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  1. Who was Smoke turning around to blame when it was all on him?
  2. Who's hanging on? It's pretty clear what's going on here.
  3. The last two plays tell you all you need to know about Bo. Me before team. The fact that he didn't try to get out of bounds on the next to last play and he didn't even throw the ball on the last play says it all. Additionally, SC called a timeout before the last play which should tell you all you need to know about the coaching staff.
  4. Why does their idiot punter try to kick it as far as he can? That’s the 3rd time he’s done that.
  5. I’ll go with nonsense. Pretty sure God or Satan doesn’t care if Auburn wins or loses a football game.
  6. Practices are closed to the public. If you show up, you will be asked to leave. I was
  7. Where and when are we practicing today? I'm right up the street from Hoover High so I though I could check it out.
  8. Kudos to you because you get it!!!
  9. I'm here and all we heard was rain, rain, rain. Got here last night and there hasn't, been a drop of rain and it looks like it's going to stay that way. Very cloudy and overcast and that's about it.
  10. I have the game DVR'd, but you guys ruined it. I knew I shouldn't come on here rtr
  11. This is correct. Bammer game on now. Dish Network schedule is still wrong. Bammers just got their last 3 points and next up is "the drive".
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