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  1. Dunndone414

    Wiley to enter his name into the Draft

    Interestingly it’s actually McClemore with the more pro-style game. The NBA of 2018 is about centers that can protect the rim and switch in the pick and roll on defense, and finish at the rim and step out and space the floor on O. None of this is to say that Wiley couldn’t be a dominant force in the SEC - especially if he can run the floor with our guard-heavy lineups.
  2. Dunndone414

    Wiley to enter his name into the Draft

    Couldn’t agree more. Wiley’s game fits the NBA of 20 years ago - he’s a prototypical example of a guy who could be a college star but not translate to the next level. At best today he’s a poor man’s Tristan Thompson. That said, I think he could be a monster next year if he comes back to Auburn. I also wonder if these guys have considered the boost to their draft stock that would come with a deep tournament run.
  3. Dunndone414

    Demographic Curiosity

    26 Male NY 2014, grandparents c/o ‘54
  4. I'm just glad journalists covering more important subjects don't take this approach you guys advocate. Their job is to report the news, it's on Auburn if they want to keep a secret. You all complain when you think UA writers are bowing to Saban's wishes...
  5. Dunndone414

    2017 4* WR Oliver Martin

    4.6 forty, 6ft, great route runner/possession receiver -- the comparison you guys missed is Emory Blake. Would be thrilled to have another one of those to complement the deep threats.
  6. Dunndone414

    D'haquille Williams

    Spotted D'haquille Williams on campus today...the future is bright my friends. Lined up across from Sammie Coates - the thought is terrifying. We have the potential to be better offensively in 2014 than we were this year.
  7. Dunndone414

    Official: Jeremy Johnson to start

    Nick was on crutches with a huge knee brace as of yesterday. He did not look like he would be ready for A&M. For what that's worth. I think keeping the momentum we have going this season is far more valuable to the program over the long term than Jeremy's redshirt. Keep winning football games and we'll keep recruiting great QBs.
  8. Dunndone414

    Justin Garrett Injury

    Any update on Justin Garrett? Since he is now on crutches, I suspect it will be awhile before he sees the field again.
  9. Dunndone414

    9 Game Conference Schedules

    Far more important than large "exit fees" is the media grant of rights. Among the five major conferences, only the SEC has not signed one. For example, a team could leave the ACC, but the ACC would own the rights to broadcasting the school's games (or choosing not to broadcast them theoretically) until 2027. These arrangements have effectively ended realignment.
  10. Dunndone414

    If by chance we win 9 or more games

    You guys caught me! I must be a bammer. Sorry if I fail to see why "the media" would have an organized conspiracy against Auburn. Like it or not, in 2010 we received negative attention because our star player's father admitted to shopping him around for money. Otherwise, we received the attention such a great team deserved. The recent story (completely and utterly false in every way) that put Auburn in a negative light was written by an Auburn grad, clearly with an axe to grind against the football program. The ESPN story about spice was one of the worst pieces of journalism I've ever seen, but if you recall multiple other media sources condemned the article. I don't think any of that is evidence of some grand media scheme to destroy Auburn. It is really unfortunate, because it kills me to have to constantly be on the defense with fans of other schools when the allegations are each time inevitably refuted. Being a member of the Auburn family doesn't mean I have to irrationally believe the world is out to get us, even though we've had out share of unfair coverage as of late.
  11. Dunndone414

    If by chance we win 9 or more games

    To be perfectly honest, some of you guys scare me with your media conspiracy theories. Winning 3 titles in 4 years qualifies you for poster-child status I'm afraid. If Auburn starts winning again this season, the media respect will follow. It's all about winning.
  12. Dunndone414

    Name your starting QB!

    I'm going to say Nick Marshall beats out KF. As a Phenix City native I hope for the best out of JW, he's really a great kid. But I think by August he will be the 4th best QB on the roster.
  13. Dunndone414

    USA Today strikes back

    I had the same thought. You are correct, "Fox Sports 1" launches in August, and is a direct attempt to take a bite out of the lucrative cable tv sports pie that ESPN currently dominates. ESPN is preparing for this as well and will be rolling out some changes (such as brand new studio and graphics for sportscenter) in an attempt to retain their lead. Additionally, while The Big Lead was recently acquired by USA Today, it started out as an independent blog and still seems to retain complete editorial control over content, hence the disconnect with USA Today.
  14. Dunndone414

    A BSPN article that got me fairly mad

    First off, I didn't read the article. Having said that, I remember strikingly similar posts last summer when we were picked to go 6-6 on ESPNU.... wouldn't that have been nice! Anyway like someone else said, win consistently and the media will give you the credit you deserve. I hate the "tin foil hat" mentality a fair number of Auburn fans have - do you guys ever consider that ESPN covers Bama more than us because they've won 3 of the last 4 National titles?? Nope, must be a conspiracy...
  15. Dunndone414

    2013 backfield

    Nothing like the offseason to bring the Corey Grant/Kiehl Frazier apologists out of the woodwork!