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  1. Chip Lindsey new OC

    Doc, I too was awe struck by Neikro's knuckle ball. Batter's didn't have a chance. Those were fun games to watch.
  2. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    He looks intelligent.
  3. What is the Auburn Problem?

    I don't know, but today when the camera was on Ricardo running out of bounds 1 yard shy of the first, you could see Gus studying a clip board of papers or something and Lashlee sort of just standing there with no papers not doing much of anything. The only thing he did was take Ricardo's arm and pull him back. Kind of strange.
  4. I don't get it. Why we don't know how to play football anymore.
  5. We really should not be this bad.
  6. We have great, high paid coaches. We have topnotch football players. why can't we execute?
  7. Things are getting much worse than we can imagine. The CIA created ISIS. Check this out if you haven't already seen it....
  8. Caption this photo ...

    Gus: I've got some baby backs smoking in the back. Care to join me? Bert: I don't do pork.
  9. We MUST beat Alabama...

    Romp and Stomp. A little finesse here and there. Hit 'em in the mouth again and again. Romp and Stomp. Game over. We win. WDE!
  10. Auburn vs. Georgia - GAME THREAD

    no sense in getting too fancy or trying for too much. Take the FG and make it a 3 TD game. I know but I jus get nervous if we are not at least 50 ahead. same here.
  11. Red and Black

    Not really sure where they learned that song but I tell you this, it wasn't at a heterosexual convention
  12. Red and Black

    That was weird, but isn't that song a take off of one in the play Les Miserables ?
  13. Therezie's hits?

    "Defenseless" means (according to the sissies in suits) that the mean man hit him when he wasn't looking and didn't know when to pucker up his butthole.
  14. Auburn at Texas A&M - Game Thread

    All hands on deck and let's take this one now. manziel or no manziel.