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  1. North Carolina

    It's a pathetic, crying shame.
  2. Commited / Commitment

    ^ ^ This
  3. ST needs us

    Prayers sent.......
  4. Donations Needed to Keep Auburn Eagle Up

    Money transaction complete. $20.00 no need to thank me, thank you for this wonderful site.
  5. T'Sharvan Bell's injury?

    Prayers for you T-Bell. Praying for a full and speedy recovery.
  6. Ole Miss and Houston Nutt

    The Ole Miss fans I know and have spoken to are calling for the ADs head. Doesn't mean Nutt won't go. Just their opinions.
  7. Statement by AU athletic on NCAA

    And finally back to life as we know it, War Eagle!
  8. Must Read for AU Family

    Prayers for Evan, his family and friends. War Eagle Buddy!!!!!

    I will not start another thread to say this. Typical bammer said to me this morning, "Your one man team is gone" I just love to quote ignorant bammers. I didn't even feel like stooping to their level, I just simply smiled, said ok and walked on to my next job. War Eagle, and good luck to the Men and Coaches as they take the field each practice and each game as they continue to work hard and get better. Was I worried Saturday? Yes I was. Did I believe? You better know I did! And will continue to...Again, War Eagle!!!!!!!
  10. How to stop Finebaum?

    Did the same thing. I basically come here for any information that I need.
  11. Congrats ST!!!

    Congrats and the best to you both!
  12. Pray for Gus Malzahn

    Prayers sent.
  13. Auburn replacing Sewell Hall

    HAHAH! There has to be one PGish rated story? Good times had I imagine.
  14. Calloway

    Good luck to Brent. No clue on the rest of the situation. A real tough decision for anyone.
  15. Scout/Rivals

    thank you for this. My fault for not READING THIS FORUM ahead of time lol. War Eagle.