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  1. aubearcat

    Kaepernick Won. The NFL Lost.

    Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl as a second or third tier QB because of Baltimore’s defense. He just had to manage not to lose. If I remember correctly, SF had a great defense that season and won some despite their offense. Lost the Super Bowl to Baltimore led by...Flacco.
  2. Perhaps I misunderstood. I took it that even though you disliked HRC, you voted for her because you disliked DJT more. Hence my cognitive dissonance assertion. I say that because I’m not going to vote for a candidate because even though I may not like the candidate I’m voting for, I dislike the other candidate more. I’m not going to cast a ballot for any candidate I dislike regardless of their chances of being elected. For example, I’m a practicing Catholic that follows the teachings of the church. If the only two candidates on the ballot are not pro-life, neither have a chance of getting my vote and I’m writing in a candidate.
  3. Why not write in a candidate? I disliked both Trump and Clinton for the presidency ergo I wrote in a candidate. I knew full well that candidate wouldn’t win but it didn’t cause cognitive dissonance. I refuse to vote for “the lesser of evils”.
  4. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    From the highlights I’ve seen, there were some amazing dunks.
  5. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    I’m saying rings fam. More ships than the Navy.
  6. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    I would question if you give the same credit to Brady that you do lebron. Montana won his championships against much different rules than Brady but Brady still has crazy numbers.
  7. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    MJ would’ve been a modern day Russell. Had he not went to the barons because of his gambling, the bulls would’ve won 8 ships in a row. Lebron has amazing skills and an amazing career but giving the devil his due. If I’m coming down the court with 10 seconds on the clock down by a point or a score, I want Larry, I mean Mike, to take the shot 😏.
  8. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    fairly good synopsis of where I stand on the discussion. We’ve discussed 90’s basketball and the lower scores because of the defense and how it was a gladiators game. MJ did what he did getting mugged. That’s how the “MJ rules” came about.
  9. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    It’s all good bro. Facts can be subjective ( you used game 7 stats and Jordan never went to a game 7 in his championship run)I’m not a Jordan fan, just a Jordan realist. I wanted him to lose so bad but rarely did. Shaq as well as Barkley have spoken about him needing to be more assertive and such and to me, nobody ever said MJ, Kobe, etc... needed to assert themselves more. Jordan would pass in critical moments when necessary, see paxson. However, he never passed out of game winning moments. FTR, I think lebron is probably a top 5 all time great. I just believe that MJ is better. Matter of fact, if right now using today’s players, I’m choosing Brodie as my closer/assasin.
  10. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    Wrong, most accurate descriptor of him. It’s not like it’s just Pippen is the only one who’s said that he doesn’t have the killer instinct. Jordan, Bryant, Bird, etc... straight killers. Bron not so much and it’s not like I’m saying he’s not not great or anything. And to address the rings post. They do matter but it matters in the way they were won. Most of Kareem’s success in later years was seen as Magic’s. If just winning one was all that counted Horry would be somewhere in the top right?
  11. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    Russell gets the whole era argument. His critics discount his success and say it was because of a lesser talented league.
  12. aubearcat

    All Things NBA Thread

    I know I’ve said it earlier, but it’s really difficult to compare eras. I never watched Wilt play or Russell. So maybe one of them or another from their time was the best. Absolutely Lebron does a lot things that MJ didn’t do. The main point he made that I agree on was the whole “clutch” thing. Also the point he made about teams truly disliking each other back in the day. The Celtic/Laker hate was real (still is for me). Plus I like to tease a little bit about Bron. But I still have MJ in six in a head-to-head 😏.
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    Hey @augolf1716