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  1. I think Woodson is going to show out on the recruiting trail. I'm 85% sure about it.
  2. Are we going to have enough players left to field a team next season? And here I was thinking we would be great and make a run at a maybe even a championship.
  3. hard work ahead for Stidham

    Yep, we don't need to know everything. It was real clear thuga was trying hurt KJ when they knew he was injured.
  4. Malik Willis starter?

    He may never be a typical pocket passer but he does need to be a good enough passer to keep the defense honest and make them pay when they try to shut down the run game. If he can do that he will win a lot of games. A lot of people call QB's like him dual threat but are they really dual threat if they can't pass? A true dual threat QB is hard to come by.
  5. Malik Willis starter?

    Willis has all the tools, if Chip can develop his passing game to be as good as he looked running last year he can be a really good.
  6. DLine- Just how good can they be?

    Just got to reload. Like Steele said if you wait until they are gone to think about replacing them you have waited to long.
  7. Would love for you to be right.
  8. Hope this plays out better than it has in the past. When we get the 3 star and the 4 and 5 stars go to another school. Seen that movie before to many times and I don't like the ending.
  9. Well we know Justin reads this site for ideas on what to write.
  10. Devan Barrett as WR

    I think he would make a better H- back and would be a good move.
  11. Calvin Ashley

    He may have been a known commodity in high school ,but he is not a known commodity in college.
  12. But he was a hell of a cowboy. Still love me some John Wayne movies.
  13. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    And are offended by any and everything.
  14. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Love it, we need more of these type of young men not less.
  15. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    And from one year to the next. Really hope having Grimes back can get Kim back on track. Like you said he was a highly rated center.