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  1. I suppose. However, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to set out to appoint a person based on qualifiers such race/sex.
  2. I’m of the opinion that the best person should be appointed regardless of qualifiers. If it happens to be a female of color that’s great.
  3. Okay, nor did I. I was asking why race/sexwould be a qualifier which is what the article and title of the thread seem to imply. If that’s correct and the President’s intentions are to appoint a “black female “ as a Supreme Court judge, then many people of all races that are qualified are eliminated without consideration.
  4. Why would race/sex be a qualifier? If the candidate is white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever then they are qualified and should be considered. Qualified is qualified regardless…right?
  5. The only time I went to an away game at LSU it was the Cecil Collins game (which AUburn won near the end of the game) and I believe AUburn also played in Gainesville that year. UF was consistently louder (that was prime Spurrier) but when LSU got loud, no sporting event I’ve ever been to matched that volume.
  6. Or cherry picking Oregon, USC, UCLA, and maybe UW.
  7. Good synopsis. I for one am in the camp that AUburn has all the potential to be a perennial top 10 even in the backyard of bammer and uga.
  8. I’ve been watching the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. They’ve released the first two and not bad teen/campy slasher type entertainment.
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