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  1. bg5

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    I think I read that he was.
  2. bg5

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Nix might Redshirt his freshman year (but I doubt it) but he is the most polished QB coming out of HS that we have had in a very long time. He will not stay if he has to wait 3 or 4 years before he is a starter. He might not start game 1 of his freshman year but the fact that we are looking so hard at Cord make me think the coaches think he will be ready quick and we might have a shortage of QB's. I think Gatewood changes positions and Willis will have to make a tough decision about his future. Nix will be JS 2.0 with even more accuracy and a little more mobility. Once he gets the playbook down he will be the starter.
  3. bg5

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    No way Nix waits more than a year.
  4. In that case I think he sticks with us.
  5. Very true. I know Hoover, Spain Park and Mt. Brook either do or did at some point. Hoover especially under Rush Probst.
  6. Yes I am a little worried now that I have seen the LSU quote. I said a few months back that they were a threat for him. My hope is that he will see our upside and their downside and stay with us.
  7. This is not a TJY situation at all. To me that was one of the worst backstabs I can remember. That wasn't typical recruiting stuff that was a game set up by Saban just being a jerk (I could call it other stuff but I won't). GP is just enjoying the process and the attention right now. I'm guessing he will still end up at Auburn but I would not be surprised if it's not a show between now and then. He is big time and he knows it and is enjoying the attention. I think he is a good kid. TJY was on the take.
  8. So Hoover will play: #5 IMG #9 St. John's #28 Hewitt Trussville #54 Thompson And the reigning Alabama 6 A State champion. Tough schedule!!! I use to wonder why they played that hard of an out of state schedule but I have seen that it makes them humble and strong.
  9. Can you imagine how hot those afternoon games are going to be in late August. It will be a big factor in the Hoover vs. PV game since Hoover probably has twice the depth.
  10. E needs to brush up on his Sunday School Classes. That was a good one.
  11. bg5

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    Think it was Mullen by process of elimination. It wasn't Saban, it mentions Ga. getting beat so I don't think it was Smart. I don't think this is Muschamps personality, Beliemma is gone, and one last possibility is Fisher but I don't think so.
  12. It's probably in this thread somewhere but I'm lazy. Who is pitching for us tonight. I'm taking the fam..
  13. Back to George, I think we are still fine right now. Just enjoying the process. Everyone likes attention and the more you move up the more you get.
  14. bg5

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Stop it, its rude!!! Ha Ha