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  1. And you never know you could end up being the next head coach at AU if you do a good job.
  2. Maybe teaching him how to recruit the Auburn way.
  3. I would be a little worried about the play calling after some of the calls we have seen the last couple of years.Have you forgotten the Cox whirlybird?
  4. I would prefer he is a Tiger you have to let him roar or he is an Eagle you have to let him fly,but that's just me.
  5. T-Will and Steele doing good work bringing in the big dogs,still wish they would add TJ to go with TD.Would love to see us sign a big class of top lb'ers for a change.
  6. 'Whip his a—. Go straight through him. I love it WDE Mr. Green coach TD up.
  7. yeah but not as much as if we were beating that ass every year in football.
  8. Hey they have them for poker tables too that's AUSOME.
  9. It helps that Bruce is a basketball coach,the turds don't really care if we win in BB as long as we don't win in football.
  10. Would love to have one of those Auburn pool tables.
  11. I guess I'll have to take that as he is not a take right now at lb'er.I just hope they are right because he looks good to me,hate to see him go else where and be a stud LB'ER when he could have been a TIGER.Maybe we can still get him at h-back,he just seemed more interested in lb'er the way he talked.
  12. He probably is the better prospect,I'm just saying TJ may make a real good lb'er and or h-back for that matter,but if he is leaning toward lb'er we may need to recruit him as a lb'er and if that doesn't work then move him to h-back.
  13. IMO they got a good o-line coach if this is true.Not that I doubt you.
  14. Maybe it is,we can hope it is,but if the kid see's himself being a LB'er then sign him up as a LB'er and get him here and see how it works out later.He may be so good at LB'er we might want to move someone else to H-back.You just can't hardly sign to many good lb'ers,ain't that right Mikey.
  15. Stuff like this makes me wonder about Gus and our coaches,take a tackling machine and make him a h-back when they have an h-back in Lasiter they could sign and still take this kid as a LB'er.SMDH