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  1. Yes I do - and I understand your point. It just looks a lot better when you make most of them.
  2. Bruce was loyal to his guys. Whether that’s a positive or negative depends on your perspective. But we knew coming into this season that KD and Allen are well below SEC average basketball players - this isn’t a surprise.
  3. Do you actually watch the pros? The league shooting percentage continues to climb even as the 3pt attempts rise. This is nothing like the pros, lol.
  4. It’s not the offense so much as the fact that we have some bad players.
  5. This offense isn’t getting fixed until transfer season.
  6. One funny thing about us getting cooked by opposing SGs every game is that I’m told the saving grace of our offensively challenged SGs is that they can defend.
  7. Aden has been named a McDonald’s All-American. I believe he’s the 5th in Auburn history.
  8. I thought after watching Bryce in the Final Four run our SG position would recruit itself. Our inability to land top HS scoring guards is baffling.
  9. I haven’t seen any smoke to indicate he’s Auburn-bound. There’s a paywalled article about him today though, so maybe there is new intel. I really want Labaron Philon from Mobile, but it’s been a long time since we’ve landed a #1 AL recruit. (Danjel Purifoy in the class of 2015.)
  10. It’s strange that the Atlanta pipeline has dried up on us. Kanaan Carlyle, Isaiah Collier and Stephon Castle were all top 30 c/o 2023 recruits that had been on campus multiple times and they went elsewhere. Not sure how big of a negative it is, but the UA thing has certainly never been a positive in basketball.
  11. After a while it’s not bad luck, we just aren’t getting it done. Admittedly we are still recruiting at a higher level than we have in basically any other era, but we’ve fallen behind some of our rivals lately with HS recruits. We have to make a change if we want to stay at the top of the league, whether it’s with assistants or NIL. Most of the SEC is now investing in basketball, and Texas is coming in soon too.
  12. No point in sugarcoating it, this is a big miss.
  13. Oh I wasn’t meaning to disagree with you on anything. Just pointing out the consequence of Auburn (and Kentucky) giving out these deals. I also believe (as do you I think) that the program is still in as good of a place as it’s ever been. Would be nice to put together a big 2024 recruiting class to keep the momentum going, though.
  14. No hot seats for guys with lifetime deals my friend. Ask Cal.
  15. This is spot on. Lose games like that at home and finishing in the top half of the league becomes a challenge this season. To your broader point: Looking way ahead, we can’t afford to strike out on scoring talent on the perimeter come portal season. The complimentary pieces are all in place to be great otherwise.
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