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  1. Still mad about the no call pass interference by FSU in the Sugar Bowl Go to 1:28:00 on the video
  2. Merriweather-Lewis is gonna end up between Washington and Oregon.
  3. A couple of minor points IMO. The play of the game was harper’s 4 point play in the first half. We were in trouble until then and at risk of getting buried. That play gave us a boost and started our comeback. Secondly, I believe there was some impact on Washington when Samir pointed out his bleeding leg at the free throw line in OT. Little thing that threw his concentration off and he missed the 2nd free throw.
  4. Interesting article from today. Bucky and Watford package deal? What say the insiders here?
  5. Your conference call got a little boring? I'm guessing 42 minutes of blah blah blah...
  6. The "hot" signee that year was Alan Evans, RB from Enterprise, who as we all know, went on to oblivion until he was able to peddle his son to the dark side. Evans was all state 4A, And Bo was all state 3A . However, Evans was the Parade All-american. I was in school at the time, we quickly figured out who the star was...
  7. This guy would beg to differ...
  8. Purifoy took a pretty good hit from the basketball to "the boys" after playing a couple minutes in the second half. He walked off the court somewhat bent over and holding his trinkets. He didn't return.
  9. They wouldn't let us in the arena to have a shoot-around pre-game. Truly affecting us? Or excuse?
  10. We run HUNH "hurry up no huddle"on most if we don't substitute players...your team won't be able to "bring in the beef"
  11. Fine, that's your opinion and you are entitled to it, although it has no impact in reality. I was just telling how it has been done at Auburn under Gus' tenure.
  12. I know a person that was an "equipment manager" while in school who wore a headset. He was one of a few that signaled plays to the players (there were roles of each...some real, some decoy). Its that kind of thing that will be restricted. Now coaches will have to do that (a distraction from watching and coaching their players) or players will have to do it (one more thing to distract them in the limited time coaches have with them). Kinda like having the pilots also serve food and drinks...possible...but is a distraction from what may be more important. Oh, and woe be to the one that screws up a signal...causing a burned timeout or worse...a busted play.
  13. A guy has an 8 hole lead (won a net of 8 holes) and there's only 7 holes left to play
  14. BTW, I'm now thoroughly aware that "electronic measuring devices are allowed in collegiate play"
  15. OSU has 2 points now...the fat lady is warmed up and ready to sing