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  1. So sorry to hear this,my wife is a cancer survivor over four years now.If you can, try to keep a positive attitude and not give up,new treatments are coming out all the time.Cancer is definitely a life changing experience for you and also your loved ones, my prayers are with you and your family.
  2. That is a good way to look at it,I just don't see Willis being better than JS or SW and ready for primetime, but I could be wrong.And I'm right with you on the competition.
  3. I hope they redshirt Willis and maybe that will keep Woody around .
  4. Really wish Bo would have called them Alabama university.We do not need to let this kid get away from us,would be nice to get a legacy and him be really good.
  5. Then we probably have him.I see no need to recruit a grad transfer if you did not want him to begin with.
  6. Man was I wrong about Smith,I really thought he would turn in to a great wr for us,but overall he just hasn't produced.Maybe he can still have a good senior year and prove me right.
  7. Nancy wasn't to worried about it when they passed Obama care,we have to pass it to see what is in it was her talking point back then,these liberals are such hypocrites.
  8. First of all I did not reply to you and second were do you see fear in my post?
  9. Welcome back to the great state of Alabama,You will find it much more welcoming for a conservative.I have a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN sticker on my truck right next to my NRA sticker and have not had one bad comment.
  10. Hope Ashley can come in and be good enough to move Smith back to guard,afraid Smith might be a step to slow at tackle for the speed rushers.
  11. Just want to see it on the field in real games before saying he is getting the job done.But I have high hopes.
  12. My biggest hope for this season is that coach Lindsey will be a great developer of our qb's.We seem to have upgraded the talent across the board and if he can coach them up we will be in good shape for years to come.
  13. Right back at you bud.
  14. The Clintons had a lot more dealings with Russia than the Trump campaign but that story gets no air time with the major networks.
  15. Ever hear of St. Jude?I send them money as often as I can.