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  1. A couple of thoughts. First and foremost, arming teachers is a terrible idea as a solution. The amount of training plus continuing training would be incredible. Police officers need more training when it comes to shooting in a hostile and fluid situation. Teachers main focus should be teaching and not trying to learn tactical movements. Also, if you don’t continually train an armed teacher, they become as dangerous as the bad guy. It’s not as if the bad guy is going to be a Q target standing in front of them and all the panicked students will calmly move out of the way so that the teacher can neutralize the threat. Again, arming barely trained teachers is an insanely bad idea. Another thought on the situation. Money is going to have to be spent making schools more difficult to enter. Perhaps put magnetic key card scanners on the doors. When new schools are built, the rooms can be built in quads with a safe room in the middle that would accommodate each quad and double as a storm shelter. Install safe rooms in older schools by possibly redoing an old classroom or rooms that aren’t used as often as others. Also, more money will have to be dedicated to educational budgets to pay for people to monitor entrances to ensure the carded doors don’t have bad guys piggy backing in and possibly monitor metal detectors. Lastly, as far as guns are concerned. I’m not sure I’m willing to say a certain weapon needs to be banned. Once you start conceding things to the government, there’s no telling where they’ll stop. I do think magazine capacities should be addressed because I certainly believe that there is no place for a thirty round magazine in the civilian world.
  2. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    Here are the eight current players or those players' families who are listed in Dawkins' docs: Brian Bowen, South Carolina (formerly of Louisville): $7,000 Bennie Boatwright, USC: $2,000 Chimezie Metu, USC: $2,000 Eric Davis, Texas: 1,500 Miles Bridges' mother: $400 Wendell Carter, Duke: amount not specified Collin Sexton, Alabama: amount not specified Kevin Knox, Kentucky: amount not specified Former North Carolina player Tony Bradley, who was a freshman on the 2016-17 national championship team, is also listed. But from what has been reported, Bradley -- like Wendell Carter, Collin Sexton and Kevin Knox -- is on the ledger for supposedly having met and/or shared a meal with Dawkins. That is a big difference from being loaned tens of thousands of dollars, as appears to be the case with former lottery picks Dennis Smith Jr. and Bam Adebayo. Miles Bridges' mother receiving payments, it throws into question -- just as it does with other schools -- what that program will immediately do in the wake of this story. Will Michigan State choose to sit its star player, Bridges, or will it continue to play him and wait for any action to come down from the NCAA? Every single team listed in the report plays this weekend. NCAA president Mark Emmert released a statement Friday morning. Dawkins' documents also list dinners with the likes of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo and "Villanova coaches." Andy Miller ceased being a certified NBA agent in December. While the 24-year-old Dawkins was charged in the case, Miller has not been. Yahoo Sports reports: "It's widely believed he's cooperating with the government." Dawkins is facing felony charges of bribery and wire fraud, similar to the nine other men in the FBI case, including assistants at USC, Arizona, Oklahoma State and Auburn. And might I add, Mwahahahaaaaa!

    I certainly hope so
  4. All Things NBA Thread

  5. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    I’ve been on this lately
  6. All Things NBA Thread

    Cs crashed before the break but they’re going to be okay.
  7. Food for thought

    Got a good bat in Martinez.
  9. All Things NBA Thread

    He’s probably a top 100-150 all-time player but he was vicious with his throw downs.
  10. All Things NBA Thread

    I also really liked watching Kemp throw down.
  11. All Things NBA Thread

    I would possibly put Rider second in the contest behind Vinsanity.
  12. All Things NBA Thread

    Not a chance. Air Canada all day.
  13. All Things NBA Thread

    There will NEVR be a dunker as awesome as Vince Carter was in his prime. The height and hang time he had was mind blowing.
  14. Basketball Probe

    Coach Pearl is supposed to do an interview about the investigation on Gameday this morning.