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  1. Mark My Word 2017

    Mark my words...Les Miles will be introduced as the new head coach at Norte Dame after Kelly gets canned. Mark my words...Saban stubs his toe on a quarter. Mark my words...Penn St, USC, Auburn and Texas in the playoffs. Think big, right? Mark my words...We give Gus another contract extension.
  2. AU Gear

    Me too. Best bet is to have them customized on Nikes website if they are available. Aaannnddd it won't come cheap.
  3. AU Gear

    Nike lunar tr1 http://m.ebay.com/itm/NIKE-LUNAR-TR1-Bo-Bikes-Bama-Auburn-Tigers-Bo-Jackson-Knows-Promo-Sample-PE-12-5-/252036186787
  4. My assumption on the matter would be it will garner a true competition as MW wouldn't have as much of a leg up on the incoming qb's. Just a guess.
  5. AU vs UMASS in JHS 2020

    Stanford get my vote
  6. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    I picked up a box of Frankenberry yesterday and I've watched far too much preseason football.
  7. 2017 Fall Camp - Mon, Aug 7 (Scrimmage)

    I guess we tried the Clemson game plan to get it out of our system.
  8. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    Octoberfest beer is now in stores.
  9. I'm intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  10. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    Montavious "Paw-Paw" Atkinson is my man!
  11. Nick Names

    sTEGAsaurus or just Tegasaurus
  12. Nick Names

    Woo Tang
  13. Nick Names

    Agreed. But now he is required to wear hammer pants.
  14. Nick Names

    Nick "Coebra" or G.I. Coe!!