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  1. I don't think we really know what we have on Off. yet. On Def. we are really good but on Off. we don't know. I think we played very very vanilla last week. I didn't see the same Off. as the week before. I want to hope that this was on purpose and that we didn't want to show some of the things that we are still putting in. Many if not most of you probably don't agree but it's just my opinion. Now the missed passes that Nix had and not being able to run against a second tier Def. should still not happen but what I am saying is that he didn't do much of the deception that we are used to in this Off. last week and I think that was on purpose. I don't expect to see anything fancy this week either but I would say that the next game against Tx A&M is when we can truly tell what we have. Until then I don't know if the 7th ranking is too high or not. I think outside Clemson and maybe one or two others the rest of the best teams in the country are in the SEC and I don't have a problem believing that we are in the top five in the SEC.
  2. I don't see any reason to play the rest of the games since ESPN already knows how we are going to do. We just need them to tell us the odds on Gus getting fired ( I assume high). Then we need them to tell us the odds of getting a good replacement( I assume low). Then show us what the season will look like next year (I assume bad). We don't need to play anymore games period. We can just recruit then play the games on the computer. No one gets hurt and it's a lot less stress knowing this early in the season that what our record will be. That is all assuming ESPN is always right.
  3. You are correct sometimes I forget these are just kids. It's frustrating to watch but criticizing during an injury is the wrong time to vent that. My bad!!!
  4. Well I love Hoover but in the long run even though I think Hover will lose a few games with Robbie out this may be the best thing for the team. Robbie has a real attitude. His body language on the field is terrible when anything goes bad and being a leader it brings the rest of the team down. Hoover could be eliminated from the playoffs by the time he gets back.
  5. So are you saying Tank is the only RB Auburn is taking?
  6. Why would he. If it is Bo but Oregon has to spend some practice time working on Joey then I say don't make the call until game week.
  7. bg5


    Awesome news!!!!!
  8. I think the coaches saw a few things I saw last year. It will be interesting to see how he does this year without a great supporting cast. Not a miss for us for sure. Although I will reiterate he is a great athlete just needs some big upgrades with his maturity which unfortunately may not be able to be fixed.
  9. I'm not sure what will happen this year but next year should be very exciting. More than likely they will move Riley to 3rd saving $23 mill. by letting Donaldson go. They will either trade Inciarte or move him back to center ( I think they will bring up Pache and trade Inciarte though) saving another $7 mill. They will let Swarzak go saving another $8 mill. Gausman and O'Day should also be off the books saving another $18 mill.. All that said the Braves are going to have a whole lot of money to spend on a starting pitcher and a couple of relievers this offseason. To me the infield will be set with Freeman, Albies, Swanson, Riley and McCann (Flowers). Outfield is set too with Markakis, Acuna and Pache.. Starting pitching with Teheran, Soroka, Fried, Folty + some free agent or one of the hot shots in the minors ( Anderson may be ready by then). I think if they could get a closer and a #1 or #2 starter at the trade deadline they could make a run this year. On Kimbrel I think they were a little scared because his stats are starting to tail off slightly and they didn't want to do a long term deal. I disagree I think he was the missing piece but I'm not the GM and I don't know as much as they do.
  10. I don't think you can predict situations like Pickens. The only tell on that situation was that it became increasingly obvious that GP had some character issues ( as well as his family) and when that happens things can get dicey. GP is graduating tonight but I'm still not sure his GPA is high enough to get into Ga..
  11. I really think he is looking hard at Florida now. Personally with his attitude I hope we don't get him.
  12. I'm waiting on the everything Auburn does is wrong crowd to somehow make this a negative.
  13. I think right now it's Florida #1. Ga. #2.
  14. bg5

    Uga Cheating

    Can't do that to Kirby because he knows some of the things they did/do.
  15. Every QB this year brings something different to the table. We always show very little in the spring game so there really isn't any film of these guys in the Auburn Off.. Making a team practice for two different QB's means they have to take time away from something else. Gus's O doesn't run the same with different QB's. The running game may look similar but with JG it will have a very different look than it did last year with JS.