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  1. I hope we only see flashes of this team being great in the Ga. Southern game. If we keep the pedal down the whole game that means that we are showing to much to Clemson. I would like to see an easy 21 point win where we beat them by just our skill advantage rather than breaking out the whole playbook. I think we have plenty of talent this year to do just that. I want Clemson to see the Shock and Awe!!!
  2. Why? Is your glass always 1/2 empty? Let this play out before you let the sky fall any further. I still think we get Fields but Recruiting is a tough sport. It has ups and downs if you get down every time everything is not on the up cycle you might not want to keep up with recruiting. This will probably go back and forth a few times before he commits. But in the end I think he picks us.
  3. Hey, My daughter is an Auburn grad and a Samford (Cumberland) Law School grad. she is married and I know all the guys she dated so I know it wasn't her. She is conservative but I have found that most kids at law schools are not.
  4. It still blows me away that Rush Propst had Chip as his OC and Jeremy Pruitt as his DC at some point. The guy would have probably done anything to get a college job himself and look where is OC and DC are today. Don't mean to derail the convo. As I have said before I think we get Fields and hopefully he will bring some other skill players with him. All signs are good as long as we can have a good season which I think we will.
  5. Ok, I am going to go out on a limb putting all of the factors I know in place and say we end up getting him. If you look at the total picture ( I am factoring in a great season) it makes the most since that he would come to Auburn. Close to home, Cam Factor, Auburns success with DT's and likes Lindsey.
  6. I just hope even if he is very successful that he stay's at least two years. That would get our QB situation set up for at least 6 years with at least two stud QB's at all times.
  7. Tenth Assistant coach talk (Merged)

    Tommy Tubberville
  8. Tenth Assistant coach talk (Merged)

    Tracy Rocker? When I said TR I was talking about Tony Romo.
  9. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    I think Stidham will make those around him a little better. The WR's looked much improved to me some of that is them some of that is the catchable balls he throws. Passing will open up the run so our RB's will be better. A QB that makes quick decisions will mean the O'line will not have to stay on their blocks as long. Same way with the Def. we have a very good D'line that will help the LB's and DB's. I am also a little worried about the RB's. We have great talent back there but they just can't stay on the field. My only other concern is depth at DB. Same thing we have a lot of talent but if one or two get hurt we are in trouble.
  10. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    The points for both teams could have been much higher if the QB runs had been live. The passing opens up the run. I am super excited about next year. Did Cowart play yesterday? I was looking forward to seeing him at DT.
  11. Projected depth chart Week 3

    I wonder if JFIII would be any good at kick Returns. He certainly has the speed and moves. Just don't know if he can catch.
  12. Projecting depth chart

    Good new for us is that if we do well this year we have a good group coming back the next year.
  13. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    If SW is named the starter next year it means that JS was not all he was hyped to be (I think he will be great). If that happens Gus will be out of a job at the end of the year because I believe we need someone better than SW to get us where we need to be in order for Gus to keep his job. Don't get me wrong I think SW is a decent QB who can help us win games but not as many games as we need to win. We have to win 10 games and one of those games needs to be Alabama or Ga. for Gus to stay. I think there is a real possibility that SW is the #3 QB. I know it sounds like I am knocking SW, I don't mean to but we are counting on JS a lot and WB has a ton of upside. With JS and our schedule next year I think we win 11 games, with SW I think we win 9 and I am not sure that is good enough for Gus to keep his job.
  14. uat Offensive Coordinator

    Interesting how the different fan bases view things. Bamas take on OC, "It took a little while but we got an NFL guy who worked for Beleick we are awesome". Auburn fans take on OC, "This is taking to long so we must be terrible, the sky is falling everyone hates us, fire Gus". I actually think we got the better coach but since everyone is down on Gus right now most won't acknowledge it.