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  1. I know he was awesome when HT played Thompson last time. If we can hold on to him and George we will have some fantastic WR's for several years. Both of them are electric with the kick returns as well.
  2. My guess is that Hoover beats them worse than they did the first time. Most likely will be a Thompson vs. Hoover rematch.
  3. I think we should start every thread with "GS" (Gus Sucks) that way everyone doesn't have to feel the need to go into how bad they think he is and that he should be fired and that everything that happens that is bad at Auburn is his fault etc. etc. etc.. It would shorten most of the responses and frankly I think everyone knows what everyone thinks so it is really getting old that everyone feels the need to say it over and over and over (not pointed at you corch). I'm just tired of having to read through that part before I can read what someone is really trying to say. For example there is no need when you want to say the Basketball team played well last night to say, Gus stinks he really needs to be fired because the football team is so bad I wish they were more like the basketball team that played well last night. Instead you could say (GS) the Basketball team played well last night. Sorry to vent but even though I understand it is really getting old.
  4. bg5

    If Malzahn returns

    I think we should shut the program down either way. If Gus stays and doesn't get a good OC he will have run the program into the ground . If he leaves there won't be anything for everyone to complain about so the program will suffer for lack of interest. Either way it looks like the end.
  5. bg5

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    People keep saying the money is there so I will take them at their word for that. My two concerns are recruiting ( I think we will lose some of our really good ones if Gus is fired) and the fact that people keep throwing out names of project coaches. If we fire Gus I want a top five coach. I don't want to hear that a top five coach won't come to Auburn. People keep talking about how great Auburn is and that we deserve better so in that case we need to get better. I'm not for taking a chance on someone who may or may not work out. As I have said before I think Gus deserves to be fired because he has not done a good job but unless we have a great ( not good) replacement, if I made the call I would force him to get a new Off. staff save the money for one year and see what happens. If hiring a Freeze doesn't work then I don't think anything will. If we can't get a Freeze or a Freeze = then there isn't any use in keeping him for another year anyway (lose of recruits or not).
  6. bg5

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Here is the bottom line for me. Gus has not done a good job and needs to go but most likely will not be fired this year. I wish we didn't have to do this, "Gus needs to go" discussion every week whether we win or lose. It's just getting old the people that want him to stay are not going to change their minds and the people that want him to go won't change theirs. But every week win or lose we start this same conversation. We will beat Liberty and lose to Alabama do we have to do this same tired routine every week. This is 9 weeks in a row that people say the same things. Just let it play out, nothing said on this board is going to change it. But on the flip side I do think this stuff from the "fans" hurts recruiting because they do look at some of this stuff. That's what I am more worried about.
  7. bg5

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Totally agree he is their second string RB. In most cases nobody would even look at the second string RB but it is IMG. The good news if we get him is that he wasn't abused physically this year like most 4* RB's and he got some really good coaching.
  8. bg5

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Saw Noah Cain last Friday he didn't get to play much but he looks to have good size and speed.
  9. bg5

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    So if Freeze does get the job does that mean we have less of a chance of getting any of these guys? I would assume he would almost clear house on the Off. side.
  10. bg5

    2020 3* WR JJ Evans

    Correction every school in that region recruits not just the big 4. The ones I have personal knowledge of are Hoover, Thompson, Spain Park and Mt. Brook. But I have friends at Hewitt and Vestavia that say they do too.
  11. bg5

    2020 3* WR JJ Evans

    More likely Thompson at this point. What's going on down there reminds me of the Rush Probst days at Hoover.
  12. bg5

    come Saturday night...

    ...our Basketball team will be 2-0. My glass is half full!!!
  13. bg5

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    There was already enough evidence to evict Gus but I don't think it matters at this point I think loses in both of those games have been factored in. Gus will be back with a new OC. CL may be a great OC but just as I can't let Gus off the hook for the Off. performance this year I can't totally let the OC off the hook either. Our Oline stinks now you can blame all of that on the Oline coach or Gus if you want but the OC bares some blame as well. You can't really blame Gus for everything that goes bad but not give him credit when something good happens (although I know most will). I think Freeze will be the OC next year and we will be better not because of Gus but because Freezes style is closer to what Gus wants. the problem for Gus is that I am not sure how long Freeze will say I do believe if we can somehow get some Oline help we have the talent to be good next year. That is if Gus lets go like I think he will be forced to. I will say on the other hand if they meet with Gus and for some reason they get the feeling he is not willing to let the Off. go more that they could just let him go at that point. We have talent Gus just needs to get out of the way of it.
  14. bg5

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    50/50 if he was coming back before the game. After, probably more like 85/15 especially if we change OC to Freeze and get a new oline coach.
  15. bg5

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    What is it they say? Act like you have been there before.