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  1. AUsince72 kicking cancer's ass like... Keep up the fight, brother!!!
  2. The Sonny Shack? Barkley's Bungaloo? The Cultured Pearl?
  3. 1. Biggest surprise - Kam Pettway 2. The biggest bust - Jovon Robinson 3. The biggest disappointment - Michael Dyer 4. The most underrated - Ben Tate 5. The most underutilized - Corey Grant 6. The one you could have one more year - Tre Mason
  4. I can’t imagine how good this team will be if they ever play a full 40 minutes!
  5. Bobbie Gentry??!! I mean, who doesn't?
  6. 2009 at TN. Ben Tate trucks Eric Berry. Before the game I think they played his rap song like 3 times. We partied really hard after the game.
  8. I know! Half time interview...Coach Flair, how many touchdowns do you need to turn this game around?
  9. It'd be perfect if Arky just hired Ric Flair.