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  1. Ding Ding Ding we have a winner!!!
  2. Since this is an Auburn board and the pessimism we usually have that means there is a 15% chance we won't get him.
  3. I'm going to save a certain someone the trouble of posting this. "We should get this guy!!!"
  4. Because you have anti Gus colored glasses. You hate everything he does. If we don't get someone he is too slow. If we get a great player you complain that he wont develop him. If we get a great OC you say Gus won't let him coach. If we win it's luck if we lose it's typical Gus.
  5. So are we now the favorite to get one or both or still behind the evil empire?
  6. No yellow font on this one. But Hoover was/is very much not alone.
  7. Is he our top guy in that class?
  8. Really? Do you mean if he had worked on it full time? I would say from what I have seen he is slightly above average. We are not going to waste a lot of his QB development time having him spend the time it takes to be a great kicker. I'm sure he has a good bit of potential but I hope we find someone else so he doesn't have to. Having Avg. punters can win and lose games. I will say though if it's just God given talent and doesn't waste a lot of time it would be great to have that threat every time they line up to punt.
  9. Do you know the other school is?
  10. Remember last week when everyone was complaining that Auburn could not get anyone someone else wanted. I was being sarcastic about the sudden change in attitudes. I even saw someone who said someone always gets the ones we want say and we don't get anyone say another big pick up for us. It's just funny that fans are so one extreme or the other.
  11. It's tough to tell what we really have in a QB without a quality OL. Hopefully that is starting to be corrected.
  12. It's really surprising to me that nobody else wanted a 4* QB and a 4*OT. Guess Auburn was just lucky nobody else wanted them. Anyway that's good.