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  1. bg5

    Bama trolls

    Early on I was accused by someone as being a troll since I didn't agree with them on something. They said that BG5 meant Bama Grad instead of my initials and the number of people in my family. I think GP sticks with us by the way. I talked to him a little the other night. He is a pretty good kid off the field. Just plays with an attitude on the field and that's ok as long as it doesn't go to far.
  2. bg5


    I love how when the Off. plays good it's because of the OC when they play bad it's Gus. There is a show on TV called Fact or Fiction that talks about what really happened in history which is often not what we have been told. I have looked at this board the last couple of days and seen a lot of fiction. Just on this short thread alone about half of the stuff written is just wrong. I know we lost and I hate it but y'all have got to chill out. I know it's part of being a fan but I really feel sorry for those of you that nothing is ever good enough. I know many of you can't change (just like you say Gus can't change) but if we win by 30 this week try to resist saying that's what we should have done and instead spread some complements around. It will do your heart some good.
  3. bg5

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    You won't find any quotes from me complaining about other teams recruiting and I get you point but you can dominate but not run the score up on a team. My bigger point is that many on here are looking for anything to grip at Gus about not matter what happens. If you win by 50 why didn't you play the 3rd string etc.?
  4. I'm am 100% with you on this one. Take any one (1) of those bad calls away (just one) and we win. On the last two drives there were four calls that extended the drive for them or cost us a drive. And for everyone that says we should not have been in that position I say you don't beat top 15 teams by lots of points they are usually close games. Bad calls, especially like this can and will effect the outcome of a game.
  5. bg5

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    I think we win big but don't pour it on 41-10. I don't like this deal were some on here are setting up the team saying if we don't win by a certain amount or score so many points it's a negative. That to me is just people looking for another reason to bash Gus even in a win.
  6. I thought the officiating was terrible in this game. Usually the home team will get the benefit of the doubt. In this game LSU got all the calls. If any of those calls had gone our way or no calls had gone our way we win plan and simple . I do believe that and I do think we were robbed. Now we could have played better and it would not have had to come to the calls but it did and it caused us to lose. I watched a couple of other games that day and they did not call similar plays. That's the only reason I am not more upset about how the team played because I truly believe we should have won the game and it was taken from us.
  7. bg5

    So what's to come?

    This souds just like what everyone said last year. We don't need to scrap the whole season just because of one lose that stings right now. We are better than that.
  8. bg5

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    His comment was that Gus has never gotten his teams up for a big game. I did watch those games but if Gus had not beaten Ga. and Bama ( both big games) we would not have played in either game.
  9. bg5

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Did you watch the Alabama and Georgia games last year? Get a grip.
  10. bg5

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Ref's took that game from us plan and simple. One of the worst ref games I have ever seen.
  11. You are right coach I feel bad about ragging on Robbie especially since he is 15. I don't like too cocky and I really don't like very negative. The one thing I can say for George is he was frustrated but didn't make a show out of his frustration. Robbie walked up and down the sidelines showing his. I hate for kids of any age to do that.
  12. Bottom line George is way to arrogant and Robbie isn't ready for primetime. George is super cocky and Robbie has a terrible attitude. Niblet needs to get hold of both of them but he won't. My opinion, he likes that George is cocky and for whatever reason will not stop Robbie from acting like a baby. I know that's harsh but the QB needs to be the leader and Robbie doesn't even go near the offence on the sideline unless they score. Otherwise he goes as far away as he can and hangs his head or acts like he is hurt.
  13. bg5

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    Pretty sure he was at the game Saturday.
  14. bg5

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    All of the above comments are true but he has a lot of growing up to do ( I don't just mean age). From what I have seen when he throws a bad pass he often blames the WR ( when it's clearly his fault which doesn't go over well with the WR's). He also really needs to work on his body language when things get tight. A real leader doesn't let it show as much as he does when things go bad. A lot of that will come with time and he has plenty of time. Great arm. Great running ability. Great size. He didn't play well in the St. Johns game but bounced back very well against Thompson. If he can make an attitude adjustment he will be very good. As far as Baseball goes, I think they are recruiting him with both in mind.
  15. bg5

    I know it's only been two games but...

    It was fun watching him get ready to go in. He was pacing up and down the sidelines. He kept walking and standing beside JS then he would pace off again. You could tell he was nervous.