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  1. Whole 'lotta Arkansas highlights.
  2. I'm 37. I recognize maybe 6 names. Still sounds fun, though.
  3. He's gonna roll the royalties over to his victims gofundme accounts.
  4. Even though he has lifetime eligibility that he granted himself. He has graciously taken pity on college football and just decided to retire to hold up the Earth.
  5. I don't want Fop, I'm a Dapper Dan man!
  6. It'll be a new year and might as well be positive. Auburn - 42 Purdon't - 17
  7. Tell us more from your trip to the future.
  8. Is it too early for me to claim him as my 2019 Man Crush?
  9. Good, great, bad, or terrible OC...it doesn't matter if Gus doesn't let them do their job.