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  1. Ashford is not the answer. I’m not even sure why we got him other than depth. I hope we still have one more Qb coming. An improvement in the oline will make any of them better.
  2. Don’t want to derail but let’s get this kid then get him an OL!!!
  3. That was not a 5* response so I reject it. Haha Right now I would be super pleased with a few 4* OLmen.
  4. I agree we should only sign 5* players and if we can’t get 5*s we should not sign them. We may not have a team but I totally agree we only need 5* players. (Yellow font implied)
  5. I’m starting to revise my first impression of this hire. I think I was wrong. I am thinking now that this might be what we need. Hopefully he will get a great staff.
  6. So glad we lost $21,000,000 and a recruiting class over this.
  7. So glad we gave up Gus , $21,000,000, and this year’s recruiting class for this! Well done!!! Never give up something until you have something better already in place. Congrats Auburn and the fans!!!
  8. Let me just say if it is KS I am going to blast all you never Gusers until they kick me off the board.
  9. I said this before if we didn’t have some top of the line coach ready to go we should not have let Gus go. Timing on this with early signing is terrible. If we get some avg. guy it will set us back two years and lots of $$$. We need this announcement today!!! Someone that is a Big Bang!!!
  10. Well Gus’s records have not been good enough so everyone says we have have talent but Gus can’t develop it. So whoever comes in should be able to win 2 more games a year than Gus. And be able to get better talent . I could care less about who but if we didn’t have someone ready to go we should not have let Gus go right now. If it’s some average name it will set us back two years between recruiting and the players that will transfer.
  11. If they don’t have a home run lined up they should have kept Gus until they did. If we end up with anything other than a home run I’ll be very upset because the one down side of Gus leaving is that more than likely Recruiting is about to take a giant hit this year and next.
  12. I kind of felt like this one might come back around to us anyway. I was surprised with the UT commit in the first place. Hope we are gaining ground!!!
  13. Sorry I derailed this by asking about 23. So do we feel like we are looking good for Kool Aid?
  14. Whatever happened to him? For a while there he had really great info.
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