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  1. kd4au

    Chip Lindsey

    Are you basing this on the outstanding play of or QB's since he has been here? I would much prefer he moved on and hire a real QB coach/OC if we must keep Gus.
  2. That sums up the way Auburn gets in people blood. Once your hooked on Auburn your usually hooked for life.
  3. kd4au


    Auburn Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky LSU Mississippi State South Carolina Tennessee Texas A&M Ole Miss 52
  4. kd4au

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    And it's almost two years later and you can still say the same thing.
  5. kd4au


    Been saying for a while now that Gus reminds me way to much of Barfield. He may be slightly better but not by much.
  6. kd4au

    Gus's record til now

    Well it looks like Gus record speaks for its self. We have what we have and it is unlikely to change as long as Gus is the coach. I just hope the PTB don't extend his contract and give him a raise after the season is over.
  7. Funny I don't feel saved from being the worst in the SEC.
  8. kd4au


    Georgia Alabama LSU Florida Missouri Tennessee Texas A&M Miami Texas Penn State Notre Dame 48
  9. kd4au

    Eric Ramsey

    Don't know what happened to him really don't care. But I will always believe he was a plant by the REC to get Dye. Wish Dye had never resigned and just took the sanctions, we got them any way.
  10. kd4au

    One game doesn't fix it

    I feel and think the same as I did last season and the season before that and the season before that. I want him gone and the sooner the better. He is not a coach that is going to win more than 7-8 games on a regular basis.
  11. kd4au

    Coach Gus

    This my biggest problem with Gus, he just doesn't recruit for needs. He just gets the best(in his mind)player he can get to sign.
  12. kd4au

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    If we are going to be happy with 7-8 wins a year(which I for one am not) we should just keep Gus. It would be cheaper but as we know cheaper is not always better.
  13. In no way am I taking up for Gustav but I think he is taking a chance on the long FG's because he knows he can't score TD's.
  14. kd4au

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    You do make some good points but I still think he would come to AU if the time and money is right.
  15. kd4au

    A competent backup QB

    Because we do not have a coach on the staff that knows a damn thing about coaching QB's. Is this not obvious by now.