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  1. Exactly what I was thinking
  2. Yup. Pulled the front of Seth's Jersey,pulling his entire body away from the direction he was turning.
  3. Darn good job of holding on to the football. Hope he is not. Probably needed to get inside the 20 though to have a chance of getting some points on the board. Such a shame
  4. Their QB at least knows how to run out of bounds correctly when trying to gain a first down.
  5. Looks like we got our first down for the first 3 quarters. Hopefully we can hold bama to less than 6 total before the 4th quarter.
  6. He does that SOO much. Can normally take another 2 yards without even being hit.
  7. Not going to catch a single break with officials and catches.
  8. No kidding, thinking the exact same thing
  9. Ok... he was over 6 or 7 yards away when he threw the pass(and was not even closing distance...actually it was getting even further distance) one of the worst calls I have seen this year
  10. Why the heck did they blow the play dead that early when ole miss threw the TD pass. REFS owed them a makeup and f*ed it all up when they could have not called the celebration penalty (yes it was a penalty) but they screwed ole miss. God I love SEC refs...such entertainment. Only thing worse than SEC refs is the SEC replay officials.
  11. Time to practice our 2 minute offense, for Bo of course?
  12. Even on the run plays where we gain yards...our RBs are getting popped at or behind the LOS. Going to be tough to run today and every day. But boy, on a rainy day, an OL that can run block sure would be nice.
  13. Offensive line still struggling vs inferior competition. Maybe we will wear them down.
  14. Not even half way thru the 1st quarter and it is 3:10 CDT. Going to be aog one. Get those commercials ready CBS.
  15. Defense will likely get torn apart by LSU’s pass attack. While we should be able to score on a less than stellar LSU defense. I fear it will be another road struggle for a freshman QB and and OL that is not going to be able to open any lanes for our run game.....in a venue that we just can’t seem to pull out the win in. LSU is just not afraid of Auburn the least. Ironically, it seems we actually play more competitive football when playing at night in LSU. I just hope we can win the toss and not have to play on offense on the first possession of the football game. My other fear is t
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