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  1. Seems all UGA. Maybe this helps us with Woody if it contributes to a feeling that things are falling apart in Tallahassee.
  2. With Coach O now a lame duck, this is the best possible situation for us to pull a few LSU commits.
  3. If we can keep it together we may really profit from the down years at LSU and FSU.
  4. The only recruiting site I subscribe to is @ellitor, and somehow that’s still free. Thanks.
  5. Interesting. From what I’ve seen Alabama seems fairly confident about landing him. Jarace is visiting Texas this weekend. Maybe they came in too late, but Chris Beard is an incredible recruiter.
  6. I also came away from his comments skeptical that this was a guy who’d decided on Auburn. Hope I’m wrong, or if I’m not I hope he at least picks Houston…
  7. Kamari Lands is set to take an official on 10/30, per Zagsblog. Teammates with Chance Westry.
  8. The overall talent level is night and day from the Barbee era. Not even comparable. If you adjust for recent expectations, I think our 1-3 spots may end up thinner than some expect. With Allen out, not exactly deep with guys that’ve proven they can do it at an SEC-starter level, IMO. We really need both Zep and Wendell to be good out of the gate.
  9. Thanks @ellitorfor all the updates. Feeling good about Westry, given the timing of his visit/commitment.
  10. I thought the “chance of rain is….never” (nothing like hearing this in the pouring rain in Baton Rouge).
  11. I’m still upset about the loss of Flanigan. I think it’s the difference in the outcome of one or two games in the nonconference schedule.
  12. I wonder if we’ve moved on entirely from Cruz at this point. In addition to Westry, we are aggressively pursuing Rylen Griffen and Cruz says he’s “re-opening” his recruitment. I would bet against Cruz ever playing for Auburn.
  13. Pearl visited Griffen again today per Jake Weingarten. Seems like we really want him. Curious as to whether we take two HS off guards.
  14. Chance Westry is apparently a serious target, he just got a CB to Auburn. Some suggestion he’s actually the reason we are cold on Zion Cruz.
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