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  1. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    🤷‍♂️ okay.
  2. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    If I’m not mistaken, Boston has the possibility of two lottery picks in ‘19 with two additional top 30 picks added in. That seems like it’d be more than enough to get in position to get what they need either drafting or trading.
  3. aubearcat

    Thank you, President Trump

    I’m not a “Trump guy”. I wrote in a candidate and was hoping Kasich could get nominated/elected. I was asking a question. Jump to conclusions much?
  4. aubearcat

    Thank you, President Trump

    I’m not as versed in politics as many of you on here so please forgive my ignorance. Isn’t Iran known as a human rights violator especially toward women and homosexuals. I am aware that maybe only Hitler is worse than the Kims so I guess that makes it unreasonable for the current administration to deal with NK to hopefully end their nuclear program while reasonable for the previous administration to negotiate/pay Iran to hopefully end their nuclear program?
  5. aubearcat

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    I suppose I’ll cheer for the Heels but I’m not watching any games this weekend. I’m watching the Cup.
  6. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    I’m intrigued at the possibility of Kawhi to Boston. However, the pieces Boston would have to give up, I’m not sure it’s worth it. The latest was Brown, Rosier, Morris, more players, and picks. Without the guarantee of Leonard and Irving signing long term, I would rather Boston not do it. Danny has done an incredible job building this current team. I hope he doesn’t get too impatient for the rings and make a haphazard move.
  7. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    In my opinion, last nights game ends any debate between Jordan and James. MJ never lost a finals much less being swept. I also feel like last night was a macrocosim of Lebron’s career. Awesome, dominant player at times. At other times, he disappears. MJ, Mamba, Bird, Magic,... etc never did that. Lebron is probably 3rd in the pantheon of all-time players with MJ first and Kobe second. PS- by disappearing I mean passing the ball in critical situations instead of taking the shot and resigned to losing like he seemed last night.
  8. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    Rich get richer. Did it look like the Cavs tapped out last night, in your opinion? Very lackluster trashy game from them.
  9. aubearcat

    Dr. Pepper pulls Culpepper campaign

    Both of those adds got in my last nerve.
  10. aubearcat

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    I suppose it comes down to if he’s happy or not. Both schools are going to give him a trunk load of money and both are going to get high level players to compete at the highest level. Hopefully, he’s sold on AUburn.
  11. aubearcat

    Auburn Players Drafted

    I went to WSCC Hanceville before AUburn. It’s been a strong program for a long time. Nice facilities for a JUCO.
  12. aubearcat

    Retake Political Compass Test

    Mine is almost identical. If I knew how to post it I would.
  13. aubearcat

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    JR Smith is a poor man Robert Horry with a bad attitude and less talent. I know it’s different positions Smith is G and Horry an F but they remind me of each other. They have really high opinions of themselves and think they mattered more to their team than they did.
  14. I don’t think anybody was bragging. I think it was much more of a discussion of preference. Similar to how car people would discuss Ford v Chevy v Dodge.