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  1. ClarkGriswold

    2018 4* LB Quay Walker

    This article says we are out of it Quay Walker has been tight-lipped recently, even with those close to him. What's clear, though, is that this is a three-team race for the longtime Alabama commit. Those three schools, according to the four-star linebacker's high school coach, are the Crimson Tide, Tennessee and Georgia. "Just judging by the way he's been the past week, he seems to be a little bit more comfortable with things and he seems to be a little more (at ease)," said Brad Harber, Walker's high school coach. "With that said, I think that he's very close to knowing what school he wants to attend."
  2. ClarkGriswold

    Patton Kizzire in playoff at Sony Open

    Yep, that was a grind of a playoff, but he got it done. WDE!
  3. Congrats on the state title! Great block at the 2:04 mark, doing whatever it takes!
  4. Number 18 for pinson has made a couple of really good plays, looks like a long tall CB. Announcers said he’s a freshman. I looked him up,G. Mckinstry, 6’1” 170 lbs. you heard it here first!
  5. ClarkGriswold

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    Under Armour didn't have anything his size. Even Gus said "he looks like he's 13"
  6. ClarkGriswold

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    Found this interesting “Between myself and my high school sweetheart, Angela — we later became husband and wife — we had the best time of our lives at Auburn. We made not only some special memories but also some unbelievable friends. … Just very fortunate to be a part of the Auburn family for the time that we were there. It is a place that’s very near and dear to my heart. One of the reasons is because of Coach Dye. I talked about my father, but while I was at college, Coach Dye was like a second father to me, and his staff took care of me and my wife while we were there.”
  7. ClarkGriswold

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    Back in 2012, both Ark and Auburn changed coaches. Ark had plenty of time during the year to court and sign Gus to be their coach since John L. Smith was interim. They passed on Gus and hired BB on 12/15/12. Auburn meanwhile gave Gus his first major OC position and first major HC position on 12/4/12.
  8. ClarkGriswold

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    Doc, go to this link (and many other outlets saying the same) where it is reported as the scapula. Here's Gus quoted again just three days ago about him having a fracture: Gus has been quoted multiple times that he has a fracture, an injury, nothing been said about any suspension. In my opinion, all this chatter about him being in the doghouse/suspended/etc appears to be unsubstantiated rumor mongering on one of our players, and therefore should be stopped until some proof exists. Not sure why the mods haven't intervened...
  9. ClarkGriswold

    Kerryon Johnson updates

  10. ClarkGriswold

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    So now you're saying that Kerryon's got the shanks??? We are toast.
  11. ClarkGriswold

    Things I Think I Saw (Auburn vs Alabama)....

    Go look at the video of the game at the 7:25 mark in the 2nd quarter. After Evans tackles KJ, he tries to kick him in the chin. (Evans whiffs on trying to tackle KJ on the next play which is joyful)
  12. ClarkGriswold

    SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    This. The west vs east record is 11-3 this year. The three wins are GA killed MSU (just like we did) and both USC and Mizzou beat Arkmart. Otherwise, in those 11 wins, the west beat the east by a combined score of 424-202. Here's another interesting thought: GA got the ball with 6:13 to go in the game and drove 74 yards to score. Prior to that drive, GA only had 156 yards total offense, and 70 of those yards came in the first drive. So, they had 10 drives sandwiched in the middle of the game and gained only 86 yards.
  13. ClarkGriswold

    Stidham passing charts

    Wow, if I'm reading this correctly, according to this chart, in the 10-19 yard range over the middle, Hurts is averaging 126.9 yards per completion. Most impressive, I guess their WRs are doing a "Bo out the stadium" for yards after catch. Bird, if I recall correctly, you are a coach. I posted a link earlier in this thread to Brady and Manning's charts. I would love your take on that vs Stidham. Personally, I think the notion that the passes should be equally spread out among the 9 boxes is not wise. I used a golf analogy earlier, but in baseball, they say "hit it where they ain't".