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  1. I think Reebok pumps tried to get a bigger star but was an epic fail.
  2. @GwillMac6 knows I’m a Bird guy (and Celtics/all things Boston loyalist)and I always tease him about MJ being the best ever (and he is) because he’s an LBJ disciple. I was responding to his straight up “nope”.
  3. Kiper’s latest draft projection is DB to the Panthers at #5 and Noah to Chiefs at #32.
  4. Give me all of Andy Reid’s style. Always has great offense and molds his offense around his players strengths. He also doesn’t have to have a Mahomes to have a great offense.
  5. My guy got a great victory over Cowboy last night. The undercard to the fight was awesome, especially the last fight of the undercard involving Maycee
  6. Indeed, but he’s allegedly the one that developed the process while he was with the Astros.
  7. Possibly a lifetime ban
  8. Won’t be long before my man Cora is hammered.
  9. I would add his two national championships and 1st loss in about 700 days says he does mind losing. I’d be ecstatic to have Dabo as our coach.