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  1. Your over in the land of crazy now Bird. You need to prepare yourself for anything.
  2. I thought about going there, but figured Golf would do it. Man he is slipping, I'm getting worried about him, is he all right?
  3. Well when you cover for Hillary, start spying on all things Trump, start an investigation that ends with no collusion or obstruction, the economy is booming, then really all you have left to fall back on is the race card, that the dems love to play constantly against anyone not a demonrat.
  4. We are Slingers. I cut the cord last year and had good luck with Sling and saved a lot of money. Plus after football and basketball was over I cut the Sling off and will just start it back in a few weeks. Spectrum had gotten way to high for a lot crap we didn't even watch.
  5. He could have been bought off cheaper than he was IMO. That was some high priced silence buying.
  6. The news said it was three times, but either one is way to much. I guess it's easy when your spending other peoples money.
  7. Lets just say your and obama's logic and mine are not the same.
  8. Wasn't it Obama that removed the question? Hmm wonder why he would do that? It couldn't be to help the demo rats could it?
  9. It should be on there, states with low illegal numbers like Alabama lose out in the numbers game. I think Alabama's Att. Gen has a law suit in place over this right now.
  10. She is just doing what the dems do, pandering and trying to buy votes with free stuff. The problem is someone will have to pay the bill sooner or later.
  11. Was still young when Nixon was in office and didn't pay much attention to politics. What I remember most was the Watergate hearings being on TV all the time.
  12. So much where to start. Carter worst pres in my lifetime until Obama came along, Hillary lost her own election by thinking people would not know she broke the law no matter how much they covered for her, the dems haven't lost an election since gore ,it's always stolen from them and I think that narrative will continue. So sad.