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  1. If he has a white friend named Larry then he's good in my book IYKYK
  2. With that math, Golf is like dinosaur Jesus.
  3. Side question, was Cam Riley hurt? I don't recall hearing his name.
  4. Maybe we don't bench press enough. Let's bring back that ole debate, shall we?
  5. Without a meltdown thread so this goes here
  6. I'm down, couldn't be much worse. You KNOW Joyce ain't putting up with any bulls... And Ms. Bianco could recruit me for anything!
  7. He will probably make it to the end of the season. Apparently there is no viable interim on staff.
  8. I like Dino Babers. But I don't think he could turn around this program in the time frame we'd give him. I've watched a few of Syracuse's games and his players are coached well and give maximum effort. I still like Fleck too. But with no roots in the south it be a tough fit for either.
  9. I've been hearing he's gone Sunday. There will be a "lengthy" search. Freeze announced after the season. He was lined up, with a staff in February. But that's the fun of a rumor mill. No one really knows. Yella ran off Kirby and Venables. Grain of salt. Everybody knows someone that doesn't know anyone.
  10. I too am a sexual tyrannosaurus
  11. Wait, we’re singing Disney songs at the games?! I need tickets! Bring on the Poweline!!!
  12. MMW Hugh Freeze will be Auburn's coach before Christmas.
  13. I just had a senior moment. Asking myself "when did Mizzou fumble?! I don't remember that!" Oh, yeah, THAT fumble.
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