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  1. Does Auburn take a step forward tonight?

    I agree , if they can be fixed we could have a really good year. I just don't know if we have the coaches to fix them.
  2. Mercer 10 Positives

    Positives THE DEFENSE .
  3. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Texas A&M Kentucky LSU South Carolina Tennessee Alabama Florida State Oklahoma State Mississippi State 42
  4. All good points and I saw the same things, can someone please send this to Gus. And JMR would you be interested in a coaching job at Auburn if Gus were to get fired(I mean when he gets fired)? I hear it pays really well.
  5. Who Do You Want?

    Right now Mike Norvell, Mullen and the Stoops at Kentucky would be a few I'm going to watch closer and see how the rest of their seasons go.
  6. 1/4 of the Season

    Really, not the O-Line?
  7. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    I think 23 left off a zero he meant top 100. I've been saying it from before the start of the season it all starts up front. When our O-Line can not control the line of scrimmage against a team like Mercer or GS, how in the hell are they going to against the good teams we will play. Now if by some miracle we get the O-line fixed we could be a decent team, I just don't have any confidence that Herby Hand can get the job done. We came in to the game yesterday leading the nation in sacks allowed. Think about that for a minute, leading the freaking nation. That is not what you want to be leading the nation in. Oh and the WR's aren't much better.
  8. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    And I use the slow mo on my dvr and you can see all the missed blocks and or tackles sometimes. It can drive you nuts.
  9. Let's not forget our OL coach.....

    I'm not on board with these type losses.
  10. Breaking News

    All practice jokes aside, I would really love to attend some Gus practices and see just what the hell they are doing.
  11. Nah they're in different places.
  12. Note on statistical report cards

    I for one never blamed all the problems on him or Chizik either. Chizik may turn out to be right about Gus and his offense in the long run. The main problem was trying to change offenses without the players to run that offense and the players not buying into the new system. JMO
  13. Note on statistical report cards

    3 of the bottom 5 in 2011, that's a shocker, I would have thought all would have been in the dumpster fire that was 2012.
  14. FWIW.

    Well he hasn't been doing much O-Line coaching , so he might as well be calling plays in between barbeques and cooking shows.
  15. FWIW.

    Regarding JS, you get sacked 11 times it will make you gun shy and he probably got a talking to about throwing int's. It's hard to remember to drain the swamp when your up to your ass in gators.