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  1. I am there!
  2. I have 2 tickets for the Sugar Bowl for sale. The tickets are in Section 621. If interested PM me and we can work out a price.
  3. Will you bring me some pulled pork and brisket from Swig and Swine?
  4. She is recovering from cancer treatment and the side effects of that treatment.
  5. The Receiver was not the only player moving therefore he/the others must be set for one second or it is illegal shift. Correct call would have been to flag for movement then sort it out after the play.
  6. Exactly right, it was a promise when recruited that he would get the first carry in the IB.
  7. I think I read where it is scheduled for 27 July.
  8. Thanks! Can a Mod pin this?
  9. In the equipment trucks? Hope you are bringing an air matress...and air freshener :)/> Have you seen the costs for flights and hotels?
  10. That is where I will be staying!
  11. Check the Alumni Association website. They have a few things listed.
  12. Congrats! I have 24 in and plan on 3 more then off to do something new.
  13. Some came Friday, some on Saturday. I got mine Saturday.
  14. From the University allotment of 20K, yes.
  15. If you go to the Rose Bowl Vizio BCS Game website and dig around you will see 2 that you could be interested in attending. There is one listed for the BCS #2 Tailgate (and #1 also) and there is the Vizio BCS Tailgate. Try to google BCS Gameday activities and go to Tournement of Roses website and select Gameday Guide. Then select stadium overview. That is all I have found so far. I am going to look and see if the California Auburn Alumni Club has anything going on as well.