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  1. Yes, in the DOJ report, it labeled those people unreliable based on forensic evidence as well as the testimony of witnesses that corroborated the evidence.
  2. the first report speaks on the racially biased practices of the department as a whole. The second report is concerning the shooting of Michael Brown.
  3. You are mistaken. He was not walking off. They were in the midst of a fight. It’s been proven by evidence and eye witness testimony. There are cases of cops doing wrong, plenty of them, however, this ain’t one of them. Also he wasn’t fired he got out of policing. Read the report that was done by the DOJ. This incident was ruled justified. The report stated that the department had some bad practices as a whole but this was not part of it.
  4. There was absolutely no reason to reopen/re-investigate this case at all. It was investigated locally as well as by the DOJ. The same conclusion has been reached every time. Brown attacked Wilson and tried to take his weapon. He was shot as a result. The whole “hands up don’t shoot” story told by his friend on the scene was debunked as a lie by the evidence and other eye witnesses.
  5. Indeed, I don’t think anyone said he didn’t. I’m pretty sure the thing is, his employer, that being AUburn, can take action. Much the same if I did social media and posted stuff my department deemed outside their policies, I’d be reprimanded (see the Homewood officer that was recently demoted for posting his rap). I’m not offended by his comments as a cop but I do think they’re ignorant and misrepresentative of what we do. I don’t think he should be fired or necessarily reprimanded. However, if someone expresses a far right opinion, I don’t think they should be reprimanded either.
  6. Indeed. It’s vulgar and has some strange subplots but it’s not bad. The Netflix series Dark is one to give a shot as well.
  7. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but Hunters on prime is pretty good. Has Pacino as a Jewish Nazi Hunter.
  8. I’d like to see this become the norm. Play 10-11 conference games and 1 marquee non-conference game (post Covid of course). It’d make the season more interesting and fun.
  9. 👀👀👀 I can’t wait until Friday.