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  1. This is one of the more clear cases of conference and referee tampering in games. The aac clearly benefits by UCF winning this game. Two call against UCF, in the 1st half, one a chop block and the other defensive holding...were initially flagged my the refs. Both were obvious calls. Even the announcers went back to both plays, each a few minutes after the fact in the broadcast and asked why they picked up the flag. Well, they did, they picked up both flags and said they did not occur. Again, they were obvious. Everyone saw it. The first one was on a third down inside UCF's own 10 yard line...allowing them a TD only 2 or 3 plays later l, when they should have been punting. The other indirectly prevented a memphis drive from scoring. Both of which completely changed momentum. Just an example, that was only 2 calls they intentionally changed...but it only takes 1 or 2 calls in a game to completely change the win/loss record. And I am not a blame the referee type of person. This is just too obvious. Congrats to conference officials It takes an even smaller effort to when the game you are rigging is for the benefit of a home team. Makes it even easier.
  2. I thought I read that they were not a good FT shooting team. They are going to shoot and make 2 FT every time down the court
  3. Nice arena. Not very crowded yet. War Eagle!
  4. Frustrating, I agree. I just tell myself there is nothing I can do about it.
  5. This is such a bummer. In my hotel in Charlotte and thought I would be able to see the game on CBS. Oh well. At least I get to watch Louisville and Boston College battle it out. What a treat.
  6. Should have been a penalty for a push in the end zone
  7. Yup...I have this saved on every device I have. It's a must have.
  8. You think there is only option A and B with a SEC replay booth...when in fact they were only considering option C and D for their ruling,...about half the time.
  9. Well, at least Clemson and Auburn probably both feel the same: each is not looking forward to facing the other's D
  10. The turnovers were disappointing for sure, but I will feel much better if we can just not give any away this half. Could have been just nerves; not meaning to make excuses.
  11. How long does it take to recover from that, considering he is standing on sideline? 6-7 weeks?
  12. Please Auburn, I cannot stand losing to this team again. So sick of losing to UGA
  13. Can the official hover over the ball til 8 seconds on the clock?