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  1. I saw an article today that the knicks are considering trading Porzingis and Boston is the most likely trading partner if that happens. Yes, please! If they were to somehow get both he and Hayward, get ready to hang some more banners.
  2. The best live band I've ever seen
  3. It appears the 🍀 will take Jackson or Taytum. I'll be happy with either. I would've also been satisfied with Fultz but that would've been redundant with all the guards that the C's have. I'm really that Hayward will come to Boston. Boston will also bring in Zizic who will be a real deal NBA center. He won't play a ton of minutes this year but in the near future, he'll be a solid 5.
  4. @TitanTiger this is an article I posted in one of the other "police " threads. It's an interesting read especially when reading the "implicit bias" section.
  5. That's what one of the jurors stated.
  7. @augolf1716 Metallica was/is my favorite music act. I remember hearing "One" on cassette in 7th grade and getting hooked on their previous albums afterwards. This song was my car registration plate until recently
  8. If George signs with Cleveland, they're back in the finals.
  9. Okay, difference of opinion. I believe when you're the best, you keep the ball and do what you do especially in clutch situations. He's regarded as the best player of this generation but even previous NBA stars speak to the fact he passes at times he should keep. FYI, I grew up watching Bird and Magic in the finals. I know Magic's game. This team is the team Bron demanded from management all the way to the coach so it is what it is.
  10. Interesting. We're are for sure considering an alternative. We pay over $200.00 a month to U-Verse for phone, cable, and internet.
  11. @GwillMac6, now that the finals are over, I'm more confirmed in my opinion of James. I know you're a huge fan but I think Kyrie has more MJ in him than Lebron. Not saying that James isn't the best since Michael but he doesn't have the killer instinct that MJ had and Kyrie seems to have. For example, I believe it was game three when Cleveland was up late in the fourth, Lebron drives the lane and passes to Korver in the corner for the three. In last night's game there was a similar situation where Cleveland was going on a run and Lebron drove the lane but instead of forcing a foul an possibly an and 1, he passed the ball back out. I believe in that in those same situations, Jordan, Kyrie, Bird, Magic...etc, are going to take and make the shot or make the other team foul for shots. I admire Lebron's game and all, for me though, I wish he would be more of the closer. If they add Paul George as speculated, it'll probably be GS v CLE part 4 in the finals next season.
  12. If you use a firestick or sling, can you use it for live broadcast such as an AUburn game or NBA finals?
  13. @wareagleguy and @augolf1716, congratulations on your teams Stanley Cup victory. I hope to see one of mine hoist it soon. #Flyers #RedWings #Bruins
  14. 🙌🏻
  15. ❤️