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    Roman Catholic Husband/Dad, American Fender Basses, ESP basses (finger funk), Honda Civic K-series K24Z7, Classic Chevy C-10s, Cooking Everything
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  1. Firing into a vehicle. Discharging a Firearm into an occupied Dwelling or Vehicle (as well as firing from a vehicle) and killing someone is an enhancement in Alabama.
  2. Awesome! I got the satin black ESP Ltd for my anniversary. Put a set of LaBella flat wound strings on that bad boy and rock-n-roll.
  3. What a beautiful kick/goal by 🇲🇦. The bend on that shot was incredible.
  4. I don’t know much about soccer but I love watching the World Cup. I like it better than the Olympics. My physical therapist and I were watching the US v Wales match during my session. It was awesome.
  5. aubearcat


    Yep, I said Coach Harsin should get more than one season and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Clearly he was a failure and I was wrong. I also wanted Gus gone after about ‘15-16. Actually, I never wanted Gus hired. Two things can be true at the same time. Gus norBrian Harsin should’ve ever been the head football coach at AUburn.
  6. Let’s go Bs and Cs!! And…Pats and Revs.
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