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  1. bg5

    Gus is out!

    My wife is a teacher. This is a fine book I don't know why all the criticizing.
  2. So to capsulize everything. The money is there to buy Gus out and it might not be as much as the contract say's because they could make a deal. The PTB want him out and he doesn't really have anyone with power behind him anymore. Steele is done with him and may or may not take the job if offered but would probably stay as DC if offered by the New coach. AU has been in contact with whoever the mystery person is to gauge their interest. The Def. staff which is pretty much the best thing we have going right now would stay if Steele does along with the committed recruits. I am not a smart man but I think Gus is gone. If whoever we hire can make our Off. better we have nothing to lose ( don't just assume though that whoever we bring in will make that better just because what we have now isn't good). Personally I like Gus and I am not as critical as most of you about the job he has done ( I think the SEC West is a Bone Yard for Coaches) but it just didn't work out for him at AU. The pluses the next coach will have is that we will still have a pretty good Def., we have most of our Off. skill players coming back, our Oline should better next year even though we lose the ones we have now( that's sad) and our schedule next year sets up pretty well.
  3. What I am saying is that any D1 team that lets another team get within 7 points with plenty of time left just to keep a coach in his job is stupid especially when you still have a shot at a NC. No way they let us score those 14 points. We may be saying the same thing but I'm not sure if you are agreeing with me or are just saying how bad we are.
  4. Right, Then anything could happen in OT. Point is you don't take that chance.
  5. My thought is that they should fire him but I am not sure if they will. To me you have to give him some credit for hiring a great Def. coach and I think they made him do that. The whole reason why we hired him and kept him is because he was supposed to be a great Off. mind. He has been anything but that. So with that said my best guess is that one of two things happens. One they fire him or Two they tell him to get a real Off. Cord. and let them run the Off.. I don't think he can bring himself to do that so in that case he will tell them no and be fired, do it but not really let the person run the Off. and be fired next year or realize what he has to do. With our schedule next year if he could really look in the mirror and see what he needs to do we could have a really good year. I don't think he is able to do that though. The fact that they let him come back this year is the only reason why I think he has a chance to come back next year. He didn't deserve to come back this year and not much has changed better or worse so obviously we are missing something. If the money and the will to do it is really in place like many say it is they should have done it last year. At this point if it were up to me and I knew I had a homerun in place I would let him go before the Alabama ( with Tua out we have a shot at that game and I would not want that to save him) on the other hand if we can't find a homerun I would keep him with the ultimatum that he get a great OC with a track record of developing QB's ( I thought that was supposed to be the big thing about the one we have but it must not be true). I would give myself next year to find that homerun. If Greene can't do that then he might need to go as well.
  6. I hope this is at least somewhat sarcastic. No way this actually happened. One wrong play at the end and Ga. loses.
  7. Not sure how old you are but this is the stupidest thing I have read in a while. Barfield was terrible. If Gus was as bad as him he would have been gone two years ago. Gus is not good but Barfield was awful. This kind of post is why people hate message boards. People just say stuff just to say something. He was barely .500. Do better!!!
  8. This is going to be silly season until we get a new coach or they confirm Gus is staying. This rumor would be pretty stupid on Sextons part. I don't think we will hear any real facts until after the Alabama game. I would not believe anything I her until then.
  9. Let's be real about this. If Joey win's the job Bo walk's at some point and we blame Gus. Joey walked like everyone thought he might at the end of the year so we blame Gus. Gus should have given Joey more playing time and he did embarrass him by pulling him back. Those two things are on Gus. But in Gus's mind right or wrong he thinks Bo is the QB of the future. He is the coach and he will suffer the consequences of that decision. Long run I still don't think it was the right decision we are just seeing a true freshman play in the SEC, no guaranty Joey would be any better the only issue is Gus should have let him play some to see. But still one QB gets the most playing time and the other likely goes. But as a coach you have to make a decision and he made his. If we had been winning 9 or 10 games every year this would not have been such a big deal. One QB wins the other loses. I think at this point whether we beat Ga. or Bama Gus is probably gone because he lost the fan base. To me though this situation in isolation is being blown way out of proportion. Not taken in isolation it's just another brick in the wall for Gus to have to go. My fear is that we fire Gus and the next man up can't do any better. Stoops if it is him is a very short term ( Possible) solution and there is no guarantee he can cut it in the SEC. My hope is no matter what the fans want that if Green can't hit a homerun that for the sake of recruiting we either keep Gus or fire him and promote the DC then try again for a homerun next year. I guess I just need to take a break from reading on here because if something good happens it's in spite of Gus if something bad happens no matter what it is it's only Gus's fault. It's such a broken record. Truth is it's probably 70/30 but because everyone hates him so much they can't see that it's not all him. I will say that it seems now some of the blame is being passed off to Bo which needs to stop now. Again he is a freshman playing in the SEC. Gus picked him to be the QB. He can't say no coach I think it would be better to play someone else. So I'm going to get off the site for a while until they make a decision and everyone can then turn their anger on whoever that new guy is. Lay off Bo though!!!
  10. This kid is unbelievable. When Hoover played them this year he kicked several off of the scoreboard which on the Thompson home video is off the screen. The scoreboard is 20 or 30 feet high and he was kicking it in the middle of that on extra points. they probably would have been 40 yard FG's or more. I wasn't sure why he kicked it that hard on the extra points but who cares if you are making them.
  11. Not the way people are doing it on here. Somebody actually said their fear was that we won because it might save Gus's job. That's pretty strong.
  12. So your fear is that Gus does what everyone has been complaining that they want him to do more of? I personally hope he win's them both and makes it a really hard decision. I would never fear that Auburn would lose a game for any reason. We should be fan's of the team not enemy's of the coach. I get what your saying but let's always want to win no matter what the consequences are.
  13. Not a Gus apologist and I am certainly not going to give any reasons why I think Gus can turn it around so people on this board can bash me but I will say that this constant drum beat to fire Gus is really getting old. The powers that be will make the decision that they think best once the season is over. People say they want better recruiting but all the can do is bash the coach which hurts recruiting. Every week there are thread after thread saying the same thing. Give it a rest already. What happens will happen. Nothing said on this board is going to make one bit of difference one way or the other as to whether Gus stay's or goes. I can give you Pro's and Con's either way. For most people their minds are made up on the message boards and yes I know if I don't like it I don't have to read it. All I'm saying is that for nearly 4 years now this same post comes out week after week in some form and it's just old.
  14. bg5

    The Blame

    That's encouraging because I think our skill players are going to be very good for the next few years.
  15. bg5

    The Blame

    But are the guys already on the roster any good if they can't beat out the ones we have now that everyone says are so bad?