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  1. So Kurt is his dad. I guess I hadn’t put two and two together.
  2. E got to it before me. I’ve enjoyed listening thus far. I’m an Apple user so I subscribed in the podcast section- The JBoy Show. I’m not sure what the process is for Droid platforms. I’m sure it’s similar.
  3. ☘️☘️☘️
  4. ☝🏻This guy is good. His podcast is great. I’m glad he came to this site and let us know what’s up.
  5. Latrell Neville? JBoy is hinting about it.
  6. Probably looking too much into it but those celebrations seem to really resemble Samir’s shake.
  7. So Driscoll and Prince to the Eagles
  8. Bird, MJ, the Admiral, Dominique, and Penny
  9. It’s a thought provoking situation. Is the player atmosphere in New England so uncomfortable that two of the franchise’s most iconic players are unwilling to continue their careers there and willing to stay retired or play elsewhere in free agency? Is Belichick so foresighted that he’s saying these players are done and willing to let them go and roll with his system? He was going to trade Gronk already and he threatened to retire to force New England’s hand and reportedly he and Brady have a somewhat tepid relationship. Interesting indeed.