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  1. I love Fleck, too, but I'd be wary of no SEC experience.
  2. Beat me by, like, 3 seconds. Although, we did win 2004 and 2005
  3. Just vague enough so that no matter what happens he's right.
  4. And this is my favorite piece of memorabilia....
  5. Who was the coach when you first identified as an Auburn fan: Terry Bowden, although I've always been an Auburn fan but my real memories began in the '93 season. What was the cause of you identifying as an Auburn fan: Genetics.Whole family are Aubs. What is your all time favorite Auburn moment or memory: Who can pick one. Nix to Sanders, Dyer's not down, Camback, Kick Six, Brandon Jacobs wedge buster.
  6. Kinda agree, besides, what’s our record against back up qb’s?
  7. Gus is dumb. I call it Gumb for short.
  8. I lived in Daphne for 2 years and I want back so bad. I love living in Auburn but there is so much more to do down there. Sorry for the thread derail.