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  1. Chris Porter with the “dunk of the decade” against LSU! Who was that helpless LSU guy #52 he flew over? Jabari Smith, Sr.
  2. It’s all about the hats…well, in this case, the face masks
  3. Biggest bust? I’d say without a doubt…Takeo Spikes You see what I did there?
  4. Sorry for the long post...if TLDR, go to bottom... I don’t post much but this one is perplexing, the teams seem close, so I did some stat comparisons (I’m not StatTiger, so TIFWIW) Auburn has played 5 teams (PSU, LSU, UGA, ARK, OM) in the top 35 of ESPN’s FPI, A&M has played 3 (ARK, MSU, UAT). It seems the narrative is that A&M is better than AU talent-wise, especially up front. Will we be able to move the ball and slow them down or will we get steamrolled? So I accumulated the stats from those games to see trends, ignoring the games against weak competition. (sidenote: their last two wins…Mizzou FPI is 81 and USCe is 82, so, is A&M really “trending up”?) Can’t ignore their win vs UAT and our loss to UGA, however. Anyway, the average of the FPI of our top 5 opponents and their top 3 opponents happens to be 20. So here are the stats averaged from those games: Points scored were 25 by us and 24 by them, points against us were 25 points against them 28. Ground yards gained 147 avg 4.0 for us, 126 avg 4.8 for them Ground yards allowed 141 avg 3.2 for us, 127 avg 3.6 for them Passing yards gained 263 ypa 7.4 for us, 190 avg 6.8 ypa for them Passing yards allowed 279 ypa 8.2 for us, 341 avg 8.3 ypa for them Turnovers gained and lost averaged 1 for both teams and the highest net in any of those games was +-1, so not really a factor Penalties against us 42 average (high 49/low 34) Penalties for us 39 (high 50/low 18) Penalties against them 61 avg (high 75/low 50) Penalties for them 71 (high 82/low 65) Our total yards gained minus given up running and passing vs the 5 opponents is negative 10. Our best was +95 vs LSU and worst -114 vs UGA Their total yards gained minus given up running and passing vs their top 3 opponents is negative 152. Those are -171 vs ARK -141 vs MSU and -143 vs UAT. Note also they had a kickoff return for TD vs UAT, so that’s effectively substitutes for 75 yds of offense. Penalties look to benefit us by maybe 25 yards, note that they were penalized 90 yards in their last game. So, it appears that the run games net out about equal. The passing games do not appear equal. We give up about as many yards passing as we gain. They give up more than 150 yards more than they gain. However, their passing D is skewed by 408 given up to MSU, but only allowing 30 on the ground. So, all this analysis aside, two big questions regarding how each performed against “the best”. 1. Did we leave points on the field vs UGA and are we closer to that level than indicated? Most would say “yes”. 2. Was their win against UAT “legit”? My recollection of their game vs Alabama is of an impressive showing, but also one of several blown coverages by UAT, similar to UAT vs UT. UAT has youth in their DB’s. Plus, the kickoff return. So, here’s my take… 1. Our passing game needs to continue to perform and exploit their weakness, this needs to lead to early points, take the crowd out of the game as much as possible. We don’t need to “establish the run” Gus style which means “hard headed”. Mix it up. 2. If our coverage can stay tight, their passing game is not remarkable and the pressure to keep up will hopefully lead to a key interception or two. 3. Wind isn’t forecasted to be a factor (light crosswind). Need all touchbacks. 4. Auburn has played a tougher schedule, so experience can make a difference. Couple their UAT win with two recent wins over terrible Mizzou and USCe and overconfidence is very possible. Auburn “still getting no respect” is a great motivator. 5. Turnovers and mistakes by us will most likely result in a loss, it’s just too much to overcome. Auburn 30 A&M 24
  5. Ol Jackie. He never took any BS but he did take their balls
  6. Well, he’s been on everyone’s list for years, so…. John Gruden! He’s available… (too soon?)
  7. Might as well go ahead and let this kid know now…. he ain’t gonna wear 34 at Auburn
  8. Maryland ran a "wide tackle 6" defense which left the middle wide open. They had no D linemen on either side until outside our guards and no linebacker in the middle. Sitting in the end zone, it was incredible to watch them not adjust. That was our homecoming game... when scheduled, Maryland probably wasn't expected to provide much of a fight...
  9. So, you're saying we are replacing a head coach and an OC neither of which played QB beyond HS with two coaches that played QB in college?
  10. I don’t know anything, but there is a coach out there that I haven’t seen mentioned. Head coach for over 5 years at a well known program. Inherited a mess and stabilized it. Has won his conference, has won his division 50% of those years. Supposedly strong character, no skeletons in his closet. Pretty strong coaching tree, Auburn connections. Just not a named being thrown around anywhere for any job. Todd Helton. Not much sizzle on the steak but figured I’d throw his name out there. He plays Christobal this weekend for the p12 championship.
  11. I was in the southwest corner of the stadium down fairly low. I remember looking over my left shoulder to the northwest...the sky was almost black and I watched the Goodyear blimp drop "below" the rim of the stadium (not really that low...but even from my viewpoint it was LOW) and then it came roaring back up into view with what sounded like absolute max power. He probably got caught in a downdraft. I wonder how close he came to treetop level. A couple minutes later, we were getting pounded by rain. It was a little scary at the time...even though my judgement may have been clouded by imported refreshments...but we damn sure didn't leave.
  12. Before then we had poor old Tahj Shamsid-Deen, but he couldn't catch a break from all those shoulder injuries. I recall he was pretty good and had potential
  13. We thought it was a catch too, but after watching the replays on the Jumbotron, it looked like his left elbow hit the ground out of bounds simultaneously with the catch.
  14. I watched the game on TV and don’t know much about the X’s and O’s like you guys, but it seemed to me that Samir was complaining a lot to the officials. His “posture” seemed like he would dwell on what he thought were bad calls. To me, I think he should let coach and the fans give an earful to the refs and he should move on, the young guys need to see positive leadership from the veterans. Just my uneducated opinion.
  15. 30-17 Auburn. They score first but we keep pounding the line until they start giving up more yardage each play and we pull away. Not a pretty win but a win.
  16. On first down after Big Kat's return, I saw what to my amateur eyes were maybe two chances that may have helped us score. First, I think had Eli not tried to juke #51, but keep full speed, he may have had a better chance to make him miss and get the corner. But that's in instinct thing for Eli in a millisecond and you can't fault him for trying according to his instincts. Second, had we not flipped ball to Eli but instead given to Worm on the QB "read", I like Worm's chances to get to the pylon even with two unblocked defenders, he had a full head of steam. I will say that watching in person, I thought Oregon had a lot more speed than I expected. Will be interesting to see how their season plays out.
  17. Jalen Harris just caught a TD for his first reception at Colorado
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