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  1. Was not my intent. I actually wanted serious answers. Disrespectful or not, most of these are both funny and true...
  2. A sense of giving back to the former player.. and allows them to give back to the university/fans. win/win situation if it works out.
  3. Similar to what the POTUS does. Outgoing President writes a personal letter to the incoming Predident. What would CGM's letter to CBH contain? Also If you were able to write a personal letter to CBH what would your letter contain.
  4. There is a difference between being a beast and being special
  5. This is what baffles me the most. How few people realize this. The "line" on a game has nothing to do with anything other than getting people to bet on both sides. Now obviously if one team is a heavy favorite then it is obvious they are "favored to win". But the line is not a straight up prediction of the outcome of a game.
  6. Embarrassing does not even begin to describe it. I'm so sick of coming out of the gate looking completely inept. I dont mind a slow start but this is unacceptable.
  7. I liked seeing Sal Cannella go up and make that grab on the sideline. I feel for his size and the attitude he tries to portray that he under performs. If he steps up to the plate in the near future like that mixed in with Williams and Hastings and anybody out of the back field. This passing game could be deadly
  8. I watched this last night and though to myself. "This is THE BEST" press conference i've ever seen out of CGM" It shows that he is capable of everything we want/expect out of him as our coach. I love it, his demeanor. his attitude. Just seems so refreshing. Like someone above said, it contained alot less coach speak, and overall had alot more substance to it.
  9. Unsung describes most kickers. Most dont get the credit they deserve. With that being said I gotta throw Damon Duval's name out there. 2001 Florida game
  10. Miss State just lost Diaz to miami, be hard for them to upgrade from that I think.
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