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  1. This is one of the top games I ever attended as well and was also one of the loudest.Man that was a great game to attend the atmosphere was just electric.
  2. I agree with you.It just seems more and more players commit and then decommit or flip before signing day.It is good though when players commit early and stick.
  3. Does it really matter if they commit or not,nothing is binding until the letter of intent is signed am I right? I mean they could still change their mind even if they commit.
  4. For me it was one freak of nature named Bo Jackson, his combo of speed, power and just mental toughness may never be seen again and then and lot of great running backs that are too good to single out just a few.We have really been blessed to have so many great backs at AU.
  5. I have a question,if JG can not start at his school over the other QB at his school why are we not recruiting the other QB?
  6. Well I'm drinking the Kool-Aid,give me another glass.
  7. It's hard to unsee something and I wish I could unsee that.
  8. Thank You for your service.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again,I like Chizik and I'm a Chizik fan.
  10. This since basically 3 of those wins are give me's and a couple more should be easy wins so that gives you 5 to start the season.We should only have to beat 3 good or decent teams to win 8.
  11. Thanks for the input.Hope Gus figures it out and can become a consistent coach.
  12. Not to derail the thread but why do you think this pattern happens?Why can't the new coaches keep things on track and keep winning after having big starts?
  13. I credit coach Dye with that change of culture.As someone who started being a true Auburn fan in the seventies when Pat and Terry were setting records, the Barfield era was hard to take but coach Dye came in turned the program around.The young fans don't realize how far we have come since then.I think we are all ready one of the top 25 programs in the country,though we may not finish in the top 25 every year we usually come close if we don't.As for expectations I expect to win every game but I know that won't happen.
  14. He also has the most talent of the group.I think T-Will upgraded the talent with this freshman class and he will continue that trend and we will see continued overall improvement from the linebackers in the coming years.Excited about the future of our linebackers,can you tell I'm a T-Will fan?
  15. It does look like Smith is going to stay at tackle,lets hope he is up to the job.I know he can run block it is just his pass protection that has me worried.Not to sure about the moving of Golson from center after he has done a good job.Hand needs to get it right,hope he does.