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  1. aushrink

    UGA Ticket Curiousity

    It costs a season ticket holder a small fortune to purchase 2-4 tickets. All of these members of my "Auburn Family" will refuse to pay face value for any of the tickets all year BUT expect to pay a fair price for the Georgia and bammer games. If you own them - you can sell them and get as much as possible even if it is sold to a clan of the opponents fans. That said, I will be there with all my tickets and in my seats.
  2. aushrink

    AU vs Georgia Southern - Wednesday Presser

    I agree that recovery is never a specific time frame but there is absolutely nothing that I have heard from anyone in Auburn that leads me to believe that Davidson will be ready for Clemson. Everything is rumors but no one has told me he is running on his knee yet. He is not going to go from walking with a limp to class to 100% in a week.
  3. aushrink

    Josh Holsey

    Go skins and War Eagle!
  4. aushrink

    Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    QB1. I all in for #8.
  5. aushrink

    Tre' Williams

    We need a big year from Williams.
  6. aushrink

    Takeo sends huge thanks!

    I stood in line and met Takeo. He was the most patient and kind player I have ever met. The only other one that came close to him was Jason Campbell. Takeo is a great man and a blessing to Auburn.
  7. aushrink

    Thanks for the Auburn Football Memories

    War Eagle Doc. Thoughtful passage to help us reflect on how much we take these things for granted.
  8. aushrink

    Jeremy Johnson starter saturday

    Great decision. We can't score a TD on bammer with JF3. May as well see if JJ has lightning in a bottle.
  9. aushrink

    "What are they thinking" - UGA

    I wish I could "like" lionheartkc's post a billion times.
  10. aushrink

    Lashlee's career prospects improving

    Standard Media article: 1. Auburn playing badly? Title is "When will Auburn fire Coach X?" 2. Auburn playing well? Title is "When will Coach X leave Auburn?" rinse and repeat
  11. You beat me to it Fredst. I was was going to say 2004 uga. But this game was worse. We humiliated arkansas. We made them question their coach, their recruiting, their expectations, and their identity. This was ugly.
  12. Guys. How about we let this entire thread die? It's not an Auburn story anymore. The guy was just on campus for a cup of coffee and withdrew. This thread just puts us in a negative light.
  13. aushrink

    Captions [JF3] ...

    He is a "dude".
  14. aushrink

    Let's talk about Sean

    Sean pulls the ball down because our player released his defender and the defender was coming at his head. Better blocking up front and then Sean has time to square his shoulders and make the correct throw. If he floated that ball and it was picked, everyone wold be furious at him.
  15. You are a bammer or have no knowledge of football to suggest that name. He is a joke for a head coach. May as well buy Boom from USC if we are trying to make the dumbest decision possible.