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  1. Any insight into frontcourt targets if we miss on Moore, Williams and Brown? (I’m not writing off our chances, but Auburn is not favored for any of the three.) I haven’t seen much on us recruiting any backup plans - seems like we were confident in landing Kessler and/or Brakefield.
  2. Wouldn’t put much stock in this. Kessler and Williams are very different players - Duke sources indicate they would plan to take both.
  3. #33 overall recruit nationally, #5 ranked PF will visit Auburn 9/6 per Jake Weingarten. Originally from MS, also scheduled to visit Ole Miss and Louisville in September. Listed as a PF but can run the floor and play on the perimeter.
  4. Hate to see all the Kessler to Duke speculation, though (along with the recent crystal ball picks.) Really believe he picks us or Duke, I’m skeptical he wants to play so far away from home at Michigan or Gonzaga. Wish I could go back in time to the Barbee era to tell myself we will soon be competing with Duke for five stars.
  5. Per Corey Evans, Auburn may lead for Kessler. Would still be shocked if the UGA legacy picks us, but this is grounds for optimism.
  6. This kid is a killer. So much Harper in his game.
  7. He visited ISU midweek last week. Decision could be imminent. I don’t think anyone knows where he lands right now - at least 4 of the 5 schools feel reasonably good about their chances.
  8. Seems like the only way a guy like Murr plays at Auburn now is if he takes a walk on offer. Would love to have him in that situation, but have to imagine he’s destined for a mid major. Auburn seems to be on several top PGs in case Cooper were to fall through. I should add, Harper was the #90 ranked HS recruit in his class, and lit up the Peach Jam before his senior season (including dropping 34 and 8 vs Jayson Tatum in the final.) He was definitely underrated, but not exactly under the radar when he was at this point in his recruiting cycle.
  9. IMO, this is a program defining stretch. A moment like this may not come around again - it is crucial that we capitalize and build on this recent success. More top recruits and more tournament success will snowball and ensure the standard for recruiting/successful seasons is permanently raised. We want a program that is a contender long after Bruce is gone.
  10. Article says he now plans to visit Kansas as well, they may be the biggest threat. Has Auburn played Kansas anytime recently? 🤔
  11. Greg Brown (5 star F from TX) says Auburn is among the three schools recruiting him the hardest, and he plans to visit. Info here: This kid is scary attacking the rim.
  12. Interestingly it’s actually McClemore with the more pro-style game. The NBA of 2018 is about centers that can protect the rim and switch in the pick and roll on defense, and finish at the rim and step out and space the floor on O. None of this is to say that Wiley couldn’t be a dominant force in the SEC - especially if he can run the floor with our guard-heavy lineups.
  13. Couldn’t agree more. Wiley’s game fits the NBA of 20 years ago - he’s a prototypical example of a guy who could be a college star but not translate to the next level. At best today he’s a poor man’s Tristan Thompson. That said, I think he could be a monster next year if he comes back to Auburn. I also wonder if these guys have considered the boost to their draft stock that would come with a deep tournament run.