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  1. The only way he keeps his job now is to win out and only lose to Bama. Anything short of that and I don't think they keep him. It's very possible that yesterday was his last chance though. We have to much talent not to be better than this.
  2. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    He's coming to Auburn!!!
  3. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    Lets honest about this, we can call this a no excuses game or whatever else you want to call it. I call it a no win situation. If we lose Gus is gone, if we win then no big deal that's what we should have done ( no credit will be given). Every game until Ga. and bama will be the same deal. I believe we will win until we get to bama and then we will see what we have. I have been consistent in saying that, even early on when others said all of these teams that we are dominating would beat us. All of these threads seem to deteriorate into the same thing. Gus needs to win or he is fired or there is nothing Gus can do right at this point so fire him. Bottom line is we have to win out and beat one of Ga. or bama most people acknowledge that. I wish we could all just enjoy the fact that we are not just beating the teams we play but winning convincingly. So my advice for everyone would be enjoy what is going on, its fun and stop worrying that each week will bring failure. Some of you are really missing a fun season.
  4. Auburn Schedule

    Really just curious about this. In the past three games other than maybe leaving the starters in too long what are the coaching issues? Did we need to score more points? Did we not hold the other teams to few enough? It looks like we have turned the corner. What am I missing?
  5. Chip calling games like this...

    Look back at the post from some of your fellow Gus haters. Lots of people said we would not beat these teams. Sorry to lump you I with that group.
  6. Chip calling games like this...

    You Gus haters are really getting on my nerves. Early in the year you guys said we couldn't beat the teams we are beating. Now we are not just beating them we are destroying them. You play the schedule you have you can't do anything about that. I sure hope that whoever you want to replace Gus with is so great that we never lose to Ga. or Bama. I am sure that if it happens even once you will want them to be fired. I'm 53 so I have few years on you one thing I would advice is that you chill out a little and stop attacking everyone that doesn't agree with you. People can have a different opinion and it still be ok. I am fine with you wanting Gus to be fired. I don't like some of things he has done but I see us getting better and my opinion is we are getting better and will beat Ga. and possibly Bama. When you get a little older you will find that not everything that happens is worth getting your blood pressure up over.
  7. Chip calling games like this...

    Just admit you hate Gus and think he can't do anything right and move on. You Gus haters are really starting to get on my nerves. I know we didn't play well early on but we are rolling against SEC teams now. IT's sad that you can't be happy about the way we are playing right now. Your missing some fun.
  8. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    All is this talk seems so crazy to me. 23 was the only one that said we lead for JF. Everybody else said they didn't believe him. Now because many of you don't like Gus you come back and say oh we lead for him and Gus blew it. We are rolling on Off. right now. Ga. only had 102 yards passing yesterday and FSU stinks. As I have said before if all of you are correct about us playing our way out of it with him then we should be able to play our way back in. I asked this question before but what else can Gus do to get people off his back. I didn't like the way we played early on but I will say there were more factors in that the than Gus's coaching (not to say he didn't have a big part in it). But if you blame him for all that then you have to give him credit for the turn around. Unless you have just made up your mind and won't change it.
  9. Dontavius Russell

    There are two of us. In spite of everything I still think we have a chance (just my opinion feel free to blast away, not that you need my permission). I also think our chances of keeping JS are less than 50/50.
  10. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    If Ga. gets him they will have Eason , Fromm and Fields all for the next two years.
  11. Heisman Trophy

    I think those guys are all Seniors so we will have, Tega, Horton, Ashley, Sharp and Harrell from our top 2 OL depth. I think Ashley will do great but we will still need to replace the other two. It may factor in his decision.
  12. Heisman Trophy

    I hope he is around to win it next year but if he continues on the path he is on right now (getting better every week) he will be one and done. I am not sure that is a good idea but I would say it's 50/50 or better right now.
  13. I am one of the last people who still stands behind Gus (or at least that's the way it feels) but when he sent out the FG unit the first thing I said was, Ok this is enough, even if we blow this team away Gus needs to go. Glad they changed it up.
  14. Injuries?

    Yes I think this has been confirmed by a couple of people. The good news is that he can play which hopefully means that it is getting a little better. It didn't look like Kerryon's hamstring is 100% yet either. On that long run at the beginning of the game it looked like he pulled up a little at the end. Hopefully we can get up really good on a couple of these next few games and let them rest those injuries so they can be 100% for the last few games.
  15. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    If JF goes to Ga. with a Freshman QB ahead of him I would love to know what Kirby is selling him on. Only a fool would believe he would beat out Fromm for the next two years. Now that our Off. is starting to role if he really looks at the best situation to play he might start to change his mind. If he goes to Ga. he will be sitting for a while.