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  1. I think that was his son. If I am not mistaken he played at Homewood.
  2. KN has CB for the QB who is a PWO FTR.
  3. Kid is really good. Has great timing on his slants and has a big arm. Very surprised he wasn't more heavily recruited or higher ranked. I thin the Hewitt game tis year was his only game that was kind of off. He lit Hoover up twice. Happy to have him and the kicker who is also very good.
  4. So bottom line on recruiting be the first to pay and don't have the last visit. Sounds like a winner!!!
  5. I really do think he will. I think this year will be better then in two years we should be about where we should be. these things can turn so fast. I can remember when our Def. wasn't good at all. then we change coaches and it all turned fast.
  6. You may be right but I find it hard to believe that you can turn that hard that fast. When that all ended it looked like the whole family hated Auburn. I just don't think you can turn like that.
  7. Gus can't win on this. If we do great on Off. then everyone will say it's CCM. If we do bad or avg. then everyone will say Gus interfered. Personally I just hope we do great, I don't care who gets credit. Just saying Gus won't win either way.
  8. To be fair Alan Evans son wasn't really ever going to come here he was just messing with us. That was on Dad not us.
  9. I am always wrong on these guys so hopefully that means we will get him but him but I just have a feeling we wont. Maybe it's because we have been burned so many times but I just think Saban and Kirby are ruthless. I never believe it until I see the letter when we go up against them.
  10. I say let Mikey go. In the past he went on and on about LB's and now we are in great shape. If him continuing to talk about the O'line has the same results preach on.
  11. I agree I just don't see why nobody is after him. We played Thompson twice this year and he killed us both times. Great arm, accurate and it looks like he has the height as well. He ran decent too.
  12. Also heard today that there is a chance Thompson's QB my walk on. Not sure why he isn't being looked at by many. I thought he was really good this year. To me head to head with Ashford he was the better QB.
  13. Best kicker in the State from what I have seen. Saw him twice this year and he is awesome. Kick's it through the end zone most of the time. Can kick long accurate Field Goals. Not a punter though. He did punt for Thompson but wasn't great at it. But it will be interesting to see who kicks off next year unless he red shirts because I think he is the upper 90% on touchbacks.
  14. I heard the kicker from Thompson committed to us but I haven't seen anything. Not sure if it was for preferred walk on or a scholly. Either way that is a great pick up.