article is out of date but I can’t find the most recent one that was on al.com in ‘21 https://www.madeinalabama.com/2017/03/top-micropolitan/ https://siteselection.com/issues/2021/mar/2020-top-micropolitans-the-nations-top-performing-micropolitan-areas-unmask-opportunities-in-tough-times.cfm
  9. I see you’re from Morgan county. I’m not sure why you’d have this opinion being close to Cullman. The tone and tenor here, I live in Cullman, has changed drastically in the last 20 years. It’s actually been rated as a top 3-5 micro-city in America for at least the past decade. CHS is commonly one of the top 10-20 high schools in Alabama. Businesses, manufacturing, restaurants, new homes,…etc booming. One of a handful of Alabama communities that have more people moving in than out. Yeah, there’s people here that have dumb opinions but tell me a place that doesn’t. You should come down this weekend and we’ll go to Oktoberfest and have some genuine German beer and food. Let me know if you’re in town and I’d be happy to have a lunch with you.
  10. Being stuck at home for as long as I have been, I listen to a lot of music. I happened upon this demo and it’s a really cool version.
  11. There’s a movie about CCR on Netflix now. According to the film, CCR was as popular as The Beatles.
  12. It was said Angus recorded the lead to this song, on “Let there be Rock” and not the live version “If you want Blood”, in one take. Allegedly, his amp began to spark and burn while he was playing it and he kept on playing.
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