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  1. Their pitching is still super suspect so hopefully the bats get hot again
  2. Bammers would tease that AUburn had a high school coach but I’ve witnessed a high school coach with a high school defense that would destroy the bus. Coached by Chavis Williams who was on one of Saban’s first teams and went on to the Baltimore Ravens. Damn those dudes run a 3-4 to perfection and don’t miss a tackle. If they had an offense to compliment their defense they’d easily win the state.
  3. I feel like if Boston wins today they’ll close it out in game 6 in Houston.
  4. Kiper has him as the #21 overall prospect as of now and said he could see a mid round 1 pick used on McCreary.
  5. Tenacious D - AKA “The Greatest Band in the World/On Earth” 😹😹😹 Jack Black is awesome
  6. I just don’t like the dudes voice/singing really. It’s like one of my friends really likes Iron Maiden but that screeching of a lead singer is terrible.
  7. Minter’s wind up resembles Kimbrels with his off arm swinging.
  8. Ronny James Dio v Ozzy War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man…etc. No comparison
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