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  1. Baring a miracle, Bs are
  2. B’s game 7 tonight and C’s game 7 tomorrow!
  3. Perhaps this person hasn’t noticed Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,.. etc bans people all the time for their “free speech “.
  4. Nope, just calling out what looks like obvious bs. This good coffee buddy that you’re such good pals with that you keep telling the same story about that you use the same timeline (the other day) but can’t keep the story straight (4or 5 generations, as if that matters or is relevant to qb play or the football program). The other day, for most I know, is within a week. You’re words were “a lot of time”. I’m using your words, not mine.
  5. So if this thread is brought up again in 5 years, it can be said that Mikey and Cat were talking about this just the other day? Five years seems like “a lot of time” but not extreme.
  6. I think he’s as good or better than Phil.
  7. Smart should’ve been given 3 free throws. He was clearly in the act of shooting.
  8. So , 5th or 4th generation (and what does that matter anyway)? That’s a long discussion of quarterback play. I hope you were able to keep the coffee fresh.
  9. Indeed. It feels like the championship window has closed or is closing quickly. Pasta and Marchand will keep the Bs a little above average while they are there but they’re getting some age now.
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