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  1. Coach Chizik will always be a true Auburn Man!!
  2. Gus is doing what Gus has to do. He knows his system better than anyone, so he also knows his limitations. He is going to surround himself with offensive staff that he trusts and is comfortable with. I believe he will allow CEJ to build the densive staff and then hold him accountable for it. Remember, Gus had a better look up the skirt than anyone else up for the job. In fact, he didn't like what he saw so much he decided to take a $500,000 pay cut a year and move to Arkansas State. That speaks volumes to me that he saw problems, plural, and decided that he needed a total culture change
  3. THIS!! Gus knows what he is doing and understands that if this is his ship, all men on board better be loyal to him to ensure it sails correctly. He can't have staff loyal to themselves, previous coaches, current/previous administrators, etc. "It is a new day", and Gus meant it.
  4. +1 ++1 I don't think it'd be impossible but when he was in HYT with jimbo recruiting Winston, he seemed really satisfied. Maybe with a fancy title and a dump truck of $$$ he'd be more inclined to leave Tallahassee. I'm sure he feels some loyalty to jimbo for giving him a good job. Maybe QB coach and Recruiting Coordinator would do it for DC
  5. I could not agree more. What used to be a perfect form tackle is now an illegal hit. Hmmm, I wonder why we see more and more offense and subsequently less and less defense in football. Could these calls be giving the offense an advantage? (sarcasm) Why can't helmet makers follow the technology of NASCAR's "safer walls" and develop helmets that aren't hard on teh outside to help dispurse some of the impact outside the shell, why continuing to better develop the inside?
  6. cvfoster


    BVG has not earned a pass on this year from me. I think he is having serious trouble catching up with the new offenses (new since he coached in college) and it shows week after week. The only game our defense looked like they had potential was LSU, which just happens to be the only traditional (NFL) style offense we have played all season. Chizik made two bad hires in CSL and CBVG, period. The other thing that I can't get my mind around is Chizik moving from an aggressive spread-type offense to a traditional offense when our DC can't stop a spread and little Nicky is whining to the NCAA a
  7. I think you are right. I don't hear anything from fans of our closest rivals at all because they can't belive how bad we have gotten in such a short time. That only makes it worse.
  8. Gruden would be my top pick, but i don't see him ever leaving what he has going now. He gets to make fun of (for money) getting fired, and now gets to second guess ever other coaches decisions and the direction of their teams. He is sitting in the cat bird seat calling his own shots.
  9. DIng, ding, ding! We have a winner! I'm sorry, but the one programming the "great" practices we are having for (2) weeks before Arkansas and the week before Ole Miss must be missing the boat.
  10. I just don't think they have been taking their "tackling fuel"! I also remember this Rhoads quote. Without making accusations about poor tackling technique, I would say that the probability of both CGC and CBVG teaching the same bad technique is highly unlikely. I also don't think CBVG would allow bad technique to continue under his watch. I just can't believe that a D coordinator would have as bright of a career as CBVG has had at both the college and NFL level without knowing proper tackling technique. I see this problem getting fixed in a hurry. As Dee Ford said, tackling is 200 year
  11. I sure liked watching Florence last season. i hope he can get it together and make an impact. this may be his chance to slip in an earn some playing time. He is a gamer!
  12. Dyer-cat! Oh wait, that is one thing I am glad that we won't see.
  13. "War Eagle Baby!" I have enjoyed Quan's personality since tuning into him late in the recruiting process. No doubt he is a gifted athlete, but he seems to have something more. He seems to possess the all-important “it factor”. That young man has a great heart, impeccable character and is a winner. To go through what he has already been through in his short life and to be so determined to succeed is a contagious thing that I hope his teammates feed off. Go get ‘em Quan and “War Eagle Baby”!
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