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  1. Yeah, I’ve been super critical of Gus all year, but that was a fantastic call. Just makes me shake my head.
  2. Thanks for this because I was wondering about how the call was actually made.
  3. Actually I disagree with you because Gus does not know how to design an offiense with an actual passing scheme and then proceeds to play a QB that is primarily a passer. Sure, Bo had a poor game, but Gus does not help him get in rhythm with plays calls either. Plus, when it became obvious that Bo didn’t have it, then he should have given Gatewood at lest a complete series to see if a different style QB could change the momentum. Plus, Gus consistently ran the wildcat with Whitlow - could have put Joey in there as well. So yes, this loss is on Gus as usual. His offense is very handicapped against a defense with player personnel that are equivalent to ours.
  4. While he missed that TD throw, you can’t put it all on him. Boobee dropped a huge play that hit him in the hands, and Hastings dropped a 1st down throw.
  5. I’m going to be honest - that’s what I thought.
  6. I honestly never thought Bo should be replaced. I just wanted Gus to call better plays. He did better in the 2nd half, but I still don’t believe he really understands how to develop pass routes. Baffles me.
  7. He won’t revisit this thread - he never owns up to his moronic comments.
  8. Yeah the satellite providers often don’t retask the satellites when channels are changed like this. Sucks.
  9. Well done lol. Been awhile since you pulled one of these.
  10. Being reported now that A&M is giving Jimbo $7.5 mil/yr for 10 years. Looks like we need to suck it up and give him a better contract.
  11. Honest;y though - what good coach in his right mind wants to come coach in the SEC West?
  12. Those of you blaming Gus for the closeness of the game apparently missed the lack of execution on defense. We scored 23 points and KJ had 120 yds rushing.
  13. Great game! My only complaint is continuing to play KP over the younger rb's. We need to get them more game reps. As others have stated, we should win out until the GA game. That should be a good game.
  14. KP just doesn't seem to have it - maybe put DB in there to spell KJ.