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  1. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I think you are a bit harsh on 23. From what I remember, he did not 'miss'. He was pretty consistent in saying that JF3 was being given every chance to win the QB job, and that Gus seemed to want him to win it due to his running ability. I imagine this was true because Gus was hoping to catch lightning in a bottle again a la NM. It didn't work out. Move on. I wish JF3 all the best. Seems like a good kid since he came to AU, and I'm proud of him for getting his degree.
  2. Chip Lindsey new OC

    That's just a dumb post - I imagine his hire at ASU had zero to do with his one year as an ANALYST at AU.
  3. Chip Lindsey new OC

    The fail is strong in this post.
  4. Chip Lindsey new OC

    Not surprised you would have a negative post.
  5. AU clinches 2nd place finish in SEC West

    You post logic and reasonable commentary - that has no place on this board.
  6. Kamryn Pettway update?

    Because some players play differently in games than in practice? We know that better than anyone. His point is, in games where the outcome is already decided, give him more plays to run other than just the zone read, so he can get better experience. I don't think it's that far-fetched. If Sean gets hurt, he has to be able to throw it some or we are totally screwed (or we put JJ in or we burn Woody's RS). Seems to me like the best option would be to help Franklin develop some semblance of a passing game.
  7. Good win tonight,

    Exactly - people will complain about the secondary, but Kelly did not miss many balls. Some were perfectly thrown with a db in the right spot. They also did a lot of quick throws that didn't allow the line time to get pressure. It was a good game plan by Ole Miss and very good execution by Kelly.
  8. Good win tonight,

    Actually I think it's more stupid to complain about one half. Especially when it's a team that's been a first half team all year and when our defense has been really solid up to that point. If you expect perfection, you will be continually disappointed. We did not look very good in the first half, but to start whining and complaining about that small sample size is just dumb. Football is about adjustments and we did pretty well in the 2nd half against a team with its back against the wall.
  9. Good win tonight,

    Didn't you start a thread whining about the defense??
  10. We went on the road against a very good offense and with thier backs against the wall - great win! WDE!
  11. Another thing that I thought was cool - after Hastings' touchdown catch, there were a ton of players coming over and congratulating him. To me, that showed good team chemistry and camaraderie. It was fun to watch.
  12. Honestly you should stop trying to defend and double down on points that are not very well thought out (and then complain when people call you out on them). The offense looked better than it has in quite a while, we demonstrated that we have playmakers at a number of different positions, and the gameplan/playcalling was quite good. You are splitting hairs so much that you come off as a total troll based on what was on the field tonight.
  13. Pro Football Focus Grades AU vs CU

    Interesting read - thanks for posting.
  14. Things I Think I Saw.....

    Great read - thanks!