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  1. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5331973446001/ex-hospital-chief-health-care-swindling-must-end/?playlist_id=5198073478001 This man has some of the reasons health care is so expensive.
  2. I watched and did not get that from his comments at all.More fake or very fake news.
  3. You might as well lose it because you damn sure can't afford to pay for it with the cost doubling every year and the deductible getting higher and higher.The sad part is, I think it is working just like the dems planned which is to try and force every one to ask for a single payer system.
  4. Didn't even know this was going on until after the fact.Their no shows for work was a none event in my part of the country, much like when the federal government shuts down I never miss it.
  5. We don't get many from Decatur,it is a bammer strong hold.I would bet if they want him they will get him.
  6. Get the criminals out of this country.Why any one would have a problem with deporting criminals, I can't understand.
  7. Citizens should not have to pay the government to practice their right to bear arms.
  8. Or waited until Sessions was AG, so he could have lawyer that wanted to win argue the case.
  9. Why are you willing to give Gus a pass as a young coach learning to run a football team and not Chizik?He was a young head coach as well and was still learning how to be a head coach and I think he would have righted the ship if given time,as I hope will be the case with Gus.
  10. I thought I heard some thing about that recently but can't remember the details.
  11. After the way the last few years have went with Gus,I'm not sure Chizik was the problem.I with you on the health issue hope nothing wrong it is just wanting to spend time with family.
  12. I guess I'm one of the few that likes Chizik and I'm thankful he coached us to a national championship.Hope nothing but the best for him and his family.
  13. Glad our great senator from the great state of Alabama finally got confirmed for AG.Time to bring back law and order to the nation and I believe he will.
  14. Coach Dye needs to teach Gus how to down play your team to the media and then go out and kick ass on Saturdays.
  15. Being a conservative, I am for using all types of energy.I just do not want the government taxing me to give it to some fake company in the name of green energy.Let the market decide what works.If some of you good Auburn grads could figure out how to harness the power of a lightning strike we could solve all of our energy needs.