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  1. Major, major choke job. Unbelievable. Feel bad for the players.
  2. Well then it's official. AU is to the unofficial Nat'l Champs. Virginia's shinning moment. #doubledribblenocall Not just our fan base feels this way. A lot of chatter out there about the end of our game. NCAA is a joke. Only will give a statement about the 3-point shot foul. Declined about the double dribble. Man up. Our coach and players did! Pathetic!
  3. Props to the refs that didn't call traveling (sarcasm). I'll never get over that. Our average offense was enough to win the game.
  4. What a sensative society we live in.
  5. Yep. The refs should have to be held accountable for missing such a call. Hope NCAA makes an official statement regarding this. With less than 10 seconds to go in the game and this decided who goes to play for a National Championship! I would think that cost AU millions. What an idiot! Practice what you preach! Oh we missed it is unacceptable.
  6. Robbed!!! The 3-point shot should have not even taken place. Should have been AU ball with 3.5 seconds. How can the refs miss that when they are all looking at him in the open.
  7. Yea he's getting about 200k for every 3 and out we have.
  8. It truly looks like we have regressed on offense each game this season.
  9. My thoughts exactly. No one was buying KJ being 100% after seeing him out there. Instead of plugging CM in and seeing if they could run a balanced O. They became one dimensional. Wasn't hard for Ga to dial in on that. Of course the turnovers turned into TD's were the back breakers. Jus my thoughts.
  10. That would be hard for anyone to get up for.
  11. It was weird watching the play. It did not look like he had any contact before something happened and he just went to the ground. So I hope you are right.
  12. Embarrassed! And quiet frankly tired of having to explain all of the excuses and reasons year after year. Especially after we lose a game we should have won or just don't show up at all.
  13. If this was no so sad it would almost b laughable. Worst ending (play calling) I think I've ever seen at the end of a game. How do u even get up for something after this choke job.
  14. Run, run, run, bomb, bomb, bomb. Very complicated.
  15. When there are problems that need to be corrected after a Mercer game there are serious problems.