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  1. I would love for Hand to prove to me, he is a great O-line coach this year. Fingers crossed.
  2. I say play them all,just start checking them off one by one until your done. I would rather play those teams than Mercer or another Alabama A&M game.
  3. IMO if we win the sec west we will not need any bolstering. We will be in the sec championship and win that and your in the playoffs,what more do you need. The sec is a tough schedule already and then add Clemson it is real tough,you may be tired of Clemson but right now they are the best of the best.I'm ok with dropping Clemson and adding a weaker ND or Texas though.
  4. Bring on the Lobos.I would rather play them as Mercer.
  5. I forgot about Jimbo being here when P Nix was,he could be a problem if he likes Bo.
  6. That's unless you are cutting hay,then a 20% chance turns into a flood before you get it baled.But I do like our chances of getting Bo and JF.
  7. And he's got that lineman stance going on.
  8. He may want her and just don't know it yet.Just kidding,but I don't have a problem if he did offer her, if it would help get JF.After all that's what family does,it helps each other out in a time of need,am I right.
  9. Does this mean she can not be recruited? If it means getting a commit from JF,you would think Clint's mind could be changed.
  10. I want to win ALL of them.
  11. He was our best player last year and may well be the best this year.Hope he can stay healthy, when he was injured last season that is when our season went down hill fast.Can't wait to see the big man run some people over.
  12. If James can be any way close to as good as his brother,I want him to be a Tiger.His brother was a outstanding back.
  13. WOW,I had wrote him off to clempson.What great surprise.
  14. I don't remember 23 ever being this confident in a recruit.
  15. I don't know how much I would blame Gus for line shuffling,but he did hire Hand soooo.As I've said before I'm not sold on Hand,he needs to start strong this year and keep it going all year for me to gain some trust in him.I guess, if he and Gus don't we will be talking about who our next coach will be in a few months.