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  1. I bet she was awesome in concert. My daughter loves the Mercedes song.
  2. Welcome, I love all kinds of music and discussion about it.
  3. sort of in the same vane as yours aut. A little Celtic feel for St. Patrick's Day.
  4. Just "cool" editing.
  5. This was the first song my garage band ever played/covered in public. I played my part (bass) on a Fender Urge Stu Hamm Mexy model...good times
  6. Turn it up
  7. My mom didn't really stop me from getting stuff but would tell me how "terrible" it sounded. I remember in elementary school we were told and thought KISS was knights in satans service and AC/DC was antiChrist devils child.
  8. ***EXPLICIT*** lyrics
  9. I got into Pantera when Vulgar came out, it was my teenage years (showing my age). I still rock Pantera on a regular basis. If you have itunes or whatever, get the live 101 Proof album - it's awesome, especially the 5 Minutes alone track.
  10. I saw a Pantera and White Zombie show at Oak Mountain in the late 90's. It was in support of the Far Beyond Driven album. Pantera put on an incredible live show. Really on top of their game that time.
  11. As a side note, The Great Southern Trendkill was, according to band, was recorded separately. Phil recorded the vocals in New Orleans while the band recorded the tracks in Texas. The band would send the music to Phil and he would add the vocals. That was supposed to be the period in the band when the heroin was really taking over Phil. Also, in my opinion, Dimebag is top 3-5 guitarist of all time.
  12. Here's one of the best/most melodic Pantera songs. Dimebag's solo is incredible.
  13. I'm sorry, I didn't read past the first little bit.
  14. 5 national championships in basketball ?