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  1. Men vs UAB

    I think it's finals week.
  2. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Here in Auburn...
  3. Did kj win sec player of the year?

    No love for our d-line
  4. A little perspective, please

    I've wanted him gone for a while but I think he's earned my patience. But he'd better learn to prepare his back ups like starters. We really didn't trust anyone else to carry the load and got whooped in the trenches. Now let's buck up and go get ready for another bowl game against Wisconsin.... again.
  5. What Happened at UT Was a Well-Planned Coup

    Tee Martin really is the only logical choice here. IMO
  6. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Yeah, right next to Artex...
  7. Shouldn't have rushed the field to begin with. Act like you've been there before. This game was over well before the last second. We were #6 not #106.
  8. Current feeling:

  9. ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Nervously pacing.
  10. Should we try to poach a coach or two?

    I was partially joking. Although i'm over the moon about Saturday's outcome, one game does not a trend make. He's made a lot of bone headed decisions over the years but am excited about the potential for "this" Gus. He seems to be on an upswing but I'll need more consistency before I forgive or forget the last 3 years.
  11. Should we try to poach a coach or two?

    Head Coach?