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  1. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Looks like UT and FL may be headed to OT
  2. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Battle in the trenches is basically offset early in the game. Our new punter may cost us field position vs their new punter. I think their QB has more pressure to "replace Watson/win at home/continue the streak" and will throw the ball up for grabs a couple of times for INTs. Stidham is a better pure passer and I think will take what their D gives and won't force things. But the biggest difference in the game is we have more depth on the DL. Auburn gets the ball back late and runs the clock out with a back-breaking drive. AU 26 CU 20
  3. Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    Yeah well, right after that pic was taken, #88 there came crashing in and rolled up KP's ankle.
  4. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 19 (Scrimmage #3)

    Who remembers Gary Walker's famous quote he screamed into the TV camera on the field after we upset Florida in 1994?
  5. ****2018 3* Safety/Star Josh Marsh commits to Auburn!!!

    This article on says he ran back to back 4.43 this past weekend. Seems like a good kid
  6. Spotlight on Nate Craig-Myers

    He appears to me to have really big and soft hands. Its almost like his hands swallow the ball when he catches it.
  7. Other than Bo Jackson, who is AU's No. 1 RB?

    You are on this one.... Got to be Alan Evans
  8. 2017 QB thread (Merged)

    Been that way for years, Demontray Carter was a can't miss!
  9. All things Bama lost the Natty thread (Merged)

    Ok, well here's another thought for the group... Clemson guy falls on the onside kick with his knee down, no time runs off. Why didn't the Alabama guys go for the ball and do the same? Wouldn't Alabama have had :01 to throw a hail Mary? Isn't Saban supposed to be the master of preparation, anticipating each and every possible outcome? (I guess he has a mental block with :01 on the clock)
  10. All things Bama lost the Natty thread (Merged)

    So, using my twisted logic, just think about this... Had Gus not run the whirlybird offense vs Clemson, we "probably" would have won the game. AND, had we beat Clemson, they "probably" wouldn't have been in the playoffs. SO, Gus cost Bammers another NC!
  11. 2017 5* OT Calvin Ashley Signs with AU (Updated)

    I'm no X and O guy, but I think I recall they ran the "wide tackle 6" defense, which meant they had practically no one in the middle on the line. Agee wasn't touched for about 5 yards every time he carried. I was a student in the endzone, so the alignment was just obvious for the taking. But as usual, I was also slightly impaired, so my recollection may be off.
  12. 2017 5* OT Calvin Ashley Signs with AU (Updated)

    Yes, he did, seems like he's a good kid. Anyway, the blue binder in the video that I was referring to appears to be from the Lutz foundation. By the way, I don't post much, but Ellitor, thank you for all you do. I pay attention to what you have to say.
  13. 2017 5* OT Calvin Ashley Signs with AU (Updated)

    Did you notice Calvin's blue binder on the table? Looks like he's paying attention to what matters and not running his mouth like the other kid.
  14. You mean positivity like this? (sorry if paste is messed up) Kam Martin ⁶ Verified account ‏@TeamKamMartin Kam Martin ⁶ Retweeted Jarrett Stidham Can't wait for you to hand me the ball ... #WarEagle Texas Speed Kam Martin ⁶ added, Jarrett Stidham @Jarrett_Stidham Can't wait to be playing on this day next year.