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  1. aubearcat

    Fantasy Football?

    I’m keeping him. I think Bell may be in one of those situations where he’s had too many TBIs and is starting to go off the deep end. I would be cautious of him even if he’s traded.
  2. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    Tatum was a beast last night.
  3. aubearcat


    Those are okay pictures but when you have a legendary park like Fenway, you don’t tear it down ala the Astro Dome. 😬
  4. aubearcat

    All Things NFL Thread

    Brady is a leader where OBJ is an enigma. Jordan was able to do certain stuff because he was Jordan. I think Brady has earned the right to snap on people by his consistent championship play.
  5. aubearcat

    All Things NFL Thread

    You can do the things Thomas Brady does when you’re winning championships (see Saban). OBJ has won exactly jack.
  6. aubearcat

    Fire Gus

    Alrighty, obviously trolling.
  7. aubearcat

    Fire Gus

    ....ummm, what? I’m not sure if you’re serious but if you are, okay 👌🏻.
  8. aubearcat

    Fire Gus

    I think he’s making the point that you’re wasting an opportunity to spend time with your aging father because of football and saying if he were in the same position, he’d spend the day with his dad regardless of the quality of football.
  9. aubearcat

    Fire Gus

    Kiffen Heupel
  10. aubearcat

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    War Eagle 🦅!
  11. aubearcat


    War Eagle 🦅!
  12. aubearcat


  13. aubearcat

    All Things NFL Thread

    Eagles v Giants