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  1. Deni Avdija was a recent lottery pick and plays for the Wizards. Yam Madar was drafted by the Celtics and plays in Europe. They have bigs that were A-10 and SoCon players of the year. Most of their guys play professionally in Israel or Europe. Kentucky and Arkansas will have a few NBA-level prospects, but we aren’t playing a team this seasoned all year. These are grown men that are playing basketball for a living. In that sense, gotta be happy with our guys’ effort.
  2. They have a few guys that haven’t joined the team yet for practice, but yes. They’re preparing for FIBA Eurobasket 2022, which is the European championship.
  3. Should also shout out Wendell, who never looked intimidated.
  4. Was trying to engage with you on your points, some of which I think were good. I’m always open to the opinions of other folks here who love the team as much as I do. Generally I think guys with a few years of experience in CBB stay pretty similar players in the span of a couple months. Still plenty of time for more improvement!
  5. Last year’s team was at one point ranked #1 in the country.
  6. I didn’t notice Zep as much today, you’re probably right though. Moving him to the 2 should allow him to do more of those things. I think - like last season - Wendell will win some games for us and maybe cost us one or two. Overall, he’s one of our most critical players. Flan has nowhere to go but up, he was one of the worst starters (statistically) in the power five last season. You’re right, he’s better. I still question how good he can be though, honestly. Hope I’m wrong. I think you’re generally right re: KD. He is who he is. Sometimes his heart and hustle mask his inefficiency on offense.
  7. I don’t feel negatively about this performance at all. Very happy with this team. We will be very good again. I think it’s fair to critique the play though, that’s the fun of a place like this.
  8. I think the limited sample suggests (at this time) Allen, KD, Zep and Wendell are similar players to what we saw in March. As you’d expect.
  9. Maybe our guys will take something from this.
  10. Happy with the effort today even if we don’t come back here. I think it’s clear that we are going to be very good in the frontcourt again, and there will be questions in the backcourt. I think the season may hinge on Westry’s development.
  11. That’s some sweet ball movement.
  12. I admit I didn’t expect him to be so good at the little things, he’s really skilled on both sides of the ball. Seems to play hard too. Really like him.
  13. Like last season, we’ve had stretches where Green is the only guy capable of creating his own shot.
  14. Broome seems to do everything right on the floor.
  15. Deni Avdija suddenly looks like an NBA player.
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