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  1. Way off topic but I didn't need to start a thread, when is fan day, thanks!
  2. api1957

    2 players among fastest

    I can drink beers way faster than that.
  3. api1957

    Barret newest wildcard

    60% of the time; it works every time.
  4. api1957

    Demographic Curiosity

    I forgot to mention that I love rum. That is all.
  5. Wouldn't even come up on my Roku (SlingTV).
  6. Gonna take some time to do the things we never had
  7. api1957

    Demographic Curiosity

    I'm down for shots! House party at my place!
  8. api1957

    Gus is an average coach

    His son in the movie was Joey (John Friedrich) and Meat/Perry was Tony Ganois. But I know what you mean 😀. Side note, the guy who played Terror, the leader of the baldies, was Dynamo in The Running Man.
  9. api1957

    Gus is an average coach

    Indeed!! One of my favorites! Ducky Boys is my screen name for disqus and instagram.
  10. api1957

    A-Day thread

    Defense looked strong. I saw a qb who didn't have the timing down. I saw an o line that didn't have a center to with protection calls(although I don't know if that's a thing in a scrimmage) and snapped the ball low. DB looked good at WR and RB. I saw a lot of upside for Boobie(chuckle) but has time to learn to make better decisions. All in all it was a spring game with a lot of offensive starters on the sideline. Grain of salt rant over.
  11. api1957

    AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    True but the Heisman is really a popularity contest at this point. I mean LaDainian Tomlison, Peyton Manning and Darren McFadden didn't win the Heisman.
  12. api1957

    AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    I'm a college football fan. I'm not an NFL fan. We are "a" RBU. It's ok people. There isn't just one law school. There isn't just one business admin school. There isn't just one agriculture school. It's ok if there is more than one RBU. But as far as the college level talent at the position, I believe we can hold our own in any debate about such. Happy Friday, Happy St. Patty's Day, be safe and don't drink and drive! NOW.....