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  1. Okoli seems like the kind of recruit that would be climbing the rankings with the normal summer recruiting circuit. Only one year of 11 man football experience, tremendous upside. This is not a 3-star level talent, imo.
  2. College basketball is more fun when top recruits pick schools other than Duke and UK. If it wasn’t going to be us, this is awesome.
  3. Interestingly the NCAA said OSU’s penalties were mitigated by their full cooperation. The penalty for this level of violation was 1-2 years postseason ban.
  4. No, sorry. I’m commenting on the fans of other programs and some national reporters who will make a big deal of things if Auburn isn’t hammered. The “Bruce cheatin” crowd is tiring.
  5. Can’t wait to deal with people outside the program inevitably questioning this if we don’t get hit. (Without bothering to learn about what our violations actually entail or our self-imposed sanctions...)
  6. Regardless of how we feel about the merit of Bruce’s previous violations, we also have to consider how this factors in for the NCAA. (I realize Bruce didn’t commit these violations, but it’s his program.)
  7. Counterpoint - and I hope it never comes to this - would much rather serve a postseason ban in 20-21 than 21-22. (Assuming we’re could keep the roster together.)
  8. Hopefully the self-imposed sanctions are a mitigating factor, but given the roughly analogous violations it’s hard not to see the OK State penalties as a bad sign. It also makes you wonder what kind of penalties are coming for the schools that were paying recruits, which seems like a far more significant violation. OK State got a postseason ban for one level 1 violation. Looks like Kansas has five level 1 violations.
  9. A grad transfer would effectively do this, fwiw. If we can find one that fits, that is.
  10. Thanks. A lot still TBD due to the final roster spot, but I would be shocked if we go another year without a transfer. (Nothing specific in mind here, just given roster composition and the regularity with which guys transfer in this era.)
  11. @ellitor Any idea if Auburn is still pursuing Ruffin? Limited 2021 scholarships, and more noise around JD and Frankie Collins lately.
  12. My source was the great Jon Rothstein. Hopefully we get a “welcome to the jungle” out of him soon.
  13. Announcing a list of seven potential destinations today.
  14. Seems like Cooper is more polished at the moment, but Thor has the highest ceiling. I think Cooper will be a great college point guard. I’m interested to see what he develops into as a pro prospect given his stature/athleticism. Even if he doesn’t become Chris Paul (his 247 comp), I think he could be our Jalen Brunson or similar, and that’s a fantastic outcome.
  15. It’s hard to imagine Thor will be ready to log meaningful minutes at the 5 this season. We are going to need Cardwell to play a little, even if Jaylin can slide down and play some at the 5.