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  1. Wonder when he is going to send them a 150 billon dollars ? You know like Obama did Iran.
  2. You wouldn't. Oh I don't know, what about just take the one you listed about Clinton and Trump.
  3. The dems can't get over it and will not take no for an answer, they have Trump derangement syndrome. I think in the long run it is good for Trump if the endless investigating continues.
  4. Glad I don't have to decide who the starting QB will be.
  5. If mittens Romney hates Trump so much why did he meet with him about working for his admin. ? I guess he wasn't so bad if he would hire him, Romney just another hack, that I think is trying to position himself to run for POTUS again.
  6. I still don't know how you get away with denying the FBI access to the server without everyone saying they are hiding something.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/tommy-tuberville-alabama-senate-doug-jones
  8. JMO but I think the DNC was hacked by Seth Rich.
  9. Are you sure he wasn't talking about Hillary? Wasn't the Steele dossier from a Russian and bought and paid for by Hillary?
  10. The fix was in, the communist Bernie never had a chance. Crooked Hillary made sure of that and then tried to fix the general against Trump.
  11. Obama was soft on Russia in part because they all thought Crooked Hilary would win.Not only did BHO go soft on Russia he started the spying on Trump.
  12. Not all, ever hear of a native American.
  13. You do know that they are already being bused don't you and we don't know how many come across the border and don't get caught and they are not vetted.
  14. At least Cher finally did see the light, better late than never. I have always felt that the people of this country should come first and there are lots of law abiding citizens that need help.