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  1. I know she is not running but you left out the real leader of the crazies AOC. They are all just trying to catch up with her.
  2. It's one the there constant talking points. The Russians hacked the election.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/alan-dershowitz-mueller-wrongly-introduces-dangerous-concept-of-exoneration-in-review-of-trump-actions This is from a big liberal so maybe you will understand him.
  4. There you go again trying to divert from the subject.
  5. When I say dems, it is a general term not aimed at any one person.
  6. Thanks that was my point. The dems want people to think that the Russians changed votes and that's why Hillary lost.
  7. From what I understand they did try to at the least disrupt things for both parties. But throwing out that they hacked the election gives the impression that votes were changed.
  8. Why is this so hard for the dems to understand?
  9. Was this in the Mueller report? If so I missed it. And by hacked do you mean votes were changed?
  10. This is a great point that a lot of people seem to be missing. This report was written by a team of democrats that either worked for Hillary or fully supported her. And POTUS and his team have no public forum to dispute the report. They can say a lot of things in misleading ways and Trump is guilty until proven innocent and doesn't even get his day in court so to speak to rebut the report.
  11. Hearing problem or some type of mind problem. Or he was just stalling since they only had 5 mins. to ask questions.
  12. Maybe POTUS is just being politically correct for a change. He is trying to get a new trade deal with CHINA.
  13. One reason I asked the ? was that people are quick to say that a player is in the doghouse if he isn't playing. I thought I remembered seeing something about JG getting injured in fall camp or early season last year, but I could be wrong.
  14. Do we know this for sure, or was that just the rumor?