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  1. pkliegl

    Differences Between Auburn and Alabama...

    I'm an auburn fan all the way but this is just dumb. Seems like whatever they are doing is working out just fine for them.
  2. pkliegl

    Chizik on the sideline

    It was wareagledamn who tweeted it. Ppl around here seem to think he knows what he's talking about.
  3. pkliegl

    Chizik on the sideline

    Link please. Can you vet this somebody? Otherwise this is basically a rumor and is against the rules of this board
  4. pkliegl

    Chizik on the sideline

    Somebody tweeted a couple days ago that chiz would not be involved with the offense for the first time since the Clemson game...
  5. pkliegl

    Chizik's Sunday Presser

    they work on my iPhone...
  6. pkliegl


    Mine is @PatK30 I need followers! WDE
  7. pkliegl

    Question for the board...

    I do
  8. pkliegl

    AU - MSU replay is on ESPNU at 4:30 today

    Anybody expecting good things from Ryan white and Ryan smith this year? Seems like thay had a good game then kinda fell off the map after that.
  9. pkliegl

    Auburn vs Long Beach State

    Still in good shape only down 10. Could be much worse.
  10. pkliegl

    Auburn vs Long Beach State

    Refs are killing us!!
  11. pkliegl

    Please help.

  12. pkliegl

    Who starts on the DL?

    Craig Sanders for LB!!!!!! Dude is a beast!
  13. pkliegl

    People seem to forget

    I think this team will be very fun and scary to watch at the same time... I'm guessing 9 and 3 or 10 and 2... I don't see a game that we shouldn't have a chance to win if we show up ready to knock some heads!
  14. pkliegl

    ESPN attitude

    Just abot to say I like being the "bad guys" get over the haters we are the NATONAL CHAMPS BABY!!