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  1. The initial trajectory of that kick had me worried for about .05 seconds, can't believe it curved back right into the uprights
  2. I hate how we like to let punts go, just rarely seems to work out in our favor
  3. I hope Auburn returns the favor to Penn St next year and only gives their visiting team ticket allotment, in the corners of the upper deck….none in the lower bowl.
  4. Well I will say it already sounds like a unanimous pick for the GameDay crew; I highly doubt any of them will pick Auburn. Not that that would be a bad pick, being Penn St. is at home, it is just rare when Auburn is the underdog, to ever be picked by a ESPN GameDay picker. We seem to always be the underdog when GameDay is doing one of our games anyway.
  5. Note Dame, after their awesome win versus Toledo(corrected) at home...is watching this game saying "hello number 6 ranking!!"
  6. I believe you are correct, however there have been exceptions on occasions
  7. Probably will stand as called on field, but who knows if it is an SEC replay crew
  8. I was thinking the same thing about the TV play calling…. Gus Johnson is horrible.
  9. Good to hear. Although, it does appear that next season(2022-2023) will feature 1 game per SEC team that will each be exclusive to ESPN +, and thus will require a subscription.
  10. Honestly it appears to me that you must be a subscriber of ESPN + to see this game. I get espn through a cable provider, and every game in previous seasons(that was a steaming game), it has either showed ESPN 3 or SECN+ next to the game and time, in the ESPN app. This game vs Akron, however, clearly shows ESPN+ only. The good news though, I do see that the halftime band performance, will be made available on SECN+, for those that do not subscribe to the ESPN+ service.....no joke! So bottom line, must pay separately for ESPN+ to see the game, cannot use your cable subscription login
  11. Man, I cannot keep up with all this change in college football so fast, but If it did go to 18 teams with Clemson and Florida St. too...I think a 3 division breakdown could make sense... WEST DIVISION Arkansas LSU Missouri Oklahoma Texas Texas A&M CENTRAL DIVISION Alabama Auburn Ole Miss Mississippi St. Vanderbilt Tennessee EASTERN DIVISION Clemson Florida Florida St Georgia Kentucky South Carolina Move to a 9 team conference schedule. Each team plays 5 division opponents each year and 2 each from other 2 di
  12. Looks like someone did die anyway. So its' not like only BLM members are getting killed. People riot, they might die, it is a real possibility when you participate in such kind of acts....Turns out someone did die. So I guess police do shoot white people, too.
  13. Like you just said, Cincinnati. My post was pretty obvious of what I was trying to say. Seems like the perfect opportunity/year to let an undefeated team from a non-power5, that looks like a very good team, to finally get that shot to play in the 4 team playoff, OVER a ND team that has proven over and over, most recently a week ago. That they cannot compete against these teams (at least when they have their starting QB playing).as for A&M, A&M at least lost to number 1 months ago vs number 3 a week ago. Maybe there is a chance A&M got better? My 2 cents anyway.
  14. My feelings, on that subject, are exactly the same! I keep wondering when the playoff committee will finally be able to look at ND's body of work throughout the season, and compare it to previous seasons, and realize they just won't match up with ANY of the other playoff teams. They got smoked by the 3rd seeded team in the playoff the week before; it was not even close. Now they think they deserve, or I'm sorry...think that FANS DESERVE, or even worse, want to watch ND vs another playoff team...AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN????? Hopefully this is the straw that tips the scales, but still unli
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