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  1. I want Jawan Pass! He fits our offense better than any of the other QBs in this class.
  2. The media predictions are all over the map, but most the prediction for Cowart are for us.
  3. Why should we care what a FSU recruiting site writer says or CBs on Cowart? Does this person have magical sources that no one else has?
  4. Can someone please tell me what has happened the last 48hrs for this tread to escalate as quickly as it has?
  5. I believe Jaylon Denson could move to TE. He played there his senior year in high school.
  6. Cowart to my knowledge hasn't showed any interest to Bama.
  7. We have a great shot at landing Cowart, Holland, Burt and Ivey. It will all depend on how the weekend of 1/16 goes. I will say this, our coach need to cancel Payne's visit for that weekend. He doesn't need to take an official visit to us anymore now that he committed to the turds.
  8. Cowart is our most important recruit on defense. He has enough size and frame to get up to 285lbs to play both inside and outside.
  9. Now that Payne is gone, we need to put full court press on this guy to get him to visit us on 1/16.
  10. Will somebody please update me on what's going on? What does CB stand for? Is Bama going to all stops to get JR to flip to them?
  11. The media's hype for Jacob Coker is getting ridiculous. I watched some of his highlights from last year at Florida State and his accuracy is in the 50% range. He has good feet, but he also has a history of getting injured. If he goes down Bama is done.
  12. I believe that our coaching thinks that the best DT is 2016's Julian Rochester. We have an excellent chance in landing him.
  13. Are we making a serious push for George Campbell?
  14. Can someone please explain to me what happened at RE's birthday party that everyone is talking about that influenced him not to come to Auburn?
  15. This has been a great day for Auburn and this class will make an immediate impact. Even with us loosing out on RE and with the turds having the so called #1 class, we will still have the better team heading into next year. I still see Bama loosing 2-3 games next year and one of those will be to us.
  16. Why haven't we burned the redshirts on Brandon King or Khari Harding to help us in our depleted secondary?
  17. How many yards rushing does Roc have for this year so far?
  18. If Ole Miss has as much talent as most people say they have than Ole Miss should have beaten Vandy soundly.
  19. I agree that JJ will be red shirted but I also believe that by the time he leaves Auburn he will at least be a first round draft pick. I believe this due to his size and his arm strength. He will gain some weight and strength-6'-6" about 245lbs-I would say. He is the best spread option qb in this years class in my opinion.
  20. After watching JJ on film and in the Army All-American game I truly feel that he's an elite qb, should be a five star. He has all the tangibles to be a great qb for us.
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