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  1. Zero if he weren’t issued a citation. If he was charged with DUI controlled substance, his license can be suspended but only after having been found guilty. The laws are what they are.
  2. Police can’t not “let” him drive if his license are valid. It’s up to the state to suspend/revoke his driving privileges. Now, each ticket comes with points against his license and after an amount of points, his license will be suspended for 90 days. It seems from the report, the police are doing their job and ticketing his dangerous driving habits.
  3. I’m starting Slay over Lockett and also considering benching Kamara for Ekeler or Mostert. If I win this game I’m in the championship and can make some 🧀💸
  4. If he keeps playing the rest of the season like he’s started, I believe you nailed this call.
  5. I haven’t seen it mentioned in the thread but what are y’all’s thoughts on Russell’s Reserve? I’ve sipped on some lately. For proof (110), taste, and price point, I thought it it was okay. I don’t really have access to some of the high end liquor y’all have mentioned so liquors like this is what I have to buy.
  6. I’m all for the hire. My hope is that Gus will trust him enough to incorporate some of his concepts to the offense. I’m encouraged by the hire and I believe it will really help bo reach his potential.
  7. 🐻🐻🐻
  8. Good stuff. I suppose the gorilla in the room is does Gus allow Chad to help him modernize the offense? A dude can hope.
  9. I saw one of the AU beat writers mention Norvell reaching out to Dillingham but haven’t seen Woodson mentioned.
  10. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  11. Isn’t that orange shadowing of the numbers circa Bowden years?