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  1. You forgot Markeith Cooper
  2. Fullwood, Cadillac, Tre and then Davis. Just my own subjective list. Mason was unstoppable once the oline solidified. Davis was an 80's style running back when he played ( if that makes sense )and often gets overlooked. And to answer an earlier question: yes we are witnessing greatness with Bubba IF he is able to play every game this year.
  3. I was 12 listening on the radio. This is the first time I've ever seen any clips from the game. Frank Sanders and Jason Miska will always be a couple of my favorite players.
  4. I'm not positive but they can return to college if they don't hire an agent. Maybe.
  5. Just a shout out to who impressed me. Receivers, NCM, slayton and macclain. Both Malik's looked good.Tolbert seemed a hair behind Malik Miller, not much but seemed a bit slower. Paul James looked just like he did last year, now stay healthy. Daniel Thomas and I forgot the white guy on defense who brought the wood today. DBs looked good but JS was putting those throws on the money. A lot to look forward to this year but I'll stay cautiously optimistic.
  6. Didn't get to go but Bubba (far left) is huge.
  7. Addition by subtraction.
  8. Word around town is that he loves Bama and will walk on if need be.
  9. Time to sink or swim. I think this hire has potential. But we'll probably be searching for a new head coach and AD next year.
  10. I hope it doesn't turn out as bad as Tennessee's search/hire did.
  11. The life of an Auburn fan...
  12. I like the earlier idea of giving info on our wish list candidates. So I hope this works from my phone... http://www.latechsports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/020516aaa.html http://www.latechsports.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2016-2017/teamcume.html
  13. It's the ole "you're not fired" BUT you need to find another job.
  14. Everyone you've heard is speculation.