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  1. I haven't seen anything about it.
  2. With Kyrie and Rozier probably gone he should certainly have the chance. I really hope he turns out be a diamond.
  4. Dude was on fire in the tournament. The pick of the wing from IU is a bit confusing. I’m curious if Stevens is planning on putting Jaylen at the 2, that guy at 3, and some combination of of Tatum at the 4. Maybe Tatum slides to the 3 when Williams is on the court at the same time. I thought it was a solid draft but so much flux with Boston. I’m hoping for a good FA season with a little more cap space.
  5. Some of my fondest sports memories were attending games at Plainsman Park. Tim Hudson was still playing for AUburn then but nevertheless, just a great game day experience to be there.
  6. I think it’s locker room in general. Jackie M was saying there was a lot of resentment because Stevens kind of forced action toward Hayward in an attempt to get him back to his previous level.
  7. Oh well. Start over and build around Tatum and Brown. Make sure the first rounders are pieces that work with the talent those two have.
  8. Dettling, it’s supposed to be an Alabama made bourbon. Has anyone had any? Edit: I know that technically only Kentucky makes bourbon but this booze is labeled as an Alabama bourbon.
  9. The plan is to keep him if there’s enough cap space.
  10. Celtics reporters seem to think he and Mook stay. Probably Rozier as well. Baynes will have to give them a price break to stay but allegedly he wants to. From what I’ve read, Russell’s skill set and personality would fit nicely with Brown and Tatum. It’d be cool to have a Russell in a Celtics jersey again.
  11. I saw a blurb on a Celtics blog that there’s a possible sign and trade between Boston and the Nets for Kyrie and Russell.
  12. It’s just now arrived in my local liquor store. I thought it was okay. I believe Bushmills is the only other Irish whiskey I’ve had.
  13. I’m hoping Tom has one more in him and maybe the Sox add a few pieces at the deadline and win another WS.