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  1. TigerV6

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Numbers 2, 7, and 8 are out for the Supers. Stanford, Florida St, and Ga.
  2. TigerV6

    Scout Team

    That was a classic comment on their boards.
  3. TigerV6

    SEC schedule prediction

    He is asking about a basketball version of College Game Day coming to town.
  4. TigerV6

    SEC schedule prediction

    Game Day
  5. TigerV6

    UCONN role call

    Wife and I will be there. Season tickets
  6. TigerV6

    Gus, The Alpha

    It was AL.COM's Crapea that did that. I don't think Gus likes him much .
  7. TigerV6

    Chuck Person

    So now what do you all think about the suit guy in Tuscaloosa giving stuff to the UA players, was that a smaller version of this same thing?
  8. TigerV6

    Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    I am there!
  9. I have 2 tickets for the Sugar Bowl for sale. The tickets are in Section 621. If interested PM me and we can work out a price.
  10. TigerV6

    Vanderbilt Time Set

    Will you bring me some pulled pork and brisket from Swig and Swine?
  11. TigerV6

    Auburn vs. Arkansas - TV Commentators

    She is recovering from cancer treatment and the side effects of that treatment.
  12. The Receiver was not the only player moving therefore he/the others must be set for one second or it is illegal shift. Correct call would have been to flag for movement then sort it out after the play.
  13. TigerV6

    Naming a Starting QB at Auburn

    Exactly right, it was a promise when recruited that he would get the first carry in the IB.
  14. TigerV6

    AU Players

    I think I read where it is scheduled for 27 July.
  15. TigerV6

    Schedule Links

    Thanks! Can a Mod pin this?