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  1. I think right now it's Florida #1. Ga. #2.
  2. bg5

    Uga Cheating

    Can't do that to Kirby because he knows some of the things they did/do.
  3. Every QB this year brings something different to the table. We always show very little in the spring game so there really isn't any film of these guys in the Auburn Off.. Making a team practice for two different QB's means they have to take time away from something else. Gus's O doesn't run the same with different QB's. The running game may look similar but with JG it will have a very different look than it did last year with JS.
  4. Personally I hope we don't find out until the game starts. I would love for them to have a clear cut starter at the end of Spring training but not tell anyone who it is. the le the other teams know about who is starting the better. As long as the team knows I'm fine. We will need some advantages this is one place we can have one.
  5. Man I hope nobody is holding me to something I said a year or two ago. I just totally missed on the Pickens deal a few weeks ago.
  6. Well he is right that if he literally held onto GP tight enough he couldn't go to Ga. If he held onto him tighter he might not have even been able to sit down to make the announcement so technically he is right.
  7. I have always wondered what possessed people to go on other teams boards and post stuff that they don't know anything about just to see if they can get the other side mad. I always wondered what type person gets some kind of warped satisfaction out of that. Do you go back to the Dawg Pound and tell all of your friends how cool you are. My kids go to school with him so I know a little more about the situation than you do. It's not a secret at Hoover that something went down with his Dad. You can keep on believing your story all you want if it makes you feel better. I also hope you don't really believe that a kid waits until signing day and wakes up that morning goes to school still not knowing what he is going to do and right before he sits down he says ok I'm going to switch schools right now, oh great I just happen to have this hat, wow that's a coincidence. That is insane!!!!! Why don't you just go enjoy the fact that you got him and not feel like you have to come over here and rub it in. Only a warped a__ would do that. I guess we will see if you are one.
  8. If you know so much about him and why he does things explain why he and his family (Dad) were so scared to tell the Auburn Coach's, Fellow Recruits, his High School Friends and Coach's at his school that he was flipping until right before he sat down. Do you know for a fact no one got to Dad or are you just hoping? You might want to think that but you know you don't know it. Again I understand why he would choose the Mutts but please don't come over here and try to say that it was all on the level. I also understand standing up for your team. What I don't understand is why you feel like you need to go on another teams site and try to act like you know what you are talking about when you clearly don't (You hope but you don't know). It's like going to the Democratic Convention with a MAGA hat on or paying someone to beat you up. Only stupid people do that. So don't be one of those people that get what they want then feel the need to rub it in. If we don't hear from you again enjoy one of the best young WR's in the country and don't get so paranoid about getting him that you feel like you need to come over here and justify it.
  9. He did learn all the tricks from the best. It's going to be just like Bear. The NCAA is covering for them now but when the King is gone the Empire and all the Mini-Empires will fall.
  10. Not crying at all. I have no idea what Auburn does or doesn't do. What I do know is that the puppies got to Dad. Saying others do it still doesn't make it right. If GP doesn't make his grades (which is 50/50 or worse right now) we will pass the Meds right on over to you. Now go back over to your own yard and role around in some poop like a good dawg.
  11. This is a simple case of a Dad that was shopping and a school that was willing. Spin it how you want to make it sound better but that's the way it is.
  12. After reading through all of this I'm not sure who your fan base is. There are plenty things you can blame Gus about but this is not one of them. GP told Auburn he was coming, he told his friends he was coming and he told the Auburn recruits he was coming as late as Sunday. Kirby went after his Dad and got him to pull this off. They all knew if Auburn found out what was going on it would be stopped. You can bash Gus all you want to but I can tell you that you don't know what you are talking about if you blame him for this. GP lied to everyone even his friends. He will have to live with that. The only reason Auburn needed to worry about GP at all was because he was playing games his whole process. Most of that time it was just to get attention but it now seems Dad was pulling the strings on a lot of this. When I tell you everyone was surprised, bank on it. There is more than one reason GP had his signing off campus. When he said Ga. was always #2 that was a lie. It was Auburn and LSU from the start. You can argue all you want about whether the decision was good or not, that's fair. But the way he and his family did this was classless. If you don't want to blame an 18 year old then blame his parents someone should have stepped up and said this wasn't the right way to do it. But again they were afraid someone might find out what was promised and put a stop to it. If you want to know what happened here keep an eye on Dad. You might just get to find out if GP doesn't make his grades.
  13. If you watched the announcement that was the call he made when he looked so nervous right before the announcement. GP is a special player only time will tell how big of a lose it will be for us. That said two things we will miss out on are his ego and the possibility each semester he won't make grades. On the field it will be a big lose. GP's success or failure will be determined off the field. I can tell you for sure something very odd went on here. The only place he could have gone besides Auburn that I wouldn't say something was fishy was LSU. There is a chance Kirby may have overplayed his hand this time.
  14. Oddly enough even the kids at Hoover are giving him a hard time not because he picked Georgia but because of the jerk way he did it. Kid always had a big ego. My guess is that this pretty much locks Robbie Ashford and his big ego up for Ga..
  15. We didn't want him anyway he isn't going to make his grades. Right? I will say it was a punk move. If you are wavering Decommit so everyone knows. $$ is king on this one.