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  1. I'll just say if any holding is called against the turds today I will be shocked ! It doesn't count if it's a call like the end of the LSU game were it helps the turds. I do think something is going on with the refs.
  2. So sorry to read this. Will be praying for your family. I can't think of anything any worse than seeing your kid go through that kind of pain.
  3. Yep, they dinged me a few times just on maybe a $100 or less. They are desperate to find just anything they can spin they're lies around and make Trump look bad.
  4. Who tried ? Because it damn sure wasn't the FBI, they did everything they could to exonerate her.
  5. You keep drinking that liberal Kool-Aid. Biden is on tape bragging about his crimes, but nothing to see here say the dems it's all Trump. You must be a paid DNC staffer.
  6. I expect to see more and more of these so called whistleblower complaints, since they changed the rules on what is considered a WB and what is not. Dems grasping at any straw they can because they know Trump is going to win again. I'm not tired of winning and neither is the American people. Trump 2020
  7. Was at the 93 game and it was a great one, so it has to be my fav.
  8. Do you think these linebackers could turn out to be some the best we had in a long time? I love the way Britt is playing, he brings that linebacker mentality with him when he hits someone.
  9. I know she is not running but you left out the real leader of the crazies AOC. They are all just trying to catch up with her.
  10. It's one the there constant talking points. The Russians hacked the election.
  11. This is from a big liberal so maybe you will understand him.
  12. There you go again trying to divert from the subject.
  13. When I say dems, it is a general term not aimed at any one person.
  14. Thanks that was my point. The dems want people to think that the Russians changed votes and that's why Hillary lost.